Which Chinese electric car to choose? (Top 10), electric cars: China will win the bet in Europe?

Electric cars: China will win the bet in Europe 

To make this choice is to embrace a vision of the future, combining automobile progress and preservation of our planet.

Chinese electric car

Immerse yourself in the future of green mobility seen from the Middle Empire. You are looking for Chinese electric car Perfect in France ? This file deciphers the models of Chinese cars current and future, from performance to recharge. Discover a complete perspective to choose with confidence, shape a sustainable and electrifying future.

Summary of the article

⚡ Why choose a Chinese electric car ?

Choose a Chinese electric car, It is to engage towards a mobility resolutely turned towards tomorrow. China, Automobile electrification leader, reveals innovative models, combining performance and sustainability.

Their technological advances promise an advantageous driving experience, while their commitment to theclean energy contributes to a greener future. By opting for a Chinese electric car, you participate in a sustainable revolution, supported by expanding charging infrastructure.

To make this choice is to embrace a vision of the future, combining automobile progress and preservation of our planet.

�� Top 10 of the best Chinese electric cars on the market in 2023 (on sale or soon on sale)

Chinese electric cars storm the market with daring technological advances and increased environmental conscience. here is the Top 10 of the best Chinese electric cars currently available or about to be in France, according to important criteria – price, autonomy, consumption, reliability – to allow you to make your choice.

10 – MG Marvel R, Super hero Fulted

  • Price : 44,490 euros
  • Autonomy: 405 km
  • Consumption : 20 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge : 5:24 (AC 7.4 kW)
  • Reliability : 4/5

Big brother of MG ZS EV, MG Marvel R is a credible competitor of Audi and other Tesla on the segment of High -end SUV. A tone below in terms of autonomy, the Chinese electric family SUV is also cheaper than its premium competitors.

9 – Polestar 2, the Chinese Volvo

  • Price : 46,000 euros
  • Autonomy: 434 km
  • Consumption : 20.9 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge : 7:15 am (AC 7.4 kW)
  • Reliability note: 4.5/5

Built on the same basis as his Swedish brother of the Chinese group Geely, the Volvo XC 40, the Polestar 2 has just benefited from a restyling that makes it even more desirable: successful design, excellent road behavior, royal comfort and reinforced autonomy. A real Volvo in cheaper.

8 – Aiways U6, the spectacular coupe SUV

  • Price : 46,990 euros
  • Autonomy: 405 km
  • Consumption : 15.2 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 7h (AC 7.4 kW)
  • Reliability note: 4/5

Displaying a daring aesthetic personality while offering a wise balance between approval and comfort, this Chinese coupe SUV presents an innovative and attractive proposal on the SUV electric vehicle market. After the U5, Aiways knocks a blow with the U6 which is about to land on our roads.

7 – Byd tang, the 7 -seater of families

  • Price : 70,800 euros
  • Autonomy: 528 km
  • Consumption : 21 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 7:28 am (AC 7.4 kW)
  • Reliability note: 4.5/5

With tang, Byd Clearly seeks to penetrate the Premium SUV segment by combining finishes worthy of the high -end to a design imbued with elegance. We find there the atmosphere of comfort characteristic of minivans, with a design of statutory SUV.

6 – Nio et7, the premium of the celestial empire


  • Price : 67,000 euros
  • Autonomy: 550 km
  • Consumption : 20 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 5:46 (AC 7.4 kW)
  • Reliability note: 4.5/5

The young NIO brand watch with sound Et7 that China is today able to compete with Western manufacturers in terms of standing and quality of finish. There Nio et7 is indeed a high performance sedan, over -equipped, with a electric motorization efficient.

5 – MG 4 Luxury, the affordable electric compact

  • Price : 29,000 euros
  • Autonomy: 450 km
  • VSonSomation: 17.3 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 5h14 (AC 7.4 kW)
  • Reliability note: 3.5/5

A electric compact At the cost of an electric city car: you dreamed of it, MG did it, with its MG 4 Luxury. The Chinese car that looks like little Japanese sportswoman has not become the best quality/market price ratio of the market. She only has low-cost her prize.

4 – MG ZS EV, the Chinese SUV star

  • Price : 32,990 euros
  • Autonomy: 480 km
  • Consumption : 18.1 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 7:00 am (Wallbox 7 kW)
  • Reliability note: 4/5

THE The best -selling Chinese SUV in France does not have to be ashamed of comparison with a Hyundai Kona or a Kia E-Niro, even a Peugeot E-2008 in terms of road behavior, autonomy, on-board technologies. Certainly the MG ZS EV is a little less well finished than its Western competitors, but it is so much cheaper … A very good plan for those who are looking for a Chinese SUV.

3 – Xpeng P7, the cut sedan

  • Price : 42,500 euros
  • Autonomy: 500 km
  • Consumption : 15.2 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 6:50 am (AC 11 kW terminal)
  • Reliability note: 4/5

There Chinese sedan clearly eyeing the side of the Tesla Model 3. Its pretty silhouette of a cut sedan is home to a sleek interior equipped with the latest technologies and a giant screen. On the performance side, it is strong: it shot the 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. Icing on the cake, she accepts up to 100 kW of charging.

2 – Leapmotor C11, the Chinese family electric SUV

  • Price : Nc
  • Autonomy: 500 km
  • Consumption : 14.7 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 7:30 am (AC 11 kW terminal)
  • Reliability note: 4/5

At the game of comparisons with the Tesla reference, the Leapmotor C11 model would correspond to the Y model … but the Chinese electric SUV Has his own personality despite his “loans” on the side of Porsche and Range Rover and does not lack arguments: leading performance, neat comfort, beautiful autonomy.

1 – Byd han, the Chinese model s

  • Price : 70,800 euros
  • Autonomy: 521 km
  • Consumption : 18.5 kWh/100 km
  • Recharge time: 11:40 am (Wallbox 7 kW)
  • Reliability note: 4/5

A refined aesthetics, an interior offering superior class comfort, connectivity and advanced technology, but also remarkable power … the Byd Han Almost all the qualities of a Tesla has, except for the longer recharge time, but it is sold half price ..

�� In summary

When China wakes up … the world will tremble. Alain Peyrefitte’s prediction could apply today to the automotive industry. Because the least we can say is that thanks to the electric car, the China woke up. From the SUV MG Marvel R which already rolls on us routes at the magnificent byd Han sedan which will not be long, Chinese manufacturers are already walking on Tesla trap, but also European manufacturers. As shown by our top 10 of the best electric cars, the Chinese manufacturers Arrive in force on the European market with attractive models, powerful, well -finished, techno and above all cheaper. So much the better for consumers !


Discover the answers to the most asked questions about Chinese electric cars.

What is the life of a Chinese car battery ?

There Chinese car battery life varies depending on several factors such as manufacturing quality, maintenance, driving and storage conditions. On average, A car battery can last between 3 and 6 years old, But significant variations can occur.

What is the best brand of Chinese electric car ?

There are many Chinese electric car brands known, including Byd, Nio, Xpeng and MG. Each of these brands has its own characteristics and advantages, but Nio has often been considered one of the best, offering high performance, advanced technology and quality user experience.

What is the best Chinese electric car ?

There is no unique answer to this question, because the concept of “best” Chinese electric car depends on individual preferences and specific needs. Brands like Nio, Xpeng and Byd offer well -received models, such as Nio et7, Xpeng P7 and Byd Han, which offer good performance and functionalities.

What is the average price of a Chinese electric vehicle ?

THE Average price of a Chinese electric vehicle varies according to the brand, the model and the characteristics. In general, Chinese electric cars can be cheaper than those of foreign brands, with Average prices ranging from 25,000 to 40,000 euros. However, high -end models can exceed this amount.

Where to buy Chinese electric car ?

With the rapid development of the automotive industry in China, Chinese electric cars are more and more popular worldwide. They are available on many online platforms and can also be purchased from local dealers or agents.

Electric cars: China will win the bet in Europe ?

Property of the Chinese giant Saic Motor, MG Motor has been operating in France since 2020

Decryption – Spurred by perfect mastery of technology and raw materials, Chinese manufacturers push their pawns in Europe. They should be ten in 2030.

Chinese manufacturers rub their hands. By imposing, from 2035, the electric car as a unique solution to the ecological transition, Europe gives the keys to its market to these new brands from the Empire in the middle and mostly unknown to us. Forty years after the invasion of Japanese manufacturers, the risk is not ruled out to go towards a market sinization. What is happening had been prophesied a long time ago.

Aware that the technological advance of Western manufacturers in the field of petrol engines was irrattimilized, the Chinese made the bet of the electric vehicle, less for ecological reasons than for questions of. Concentrating their efforts on the battery and the engine, they not only acquired an advance in these technologies, but secured the supply chain of the raw materials necessary for the production of these components.

Taking advantage of a cheaper workforce than with us, they are able today to market vehicle markets with a design close to European cannons and at more attractive prices than ours.

Try to survive

The words that Raymond Levy, president of Renault, made in the late 1980s about the Japanese offensive, are more relevant than ever. “We must not agree to be intoxicated by this pseudo-ideal of economic liberalism on which we are not paid in return by the Japanese”, he said at the time.

While some in Europe brandish environmental protectionism as an answer to the situation, the question comes down, for Europeans, to try to survive this merciless confrontation.

Zeekr, Luxury online in sight

Still unknown to us and difficult to pronounce (“Zikeur”), this new Chinese label has planned to land in Europe during the year 2024. It belongs to the Chinese conglomerate Geely, in the same way as Volvo, Lotus and Smart in particular. This offensive is perplexed, the market not being expandable and the more and more expensive places.

But the young Chinese firm relies on Spiros Fotinos, which has made part of his career at Lexus, to succeed in its European establishment. Around a European design supervised by a former Bentley, a large road and a compact SUV appear on the program of rejoicing. Technology comes from the Geely organ bank. The services are intended to be high -end and the rates also.

Leapmotor, in the heart of the market

Founded in 2015 in Hangzhou, China, by engineer Zhu Jiangming, Leapmotor unveils his first electric car two years later. One of the assets of the young company is to design and produce all the basic systems and the electronic components of internal vehicles, or more than 70 % of the vehicle. Leapmotor has planned to launch a full range of vehicles located in the heart of the market.

The first, the T03, is a city car 3.62 m long and 1.65 m wide charged 25.990 € (excluding bonus of 5.000 €). Its useful 36.5 kWh battery feeds a 109 hp engine and promises 280 km of autonomy. Next year, a large 5.05 m sedan whose line evokes the VW ID.7 is announced. It will inaugurate the CTC platform and offer 717 km of autonomy.

New – sold more than 7.5 million units, the compact SUV of the German firm passes the witness to a third generation full of technologies.

Bonhams, Zoute nugget festival

Auctions – On the sidelines of the Belgian elegance competition Zoute Grand Prix, the Anglo -Saxon house disperses a beautiful GT sample on October 8.

Peugeot 2008, magazine of details to stay in the race

NEW – Best seller of the Sochalian firm, the compact SUV offers a welcome cure Bienvenue.

Byd Dolphin: This new Chinese electric car arrives in France, cheaper than the MG4

The Chinese giant Byd, world number 2 on the electric car behind Tesla, has just lifted the veil on the prices of its compact Dolphin. It is even cheaper than the MG4, and it comes soon !

Updated article June 9 : The media Clean automotive Recovered a visual to confirm the information we had from China, namely two batteries and three different engines. What also learn more about the main equipment of each finish.

Last May, Byd Dolphin was exhibited in Spain, during a local car show. We could even get on this new electric car from China. We then had a first idea of ​​Spanish prices, with an entry ticket at less than 30,000 euros. But French prices, just unveiled by the Chinese brand, are even more affordable.

The cheapest version (active) starts at 28,990 euros in France. For comparison, it takes 29,990 euros to get the cheapest MG4. But beware, as on the MG4, all Byd Dolphin are not equal. There are indeed two different batteries (both LFP type), as well as several engines. Here is the summary in the table below.

Byd Dolphin Autonomy Battery Power Price
Active 340 km 44.9 kWh 70 kW (95 hp) 28,990 euros
Boost 310 km 44.9 kWh 130 kW (177 hp) 29,990 euros
Comfort 427 km 60.4 kWh 150 kW (204 hp) 33,990 euros
Design 427 km 60.4 kWh 150 kW (204 hp) 35,990 euros

Autonomy and performance

As you can see, the first two Active and Boost versions are satisfied with the small 45 kWh battery. Byd has not yet announced the autonomy of the latter in Europe on the WLTP cycle, but it is estimated to About 350 km, thanks to the conversion of autonomy on the Chinese CLTC cycle.

For motorization, it is not clear, and the two finishes could adopt a single engine, or two different engines. It is thus about a power of 70 kW (95 hp) or 130 kW (177 hp), as on the Chinese versions, but some sources speak of a single engine shared by the two finishes. These will be sold respectively 28,990 and 29,990 euros.

We see a little more clear on the comfort and design finishes, which share the large battery of 60 kWh, allowing to reach a WLTP autonomy of 427 km. The power is 150 kW (204 hp) with a torque of 290 Nm and the respective prices of 33,990 and 35,990 euros.

Dimensions: a compact

On the dimensions side, you must count over a length of 4.290 m, a width of 1.770 m (with mirrors) and a height of 1.570 m. We are right on the dimensions of an MG4 … or a Renault Mégane e-tech. The Chinese brand announces a 345 -liter trunk volume (or 1,310 liters once the 60/40 rear seat has folded), and a wheelbase of 2.7 m to accommodate 5 occupants.

On the most high -end version, the engine (front traction) allows you to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds with a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The recharge is made in direct current with a maximum power of 88 kW allowing to pass from 30 to 80 % in 29 minutes.

Recharge by alternating current is announced at 11 kW. In winter, the heat pump (standard on certain finishes) will avoid melting the autonomy of the car too much. The bidirectional load v2l (vehicle-to-belad) will supply electronic devices directly from the car battery to a maximum power of 3.3 kW.

Driving aid is not to be outdone, since there is a question of a semi-autonomous level 2 driving for the highest-end finish, thanks to an adaptive cruise control coupled to a centering in the track.


Orders will be open this summer in French concessions. There are currently two open in Paris and Byd hopes to open 15 to 20 by the end of the year. THE Deliveries will be made during the fourth quarter 2023. Will it be early enough to benefit from the ecological bonus before it turns its back on Chinese electric cars ?

If you don’t know byd, you should start crossing it. The byd Atto 3 have just started their deliveries in France and will soon be followed by the byd Tang and byd Han. At the end of the year, the byd Seal, a competitor of the Tesla Model 3, will be added to this list. It is also possible that Byd Seagull is coming to term in France, which would make it a real competitor at the Dacia Spring.

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