Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: The trial period at € 1 goes from 1 month to 14 days | Xbox One – Xboxygen, Xbox Game Pass: an exceptional return offer today!

Xbox Game Pass: an exceptional return offer today

Xbox Game Pass test period, capture in early August

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: The trial period at 1 € goes from 1 month to 14 days

If the Xbox Game Pass Core will take effect from September, the other formulas of the Microsoft service are still accessible. But Microsoft has just divided the trial period in the service by two.

A reduced trial period for the Xbox Game Pass

In recent years, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has been clearly the most complete offer in the range, with a huge catalog of titles, additions every month, exclusive discounts and offers, various free advantages, the EA Play subscription, as well as the availability of large exclusives of the Xbox Game Studios as soon as they release. Currently, membership in this service costs you € 14.99 / month.

In order to push players to subscribe to this subscription, Microsoft offers an accessible trial period against the modest sum of a symbolic euro. On the other hand, if this period lasted a full month until recently, it seems that it was only a question of 14 days of testing. Indeed, by going to the official website of the Green brand, in the Game Pass section, you can consult the presentations of the offers and thus see the different rates.

Xbox Game Pass test period, capture in early August

As a reminder, if you want to know everything about the Game Pass and its operation, you can consult our complete guide, as well as our dedicated video. Likewise, we have compiled all the information to remember about the arrival of the Xbox Game Pass Core, he who will replace the Xbox Live Gold from the start of the school year. Against € 6.99 / month, you will notably access the online multiplayer, a catalog of more than 25 games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog and special promotions.


Xboxygen Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass: an exceptional return offer today !

Xbox Game Pass: an exceptional return offer today

This is good news for players, an exceptional offer from the Xbox Game Pass is making a comeback today in a fairly surprising way.


The Xbox Game Pass has serious assets to convince the players. With its large catalog of games and its attractive prices for the smallest budgets, Microsoft’s subscription service has appealed since its launch in 2017, even pushing its competitor Sony to launch a new PlayStation formula more in June 2022. Its attractiveness explains why voices have been raised when Microsoft announced the disappearance of a very interesting offer financially for the public. Good news, the Redmond firm is already returning to its decision, right after the price increase.

This attractive offer of the Xbox Game Pass back now

Until last March, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the PC Game Pass offered a first month of subscription to only € 1 to new subscribers instead of € 14.99 for the Ultimate and € 9.99 offer for The PC Game Pass. “”We assess different marketing offers for new members in the future“, declared at the time Kari Perez, director of communication of the Microsoft gaming branch. Only a few months later, the retropedal company and reintroduces this very popular offer, as we can see on the Microsoft Store. No official communication has been made from the company.

Since the group did not speak, difficult to know if the offer at € 1 will remain for good or if its reintroduction is only temporary. One can also wonder if Microsoft is not trying to round the angles following the increase in the price of the Game Pass and the Xbox Series effective since this week. Recall that the ultimate formula gives access to some additional bonuses compared to the standard version. Thus, subscribers can take advantage of discounts on Microsoft Store games, playing games on tablets and mobiles thanks to the cloud and especially EA Play and Gold subscriptions directly included in the offer. Remember that after having subscribed for the first time to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or at the PC Game Pass at € 1, the classic price will apply automatically during your second month of subscription.