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The top 10 cheapest electric cars ��✅

Having an electric vehicle is fantastic: yes. But did you know that Sixt also offers you many ecological mobility solutions ? Let’s go, there is something for everyone !

Top 10 cheapest electric cars in 2023

Renault Zoe E-Tech

What is the cheapest electric car on the market ? What explains the price of an electric car ?

With all the aids you can benefit from, electric vehicles are no longer luxury good. According to figures from Avere France, as of December 31, 2022, more than 1,100,000 rechargeable electric cars were in France in France. Electric vehicles represent 13 % of the market share with 140,848 sales in the first nine months of the year. Globally, electric cars have sold more than 3 million copies from January to May 2022.

Nevertheless, if the electric cars are more and more numerous, they remain, at first glance, more expensive than their thermal equivalent. But some models still try to offer more accessible prices. We therefore invite you to discover our top 10 cheapest electric cars in 2023.


Obviously, the electric market offers us a wide choice in terms of electric cars And that will only increase in the coming years, to our greatest happiness. Before making your choice on the electric car of your dreams, we offer you a Top 10 cheapest electric cars on the market.

In fact, we have also made many items on the best electric city cars, the best 5 -seater and 7 -seater electric cars. We advise you to take a look if you are interested !

In addition, we will give you all the most important information concerning the following cars: performance, autonomy, recharge ..

Summary table of the cheapest electric cars of 2023

Need an overview of the cheapest electric cars ? Here is a painting that brings together all the electric cars set out above as well as their price after deduction of the ecological bonus.

The top 10 cheapest electric cars ��✅

You want to switch to electric, but you are slowed down by high prices ? Looking for cheapest electric cars ? Good news, “green” vehicles lower the rate of CO2 emissions, but they are also affordable with state premiums (despite recent inflation) … for the happiness of users and their wallets. Using the ecological bonus, renewed in 2023, several electric cars pa Caère are below the € 30,000 mark. The opportunity to have fun with a new vehicle, and thus ride green. And in the absence of funding, a sixt+ electric auto subscription will rule the problem !

Smart EQ Fortwo

In this article, we will mention for each vehicle:

  • �� The initial price (February 2023 prices)
  • ���� The price after deduction of the ecological premium for individuals to “normal income”, for a purchase made between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023(27 % of the price capped at € 5,000 for a car of less than € 47,000)

The Tip Sixt: The income conditions of the increased ecological bonus (€ 7,000) are stricter in 2023, a RFR is needed per share of € 14,089. In the event of reinforcing an old vehicle, you can also benefit from a conversion bonus (cumulative). ZFE residents and workers can benefit from a increased scrap bonus. Find all the conditions specific to the ecological bonus on this page (which offers an eligibility simulator).

  1. Citroën Friend
  2. Dacia Spring (essential version)
  3. Renault Twingo E-Tech Electric
  4. Volkswagen e-up!
  5. Smart EQ Fortwo
  6. Fiat 500E
  7. MG5 Electric
  8. Opel Corsa-E
  9. Peugeot E-208
  10. Nissan Leaf

Electric cars at less than € 25,000

1. Citroën Friend: the cheapest electric car

2. Dacia Spring (essential version): the cheapest “real” electric car

Cheap electric cars at less than € 30,000

3. Renault Twingo E-Tech Electric

small electric twingo has everything big when it comes to autonomy. What about its dimensions ? She sneaks easily in the alleys with her 3.6 m long and 1.6 m wide … Trying it is to adopt it ! Unless you prefer to wait until the electrical Renault R5 is released ? Coming soon !

The Tip Sixt: You want to assess the charging time and the autonomy of your future Twingo according to your needs ? Visit the Renault website, which has planned everything here ��.

4. Volkswagen e-up!

  • Price : 27,040 € / 22,040 €
  • Autonomy: 260 km (WLTP)
  • Maximum speed : 130 km/h

And an additional electrified city dweller, a ��. The “Green twin” of the UP!, marketed for almost 10 years (since 2013, exactly), is one of the first electric cars “that hold the road”. This pioneer is the first 100% electric Volkswagen vehicle, and recently was upgraded to offer more autonomy than in its initial version. The Volkswagen E-UP 2.0 electrifies the roads but also the charging time: 80% in 30 minutes via a 40 kW charging station ⚡️.

5. Smart EQ Fortwo

Electric cars at less than € 40,000

6. Fiat 500E

The Tip Sixt: The little Italian electric boots you ? With Sixt+, you can rent a long -term fiat 500E ! In short duration too, of course ♻️

7. MG5 Electric: the cheapest electric break on the market

Mokka-e, the Opel electric last, should make your eye !

9. Peugeot E-208

The Lion brand has decided to offer an electric city car which operates the 208 thermal platform. There Peugeot E-208 follows the brand’s strategy, which is to go upmarket. The electric vehicle therefore offers a premium sensation both inside and outside. Autonomy is appreciable for a budget vehicle. “Irresistible”, according to Peugeot. They may be right !

10. Nissan Leaf

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Roll electric without having an electric car: alternatives

Having an electric vehicle is fantastic: yes. But did you know that Sixt also offers you many ecological mobility solutions ? Let’s go, there is something for everyone !

Cheap electric car rental ��

Rent an electric car is ideal when you want to go on vacation by limiting your carbon impact or simply when you want to try this type of vehicle before committing. At Sixt, you will have the choice among many vehicles adapted to your needs and your budget. Rent a Porsche Taycan, a Peugeot E-208, or even a Mercedes EQV … The future is electric, and Sixt too !

Long -term electric car rental ��

That’s it: you are convinced ! Your next car will be electric. Yes, but … you hold your freedom, and you don’t want to get involved in years. To combine all your convictions, there is a solution: the Long -term rental of an electric vehicle. The LLD of electric car with Sixt is the assurance of riding with a quality vehicle, of being protected and flexible, and to have a choice. Byd Att 3, Fiat 500e, Tesla… Discover the electric cars of the Sixt+range, leasing in the month.

From € 599 per month, take advantage of an Electric car LLD without contribution from which you can cancel the contract at any time at any time ! From the electric Fiat 500 to the BMW IX40 via the Tesla Model 3, Model Y and the Peugeot E-208, there is something for everyone and all budgets. Everything is included:

  • Insurance
  • Gray card
  • Repairs
  • Interviews

Sixt+is the Maminated and inexpensive long -term rental of electric car. This concept is aimed at both individuals and professionals.

Electric VTC driver ��

You need to order a taxi, now or in advance ? With Sixt Ride and its Green category, find a VTC driver driving in electric car. Book your race with ease, on or on our application ��.

The Tip Sixt: By booking your first race on the Sixt app, benefit from € 15 on the latter. Bingo !

Electric bike rental ��

Rent an electric bike, it’s great … especially when you have a choice ! Sixt offers long -term electric bike rental, but also short -term rental (1h, 1 day, 1 week)… Whether you are planning a little bucolic walk or an electric bike LLD, you will ride happy with one of our Angell Bike. This smart bike with attractive curves and impressive performances will lead you to the best way: the future ��.

Self-service electric scooter ��

Sixt is a partner of the electric self-service electric scooters, which you will find in Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyon and Paris. To book, nothing could be simpler: everything goes through our app ��!

The Sixt FAQ for a cheap electric car

What is the cheapest electric car ?

The Citroën Friend, at less than 10.000 €, is by far the cheapest electric car in France.

What is the price of the cheapest electric car ?

7,390 EUR excluding Bonus from the State. This is the price of the cheapest electric vehicle, the Citroën Friend.

The cheapest electric SUV ?

The Dacia Spring is the cheapest SUV/Crossover.

A cheap used electric car ?

You can find very cheap second -hand electrified vehicles of the BlueCar type (Bolloré). Or more recent models such as cited above.

What is the best cheap electric car ?

It is impossible to answer this question, because it all depends on the desired autonomy, the number of places, etc. Not everyone can be satisfied with a small electric car cheaper like the friend !

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