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If you desperately want an iPhone but your budget does not allow you to buy you one of the last models, then the purchase of an old, used or refurbished iPhone is a great way to make a good deal.

Where to buy a used or reconditioned iPhone ?

Marie Laure Calcar

If you desperately want an iPhone but your budget does not allow you to buy you one of the last models, then the purchase of an old, used or refurbished iPhone is a great way to make a good deal.

If this may seem risky, this is not necessarily the case, because there are specialized resellers who offer guarantees and deeply check the iOS before shipping them.

Apple focusing on its iPhone of the 15 series, you can find excellent good deals on older models such as ranges 14, 13, 12 and 11.

The firm continues to sell the standard iPhone 13 models, but has abandoned many variations, which means that reconditioning is the way to acquire these models.

In this article, we share everything to you to know about the purchase of a safe and reliable refurbished iPhone, whether you are looking to obtain it under contract or not.

Apple sells for reconditioned products

Did you know that Apple sells new certified iPhone via a dedicated shop called Refurbished Store (Apple Store Reconditioned Belgium) ? It should be your first reference, it will give you an idea of ​​what is reasonable to pay for the chosen iPhone.

This Apple service offers a reduced price, but it also offers the same limited one -year warranty that the latest flagships also benefit. It should also be noted that all the parts used for refurbishment are official and that all the batteries are new.

The standard reduction in the refurbished store is 15 %. Note that no iPhone may be offered.

Buy older models from Apple

If you do not want to acquire a latest generation model at all costs, then why not opt ​​for an older iOS ? Especially since it is not necessary that it is used.

Apple may praise the merits of its recent iPhone, if you look more closely at the Apple Store, you will see that the iPhone 13 is still on sale. Of course, you will miss some of the new features, but the iPhone of the previous generations remain an excellent choice, provided that the design of the “old” does not displease you.

Also, be aware that on the occasion of Black Friday, you can find new iPhone as reconditioned at very advantageous prices.

Where to find repackaged & used iPhones ?

There are many physical or online stores specializing in refurbishments and the sale of iPhone. Many offer guarantees, controls pushed before any shipping and quality rankings, so that you can save a little more by choosing an iOS with a few small scratches, but which works very well.

Buy a reconditioned iPhone without package

Backmarket (Backmarket Belgium) is one of the reference sites in resale of reconditioned tech devices (tablets, small household appliances, consoles, connected watches, computers, etc.), it also offers sales allowing more savings.

Swappie should become your reference site to give up or buy an iPhone refurbished. For what ? Quite simply, because this site only offers iPhone ! The oldest model of its catalog is the iPhone 8. The company undertakes to repair phones via a “52 -step reconditioning process” and grants a 2 -year warranty for each device purchased.

Rebuy is another popular site for the resale and purchase of reconditioned products, it includes a 36 -month warranty as well as a 21 -day withdrawal right. It also offers promotional operations so that you can equip yourself at a lower price all year round.


With Amazon Renewed, Access controlled, tested products that work like new. Their defective pieces are replaced and accompanied by all their accessories. Finally, they are covered by a one -year warranty and can be returned if you are not satisfied with it.

Recommence is another service specializing in reconditioning. He performs complete exams, cleanses the device, resets it, etc. You enjoy a new smartphone accompanied by its accessories and a 12 -month warranty.

Smaaart takes the mission of ensuring a second life for the iPhone (and Android) which are sold to it. He reconditions them in France while respecting a strict protocol. Autonomy is “certified with the level of manufacturer requirement” and the iPhone is sold with headphones and a new charger, at a price of up to 50 % cheaper than the original price.

Certideal (Certideal Belgium) is another actor of the reconditioned, who does not only sell that iPhone refurbished but also iPad. With this service, you get a 100 % reconditioning made in France, with a good 24 -month warranty, at a price that can be up to 70 % cheaper than a new iPhone. If you are a student, you can benefit from a discount of € 10 via Student Beans.

For Belgium, think of Casephone, Electro Depot and Swappie, for example.

Finally, know also that the e-merchants also do in the reconditioned, and this without package:

Buy a reconditioned iPhone with a package

You can buy reconditioned phones with subscription from the following operators:

What is an reconditioned iPhone is reliable ?

You might be concerned with the idea of ​​buying a reconditioned smartphone, thinking that it would be to get a used iPhone, but there is no reason to worry. Indeed, “reconditioned” and second -hand have different definitions.

The rewarded and refurbished iPhones are fully cleaned, tested, repaired and controlled to operate as new and be in perfect working order.

Generally, the iPhone that Apple sells in his dedicated shop were returned for the following reasons:

  • The former owner was able to exercise his consumer rights and return the unused device within 14 days (in accordance with Apple’s reimbursement and return policy).
  • The iPhone may have been used as a demonstration model.
  • The iPhone may have been returned to Apple due to a defect.

This last point can worry you, but you can be sure that Apple will have identified and repaired any defect before reselling it.

Apple claims that new products are subject to complete functional tests, replacement of original parts (if necessary), as well as complete cleaning.

Here are the advantages that the purchase of an reconditioned iPhone has:

  • You benefit from a one -year warranty.
  • You benefit from 90 days of technical assistance.
  • Since you buy directly from Apple, there is no shipping costs and feedback is free.

You take advantage of the 14 -day return policy if you change your mind.

That means classes A, B and C allocated to the reconditioned products ?

When you buy a new product, you can see grades A, B or C, they indicate the condition of the phone. Is it stunned ? Has scratches ? Or is it completely free from imperfections and immaculate ?

The note will give you a general idea. “General” because these grades are not fixed by an independent organization, which means that they can vary from one dealer to another.

Here is how the categories are generally distributed:

  • Grade A – Almost new or has very few signs of wear.
  • Grade B – can have some minor stripes and a certain wear and tear. They are generally more affordable than class A.
  • Grade C – seems used and has obvious signs of wear and tear. They are much cheaper than those of grade B and has.

Of course, new a -category A devices will be more expensive than those in category B and C, but their price will always be much lower than a completely new iPhone.

Note that resellers can use another classification system that it describes previously, Backmarket for example classifies them in this way:

  • Like new (no micro-scratch, no impact)
  • Very good condition (micro-scratches invisible to more than 20 cm)
  • Good condition (micro-scratch visible at 20 cm, screen and new)
  • Correct condition (slight scratches)
  • Grade Stallone (micro-scratch on the screen, impacts on the shell).

Pay attention to the guarantees of refurbished devices

The quality of the rewinded iPhone that can vary from one dealer to the other, it is important to pay attention to the warranty.

How long is the phone covered ? Does the guarantee allow you to obtain free assistance or repairs from the reseller if you encounter problems after purchase. Most generally offer up to a year.

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