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ESIM installation guide on Xiaomi

This Xiaomi model equipped with an ESIM therefore allows you to activate an additional cellular data package, which you can use locally or internationally, without needing to get a physical sim card.

FAQ Xiaomi Compatible ESIM devices

Many of the latest smartphones on the Marhé support the ESIM function. An ESIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) is a small electronic chip integrated into your phone or your device that fulfills the same function as physical SIM cards. ESIM is the equivalent of a virtual SIM card.

Rather than using an “ejection tool” to remove/insert a physical sim card and expose yourself to losing or damaging it, a device supporting ESIM can be programmed and automatically reprogrammed by downloading the ESIM profile of an operator via an app or a QR code.

An ESIM is multi-operator, it can contain up to five virtual sim cards at the same time and you just have to switch between the packages in the settings of your mobile device.

This Xiaomi model equipped with an ESIM therefore allows you to activate an additional cellular data package, which you can use locally or internationally, without needing to get a physical sim card.

Ubigi allows you to obtain and install a free esim profile on your Xiaomi device. Using an operator like Ubigi, which connects to the local mobile network abroad in more than 200 destinations, can be much more economical than paying the roaming/roaming costs of your usual operator when you use your Internet connection to The foreigner for leisure or work.

ESIM installation guide on Xiaomi

Find out how you can activate your ESIM on your new Xiaomi 12t Pro device and forget the use of traditional physical sim cards.

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We present a guide to configure you Your ESIM in the new Xiaomi 12T Pro model, the first of the brand that integrates this technology. The smartphone was released shortly after the iPhone 14, a device that will only use ESIM and does not include space for traditional SIM cards. If you want to know how to configure and use the future of SIM cards, ESIM, find out how Acquire and activate your ESIM on Xiaomi.

Esim or digital SIM

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ESIM Xiaomi Holafly ESIM Installation Guide


Activate ESIM as a main line on your Xiaomi

At the beginning, the ESIM card was only configured on the smartwatches as much as an extension of the main line, as was the case with the Apple Watch with the iPhone. It was a great option if you wanted to leave leaving your mobile phone at home.

Nowadays, ESIMs can now be used in smartphones as a main line. On the other hand, you must make sure that your mobile phone is compatible with ESIM before you get one because all devices do not include this technology. In the case of Xiaomi, the only mobile of this brand Who has this functionality is the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

You can read the steps to activate an ESIM card below:

  • Activate the wifi on your mobile phone and go to settings
  • Then press network.
  • Make sure the mobile data option is activated.
  • Click on mobile data.
  • On ESIM, select the network to which you want to connect.
  • Scan the ESIM card QR that you want to activate on your Xiaomi 12T Pro.
  • Check.
  • Accept the general conditions that will appear once you have finished.

Add an ESIM online secondary to your Xiaomi

In addition to buying ESIM as a main line in your Xiaomi 12t Pro, You can also add it as a secondary line via the Mi Watch, One of the smart watches of the brand that has the distinction of having integrated ESIM. If you want to configure and take advantage of this feature, we will show you how to configure it step by step:

Configure Esim on the Mi Watch

Follow these steps to configure your Mi Watch:

  • Open the ESIM app on your Mi Watch
    • Then go to the Mi Watch app on your smartphone.
    • Click on the fourth option available
    • Scan the QR code that your operator or supplier previously gave you.

    Here, your watch and your smartphone will automatically synchronize. From this moment, the ESIM card will be added to your watch and will work fully, which makes Your smartwatch so independent that you can go out without your laptop.

    Operators in the world taking charge of ESIM in Xiaomi

    Esim are more and more popular, Because following their launch, several manufacturers have chosen to integrate this technology into their new smartphones. Nevertheless, you should know which mobile telephony operators offer packages for ESIM on the Xiaomi 12T Pro. They are the ones who provide you with a QR code to activate ESIM.

    It is important to know which operators are activated an ESIM on the Xiaomi Mi 12T main online. This is why you will find in the following table of countries and operators who offer the ESIM card for Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro:

    ESIM Xiaomi Holafly ESIM Installation Guide

    If instead of acquiring your ESIM from local operators from each country that we have indicated above, you wish to connect for a short period abroad via ESIM during your trip or your vacation, the best option for You are to obtain an ESIM card from an international supplier. These companies offer you a ESIM with mobile data for your destination as long as you wish. Among the best international suppliers in ESIM, you can find Holafly, who offers ESIM with mobile internet for more than 130 destinations with additional advantages and more affordable prices than what offer you other options such as roaming.

    To activate these ESIM cards, you must follow the same steps, so you will not have to worry about it.

    frequently asked Questions

    Does ESIM work on my Xiaomi 12t Pro if my operator offers it on iPhone ?

    As we mentioned earlier, not all cellular operators offer the same services for the same devices. Thus, some suppliers will only offer ESIM cards for Apple, while others will offer ESIM cards for Xiaomi. You must verify compatibility with your supplier.

    Will my Xiaomi 12t Pro take charge of my operator’s ESIM in the future ?

    It is possible that after an update of the software, your mobile phone can use an ESIM card offered by your operator, because the Xiaomi devices integrate this technology.

    The removal of a mobile package means that I have dissociated my esim from the operator ?

    No. To terminate your ESIM service, you must contact your operator.

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