VPN on phone: how it works?, Best Android VPNs: free and paid reference offers

Best Android VPNs: free and paid reference offers


THE remote servers serve as a destination for your quantified data tunnel. Your data is sent to VPN servers in other countries to make your identity anonymous. When the data are sent and move to their final target, all localization data comes from the remote server and not from yours. These VPN servers are your “intermediary” which protects you and which camouflages your data against interference.

VPN on phone: how it works ?

Using a VPN on phone allows you to access the Internet in an encrypted and secure manner. The vast majority of telephone VPNs are free downloadable applications but have paid features. So how does a VPN for phone work, and what is it for ? How to know what is the best Android VPN or the best iPhone VPN ? Answers right away !

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  • The essential :
  • A VPN for phone Allows you to access the Internet in an encrypted, secure and anonymous way.
  • You can use a VPN on a phone by downloading a VPN application secure.
  • THE Free VPN are not always 100% secure and offer reduced features.
  • It is necessary to have a mobile package with enough mobile data, To be able to take full advantage of a VPN.

What is a VPN ?

Internet in the world

A VPN is a private virtual network (Virtual Private Network in English) which is in other words an encrypted internet connection tunnel.

THE VPN is not based on the IP address of your computer or your phone to go on the internet. He creates another IP adress which therefore allows you to exchange information, or to have access to data, in an anonymous and secure manner.

What is a VPN ?

One of the functions for which the VPN is very often used is power change geolocation IP address used. Very concretely this allows you to access the Internet as if you were in another country. You can access websites available abroad, without moving from you.

In more professional use, VPNs are used for Secure information exchange (connections to bank accounts for example), or to protect the identity of a person. Journalists can for example use it to do research on subjects censored by the search engines of certain countries.

More concretely, a VPN is used to :

  • Protect your Internet browsing when you log into a Public Wi-Fi,
  • Access sites, or sites of sites, available in other countries,
  • Prevent websites from collecting your IP adress, and your personal data.

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Is the use of a legal VPN ?

The use of a VPN in France is completely legal, and brings many advantages. However, since the traceability of your identity is impossible with a VPN, some users use it in order to hide criminal acts, and it is this use which is sanctioned by law.

A VPN is a tool, it is therefore neutral and has no purpose. Only the user of the tool is able to define what will be its purpose, because we can use the same tool for Several different ways. Take the example of a computer, it is a neutral tool that can be used to work, watch movies etc. But it can also be used to go to illegal sites and therefore be used to unquestion, it is the same principle for VPN.

Be careful if the VPN is a legal tool, the uses you can do with it are not always. So make sure to be in agreement with the current regulations in the country where you are, before using a VPN.

How to use a VPN on phone ?

From the moment you activate the mobile data on your phone, it automatically connects to the Internet using An IP address which is its own. This IP address is unique and is considered by the CNIL as a personal data Because it includes information to identify you.

Smartphone Connects in VPN

If you want to use a VPN on your phone To browse the Internet anonymously, or to access the Netflix films catalog in another country for example, you will need to install a VPN mobile application.

A VPN Generally is between the tool that you are used to connect to the Internet (your phone in this case) and the Internet network itself. If you are looking to use an online VPN with your smartphone, you will not succeed in completely masking your IP address, because the VPN will not be Between your phone and internet, He will already be on the internet.

It is therefore only by installing a VPN application that you can act on your phone settings and really hide your IP address.

There are many Android or iPhone VPN applications, that you can find directly on the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). Let’s take stock of Best Android and iPhone VPN.

What are the best Android and iPhone VPNs ?

NordVPN: the best Android VPN

With already more than 10 million NordVPN users on Android, we can say that it is the Best Android VPN of the market.

NordVPN is a premium VPN which offers a 30 -day trial period after which you can be reimbursed if you are not satisfied. So this gives you time to use this VPN for free And get an idea.

The good news with NordVPN is that you can use it on your Android smartphone, but also on an iPhone, a Windows computer or a Mac. You can even use it on 6 simultaneous devices And so why not divide the costs with a person who also would have the utility.

Description of NordVPN
Number of countries 59
Simultaneous connections 6
Bandwidth Unlimited
Rate € 10.64/month with 1 month subscription
€ 8.01/month with 6 months subscription

We must not forget that, even if NordVPN is the Best Android VPN In our opinion, you need a mobile package with a mobile data envelope to be able to use it from anywhere.

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Expressvpn: the best iPhone VPN

Like NordVPN, Express VPN is Compatible with your iPhone But also with an Android smartphone, a Mac or Windows computer, you will not be limited depending on the device used to connect.

If Expressvpn is for us the Best iPhone VPN, It is among other things for its 30 -day trial period, guaranteed satisfied or reimbursed. It is also because it provides its users with live customer service available 24/7.

The other strong point of this VPN iPhone is its fluid and intuitive interface which allows you to take it in hand in a few seconds, without being parasitized by accessory features, or advertising, since it is a Premium VPN.

Description of ExpressVPN
Number of countries 94
Simultaneous connections 5
Bandwidth Unlimited
Rate 11.25 €/month with 1 month subscription
€ 8.68/month with 6 months subscription

Cybergost VPN

Cybergost VPN is also part of the most popular VPNs on the market.

He offers a 45 -day free trial And is compatible with all Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux devices, as well as game consoles, Smart TVS and routers.

It’s a Premium VPN which ensures effective performance until 7 simultaneous devices.

Description of ExpressVPN
Number of countries 91
Simultaneous connections 7
Bandwidth Unlimited
Rate 11.99 €/month with 1 month subscription
€ 3.79/month with 1 year subscription

Use a free VPN: everything you need to know

Free VPN security

You may already know it but free is sometimes a guarantee of poor quality when it comes to the internet. If you use a tool free of charge, you should know that the creators of this tool must go look for funding elsewhere that in your wallet, and this is where it can become less pleasant.

person with smartphone

In the vast majority of cases, free online sites and tools offer you (or flood you) advertisements for be able to remunerate. It seems logical, the company must cause the tool to be able to make turnover to perpetuate its activity. But in other cases, they can resell your personal data to other companies to generate income, and therefore Compromise your anonymity and your online safety.

THE Free VPN will therefore use one or the other of his solutions to be able to continue to exist. This is an element to know before downloading a Android free VPN or iPhone.

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Free VPN performance

In addition to the risk concerning the protection of your personal data, you should know that Free VPN have limited performance:

  • Limited navigation speed on the Internet,
  • Limit of number of countries available on which you can connect,
  • Blocking access to certain sites,
  • Incomplete protection of your IP address, and therefore your anonymity.

The best solution if you want to use a VPN punctually, or you are looking for a Free VPN just to test the features, is to download a premium VPN with a free. It is only by doing this that you can enjoy a Free VPN safe.

Depending on the operating system of your phone (Android or iOS), you can refer to the previous parts of this article to find the Best Android and iPhone VPN And use it for free during the trial period.

Frequently asked questions

What is VPN on a phone ?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private virtual network that creates a encrypted tunnel for your data, and masks your IP address.

How to activate the VPN of my phone ?

For Activate your VPN you need :

  • Open the menu for your VPN.
  • Select the Settings tab.
  • Choose the Networks tab.
  • Type VPN configuration.
  • Configure the VPN server.
  • Confirm the selection.

What interest in having a VPN ?

Having a VPN allows you to do 3 things. First of all Hide your IP address, Then Protect your Internet browsing and finally access available content only abroad.

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Best Android VPNs: free and paid reference offers

In 2023, Android was the operating system for the most used smartphones and tablets in the world, but that does not mean that it is 100% reliable. Indeed, smartphones or Android tablets are not sheltered from the dangers of the web. Besides, once connected to the Internet, no one is really apart from Internet users using a VPN.

Very in vogues at the moment, these virtual private networks allow you to obtain complete protection on Android. In this article, we will make you discover the best free and paid VPNs for Android in 2023.

Best VPN for Android

The best VPNs for Android in 2023:

  • Expressvpn
  • Cyberghost
  • Northern
  • VPN Atlas (free offer)
  • Protonvpn (free offer)
  • Hide.Me (free offer)
  • Windscriber (free offer)

3000 servers

94 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

5 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : One of the best VPNs on the market !

9000 servers

91 covered country

45 days satisfied or refunded

7 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : An excellent VPN with a very large network

5500 servers

60 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

6 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A very good VPN for safety and anonymity

Why a VPN on an Android phone ?

Faced with the magnitude of security loopholes and online data collection, it is increasingly important to protect yourself effectively. In this connected universe, Android smartphones and tablets are obviously not spared. So we will explain to you why the use of a VPN on Android (free or paid) is essential these days.

Secure its connection everywhere

We are more and more people to use our Android smartphones to browse the Internet. Hackers have understood this and attacks multiply on mobile devices and tablets. Whether through an access point in public spaces or even from your home, you are not shelter.

To secure its connection all the time and wherever you are, there is only one solution available to you: the installation of a VPN on your Android devices (and all devices in general). This tool is able to encrypt your data, that is to say making it a cryptogram in order to make all your navigation online illegible. It is only like that that you can go on the internet serenely and be protected in the face of the insecurity of public Wi-Fi networks and even with your own operator who can recover easily data.

Keep anonymous online

Online private life is certainly one of the major difficulties of our time. On Android and other operating systems, information about you is constantly collected. On the Internet, the government and advertisers know who you are.

To preserve your digital identity, the VPN on Android is, once again, the ideal tool because it will be able to hide your IP address. The server to which you are connected has reinforced security and its own IP address to it. Hiding your IP address is the only process that allows you to completely anonymous and thus keep your privacy on the web.

Unlock the filtering sites and applications

Sometimes that by trying to access a site or application from your Android device you were blocked. Some sites can indeed be inaccessible because of certain networks (universities, companies, etc.) or governments that voluntarily restrict access.

In all cases, the best VPN on Android will save you. At work, at university, or even in a country that censures internet, connection to VPN will encrypt your data and the network will not be able to control your activities. Therefore, he will also not be able to prohibit access access to you. You will unlock the site you want and you can download the application you want without being blocking. To find out more, read our article on how to unlock a site.

Unlock Android VPN application

Expand Streaming content

If you are one of the many internet users who use your tablet or even your Android smartphone to watch movies, series and TV channels, you will be happy to learn that a virtual private network can also be useful.

Video platforms on demand offer different content depending on the country and it may be frustrating not to have access to it. The same goes for TV programs that are impossible to view from abroad because of geo-blockages due to your geographical location.

Using one of the best Android VPNs that we recommend, you can very easily make a change of IP address and therefore geolocation thanks to its servers dispersed around the world. Thus, you will have access to an often wider and complete content that you are at home or traveling.

The best paid Android VPN

Now that we have reviewed the reasons why you should opt for a VPN, let’s focus on the choice of the latter. You can also discover three free offers at the bottom in this article, although this is not our favorites.

It is not always easy to find a VPN that works with Android. Our paid VPN ranking therefore aims to help you find the best VPN for your Android device.

After studying their offers in the smallest detail and tested their unlimited subscriptions, we explain why we recommend them. Among the following 3 suppliers, you should find your happiness, there is no doubt !

1) ExpressVPN

At the top of this ranking of the best paid VPNs for Android, we find ExpressVPN.

Thanks to its speed, ease of use and extraordinary performance, it is undoubtedly number 1. We are not the only ones to appreciate it as much since it represents the VPN The most downloaded from Android and lists millions of users to date.

Leader on its market, ExpressVPN has everything you expect from a VPN. It must be said that since its creation in 2009, he had time to gain experience and improve his service. Its subscription will benefit you from unlimited features in terms of speed and highly secure protection.

Expressvpn for Android

His strengths

The speed of this virtual private network is also one of the aspects we wanted to highlight and that makes him the best and our favorite.

The speed tests we have done on Android with and without ExpressVPN prove it: it barely slows the Internet connection. The difference is so minimal that you will not notice it. It is therefore ideal for all your streaming and video viewing activities online.

If ExpressVPN is elected favorite of this ranking of the best VPNs on Android it is also thanks to its presence in the world. More than 3000 servers in 94 countries are made available to its users. To unlock geo-restricted content, you will be spoiled for choice ! To find out more, our Expressvpn opinion will enlighten you.

Even if some competitors offer more servers, we note, however, that it is above all the quality and flow of the latter that matter. With ExpressVPN, you are not going to be disappointed because, as we said, the connection speed is excellent thanks to an unlimited bandwidth. They are even able to operate in China, a very rare characteristic which differentiates it once again from the others.

Its application is very easy to use on Android and even Android TV, including beginners. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Nvidia Shield that we had the opportunity to test. The default settings will allow you to benefit from the protocol most suited to your profile. If you have any questions about how it works, you can contact customer support. Very available, the teams can be reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from online cat on their official website.

ExpressVPN also offers a satisfied or reimbursed guarantee of 30 days, time to discover the Android application and to appreciate it. If it cannot convince you, ask for your reimbursement of customer support without condition.

For all these qualities, ExpressVPN is final the best Android VPN in 2023.

Its weaknesses

Even if we advise you to download ExpressVPN, compatible on the Android 10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop versions, it still presents some faults that you need to know-as minimal as they.

This concerns the prices exercised by ExpressVPN. It’s not much about you don’t worry, but you still have to be ready to spend some money. Of course, this price is justified by the quality of its premium service and we quickly realize that it is worth it.

Small parenthesis: know that at the moment and for a limited period, the supplier offers a reduction in 49% on its 12 -month subscription which gives you 3 free more months. The monthly rate immediately becomes much more affordable.

Finally, the other small downside that can be found in ExpressVPN is its number of simultaneous connections. He offers “only” 5. This means that your only account will offer you the possibility of installing it on 4 other Android or Apple devices. Even if this figure is quite suitable and amply sufficient for most people, you should know that some competitors offer more. This is the case for example of Cyberghosyt (7) or NordVPN (6).

2) Cyberghost

In second position of this comparison of Android paid VPNs, we find Cyberghost. This Romanian -based VPN supplier has many advantages for Android and many users consider it as the most interesting VPN in terms of value for money. It is obviously compatible on all smartphones and tablets under Android like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, LG, etc.

Cyberghost for Android

His strengths

Cyberghost highlights its secure and fast connection that will make you anonymous on the web. On these points, we really agree and that is what explains that it is so well positioned in the list of the best VPNs for Android.

Aware that internet confidentiality is a real challenge in 2023, this VPN guarantees the online anonymity of a maximum of Internet users by offering very accessible prices. For less than € 3 per month, you can effectively benefit from a quality service and complete protection of your identity. It is a very correct price, especially when you know that you can install it on 7 devices and use it at the same time.

If we love Cyberghost as much on Android it is also for its incredible amount of servers. With nearly 9,000 servers in 90 countries, no speaker manages to compete. If you are often on a trip, you can count on him everywhere and unlock the contents of many countries.

We also want to tell you about the very interesting Cyberghost options such as the automatic stop button (Kill Switch) or the advertising blocker. These features will allow you to take advantage of the advantages of the Internet without the disadvantages.

Quick and easy to use, the Cyberghost app on Android does not require any computer skills. Download is carried out from Google Store, like any other application. After your subscription, you will have 45 days to retract if you are not satisfied with the service. While most stakeholders offer 30 days, here Cyberghost leaves you more than a month to change your mind and get your refund !

Its weaknesses

Cyberghost could almost have climbed to the first step of the podium of the best VNP apps for Android. However, for the moment some small imperfections prevent it.

We can for example quote his incapacity to be functional everywhere. And yes, at the sight of the astronomical figure of servers, we could expect Cyberghost to work everywhere. However, this is not the case because it does not work in China, Turkey and Russia. If you have planned to go to one of these territories, it is towards ExpressVPN (best Android VPN) that you will have to turn.

Finally, this virtual private network can sometimes lack slightly stability. During our test, we observed disconnections from time to time. Rest assured, it happens very rarely and the Kill Switch function is active and will protect you whatever happens. In addition, Cyberghost is very concerned about the satisfaction of its customers and it constantly makes every effort to improve the stability of its application. You can trust Cyberghost despite these small weaknesses ! It is not for nothing that it remains one of the favorite choices of Android users.

3) NordVPN

NordVPN was founded in 2012 and although it does not even have 10 years of seniority, the brand has already attracted 12 million people worldwide. We can assign many advantages to NordVPN such as its high level of security and its intelligently designed application. It is also thanks to the latter that he manages to qualify for the rank of the best choices of paid VPN for Android.

NordVPN for Android

His strengths

If we strongly advise you to choose NordVPN to protect your Android devices, it is especially for the safety that it ensures. Based in Panama, NordVPN benefits from the lack of legislation of this country in terms of data conservation. Thus, even under the pressure of governments, your data could not be transmitted since it is simply not collected. On its official website, you can even read black on white in its privacy policy that NordVPN does not keep any information on the online activities of its users or logs (connection newspapers).

In case it is not enough for you, NordVPN offers the Double VPN option (see in our NordVPN reviews)). This configuration makes it possible to strengthen your protection thanks to a double encryption made by two protocols on two different servers. Your data is twice as complicated to decipher. As this technique can slow down your connection, it should be used only in case of real necessity, that is to say outside your daily navigation.

We could not define it as the best VPN for Android if it did not have a large number of servers. Thus, you will be spoiled for choice with more than 5,600 servers in 59 countries. And if you cannot choose the server that suits you from this wide choice, NordVPN does it for you by selecting the one that seems most suitable for your needs and your location.

If you still hesitate, try simply by yourself by enjoying the guarantee satisfied or reimbursed 30 days. The Android NordVPN app can be downloaded from this link:

Its weaknesses

If it is in third position of this top 3 of the best VPNs on Android it is because of a few flaws.

First of all, its application, although very ergonomic, does not work everywhere. We can for example cite China and the United Arab Emirates. These states are becoming more and more visited by tourists and expatriates even live there every day. We therefore expect a VPN that its servers are able to operate there. It is for this reason that ExpressVPN is the big winner of this comparison and surpasses NordVPN on this point.

We will now talk about price. The supplier offers several offers: 1 month, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years, the most economical option. Even if its cheapest subscription at € 3.10 per month may seem attractive at first glance, to look more closely we realize that this is not really the case. Indeed, for this price, you must engage over a period of 3 years. For some, this commitment may seem long, in particular compared to the subscription over 15 months of ExpressVPN. For others, this represents tranquility and complete protection for 3 years.

Finally, we still want to evoke the recent security faults of one of the datacenters in which he rents servers. Even if we cannot directly impute this error to him, the facts are there.

These weaknesses are negligible and should certainly not prevent you from choosing NordVPN which is a very good choice for Android.

The best free Android VPN

Although paid offers are those that provide the most advanced performance and no limit in terms of data consumption, free VPNs on Android should also interest more than one person. This is why, we present an honest list of the best free VPN applications for all Android devices. And we are talking about really free offers, there are no scams ! At no time should you use your bank card when downloading the application in Google Play Store or after.

Note, however, that the following Virtual Private Networks also offer paid subscriptions. Here we are only going to present the free offers that we consider the most interesting and suitable for Android.

To describe these free offers in the greatest transparency, we will discuss the assets as well as the failures that we were able to note during our tests.

1) VPN Atlas

The best free VPN that we had the opportunity to test in 2023 is the one offered by Atlas VPN. This service recently bought by Nord Security (the company behind NordVPN), makes a shattering entry on the market.

Indeed, it only offers its service since 2020. But despite this relative youth, we could see during our tests that he offers a high level of security and rather satisfactory speeds. In addition, its Android application is very simple to use, in addition to being visually pleasant.

Android VPN Atlas

His strengths

What makes Atlas VPN the best free service for Android ? Well first of all, as we have mentioned, it is able to guarantee good flows.

It’s simple, during our tests, we did not find any supplier offering better speeds than him (among free offers, Atlas VPN remains below the paid offers presented above). The speeds you will be able to enjoy will not be very far from those of your Internet connection. And even by connecting to a server far from your current geographic position.

The other asset of its offer lies in the quality of its application. The latter is pleasant and simple to use. Everything will be done in one click. In addition, in addition to its compatibility with Android, you can install it on Windows, iOS, Linux, Fire TV, or Android TV.

To take advantage of the free VPN Atlas offer, you will only have to give an email address. That’s all. At no time will the supplier ask you for your bank card or other means of payment.

Finally, the last advantage we find to him is the responsiveness and quality of its customer support. To contact an agent, you only have to use a contact form available on its site. Following that, you will receive an email and you can chat with the agent in charge of your file. Generally, you can hope to get an answer in just a few hours, and that even if you are just a simple free user.

Its weaknesses

Even if Atlas VPN is the best free VPN on Android, it is far from perfect. In a concern for transparency, we will present the weaknesses of its offer to you.

The first thing it is good to note is the bandwidth limit imposed every month. You will indeed have to be satisfied with 5 GB of bandwidth. There is worse, but there is also better.

That said, if your goal is simply to browse the internet securely, then this value will be more than enough. Where it gets stuck a bit is if you count on VPN Atlas to watch high definition content or download bulky files (VPN Atlas also supports P2P download).

The other small defect that we find in this free VPN for Android is its lack of country. In all and for everything, its servers cover 2 countries and 3 locations (1 in the Netherlands, 2 in the United States). We would have liked to have access to additional countries, including France of course.

Despite all that, it remains for us the best VPN 100% free with an Android application.

2) Protonvpn

In the category of the best really free VPNs for Android in 2023, there is Protonvpn. This VPN based in Switzerland, in Geneva, proudly sits in second place on this list. If it was so well classified in 2023, it is thanks to the extensive performance of its free package and its light application very well optimized on Android.

Android protonvpn

His strengths

Second of this comparison, Protonvpn is illustrated as a very good Android free VPN for several reasons. Already, Protonvpn has the merit of offering an unlimited free offer to Android users.

Indeed, unlike other free suppliers, Protonvpn does not limit monthly data. You can therefore take advantage of the performance and safety of Protonvpn all the time, regardless of your data consumption. Nowadays we all spend a lot of time behind our screens and our GO consumption quickly explodes. It is therefore a really very important aspect on which this supplier manages to differentiate himself with brilliant.

Protonvpn Free allows you to hide advertisements. Most of the time, this option is only valid for the premium package. We therefore wanted to highlight the supplier’s effort on this point. The advertising blocker will guarantee you a much more pleasant mobile and tablet.

Protonvpn has decided to publicize its premium version and offers internet users subscribing to the free offer 7 days “plus”. It is a good way to have access to a higher number of countries, better speed and torrents. On the other hand, it is also double -edged because, at the end of this week of testing, you will find fairly limited performance and the gap may seem all the greater.

These many qualities clearly position Protonvpn as our free favorite VPN on Android. Despite everything, it is not perfect.

Its weaknesses

Protonvpn may appear relatively high in our selection of favorite free VPNs on Android, it still has a few weak points and the number of geographic locations restricted is one.

Indeed, its servers are only available in 3 countries, namely the USA, Japan and the Netherlands. It really represents few available geographic locations. Suffice to say that in terms of web content and IP address, you will quickly be limited. You will not, for example, be able to watch French, Swiss or even Belgian TV channels during a trip abroad.

With the Protonvpn Free app, you will only get one simultaneous connection with your account. Suffice to say that we are far from the 7 aircraft offered by Cyberghost, but do not compare paid offers with free. Remember that everyone can easily get Protonvpn by downloading it for free from Google Store.

Finally, to finish with the weaknesses of this supplier, note that the free plan does not allow P2P or access to the Tor network.

Despite these few drawbacks, do not forget that it is above all a free package and that the advantages are undeniably present. Protonvpn will be able to protect your data and guarantee your anonymity on the net.

This is, at the moment, the only really free and unlimited VPN on Android. Take advantage of it !

3) hide.Me (bonus)

You wonder why hide.I am one of the non -paid VPNs for Android ? We will prove to you that he has his place in this ranking. It could even meet your needs and interest you. So before downloading for free and without hide bank card.Me on your Nokia, Sony, LG or Samsung Galaxy, we will review its offer.

Hide.me Android

His strengths

The presentation of the free hide package.Starts me on an excellent point with the recent change made by the supplier at the level of its data limit. Initially, the VPN offered its users only 2 GB (and as much to tell you that they have quickly reached them), today it goes to 10 GB. Of course, its offer remains free. Admittedly, it is much less than with its more and premium subscriptions, but it is very good. You will just have to be a little more vigilant about your internet consumption.

The free hide package.also offers me an advanced encryption of 256-bit data and an advertising blocker. The VPN therefore manages to effectively protect your Android device without you having to pay anything !

Hide servers.are located in 5 countries. There are two locations in the USA, one in Singapore, one in the Netherlands and Canada. This figure may seem weak but it is still better than Atlas and Protonvpn. It’s up to you to see the regions of the world you absolutely need.

Finally, hide.Me has an online cat on its official website reachable 24/7. This is a rare thing at a free VPN supplier and we really want to highlight this point. So, if you have any questions about the app, you can join the teams anytime.

Its weaknesses

If you choose to download hide.and opt for his free subscription, in the end you have nothing to lose. However, he still has some faults that you should be aware to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The 10 GB offered monthly by Hide.I can satisfy part of the population. On the other hand, this limitation also represents a weakness for people connected for several hours every day who will reach this figure very quickly.

Fortunately, before abandoning the VPN beyond 10 GB, another solution is available to you to always enjoy protection on your Android devices. It is for example possible to subscribe to another free VPN in parallel. This will avoid restricting your internet sessions or ignoring protection.

So hide.I am not better classified, it is certainly because of the following point: French servers are nonexistent with this free Android VPN. This is problematic for several reasons. People living abroad who want to access French television channels will not be able to. Likewise, the French expatriates or traveling will not have the possibility of obtaining a French IP address.

We remind you that the service is completely free and very simple to test ! Download it and uninstall it at any time. You are free to choose the paid option to increase performance and discover all the advantages of this virtual private network.

This service still deserves its place in our ranking thanks to its free Android VPN offering you 10GB of monthly bandwidth with 5 servers to which you connect you.

4) Windscribe (bonus)

In the last position of this free VPN top for Android, we find Windscriber. It is well known on the free VPN market as we have seen with the Free VPN for iPhone. With more proposed geographic locations, he manages to do better than his competitor and could suit you. To find out, read the continuation carefully.

Android Windscribe

His strengths

The free Windscriber offer represents the ideal short -term solution to have all the main advantages of a VPN. Indeed, after download it for free, you will benefit from protection on your Android device. And for good reason, connection to the server is encrypted and your online activities are coded which makes them completely indecipherable by third parties. This is all the more necessary when your smartphone is connected to public Wi-Fi.

If it is present in this comparison, it is also thanks to the geographic locations of its servers. It offers servers in 10 countries including France and the United States. It’s more than its competitors atlas VPN and Protonvpn. This wider choice will therefore open you more possibilities in terms of internet content because you can get IP addresses in different countries. If you are used to traveling and going on a business trip, you will greatly appreciate being able to continue to have access to your favorite programs.

Windscriber is optimal for you if you consume Less than 10 GB per month since it limits the data. Once this figure is reached, you will therefore no longer be able to access its VPN. To give you an idea, 10 GB represents about 7 to 10 hours of streaming (depending on the quality 720p or 1080p that you choose). If you want to be sure to use Windscriber wisely and save data, you can deactivate it when you judge your connection less at risk (at your home for example).

The assets of the free Windscribe plan do not stop there. By choosing this supplier, you will benefit from the advertising and malware blocker. These features are essential today. On the one hand, this function prevents you from being invaded by advertisements on all sides and, on the other hand, it informs you in the event of malicious software (virus, Trojan horse, …) and blocks access to the site. This secure rampart only strengthens the strengths of the Windscribe offer.

Its weaknesses

If we cannot award him the gold medal for the best VPN at no cost, it is because Windscriber presents some weaknesses which are, in our opinion, too important to be omitted. Discover without further delay the points on which we estimate that Windscribe could improve its service.

First of all, after using the WindsRibe subscription on our Android devices, we realized that the speed was not ideal and the connection to the VPN seemed to slow down our Internet connection (almost less than 20%). For the free offer, the number of servers you have access is much lower. This slowdown is therefore certainly explained by the overload of their servers. In addition, it does not work in China and the UAE.

We also detected some instabilities during our connection. But fortunately, during a non -voluntary disconnection of the VPN (after all, it can happen), the emergency stop button or Kill Switch protects us in all cases. You will not have to make it.

Finally, even if the service is of quality and Windscriber highlights its non -conservation of logs, this VPN is based in Canada. This country belongs to the Alliance of Intelligence Services (5 Eyes). This is not what is most reassuring.

Despite everything, he occupies a very nice position in this VPN comparison Really free (but limited) for Android.

Free or paid VPN on Android: Comparison

You do not know which solution to favor for your smartphone or your Android tablet ? That’s good, we will enlighten you. What are the strengths and weaknesses of a free VPN when compared to a paid service ?

Well in terms of strength, a free VPN for Android does not have much. Its only real advantage is that its service is available for free. That is just about everything.

For everything else, using a free service on your Android device has a lot. This includes: reduced flows, few servers and covered countries, limited security, and very often nonexistent customer support. If you aims to access geo-restricted content, you will also have to avoid the use of a free VPN. They are ineffective, regardless of the streaming platform that interests you.

You will understand, you will be widely winning by opting for a paid service. Note that you don’t necessarily need to ruin yourself in order to enjoy such a solution. There are indeed a lot of good cheap VPNs compatible with Android devices.

In this way, you will have access to satisfactory flows, no limitation (data consumption), the possibility of easily unlocking streaming content, downloading in P2P in a secure manner, and all this while enjoying maximum safety.

Conclusion: Expressvpn is the best VPN on Android

If you have read this page in its entirety, this is no longer a secret to you: Paid Android VPNs offer much better performance than free. Even if you have to pay, the advantages are still much superior to free offers.

It is rather logical besides since the purpose of the virtual private networks free is to make you want to use their premium services. Paid offers are therefore much more attractive in terms of options than without cost subscriptions. They are also completely unlimited. Expressvpn is therefore the most interesting VPN that we recommend on Android. Cyberghost and NordVPN also constitute very good alternatives.

If you don’t want to pay and take advantage of the advantages for free, The trick is to benefit from the guarantees satisfied or reimbursed paid VPNs. After making the request within the time limit for your Android VPN, you will get your refund after 30 days or 45 days depending on the supplier. Continue until you have exhausted all the test offers for paid services. This technique is not the most moral ethical but the approach is completely legal.

Frequent questions about VPNs for Android

To finish this article, we will answer some of the questions that are most frequently asked.

�� pay VPNs are better than free ?

Yes, for many reasons, it is greatly recommended to take a paid VPN rather than a free for your Android Smartphone or Tablet. You will thus have better safety, better speed, more servers and covered countries or even better customer support and more features.

�� Should I go to the Play Store to download my VPN ?

Not necessarily. Although this method is often that used by users, it is possible to download the software in APK and install it directly on your smartphone. However, the simplest method is still to go through the Play Store in our opinion.

�� Do Android VPNs offer a free trial period ?

The best paid suppliers all offer a satisfied or reimbursed period of 30 (or even 45) days to test their service without risk. You will be able to take advantage of ExpressVPN, Cyberghost or NordVPN for several months to discover their software for free to discover their software.

�� Can we look at Netflix with a VPN on Android ?

Yes quite. However, make sure to choose a VPN supplier that is compatible with Netflix. You will be able to continue watching your favorite movies and series from your smartphone or tablet on your favorite streaming platform.

VPN for smartphones: a guide

VPN services for smartphones represent a reliable way to secure your activities on the Internet. As tons of personal information is sent when using your phone, computer hackers love to target this data. Whether you use your cellular connection or a Wi-Fi network, your smartphone exposes you to identity theft and other cyberdangers. To avoid this, it is advisable to find out about the uses and advantages of a VPN in order to protect yourself.

Whenever you use the Internet, you expose yourself to all kinds of cyberrencies. Security can be intimidating, but fortunately, services, such as VPNs, greatly facilitate the maintenance of security.

What is a VPN ?

A virtual private network (VPN) masks internet data that move to your device and from it.

VPN software is on your devices, whether it is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. It sends your data in a blurred format (this is called encryption) which is illegible for anyone who wants to intercept them.

Why is encryption necessary ? Well, because you send tons of personal information by internet, whether you know it or not. These data may include, but without limiting itself:

  • Emails with very sensitive content.
  • Identifiers and social media messages.
  • Banking information, such as credit card numbers and account numbers.
  • Different passwords.

In addition, details are attached to the data that can obtain more detailed information about you. It can be the unique identifier of your device, your geographical position, etc.

VPNs are important, because internet connections can be easily listened to by anyone, even by people having only a few notions in computer science. Thus, whether you use wireless or wireless connections, your data can be visible by other people who can access the network. This means that even a Wi-Fi network protected by a password is a potential danger for you and for your private information. Consequently, hiding this data helps preserve your privacy, whatever the way you browse the web.

How does a VPN work ?

VPNs use some methods to ensure the safety of anonymous data:

THE encryption blurs your data in a format that only the recipient can read. Tunnelization protocols are then used to create encryption “tunnels” within your Wi-Fi or cellular network. These provide protection by isolating and masking your data to other network users. This procedure is useful on any internet network, whether it is secure or not.

THE remote servers serve as a destination for your quantified data tunnel. Your data is sent to VPN servers in other countries to make your identity anonymous. When the data are sent and move to their final target, all localization data comes from the remote server and not from yours. These VPN servers are your “intermediary” which protects you and which camouflages your data against interference.

Together, these main methods make it possible to prevent your private information from screeching and stolen. The result obtained is a level of cybersecurity and confidentiality which will bring you greater peace.

How the VPN protects your devices on the Internet

H2> The advantages of using a VPN

The advantages of a VPN relate mainly to the protection of privacy, but there are others.

Your Internet traffic is protected against any interception. Non -encrypted data can be viewed by anyone who has access to the network and wishing to see them. If a VPN is set up, computer hackers and cybercriminals cannot listen to the doors. They need a “encryption key” to give it meaning, and it would take billions of years to a computer to find the code as part of a brute force attack. Thus, cybercriminals are unable to intercept your data, and your activity is camouflaged with confidence, even on public networks.

There confidentiality of location results from the fact that VPN servers represent you on the internet. As the demographic data on the position come from the server of another country, your real position is not found. In addition, most VPN services do not store newspapers in your activity on their service. Thus, any potential trace of your use is definitely hidden.

THE Web content limited to certain regions is unlocked, and you can access it anywhere. Services and websites sometimes offer content that is only accessible from certain regions of the world. Default connections use local servers in the country to determine your position. This means that if you are traveling, you cannot access content offered by your country of residence and that, in your country, you cannot access international content. Thanks to the modification of the position by the VPN, you can go from one server to another, which allows you to “change” your position.

The risks of damage to corporate data protection are reduced in the context of remote work. When you work outside the internal network of your business, you may need to access important information. These files require the use of a secure connection for company security reasons, and many organizations will not allow you to access this data without this connection. VPN services connect to private servers and use encryption methods to rule out any risk of data leakage.

When to use a VPN

VPNs allow other special uses that can make your life easier and make it more secure. Here are a few :

It is possible toAccess geographically limited video streaming service libraries If you use a VPN server. By modifying your position, the streaming services will consider that you are in another country, which will allow you to view films and television content that are not offered at home.

You can know the “real” prices when booking accommodation. Airlines and hotels use trackers called cookies to determine the accommodation you are looking for. By associating your interests with your identity, these companies are renowned for artificially inflating prices. This is a tip used to encourage you to shop faster, which allows companies to earn more money. Your VPN can make you anonymous and save you these increases, which allows you to enjoy better prices.

Avoid being followed by your ISP (Internet service provider) and other companies. Companies are known to use your demographic data to improve their marketing and services. This procedure is not necessarily malicious, but you may not always want this information to be disclosed. Some services collect and sell this data to third -party companies that may not be as concerned about compliance with your data. The more your data is distributed in several places, the more you are vulnerable to data leaks. A VPN masks the demographic data sent as part of your activity on the Internet, so that it cannot be followed.

The advantages of

VPN for smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones are generally devices that we use to access the Internet, especially when we are on the go. Therefore, it is wise to use a VPN on your phone as well as on your laptop or on your PC.

Here are some examples of protections that you will benefit from if you use a VPN for your smartphone:

A secure use of public Wi-Fi networks. Smartphones are often used to access public Wi-Fi networks. Even if you use a password protected connection, you are visible to other network users. A computer hacker can use the same password to access the coffee network, just like you. The use of a VPN allows you to protect yourself through encryption and anonymization of data.

Financial data encryption. Online banking applications on smartphones are popular, but using these tools, you send your financial information on the Internet. Online purchases can also represent a threat when you use purchasing applications, such as Amazon and Groupon. Although these applications may use their own encryption systems, a VPN can assure you that no one will steal your data.

Encryption of vocal and video conversation data. All your conversations via the Apple, Skype and Google Hangouts Apple application, and even Wi-Fi calls, can potentially attract unwanted “listeners”. Encryption makes it possible to prevent computer hackers or other organizations cannot connect and record your conversations without your authorization.

How to use a VPN for smartphones

Whether you are looking for a VPN for Android or another device, you will have to learn to use it. Fortunately, the use of VPN services for smartphones is very simple and generally leads to the following:

L’facility usually involves downloading an application from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store store. To benefit from the most famous services, you must have an active and paying subscription.

There configuration is just as simple, the default settings being perfectly suited to the average user. Just make sure to connect to your account, and most applications will guide you through the main steps.

In most VPN applications for mobile devices, theActivation of VPN literally amounts to activating a switch. You will probably find the switch directly on the home screen.

THE server change can be done manually if you want to change your position. You can browse the menu and easily find the country you are looking for. Just select the country, and voila.

A Advanced configuration can be offered to more informed users in privacy protection. Depending on your VPN, you may be able to select other protocols to use for your encryption method. Your application may also offer diagnoses and other features. In order to find the VPN adapted to your needs, be sure to find out about these features before subscribing a subscription.

Once you have got into the habit of using the application, be sure to activate it whenever you use cellular data.

In addition to the above-mentioned basic principles, be sure to follow these safety practices when using your VPN:

Remember that only Internet data is encrypted. Data that does not use any cellular or Wi-Fi connection do not circulate on the internet. Therefore, your VPN will not quantify your voice calls or your usual messages. To ensure the encryption of vocal communications, use votes services on IP (VOIP). Telephone features, such as Wi-Fi calls, and services, like Skype and Line, use the Internet to make calls. Call your messages using features such as Apple’s Imessage application or Android RCS messaging. You can also use other third -party services, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Be sure to trust your VPN service. The security of a VPN depends on its policy in terms of using and storing data. Do not forget that the VPN routes your data to its servers and that these servers connect to the Internet on your behalf. If they keep the data newspapers, be sure to understand what they are doing. VPN suppliers deemed generally place your privacy in the foreground, so choose a self -confidence supplier, such as Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection.

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VPN for smartphones: a guide

What is a VPN for smartphone ? Why use a VPN on your mobile device ? Protect yourself. Find out how a VPN can prevent unwanted people from seeing your most sensitive data.