Top 5 methods for transfer Whatsapp iPhone to Android Samsung Z Flip 4/Z Fold 4, 6 ways to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android 2023

4 ways to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

2. If you lose important WhatsApp data and have no backup backup, you can try Tenorshare Ultdata to recover your conversations, voice messages, audio files, etc. Whatsapp on iPhone or to PC.

How to transfer WhatsApp iPhone to Android [Samsung Z Flip 4/Z Fold 4] ?

WhatsApp, even if you don’t use this application, you need to know it by name. Some users prefer it to Skype, but there are still other similar applications. The advantage of one, like the other, is the possibility of communicating in writing, vocal and audio simply and without using a package. Finally, apart from the Internet package if you are not on Wi-Fi. Since everything goes through the Internet, the big advantage is ease of contact with a person abroad.

You have certainly been able to see that to use WhatsApp on iPhone and Mac, synchronization can take place via a QR code and the phone on. It is possible to make backups with iCloud. But how to Transfer discussion Whatsapp iPhone to Android [Samsung Z Flip 4/Z Fold 4/Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra] ? Here are the 5 best methods:

Whatsapp iPhone for Android

  • Method 1. Whatsapp iPhone conversation transfer to Android in one click
  • Method 2. Whatsapp iPhone transfer to Android free by e-mail
  • Method 3. Restore Whatsapp iPhone backup to Android
  • Method 4. Transfer Message Whatsapp iPhone to Android with WazzapMigigor
  • Method 5. Transfer data WhatsApp iPhone to Android using Smart Switch

Method 1. Whatsapp iPhone conversation transfer to Android in one click

The best way, and the easiest way, is to use Icarefone Transfer. It allows you to transfer your WhatsApp conversations from one iPhone to another (iOS to iOS) or to Android, from Android to iPhone and from iPhone to iPhone. This WhatsApp transfer tool works for almost all models of Android devices such as Samsung [Samsung Z Flip 4/Z Fold 4/Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra], Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, Oppo etc. In addition, it is compatible with the latest iPhone 15/14/13/13 pro, 12/12 pro, 11/11 pro (MAX), iPhone SE, iOS 15.

Before you start, you need to prepare your devices:

  • Make sure you previously connected to your WhatsApp account;
  • WhatsApp data in the destination device, namely in your iPhone, will be crushed, to avoid loss of data, you can save this data for free on the computer via Icarefone Transfer.

Now you can start the transfer:

Whatsapp iPhone message transfer to Android - Icarefone Whatsapp

  • Download and install Icarefone Transfer to your computer.
  • Open this program, connect iPhone and Android to the computer, then click Transfer .

transfer Whatsapp iPhone Android - Icarefone Whatsapp

The program saves WhatsApp data on your source device.

Android iPhone Whatsapp Transfer - Icarefone Whatsapp

You must check the WhatsApp account, enter your country code and the target device phone number, then click check .

Transferer Whatsapp iPhone to Samsung - Icarefone Whatsapp

After that, the program begins to generate restoration data, then it will automatically transfer the data to the target device.

Whatsapp iOS transfer to Android - Icarefone Whatsapp

Your history of WhatsApp on your iPhone has been transferred to your Android.

Advice: Tenorshare Icarefone Transfer allows you to save your WhatsApp / WhatsApp Business data as well as other types of social applications: line, Kik, Viber, WeChat in a free way, do not hesitate to test its features.

This video shows you how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using Tenorshare Icarefone Transfer WhatsApp

Method 2. Whatsapp iPhone transfer to Android free by e-mail

The transfer made by Icarefone, is not initially planned by WhatsApp, which is why you need third -party software. However, you can transfer your discussions by e-mail. So you can export an important discussion, save it on your computer or elsewhere. You can only send by e-mail one discussion at a time. On your iPhone:

Transfer Message Whatsapp iPhone to Android Free

  • launch WhatsApp;
  • Open the discussion you want to save;
  • Press the name of the recipient or group, at the top of the discussion;

Whatsapp iPhone conversation transfer to Android free

Go down a little and press export discussion;

Note: The Sharing Options window appears, you can see the usual means.

  • Press email;
  • Fill the recipient’s email (it can be yours) and, if you wish, the object and a message;
  • Touch Send.

The exported document (and thus received) is a compressed zip file.

Your email is well sent to your recipient with, as an attachment the history of a discussion. You can transmit this backup via any other means of sharing presented (Airdrop, messages, and other applications offered).

Method 3. Restore Whatsapp iPhone backup to Android

Do you want to transfer your WhatsApp data directly from iPhone to Android by Restaurant WhatsApp’s backup from iPhone ? You have come to the right place, this method is intended for you, will follow the steps below to achieve it:

Transfer WhatsApp iPhone to Android data

  • In your iPhone, launch WhatsApp;
  • Go to “settings”> “discussions”> “save”;
  • Activate the “Include videos” option, then click “Save now”.

Recover Whatsapp iPhone to Android

  • Now uninstall whatsapp of your iPhone.
  • In your Android phone, install WhatsApp and connect to the WhatsApp application with the same phone number.
  • After the connection, WhatsApp detects a backup and invites you to restore the backup, click on “Restore”> “Next”, wait for the end of catering;

    This is one of the best methods to restore discussions on WhatsApp when you go to an Android phone from an iPhone. However, when you use this method, you risk losing precious conversations and shared multimedia files on WhatsApp. Only part of the WhatsApp discussions is restored.

    1. It is impossible to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via Google Drive.

    2. If you lose important WhatsApp data and have no backup backup, you can try Tenorshare Ultdata to recover your conversations, voice messages, audio files, etc. Whatsapp on iPhone or to PC.

    Method 4. Transfer Message Whatsapp iPhone to Android with WazzapMigigor

    Incredible tool, WazzapMigigort allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages with other attached attachments shared on WhatsApp. Follow these following steps to transfer WhatsApp iOS to Android with this tool:

    iPhone iTunes backup

      Connect your iPhone to a PC, then launch iTunes, create an unacyed iPhone backup in iTunes.

    Transferer Whatsapp from iPhone to Android

  • Connect Voting Android phone to the computer, copy the “WhatsApp.Share “In the” Download “folder on the Android phone.
  • Download WazzapMigigort from Google Play, launch the application to select the iPhone archive containing WhatsApp messages.
  • Follow the steps on the screen until you get “successful conversion”.

    According to some users, once the transfer is completed, some WhatsApp messages from the iPhone disappear are not found on the Android smartphone either

    Method 5. Transfer data WhatsApp iPhone to Android using Smart Switch

    Smart Switch is an easy -to -use application, which allows data to be transferred to your Samsung phone. Can we transfer history Whatsapp iPhone to Android with Smart Switch ? Unfortunately, the answer is no. He can only migrate application data Enter two Samsung phone. Therefore, this tool cannot help you migrate iPhone WhatsApp messages to Android. But if you want to transfer data, such as photos, contacts, videos, you can use Smart Switch for more information.

    Migrate Whatsapp iPhone on Android

    Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not plan to transfer discussions WhatsApp iPhone to Android, only the export of a discussion by email. In other words, if you have a lot of conversation, the sending by e-mail of all discussions (one by one) can be long. However, after exporting a conversation, you can delete WhatsApp’s original since you have a safe-saved copy (after reception of the email).

    However, very good software such as Tenorshare Icarefone Transfer makes it possible to transfer all of your discussions, and their attachments, from one iPhone to another or to an Android smartphone. Everything quickly and without data loss.

    4 ways to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

    Giveaway Header

    Here are several ways to transfer WhatsApp cats from iPhone to Android !

    If you are an iPhone user and you have decided to go to Android, you will probably want to know how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. Although the two operating systems do not offer a simple solution to transfer your data between iOS and Android, there are several other sources of help.

    Here are some methods that you can easily implement to transfer WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android.

    1. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android in one click [Best choice].

    Data transfer between different devices can be much simpler than you think. Mobiletrans – Whatsapp Transfer provides a unique solution to help you transfer data between mobile devices, a phone and a computer. You can try it to move your WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android.

    Mobiletrans – Whatsapp Transfer

    Transfer WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android in a few clicks!

    • • Transfer WhatsApp data from the iPhone / iPad / iPod to any Android and vice versa device.
    • • Transfer the WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android without any experience.
    • • Transfer WhatsApp Business between iOS and Android devices.
    • • Trans process is fast and safe, with no data loss.

    4.085.556 people downloaded it

    4.5/5 Excellent

    Here is how you can use Mobiletrans to migrate WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android:

    1. Download and install Mobiletrans to your computer. Launch Mobiletrans and select the “Whatsapp Transfer” module.


    2. Connect your devices to the computer. Select “WhatsApp Transfer” and let the detect your devices program. The next window is then displayed:


    3. Click on “Start” to continue. Leave the devices connected until the end of the process.


    2. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android with an Android-Mutsapper application

    Wondershare Mutsapper is another good choice if you do not want to use a laptop or a computer to transfer WhatsApp data. You can easily access Mutsapper on Google Play and the operating process is also very practical and direct.

    Here are 4 steps to transfer Whatsapp from iOS to Android with Mutsapper.

    Step 1. Connect your Android phone and iPhone with an OTG USB adapter. Open Mutsapper, then you should allow it to access the iOS device.

    Connect your iPhone and Android

    2nd step. Click the button – “Start to copy”, and the application will transfer the WhatsApp backup package to your iPhone to your Android phone.

    Copy on Android

    Step 3. Wait for several minutes-MUTSAPP will convert the iPhone backup package to Android backup format.

    Convert the backup format

    Step 4. Restore WhatsApp backup on your Android with the tutorial guide.

    Restore WhatsApp on Android


    • Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android simply without laptop
    • The operation process is very simple and clear guidelines are available.
    • Use an OTG connection instead of wifi to make sure that messages can be transmitted safely, quickly and completely.


    • You have to buy an OTG USB if you don’t have one.

    3. Move WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android 12 devices directly

    Previously, it was almost impossible to transfer iOS WhatsApp data to Android. But now, with the new updates of Android 12, we are happy to tell you that you can transfer your WhatsApp to Android even without using applications or software.Only Google Pixel phones running Android 12 are currently supported, but Google claims that other phones brands would be taken into account in the near future.

    Let’s see how to migrate WhatsApp data:

    1. Connect your iPhone and Android with a type-C to Lightning cable.
    2. Open WhatsApp on your Android phone and a QR code will appear.
    3. Go to settings> cats> Move cats to Android on your iPhone and scan the QR code.
    4. Type the Start button to transfer your cat history and your WhatsApp media to your new Android 12 device.

    Move the Whatsappp to Android data


    • does not require any third -party application or software.


    • It is only available on Android 12.

    4. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using Backup Cat

    If you can save the history of your WhatsApp discussions on Google Drive on your iPhone, the Whatsapp backup from the iPhone to Android will be much easier. Unfortunately, this will not happen because you can only save WhatsApp cats on iCloud.

    But it is always possible to restore your WhatsApp backups from the iPhone on Android. You can use Mobiletrans to do the work for you.

    1. Launch Mobiletrans on your computer and connect your iPhone to it.
    2. Access Backup and restoration of the application from Backup and catering , And choose to save your WhatsApp data.
    3. Click the Start button to start backing WhatsApp on the computer.
    4. When the backup process is finished, press View to display backups.
    5. Later, you can connect your Android device to the computer and restore WhatsApp backups on Android.
    6. You can access your WhatsApp messages from new Android devices.

    Restore WhatsApp on Android


    • Save first, so you don’t have to worry about loss of data.


    • There is no direct way of transferring WhatsApp from iCloud to Google Drive.
    • It is more difficult than to directly transfer WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android.

    If you go from Android to Android, the easiest way to move Whatsapp to a new phone is to use Google Drive. If you want to use a local backup, you will need to transfer the files to the new phone using a computer, a file explorer or an SD card.

    5. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using the cat by e-mail

    Here are the details on how to transfer the history of the WhatsApp from the iPhone to the Android phone with the cat by e-mail:

    1. First of all, access the “settings” of your device in WhatsApp from your iPhone, press “discussion parameters”, then press “cat by e-mail” in the list.

    2. Select the WhatsApp history you want to transfer. A window will appear saying “the addition of a media generates a larger electronic message”. You must click on “Média” or “join a media” according to your needs.


    3. Type the email address and select “Send.””

    4. Connect – you to your email account on your Android phone; You can display your old WhatsApp discussions in an email from your new device. But you cannot synchronize WhatsApp data with your WhatsApp application on an Android device.


    • It is a simple process, and your discussion will land in your reception box.


    • A drawback of this method is that even if you have sent your WhatsApp data to your Android device, you still cannot open it on WhatsApp on your new device; You can only see them.
    • Cat download can take some time. If it’s very big, sometimes it doesn’t work.
    • You must download the cat from the email because the link expires after a month.

    Cat functionality by WhatsApp’s email is very useful. By moving the WhatsApp discussions of the iPhone or Android phone to email, it allows users to create a copy of the discussions. Compared to WhatsApp’s backup function, the cat by e-mail is more flexible.

    Users can only store discussions chosen, moreover, they can share discussions with others if they print their discussion history.

    6. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via WazzapMigigor

    WazzapMigigort is a data transfer assistant that allows users to transfer WhatsApp messages from an iPhone to an Android device in a practical way. It fully supports the Mac/Windows system, ensuring a quick data transfer.

    This is another software used to transfer WhatsApp files. He quickly transfers all types of files, including messages, photos, videos and documents.

    Main features

    • Capable of transferring multimedia files, photos, videos, etc.
    • Can migrate GPS information and documents to the Android phone

    Here is the detailed guide on how WazzapMigigor is used to transfer WhatsApp content from an iPhone to an Android device:

    1. Launch iTunes from your iPhone, then connect your iPhone to your computer using a Lightning cable.

    2. Select “Summary”> Uncheck “Cry the local backup”> then select the “Save now” option on the right to start the backup process for your iOS device.


    3. Visit the WazzapMignet Lite website> Locate the “IBackup Viewer” program and download it to your computer.


    4. Run the software, select the iOS device> Click on the “gross files” icon at the bottom right of the menu. On the next screen, press the “Free View” mode> Surf the following file: “””


    5. In the right menu, choose the “catstorage.sqlite “File> Select the” Export “button. In the same menu of “catstorage.sqlite “> Open” message folder “> Select the” media “files desired. Click on the “Export” option and don’t forget to save everything in the “catstorage file.sqlite “.


    6. Connect your Android device to the computer. Surf the Android phone in “File Viewer/Explorer” and configure the Windows desktop to view exported files to the computer. Slide the media folder and the catstorage file.sqlite in the “Download” folder of your Android phone.


    7. Now install the WazzapMigigor Lite app on your Android device. This will analyze and detect catstorage.Sqlite on the device. Once the scanning process is completed, click the “Play” button.


    8. Download Google Play Store and reinstall the WhatsApp application.

    Complete the process by entering the coordinates used in the iPhone also.


    • It has an active technical team that solves user problems and is able to transfer a wide variety of multimedia files such as audio files, photos, videos, GPS files, etc.


    • The destination device should be an Android phone.
    • Users have encountered problems such as missing messages when transferring WhatsApp messages to another device.
    • Cannot support updates or backups from Google Drive.
    • Problems arise when the iPhone WhatsApp content is transferred to Android devices.

    Although the application seems to have opinions on previous versions, a quick look at the remarks on the website home page shows that the software encounters many problems, in particular with regard to compatibility with the Latest versions of the WhatsApp application for Android.

    However, the application seems to operate extensively at an acceptable rate for certain devices and variants of WhatsApp.


    Each of the four methods mentioned above, with its advantages and disadvantages, is reliable for Transfer the iPhone to Android WhatsApp. The first thing to do is choose the method that best suits your situation and your special needs and try it.