What to do in the event of a connection problem at Orange?, 1.500 ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE INTERNET IN THE CENTER OF CLERMONT-FERRAND, MERCHERS IFCTED-CLERMONT-FERRAND (63000)

1.500 Orange private internet customers in the city center of Clermont-Ferrand, the merchants impacted

In the case of replacing your equipment, so it will be necessary to return your current box to your operator. But do not worry, no fees will be billed to you to return the equipment.

What to do in the event of a connection problem at Orange ?

You encounter connection problems with the Orange Internet access provider ? Several incidents can occur and their origin can be at the level of your equipment, but can also be at the national level. Different techniques exist to find the cause of dysfunction. We tell you everything in this article.

Orange customer service: 3900

What connection problems can Orange subscribers encounter ?

As with any operator, you may encounter connection problems in your accommodation. They can be of different natures, for example a problem with your box, for your access to TV or poor connection quality.

What are the most recurring problems ?

When an internet offer is subscribed to an operator, for example a subscription to the Orange operator, it is not uncommon to have connection problems. These problems can be of several types:

  • a slow or unstable flow;
  • A problem with connection with Orange Wi-Fi;
  • the impossibility of opening certain pages or connecting to certain sites;
  • A connection that is regularly cut.

These problems are not serious, but can quickly become a problem if they are recurrent. When they arrive, it is not necessarily easy to know immediately the origin of the problem. An orange connection problem can slow down your connection to the TV, your mobile or even the fiber.

Why do I no longer have an orange connection ?

As we have just explained, the origin of your connection problems may be different from once to another. The incident can for example come:

  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • of the operator’s network;
  • of your equipment.

The first thing you need to check is whether it is your equipment that is in question or not. If the latter seems to work normally, then you can achieve several manipulations in an attempt to solve the problem, in particular:

  • Restart your box (sometimes everything is enough to do to solve the problem);
  • Check that all cables and connections are well made;
  • Stop then restart Wi-Fi;
  • Try to connect to the Internet via a different browser from the one you just used;
  • Updates your browser if it is not already the case;
  • See if the problem comes from the Internet network or your equipment by connecting to another modem.

The problem may also come from the speed of your flow. It is advisable to carry out a flow test in order to see what is the real connection speed of your box. It is possible that there is a difference between the theoretical flow given by the operator, and the real speed that exists at your accommodation.

Have you thought about verifying that you were up to date in setting up your internet invoices ? If this is not the case, then your connection problem surely comes from this non-payment.

On the contrary, if your equipment does not seem to operate normally, then the best is to contact Orange, the technical service can be reached by composing the 3900. You will be able to explain to them the connection problems that you have with your Livebox 5 for example. To save time, it is advisable to bring the references of your box (which you can find under or on the side of the case) as well as your customer references. Two solutions will then present to you:

  • replacing your equipment with a new one;
  • repairing your equipment.

In the case of replacing your equipment, so it will be necessary to return your current box to your operator. But do not worry, no fees will be billed to you to return the equipment.

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Announcement – Orange Partner Papernest Service (Number: 3900)

Subscribe an Internet box with Boutique-Box-Internet !

Announcement – Orange Partner Papernest Service (Number: 3900)

How to solve my connection problem ?

How to know if my orange box works ?

How to identify a malfunction ?

A very simple solution to see if your orange box operates normally is to pay attention to the lights present on it. The color of these lights may indicate the presence, or not, of a problem:

  • If the light is green (fixed), then your box works normally: you can continue to use the Internet without having a problem;
  • If the indicator flashes and is orange, then your box meets a dysfunction;
  • If the light is red, then your connection is interrupted. We will have to solve the problem if you want to continue using the Internet.

For example, if at the time of a problem of connection of your orange box, the latter displays code S01-01, then it means that there is a loss of connection between your decoder and your livebox.

How to have the internet without internet box ?

If a dysfunction arrives on your box, but you need the Internet, there are solutions to still have access to the Internet. The simplest is connection sharing. From your mobile phone, you can share your 4G network with your other devices, such as your computer or even your tablet. To do this, it is necessary to go to the settings of your phone, and to activate connection sharing.

Once the sharing is activated, you can go to your other device, and, in the Wi-Fi settings, connect it to your phone. This solution will allow you to have internet access temporarily, while the problem with your box is solved.

You have to keep in mind that the Internet network you are going to use on your other device will be part of your phone package. So it’s like using the internet on your phone. So, if your package does not contain a lot of quantity of Go, you will have to be careful not to use it too quickly, otherwise you could find yourself without internet on your phone too.

How to know if it is a national breakdown ?

If, after having done all the previously mentioned manipulations, your Internet connection is still not restored, then the problem may not come from your box.

When a network failure is national, it means that you are not the only one to have connection problems, and that all the operator subscribers are affected by the breakdown.

A national breakdown of one of the operators can have several causes:

  • Strong weather (rain, snowstorms, hot weather, etc.) which can damage network antennas;
  • voluntary deterioration of the equipment with acts of vandalism (cable cuts, theft of equipment, etc.);
  • Work carried out in the town.

If your connection problems are due to a national breakdown, then you will quickly know it, since Internet access providers have the legal obligation to keep their subscribers informed in the event of a breakdown. The best is to go to your operator’s website. You will find information on the failure thanks to the monitoring of orange incidents and information on the mobile coverage.

In most cases, the operator will communicate to you a date for reinstateing the connection on the national territory. In this case, there is unfortunately nothing to do, except to wait until the problem is solved by your operator.

Should we change operator in the event of a recurring problem ?

Having connection problems on your devices such as your laptop, your computer or your tablet can quickly be disturbing. If you are wondering if you shouldn’t change the operator, then the answer is yes. Your connection problems may be linked to the operator’s network coverage. It is therefore the best solution to change it, in order to take out an offer from an operator who offers a better network at your address.

What to do in case of regular problems ?

If the connection problem you encounter is recurrent, then it may be that the operator you have chosen is not suitable for your accommodation. If this is the case, then it will probably be necessary to change operator.

Each operator has a different network coverage. Your accommodation may not capture the network deployed by Orange well. You can remedy this problem by choosing a different operator, which may have better network coverage, or at least a network coverage that will cover the town where your accommodation is located.

To find out if your accommodation is covered by the Orange network, you can consult the card set up by ARCEP on its website. By entering your postal address, you can quickly know if the operator you have chosen is suitable or not.

What is arcep ?

The regulatory authority for electronic communications, posts and distribution of the press (ARCEP), was created on January 5, 1997. Its primary goal was to support the opening to competition from the electronic communications sector. Since then, its missions have extended to the regulation of the postal sector, the protection of neutrality or even a digital planning of the territories.

If this is not the case, then the best solution is to change the internet access provider, in order to choose one whose network covers the place where you live.

How to change operator ?

Changing operator is quite possible. If you are tired of the repeated connection problems of your current operator, then several solutions are available to you.

The first is the possibility of terminating your Orange offer to take out one from another Internet access provider. If you choose this option, termination fees may be applied to you, depending on the conditions given by your contract. These costs will delay according to the operators, and especially according to the duration that you have left until your commitment ends. For example, if you terminate your contract 5 months before the end of the engagement period, then the costs will be higher than if you resilled 2 months before the end.

To carry out the termination, it will be necessary, in most cases, send your operator a letter of termination in registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. If you don’t know how to write your letter, you can refer to the model below.

Termination letter model:

(Your postal address)

(Your email)

(Your phone number)

(Name of your operator)

Made in (City), the (date)

Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt

Purpose: Request for termination contract n ° (number of your contract)

By this, I inform you of my desire to terminate my contract No. (number of your contract), subscribes the (date of subscription of your contract).

My duration of engagement ends (end date of your contract), I will therefore ask you to stop the automatic direct debits on this date.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my distinguished greetings.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your number, then you will have to request it. You just have to inform your operator that you want to keep your telephone line when subscribing to your new contract. All you will have to provide will be your Rio number attached to your mobile, which you can get by calling 3179. You will then get the number by SMS, accompanied by the end date of engagement with your current operator.

What is the Rio number ?

The RIO number (operator identity releasing) is a code composed of 12 characters (figures and letters), which will allow you to keep your fixed or mobile phone number in the event of a change of operator.

The advantages of portability are double: you do not need to change your phone number, and your new operator will take care of your contract with your former operator for you !

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1.500 Orange private Internet customers in Clermont-Ferrand city center, traders impacted

1,500 private orange customers D

Telecom pipes were damaged on Wednesday, June 28, in the Salins district, in Clermont-Ferrand. Consequence: 1.500 Orange customers have since been deprived of the Internet and a fixed telephone. On the other hand, the mobile network still works.

“It falls badly, when it is the beginning of the sales !, testifies this merchant in downtown Clermont-Ferrand. We can no longer use our TPE (electronic payment terminal). We must ask our customers to pay in cash or in check. “Indeed, since Wednesday, June 28, 1.500 Orange customers, located mainly in the Center-Ville/Salins/Jaude district, no longer have the internet or a fixed phone.

What happened ?

“An external company, which carried out work in the Salins district, broke three telecom pipes,” explains the Orange Communication Department. The incident occurred on Wednesday, early afternoon. “In these pipes, six optical fiber cables, five of which belong to Orange (the sixth serving Bouygues Telecom customers), have been damaged”. If some have been damaged, and can be repaired more easily, two have been completely cut.

When will they be repaired ?

It is, initially, to repair the pipes. Will then come to repair, even the total replacement of cables. It starts with a so -called “referral” operation, “to see if there is no obstacle for the passage of cables”. There is for example one of 450 meters to change. “For the second, you have to repress fiber by fiber 576 pairs”. Some customers should find network from tomorrow. For the others, “it will be at best next week next week”.

Note that, for its part, the Orange mobile network has not been affected and operates.

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