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Urbanglide electric scooter Ride 80 XL

Responded to 10 negative reviews out of 67

Urbanglide Avis

Mark to flee absolutely, impossible to have a after -sales service, response of misunderstood pact group.
My son buys his scooter from electro-depot on July 08, he used it two days before leaving for colony,
He returns on July 28 and then uses his scooter just a week because on vacation on August 04, when it was last use on August 02 The accelerator trigger breaks, the screen is no longer displayed, impossible to change Speeds, work both in two . message send to pact group who asks to see with the reseller . Electro deposit response: quote of € 144 for a replacement because not in the urbanglid warranty my son who saved for several months to have fun paying € 228 to use it just two weeks and must now pay 144 € to repair. Total € 372 for a scooter that has just two months and two weeks max of use. I confirm that this brand must be run away, nonexistent after -sales service, impossible contact, difficulty in reporting the problem at Pact Group which must be the parent company or under treating .

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

Our 2022 transparency report is available

To flee . A brand that does not answer .

Urban Glide does not respect its customers. What is the point of trusting a French company .
I ordered a spare part for my scooter. But the site did not send me the right one.
No one wants to answer me by email and there is no way to contact them by phone.
I find myself without solution, with a broken scooter and an unnecessary part purchased 42 € Port included.
I really hope that the sales department or the community manager will contact me and quickly offer me a solution.
There are still reasons to worry about the sustainability of this brand.

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Purchase Urbanglide M8.

Purchase Urbanglide M8.
Error code E37 after 20kms
More electric assistance
Return of the bike for repair. who came back to me without being repaired.
Qualite Pietre Material. Nonexistent after -sales service.
To flee. THIEVES .

Date of experience: September 12, 2023

Updated on Sep 2. 2023


Urbanglid products are neither better, nor less well than other equivalent range brands but know that if one day you need a repair or a spare part, Urbanglide delegates this task at Pact Group, a company known on this site for its incompetence and dishonesty; I paid the price !
I thought that buying French was a guarantee of quality, badly took me !
My next scooter will be from the Chinese competing brand.

Date of experience: July 14, 2023

Urbanglide crooking

An order placed, paid on Urbanglide on 08/11/23 and debited by computer pact (bizarre), a week goes by no tracking number, do not respond to such and e-mail it has been going on for more than 15 days .
After research not GT !
Site of M ____, I was unfortunately having 600 € so be careful!! With Urbanglide and Computer Pact

Date of experience: August 01, 2023

I mi a star because I could ..

I mi a star because I couldn’t put less I ordered a scooter charger on the 8th a week after his my my my always in class so not gone from their home who commands with them believing that it goes faster I can even not contact them I come across answering machine not even reminds people of the fucking of geule of nulls I would never order them again

Date of experience: September 08, 2023

I just bought an All Road 5 ..

I have just bought an All Road 5 for a few days and I have encountered two problems.

The trottinette has difficulty leaving after a slowdown and a stop (roundabout), I have to set foot on the ground because the accelerator does not respond to the first request.
The battery life is below the manufacturer’s data because I do not exceed 18 kms and have already fallen twice 🙁

I can’t reach Urbanglid after -sales service, no more than the importer and the shops in Paris are closed. 🙁

Date of experience: July 10, 2023

Urbanglide sells bikes, trottinnette, etc.

Urbanglide sells bikes, scooters, electric tresiennes. He sells them well, but does not respond to any request on his site. It’s good to put a “contact” box on a site, but you must also answer it.
Next time I will buy another brand.

Date of experience: August 30, 2023

Well, I finally had an email exchange ..

Well I finally had an email exchange with the company that manages this kind of dispute (see my previous review below)
They tell me that their parts are meticulously controlled and that the guarantee does not work in case of breakage. I point out to them that it is not normal for the trigger no longer to work after 50 kms and they kindly answer me that they can accompany me to order another. 70 € of accelerator trigger every 50 km is simply a shame. Pitoyable brand and after -sales service.

Date of experience: August 11, 2023

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2 year warranty OK over 1 year olds my…

2 year warranty ok over 1 year my scratch must have spent 7 months in repair a shame for 1 month of waiting for each scandalous repair urbanglid ecross max 2×2 it is good but extremely fragile

Date of experience: September 02, 2023

Draisian repair

A big thank you to customer service for having repaired my tank after a shock against a car, too bad that it was necessary to wait 2 months, two shipments and a damaged parcel return.
I can finally move on.

Date of experience: June 15, 2023

Urbanglide wrote pro boost purchased

Urbanglide E-Cross Pro Boost purchased. No complaints.
On the other hand, certified tire indestructible, but nevertheless punctured after 3 months.
Under warranty, departure to after -sales service … and there for more than a month, more news ..
I will not buy this brand.

Date of experience: August 08, 2023

Volt problem

Hello I have a problem with my Urbanglide All Road 2 scooter The problem comes from the scooter from the scooter I am there now it dies at 4 bar I would like to know that they are the basic settings if someone can give me thank you

Date of experience: July 18, 2023

Deplorable products and condition

I chose a made in France product to promote a French company rather than Chinese by convictions and by proximity in the event of a problem.
Today after a breakdown (occurrence at 7 months) it is impossible to have telephone contact with an advisor to Urban G and the after -sales service which is subjected by Pact Group who asks you to return the scooter at your expense without talking about the costs to your loads and means of packaging at your expense. I’ve been looking for a cardboard for 3 weeks that I can’t find it . No provision system in a package relay. Customer relations are frankly catastrophic and amateurism.

Date of experience: April 30, 2023

Disappointed the value for money

Barely a month of daily use for the 6 km home/job journey.
The battery has barely 1 come and return and I have tires before completely deflating without tracing a puncture.
I ordered the wheel to replace it, payment by Paypal, received an invoice and nothing since. No information on delivery delays or the delivery group. very doubtful, I hope to receive my wheel and no longer have a problem afterwards. 600 euros of scooter and already defective. + A 70euros wheel

Date of experience: February 01, 2023

Defecious scooter

Defectious scooter after only 2 weeks of use. Road accident following this and impossible to contact after -sales service.

Date of experience: July 12, 2023

Nonexistent after -sales service

Scooter bought on reconditioned veepee .
Very fast delivery times but the start of problems begins.
The reception of the scooter I connect it to the sector and leash it 5 hours as said in the documentation.
After 5 am the scooter is loaded but cuts itself barely 5 seconds after use therefore device received defective.
And I realize that no after -sales number only an email address of a pactgroup subcontractor.
I send my scrottette the same evening in packages .
It’s been more than 1 week since the scooter is in their hands and still nothing new . Sending an email with response A ticket has been opened our service will soon contact you.
Here is a large socket with non -functional reconditioned products and a nonexistent after -sales service

Date of experience: June 01, 2023

Urbanglide Ride 100s

She does the trick, I take care of it, she still works well after 1,000km with.

On the other hand, it is really 2 of tension in acceleration and and mounted. It’s quite unpleasant.

The 35 km announced in autonomy are rather 15km.

Date of experience: May 17, 2023

Contact with Mr. Jawed…

Taken contact with Mr. Jawed really very serious my problem was solved in 72 hours he held that word to send me a new device because mine had a guest problem.

Really at the top thank you again Jawed

Date of experience: October 26, 2022

Rather positive experience

I called on S.HAS.V. of the brand to repair a brake bp on my scooter under warranty. I recovered it with the brake changed but the screen is over. Very reassembled (1 month of waiting) I called to ask for explanation and I came across the manager (Mr. Eric) who was very understanding and knew how to find me a solution quickly with a bonus commercial gesture, I Thanks for his professionalism. I remove 1 star for the repair service

Date of experience: 05 October 2021

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Responded to 10 negative reviews out of 67

Responds to negative opinions in – 2 weeks

Our 2022 transparency report is available

About Urbanglide

Information written by the company

Having become a major player on the mobility market, Urbanglide actively participates in this electric transition, with devices that perfectly meet the different user needs. Scooters, electrical assistance bikes, and also a range dedicated to children constitute elegant and technical solutions for the whole family. Thanks to its rich catalog which covers several universes, Urbanglide knows how to meet all needs, with innovative products and whose qualities are no longer to be demonstrated. With 20 years of experience in manufacturing, including more than 5 in urban mobility, the brand has shown serious know-how in this area, which allowed it to develop attractive and accessible products to seduce a very wide audience over the years. Due to its expertise, Urbanglide is a member of the FPMM (Federation of Micro-Mobility Professionals) as well as AFNOR (the French Normalization Association) and participates in the development of standards around security in order to better Supervise its use in public space.


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    • France

    Urbanglide electric scooter Ride 80 XL

    Urban Glide Ride 80 XL


    Do you know Urban Glide, a relatively young brand and 100% French who made gyropods Its flagship product. She is now attacking the electric scooter and even at electric skateboard. And it is a pleasure to see French people on the innovative market of the Urban mobility. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be chauvin and buy French !

    Urban Glide describes itself as a brand environmentally friendly, In effects all their products are 100% electric.

    Urbanglide Ride 80 XL

    Behind this complicated name hides a electric scooter very easy to use, with a very good report price quality. Its main quality: it is super practical Because less heavy and bulky than its competitors, for similar performance. Another weight advantage: this electric scooter benefits from a guarantee two -year -old ! It is very rare for this type of product and the French brand makes you benefit from assistance in France. Which greatly reduces the deadlines for sending and returning from the part or the scooter. Rest assured, however, in addition to having a guarantee UBANGLIDE Ride 80XL scooter has a European certification, guarantee of quality and know -how.

    What an engine for the Urban Glide 80XL

    On the performance side, the Ubanglide has nothing to envy its competitors, a 250 W engine in nominal power, an acceleration until 25km/h. For the moment the same performance as the Xiaomi M365. It has 3 speeds which take 12, 15 and 25 km/h maximum respectively. Note that it is very simple to unleash it electrically to be able to reach a speed of 30 to 32km. A simple manipulation of the buttons on the dashboard allows. My advice, do a YouTube research and watch a tutorial.

    What is the battery of the RIDE 80 XL worth ?

    The scooter of the scooter is in lithium and do 36 V And 6600 MH. It promises a range of 23 to 30 km depending on the use and recharges in 3 hours. The scooter can support slopes of 18 ° and a maximum load of 120 kg.

    If the battery to one autonomy which varies as much is that the way of driving and the weight of the driver influence enormously on the duration of the use. Thus, the less you cross, the more the battery will hold. The more you accelerate, the more you bear a significant weight with the scooter, the less the battery will take you far away. Our advice to make the most of the scooter, Help it in the climbs by pushing with your foot.

    And the wheels ?

    The wheels of the electric scooter are well balanced: 8 ″, about 20.3 cm in diameter. They are full (unlike inflatable) so indestructible. Rest assured, however, its double front and rear suspension system covers the shocks of the road.

    On the handlebars of a Urban Glide 80XL, All types of urban land are possible: road and sidewalks. You will also be comfortable on one as on the other thanks to its Low turning angle. You can also venture on dirt roads on conditions that the floor is strong enough. Try to avoid wet land if you keep the original tires that are slightly slippery when the road is soggy. If you plan to have a daily use of the scooter, We advise you to change the tires. You will quickly find your happiness on the internet by referring to the instructions for technical characteristics.

    Another very reassuring point, its Double braking system ! An electronic brake that is used in the left thumb on the handlebars. The second braking system is carried out at the rear mudguard and takes place using the foot. As on a classic scooter. Electronic braking has a energy recovery technology, To be used in priority therefore;).

    What we greatly appreciate on this scooter

    His dashboard

    Electric scooter urban glide ride 80 xl dashboard

    Backlit And in color, it is the most that encourages us to add about twenty euros to obtain this 80 xl ride scooter. All information is immediately available => distance traveled, precise battery gauge, speed, Rotation per minute. Having an integrated dashboard natively makes the playful driving. No obligation to add a smartphone to the handlebars, which can be dangerous because of the many vibrations due to the road state.

    Its practical side

    THE French manufacturer chose aluminum for his scooter. Its low weight and small size encourages us to transport it more easily than its competitors. The fact that its handles are folded back up greatly improves the transport of the Urbanglide. About 11.5 kg for dimensions of 116 x 40 x 94 cm unfolded and 33 x 15.5 x 94 cm folded.

    Electric scooter urban glide ride 80 xl folded

    Another positive point => its ultra fast folding system thanks to a controller located at the base of the tray.

    Its ease of use

    No need to give an impulse at the start to start, just press the Acceleration trigger located under the thumb of the right hand and the electrical skate share alone. The lights are shown using a button on the dashboard, or automatically. L’buzzer is also on the dashboard. In two words, everything is within thumb.

    Its modern and elegant look

    Available in two colors, black or silver, the Urbanglide electric scooter Ride 80XL East visually superb. His finishes and his dashboard give him an appearance futuristic which will seduce all gadget and innovation enthusiasts.

    Small details that hit the bull’s eye

    The lateral crutch which allows you to park without folding the scooter. The height of the handlebars entirely adjustable to have total control of the scooter. Very practical and not necessarily present on all models of scooter.

    Urbanglide Ride 80XL, the scooter that follows you everywhere

    By choosing this model, you make sure you have a traveling companion reliable And practical. Its large battery capacity and ease of transport make it an essential vehicle on a daily basis. Long live it French scooter !