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Adult electric scooter

Long left to children, scooters have gradually become a real urban mode of transport in the same way as electric bikes also called bikes with electric assistance. Indeed, the electric scooter allows you the guarantee of shopping, walking, performing a sliding sport or even taking you to your workplace. All this while respecting the law in France.

Where to buy an electric scooter ?

In recent years, the world has realized that it was necessary to change its way of moving. Pollution being a real scourge, it was high time to act. Today, we cannot say that this scourge has disappeared, but more and more individuals have realized that the car was no longer the only way to move from a point B at a point B.

After the great dynamics of the bicycle, more and more users turned to rapid, fun and compact mobility: the electric scooter. This machine has become more democratized in a few years. Today it is possible to get one on the Internet or in stores. But how to make the right choice ? Not only is it important to choose the right model but also to know where to buy an electric scooter without regretting it later. The advantages of the Internet, large brands or small shops. We go all as possible as far as possible. Which place to favor ? We explain to you !

Why an electric scooter ?

Still very accessible for most budgets, the electric scooter meets a need for mobility of many users wishing to move other than in car, bus, scooter or bike. With this farewell device, traffic jams, perspiration, fatigue, etc. Thanks to its motorization, you can move easily and quickly in your city. Since 2012, Mobilityurban has shared on its networks the good reasons to choose an electric scooter, a way of democratizing this machine as many people as possible and showing its many advantages on a daily basis.

In addition to its health, mood and planet benefits, the biggest benefit is in the wallet. Just compare the investment represented by the purchase and maintenance of a car to that of an EDPM, to understand the good deal you make ! We have made many articles on the subject to find on our site. So where to buy an electric scooter ? We will guide you !


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Buy your electric scooter on the internet: real good plan ?

Nothing could be easier than typing on Google “buy electric scooter”, and come across a string of sites offering you vehicles at all prices. And yes the price. A factor that can slow down some future buyers. This is why many French and French people prefer to turn to the Internet to take advantage of good deals and advantageous offers. Today it is possible to find Xiaomi scooters online, at a good price or Ninebot, etc. at defy prices for all competitions. Certain periods of the year such as winter, summer or black friday sales also allow you to have fun by controlling your budget.

In addition to being able to buy new on the Internet, it is also possible to go through sites specialized in second -hand sales between individuals like Leboncoin. These sites allow small budgets to invest in quality devices without having to break their piggy bank. Obviously before buying your machine on a used site, it is important to check and ask the right questions to avoid scam.

Buy your skate for marketplace sites (Amazon, Aliexpress. ), scam or not ?

An impressive choice of products and prices lower than average, marketplace such as Amazon, Alibaba, Cdiscount, Aliexpress offer models of scooters in abundance. You will find well -known brands like Xiaomi, Etwow, etc. and less known brands or even “no-marchs”. But in any case you can easily please yourself by spending less than on the official sites of the brand or on the resellers sites. At first glance, buy your EDPM on this kind of site seems to be a great deal, but beware there are some disappointments:

  • The absence of an advisor: If you want to buy your first electric scooter and hesitate in different models, do not expect to have an advisor who will offer you his help. Here you are the only one to make your choice. Which can be complex when you don’t know much about it in the environment.
  • Important delivery times: If you are patient this will not be a problem for you, but delivery times on sites like Alibaba or Aliexpress can be much longer. Count 30 to 40 days on average to have you delivered. In addition if there is a bad package follow -up, you may not receive your delivery: lost package, etc. Customs fees to receive your package may also be asked.
  • The risk of counterfeits or issues of standards: Some marketplaces do not go through official representatives (European or French) of the brand to sell their products, but directly by wholesalers located in Asia. By going through its Asian resellers, chances are your scooter to be a first generation (while it has been improved by the brand since), there can also be a problem of French/European standards because it comes directly asian wholesalers.
  • Guarantees and after -sales problems: It may happen that the warranty is reduced to 1 year instead of 2 on these platforms, then you have to inform you. If the electric scooter you bought comes directly from an Asian reseller, after -sales service may be complicated to manage. Indeed its location (China) makes repair delicate, difficult if not impossible: difficulty in joining them or sending the package.

These issues must be taken into account if you want to make a purchase in peace, or if you want an effective after-sales service for your machine. If this is not a problem for you and you are looking for the lowest price, then these types of site are for you.


Good deal to buy your electric scooter on French specialized resellers sites

You have a patriotic spirit and you want to help French companies ? It’s all to your honor, but there is a real advantage for you to buy your electricity skater on the sites of French resellers ? Mobile.fr and colleagues are more and more present on Google. Looking at their product sheets, many of you ask yourself why prices are higher than on marketplaces and other foreign sites ? The answer is simple.

Most manufacturers of electric scooters are based in China. However, to be able to sell their devices worldwide, most of them go through resellers. These resellers take care of distributing products in France and on the net; They also take care of managing all aspects of marketing: respecting European standards, advertisements, after -sales service, etc. Official representatives of the brand in their country, they distribute the brand’s products via their commercial network or thinking through specialized shops, for example. But what are the advantages of going through this official online network ?

  • The compliance of the scooter: By including French resellers, you are assured of the compliance of the machine to European/French standards.
  • No counterfeiting: Inevitably the product having been verified by the French distributor, you are sure to have the real model and not a counterfeit. Besides, you even benefit from product improvements following the feedback in after -sales service: waterproofing, reinforced welds, etc.
  • Faster and efficient after -sales service: No need to return your machine to China. You can take advantage of the after -sales service in France, by returning the machine directly to the brand’s official French representative or one of its distributors.

You will understand, the slightly higher prices among French distributors are due to the services we have mentioned above. Indeed all of this takes time and labor, but it allows you to make your purchase E, all confidence and have a follow -up.


store-shop store-Trottinette-Electrique-Limoges

Buy your scooter in a store is worth it ?

You prefer physical shops rather than online sites, we can understand you. Some of our customers, before embarking on a purchase, prefers to discover the machine, test it, ask live questions, etc. Today, many stores specializing in the sale of EDPM have appeared in France; Likewise, major brands and bicycle stores have also embarked on this area. But why buy in store when you can buy your online skate, cheaper and without moving from our home ?

For the service you will receive. As we told you previously, when you enter a specialized store or not, you will often have someone who will be present to find out about the product. You can also see it in real life, touch it, or even test it (depending on the shops). Of course the quality of service differs from one brand to another. So what is the best store to buy its electric scooter ?

Can we buy an electric scooter in a large area (Auchan, Fnac. )) ?

Present everywhere in France, these brands are accessible to the greatest number. They are increasingly offering some models of electric scooters: Xiaomi, Urbanglide, etc. at very attractive prices. Some of its shops have a after -sales service, you can also see the vehicle in real life and touch it. By buying in a large brand, you are sure not to come across counterfeiting. However, you may have some disadvantages.

Indeed, a large brand does not only sell electric scooters. So you may be likely to come across an advisor who will not be able to give you all the advice you are waiting for, even it will only give you the characteristics of the product without fully meeting your needs. The other negative point is the lack of choice, do not expect to see ten/twenty models on the shelves. Generally these are low -end devices offered at attractive prices. Obviously some major brands are increasingly developing their catalog, by offering ranged models such as Xiaomi. But if you want a very specific model, you may quickly be disappointed.

The other risk is that in a large area the warranty is on the receipt that has been made easier to lead or fading and it becomes difficult to play its right.

Can we buy a scooter in a specialized store (Mobilityurban. )) ?

Even if they are more and more present in France, specialized shops are still very installed in major cities: Marseille, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, etc. Some brands like ours have also decided to invest in small towns, to be closer to their customers. For example since July 2021, Mobilityurban has opened in Limoges. Currently it is the only specialized store in the city.

During a first purchase, we advise you to go to this type of store because they will offer you personalized support to choose your future mobility. Indeed, in these stores you will not have a simple seller in front of you, but a real enthusiast and specialist in his field. This one will not offer you a machine to inflate its turnover, but the perfect mobility which will meet your needs. The goal being to satisfy you fully and that you can see the real advantages of this EDPM in your daily life.

The other advantage to buy in specialized stores is for the quality of their after -sales service. They will follow you throughout the use of your machine: maintenance, technical control, various repairs, etc. You don’t need to run right to left, just go to the store. Obviously this at a cost, and it is not uncommon to see prices slightly higher than on marketplaces sites or large brands. But as we say so well, to have a quality product and service it is sometimes necessary to put the price.

How to choose between purchase on the Internet and purchase in stores ?

Buying on the internet is a time and money saving, but above all the possibility for many customers to afford an EDPM if they do not have stores near their home. However, you must be careful. As we told you previously, on the internet we can find everything. Good and less good. This is why before you embark on a purchase, think of looking at the conditions of sale, the location of the site (French or foreign), etc. Especially if you want to benefit from an efficient after -sales service in the event of a problem.

The other small problem by buying on the internet is that we do not always know on which model orient. Generally we will tend to take a cheap model, especially when we start, thinking that this model will meet all our needs. But if the use you want to make of it is intensive or if the roads you are going to take are bad, tell yourself that your electric scooter at low cost will not make long. If you do not know what to choose, we advise you to favor the sites of specialized stores (if you cannot move in store). Generally these sites have live chat with a real advisor behind who will advise you on the best model according to your needs.

Now if you can get around in store, we recommend it. Buying an electric scooter in store, and especially in a specialized shop will allow you to chat with a qualified seller. You will take the time to explain your needs to him: the type of road you are going to take, the number of km you want to do per day, etc. If you have a budget think about reporting it to the seller, so that he can offer you a model that corresponds to your wallet. The advantage of buying in store is that you can see and test the machine of your dreams; For some customers it validates the choice it had already made on the internet or finally take something else, because the machine no longer meets their expectations. Remember that Taking a scooter adapted to your needs allows you to avoid additional repair costs. Speaking of repair the last advantage of buying in a store is the accessible after -sales service. A real good point in the event of a problem !

Namely: at Mobilityurban that you buy in store or on our website, you are entitled to our after -sales service.

Conclusion, buy on the internet or in store offers, both, advantages and disadvantages. Whether you buy your electric scooter on sites offering very low prices, resellers, specialized or not stores, etc. The most important thing is that you make your purchase knowingly: will you favor the quality or the best offer ?

What you should remember is that the dealer plays an important role in your purchase (on the Internet or Physical Boutique). It is he who is responsible for providing you with the best after-sales products and services.


Adult electric scooter

The electric scooter is the most practical movement mode for your small and large journeys. Whether for daily use and city uses associated with public transport, in the rain, on the circuit, in off-road, or for the last kilometer, this new means of urban transport is a light, economical and ecological solution.

At Lisse Urban, we select the best models, and advise you according to your daily needs. Reliability, autonomy, power, speed, weight, quality. Our expertise in new mobility is at your service during and after the sale. Buying your electric scooter at Lisse Urbaine is having access to one of the best networks of stores and workshops in France.

Ninebot D18e electric scooter

Dualtron Pop

Teverun Fighter Ten / ten Plus / 10 + electric scooter

Kuickwheel ASPIRE PRO electric electric scooter

Electric scooter Inmotion S1

Vsett Electric Scooter 9 -52 V 13 Ah - Lite

Draisienne Inokim Ozo

Nami Klima One - Single Motor

You have questions? We help you make the right choice

Teverun Fighter Eleven / Eleven Plus electric scooter / 11 +

Electric scooter Inmotion Climber

Ninebot D28e electric scooter

Inokim Quick 4 Hero

Vsett 8+ 48 V 16 Ah - Pro

Speedway mini 4 pro Lite electric scooter

Nami Klima 25Ah Klima 25ah

Ninebot D38e electric scooter


Teverun Fighter Supreme electric scooter

E-Twow Booster Se Bluetooth electric scooter

Vsett 8 - 48 V 21Ah electric scooter - Super

Inokim Quick 4 Super

Ninebot ninebot electric scooter f2e Powered by Segway

King GT King GT King Gt electric scooter

Nami burn-e 2 electric scooter

Vsett Electric Scooter 9 -52 V 17.5 Ah - Super

Inokim Ox

Nami Klima Max 30ah

Ninebot ninebot f2 Plus E Powured by Segway electric scooter

VSETT 9+ bimorator scooter -48V 21Ah pro

Inokim oxo electric scooter

Ninebot ninebot f2 pro e Powered by Segway electric scooter

Dualtron Mini Special Bi-motor

Nami blast 25Ah electric scooter

Vsett 10+ twin -engine scooter - 60 V 20.8 Ah - Lite

Dualtron Mini Limited / Special Brake Dualtron Electric Skletter

Nami burn-e 3 electric scooter

Vsett 10+ 60V 25.6Ah - Super

Electric scooter Ninebot Max G2 E Powered by Segway

Nami burn-e 2 Max electric scooter

Dualtron mini double brake electric scooter 13 Ah red

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro + electric scooter

Vsett 10+ 60V 28AH Vsett 10+ scooter - Pro

Speedtrott XM 350 waterproof electric scooter

Segway ninebot kickscooter p65e electric scooter

Nami blast max 35ah electric scooter

Vsett 11+ electric scooter

Segway / ninebot kickscooter p100se electric scooter

Nami Burn-E 3 Max electric scooter

Ninebot Kickscooter GT2 electric scooter

SPEEDWAY 5 - Minimotors electric scooter

Dualtron Blade X electric scooter

Dualtron Raptor 2 minimotors electric scooter

Rovoron Kullter 60V electric scooter

Dualtron EAGLE 60V 18AH twin -back scooter

Dualtron Eagle electric scooter

Dualtron Spider 2 electric scooter

Dualtron City electric scooter

Dualtron Victor electric scooter

Dualtron Victor Luxury electric scooter

Powerful electric scooter Dualtron Thunder 2021

Dualtron Achilleus electric scooter

Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus electric scooter

Dualtron Spider Max electric scooter

Speedtrott XM 500 waterproof electric scooter

Electric scooter: Have you accompanied by urban sliding, specialist in urban mobility in France

Urban Sliding has specialized since 2015 in the urban mobility sector, in particular the electric scooter today essential in the city. There are more and more various and varied models electric scooters on the market at all purchase prices. Difficult to navigate among the offer. What are the selection criteria to choose an electric scooter that meets your needs and respecting the law ? We support you throughout your purchasing process and even after delivery thanks to our after -sales service.

Urban slide helps you make your choice of purchase by selecting for you a range of adult foldable electric scooters, reliable with after-sales service (after-sales) insured in the event of a breakdown in Paris.

You hesitate between several prices and want an opinion ? You can contact our customer service on 01 80 87 51 20, we will be delighted to be able to inform you. We support you to make the best product choice in France.

If you have any questions about removal in store, do not hesitate to contact us. All our electric scooters are guaranteed for 2 years and we have our own after -sales service workshops in Paris and in France.

The 5 reasons to opt for an adult foldable electric scooter on a daily basis


The foldable electric scooter allows you to move quickly with mobility. Taking an electric scooter for purchase is to opt for daily travel comfort while respecting the law. It has a quality brake that allows you to slow down in a straight line or in turn.

Time saving
In addition to being faster than walking, the electric scooter also has the guarantee of no longer dependent on public transport and the car. Without a doubt that the electric scooter will save you precious time.

They are real passout. With its foldable function you can transport it wherever you go. The electric scooter is an average zero -size transport guarantee. You can also put it easily at your home in its transport bag. The little extra, find a noise without noise for the greatest comfort. The opinion of the after -sales service ? You will no longer be able to do without the whole line !

Unlike a scooter or a car, the electronic scooter does not consume petrol. And in France, the cost of gasoline can be a brake. Once purchased, this new means of mobility is very profitable. Ultimately, the purchase of this electronic scooter may even become more advantageous than public transport in terms of price and warranty.

When technology allows you to combine useful with pleasant. With an electric scooter you opt for a whole new way of moving, which offers an ecological appearance while respecting the planet. And the withdrawal of the pollution line is priceless.

While waiting for you to buy a model ? Find all our models and our brands-Inokim, Dualtron, E-Twow, Vsett, Nami, Kuickwheel or Kaabo.

How to choose your electric scooter or adult electric skater ?

A new urban means of transport

Long left to children, scooters have gradually become a real urban mode of transport in the same way as electric bikes also called bikes with electric assistance. Indeed, the electric scooter allows you the guarantee of shopping, walking, performing a sliding sport or even taking you to your workplace. All this while respecting the law in France.

Practical, easy to use and economical in use, this model, whether black or red, now conquered adults and assets that seek a reliable and rapid means of travel in the city at a lower price without being out of the law. The quality is there.

More and more popular in adults, they also make it possible to overcome public transport and the car on journeys whose distance traveled remains short for the warranty of the battery. However, you should not choose your random electric scooter. The opinion of a specialist can be a good idea. Indeed, the electric scooter must correspond to your needs while respecting your environment of use. These aspects will dimension your choice.

The two styles of use of the electric scooter:

1. Buy an electric scooter model to replace or in addition to traditional transport
With an electric scooter, you can replace your travel, bus, car or scooter with an electric reloadable battery scooter. It is true that buying an electric scooter represents an investment at the start. It is necessary on average between 549 and 1289 euros for city dwellers. However, this price is quickly amortized as you use the electric scooter and no longer becomes a black point. Through this electric acquisition, you freed yourself from paying the petrol necessary for your car and or scooter, from the bus/metro card … It is no longer a brake on the move regardless of the version. Exhaust gases will be withdrawn.

Ultimately, the use of an electric scooter offers total freedom guaranteed at a lower cost. The quality is ultra present whether it is on a minimotor version or a ninebot version. Once the delivery and withdrawal have been made, give your opinion to the after -sales service.

2. Buy an electric scooter to replace walking
Unlike an electric scooter, the speed of progress of an adult is between 5 and 6 km/h. While an electric scooter can go up to 25 – 35 km/h on average online. The electric scooter is therefore 5 times to 7 times faster than the steps, which represents a considerable time saving. The major asset of the electric scooter is also to avoid unfortunate transpirations as well as a shortness of breath caused by physical activity from 6 km/h. It is the battery and the booster engine from your body.

3. Choose the weight of your electric scooter
Weight is an important variable to take into account when buying a product in store as an electric scooter: this strongly impacts the power of the machine as well as its daily guaranteed portability.

Concretely, the adult model has a charge that varies between 10 and 25 kilograms. In use, the mass will therefore be felt on your ability to transport your scooter in transport or on stairs for example.

Lightness also determines the equipment on board: the heaviest are also those that have the best top speed and the largest autonomy thanks to the size of the on -board battery and their booster located in the engine.

There are several types of battery. However, at Urban Sliding, our adult foldable electric scooters are equipped with lithium battery which offers better quality ratio in terms of ballast/autonomy, which makes them more efficient. There are on the market, some scooters, such as Kaabo, with electric assistance with lead batteries. Indeed it costs less, but their mass is substantial and therefore more bulky.

4. Choose the power of your adult electric scooter
The quality and the price are distinguished by large power differences delivered by the engine booster and the battery: the power of the product is expressed in watts and varies between 250W and 600W. There are also models, such as Kaabo in black, exceeding 3000W, they are extremely efficient and very expensive models.

In use, the power does not influence the autonomy of your scooter but has a real effect on its speed and acceleration: users looking for performance and lively accelerations will therefore have to turn to more powerful uses.

For beginner users, we recommend models with moderate power in favor of better autonomy and reduced weight in order to offer you a better daily experience for use.

5. Autonomy and comfort of your future electric scooter
For regular users and those who travel from distances greater than 5 kilometers per day, the choice of type of wheels is as important as the battery and the engine so that your product remains pleasant on a daily basis while finding the best price. The diameter of the wheels generally varies between 6 and 12 inches and there are two types of wheels: the hard wheels (“erase”) and the inflatable tires wheels.

For occasional uses on unacitted land, the rubber wheels are all indicated. On the other hand, we recommend a model equipped with inflatable tires for damaged terrains and regular users who are looking for a model capable of absorbing shocks due to obstacles on the daily road. This is the case of Kaabo in black for example.

Regarding autonomy, most entries and circles on range offer autonomy between 20 and 35 kilometers, which is quite sufficient for daily urban use.

For users looking for a high autonomy version, we offer high -performance models of the minimotors brand whose autonomy reaches 100 kilometers with its maximum load: you can therefore use them for several days (or even weeks !) Immediately without recharging them.

6. What a budget for an adult electric scooter ?
Unlike children’s toys, electric scooters for adults must be able to bear a substantial weight (up to 100-120 kilograms) and offer autonomy of several tens of kilometers to allow daily trips.

Naturally, electric scooters for adults are therefore more expensive: urban sliding and its after -sales service offer you cheap and accessible electric scooters at less than 500 euros but which still benefit from a range of more than 30 km and a 25 km/h engine speed (restrained). A real booster to advance without staying behind.

For regular users who are looking for an efficient model for daily use, we offer powerful adult electric scooters accessible from 750 euros from E-Twow, Minimotors and Inokim brands.

Although the purchase of an electric scooter represents a certain investment at the start, it is quickly amortized compared to the costs of maintenance and use of a car, a scooter or even public transport: It is therefore a profitable investment and perfectly suited to city dwellers !

Choosing an electric scooter is making a smart and ecological purchase to move on a daily basis in an economical way.

You will find our selection of Trots online online. Urban slide is official reseller of large high -end brands. Our shops in Paris, Lille, Lyon and Rennes are at your disposal to help you choose the model that suits your needs.