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High -end electric bike

“First round of wheel today meets my expectations”

These five very high -end electric bikes cover all the main uses

The Italian brand Bianchi has released a whole new range of electric bikes responding to the name of e-vertic. From VTTAE to be suspended in the cycle for hiking through a purely urban model, there is clearly for everyone. But at a generally salty price.

Bianchi electric bike

Bianchi is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Today, this is one of the most famous brands in racing bikes, which does not prevent it from focusing on electric bikes likely to please the most public. This is evidenced by its latest e-vertic range freshly presented-and relayed by Ebike News And HIBRIDOS Y ELECTRICOS.

In total, five models were added to the catalog. The E-VERTIC FX-TYPE PRO and the E-VERTIC FX-TYPE join the category of ultra-high-end all-terrain bikes: all-suspended frame, 160 mm travel (front and rear) For the first, against 140 mm for the second or autonomy of 155 kilometers maximum.

The top of Bosch

The official website does not specify if this radius of action is obtained thanks to an additional battery – it indicates it for two others of its cycles, see below. The basic installed that belongs to one of the leaders in the sector, Bosch, renowned for the reliability and efficiency of its components. The 750 Wh PowerTube model is therefore clearly reassuring.

Bianchi electric bike

Bianchi electric bike

Bianchi electric bike

Logically, Bianchi also called on his German partner for the integration of the engine. The Transalpine firm simply bought the best: the Bosch Performance Line CX 250 W and its 85 Nm torque, present on these two models. The pro version nevertheless opens for carbon (lighter), against aluminum opposite.

The manufacturer’s official website does not specify the price of the E-vertic FX-Type Pro, available from January 2023. His little brother, the FX-Type e-vertic, will tear himself away at the price of 5299 euros. We expect a price bordering on the 6000 euros, if not anymore, for the pro, carbon model and best travel being in the game.

More urban models

The Bianchi Hardtail X-Type is played more soft in terms of technical sheet, with a single suspension system at the front: a fork suspended from a 100 mm travel. Its Bosch battery of 625 Wh is confined to a range of 142 km, all at a more contained price of 3,499 euros – in light blue, red and gray color.

Bianchi electric bike

Bianchi electric bike

The T-Type e-vertic changes category and is limited to hiking. Here, there is no question of hitting rugged mountainous land. This model still retains the dynamic geometry of its accomplices and is equipped with the passage of mudguards and a luggage rack. He therefore also has an urban vocation.

Under the 3000 euros mark

The manufacturer evokes this time an additional battery option (400 or 500 Wh), raising its range at 115 km. This version approaches an already more reasonable, but still high price: count 3049 euros for purchase.

Finally, the e-vertic C-Type plays in the courtyard of urban cycles with its open frame, easier to ride when you want to climb on your mount. It has the same autonomy as the T-style. Note that all the models in this range rely on a Bosch Performance Line CX engine. The C-Type was set at a price of 2949 euros.

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High -end electric bike

Velocargo Longtail Arriere loading R500 Electric

“We have had our cargo for more than 1 year now. We were the 1st customers to buy it in St Nazaire, the team was very happy to be able to discover it !
After only a few weeks, we had to carry out a complete tightening of all the bicycle screws, more particularly the rear wheel and the crutch.
Children were 1 year old and 3 years old, 1 year after they are still delighted to walk around with dad or mom.
The 2 little worries are for me (the mother)
– The impossibility of removing the battery alone: ​​it remains stuck and it takes a lot of strength to get it out of its location – even in the decat workshop and after several calls for after -sales service, they could not give me a solution
– The bar is a little too high especially when you have to go down and the children are on board !
Otherwise we love it and use it as often as possible .
I recommend.””

“” With children, it’s the total burst “.
We take advantage of these beautiful days to move with our NV bike.
Departure with 2 without worry and autonomy meeting our expectations (100% of our trips in town)

Bike mounted by Decathlon: at the top; Not even a trip to give back “

“Very good bike very fast handling perfect for the city”

Jean-Philippe 01/01/0001

“Unbeatable value for money for a cargo. Big positive point of this bike. Despite all the first bike bought to damage a battery defect which required full replacement. On the second bike prepares and installed by the Decathlon services, the derailleur makes noise and the gear passages are difficult as if the derailleur was badly started between two speeds.
Too bad because the product is pleasant in driving and electric assistance does the job “

“After more than 6 months of use no PBLM. The assembly was done at the store (I chose delivery in store). I live in a Provençal village that goes up and down. No PBLM. I use it with my 20 kg back son, its scrottage and the races. Or with my diving bag which is quite heavy. In the top. I am delighted with this purchase.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Semi-rigid electric mountain bike 27'5


“I encounter scrap noise problems on the rear wheel”

“After a year spent on this bike rolling 6 days a week I did not know any breakdowns this mountain bike works as on the first day does not hesitate it is very reliable”

“Excellent VTTAE. Used for only 2 weeks in Norman hills. Perfect autonomy and very good fluidity in very fatty terrain. Recommend for its excellent value for money.””

Jean Pierre 01/01/0001

“Quality toe tire without strengthening. Already 4 punctures in 4 months against 2 punctures in 20 years on my old mountain bike in the same configuration of use. I find little difference between power 3 and 4 (last) low -end control console, moderately practical. We stay in a much average range “

“Powerful electric bike, an aging line, everything is of good quality.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Bike all Riverside Electrical Raper 540 E Blue (Black Battery) Bike all Riverside Electrical Raper 540 E Blue (Black Battery)

Bike all Riverside Electrical Raper 540 E Blue (Black Battery)

Bike all Riverside Electrical Raper 540 E Blue (Black Battery)


“Product corresponding to the description”

“First round of wheel today meets my expectations”

“Good bike meets my expectations. Too bad it is restrained at 25 km/h . But it’s the law. Well, 500kms carried out.””

“Excellent product that allows cycling on the roads with ribs.””

“Thank you a thousand times to the Decathlon technician.
No difficulty of adaptation. The ribs and the headwind are (almost) erased: it’s great.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

All suspended electric mountain bike 29


“Very comfortable, responsive, good equipment. The top of the top quality/price ratio. Well done.””

“Already 200 km with this new bike to replace the Big R8 already in 29pouces.
Performance is at the rendering and this even not big weather with mud and high elevation.
Measuring 1m92 I too lack a little bit of a background on the saddle. Another point following a small slide on a big descent, the handlebars is 180 ° without stopping and therefore it is possible to roll with this problem and therefore to damage the cables. The engine is at the top with the battery but it seems that the fashion selector is not the last (too bad).””

“A great product. If I had to find a defect. Maybe the saddle.””

“Buyed on a crush, no regret it goes everywhere I want, without going to the extreme..Only regret, no doc was provided to me. I remember my bikes Decathlon d 20 years ago a cover with doc on the brakes, fork, shock absorber, wheels was provided . The nothing . Figure it out . Damage”

“Already very happy with the EST900. I gave myself this all suspended at unbeatable prices. Just 150 km made for the moment. On the road, forest path and enduro trails with bumps.
The Bosch engine is really impressive. He goes around, and even less 🙂 I’m in eco all the time and the couple is impressive. The bicycle is heavy but with the assistance, a real feather, except when it comes to jumping an obstacle where there, the gravity triumphs:-d I use it especially for large hikes. I have a lot of kms to go through. Only downside, the locking of the battery trap is not practical. No catch and it is an often dirty place that is more.
I can’t wait to do lots of outings. “”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

All suspended electric mountain bike 29

All suspended electric mountain bike 29


“I would have liked to be better informed, the second day before use the rear aircraft is deflated several times and asked me to bring the bicycle or the rear wheel, less things I expected a commercial gesture, that ‘We give it another room for example, I would have brought the other A3000 € the mountain bike it was when the minimum and I was forced to go on the net to have the other information damage, and realize me also that a take and on the bike does not need to dismantle the battery each time to load it “

“For the price I expected a little better.
The equipment is rudimentary and without more.

“A very good value for money”

Jean Jacques 01/01/0001

“Good grip, remarkable autonomy, I went from 126 km of autonomy to 186. Very well suspended and super pleasant to handle.””

“Bike very good, correct assistance, comfort nothing to say, for good walking, path, impeccable mountain.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Semi-rigid electric mountain bike 27'5

Semi-rigid electric mountain bike 27'5


“Very good mountain bike, easy to use, good autonomy.””

“Very satisfied with this purchase with regard to its assistance capacity (it takes the relay in flexibility and the reduction of the effort is almost too large; it took me a time of adaptation to play between the level of ‘Assistance and speeds to maintain an effort on my part) and the autonomy of its battery (1 single bar consumed out of 4 for outings of 2 hours/2.5 hours). On the other hand, I am small (1m58) and the frame is really limited. Finally, rather the horizontal bar is too high for me. In fact, that is not a problem for me by driving but bothers me when you stop or in the event of a quick downhill of the saddle to get ground (I have to wiggle to put myself in a single leg). When is a more feminine frame (tilted bar) or smaller ?””

“Hello Raffaele, Product Manager E-MTB and Delphine, Women’s Mountain Hiking Product Manager Measuring 1, 55 I’m looking for a mountain bike like E St 900. Know when he will be available again ? In addition, you mentioned working on a next generation (lower crossbar, better fixing of the gourd. Can you tell us more, and when this new version would be available ? Looking forward to continuing to roll rockrider 😉 Laetitia “

“I love it, excellent bike has a more than correct price”

“TB, problem at the location of the gourd”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

All suspended electric mountain bike 29


This electric mountain bike (VTTAE) is designed for all -terrain hikes on brittle paths, with moderate elevation (hilly and medium mountain route).

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Velo Gravel Carbon Riverside Gcr Sram Rival Etap Axs / Roles Fulcrum RR 900


“Very good value for money, the transmission is very silent and fast, it changes from the GRX400 which equipped my previous Gravel!
And all with a carbon frame ��
For the reference of the power sensor well, be careful to take a dub wide centerpiece and not dub, I was made with the link of the description which refers to the upgrade left crank in dub format, not wide, by default.
What pleasure in rolling on it, the size L position is very comfortable (I measure 1.83m) “

“Just a bit short level
Pedals, the feet can touch the tire horizontal qd on stub.
Otherwise great but not still tried the field configurations!””

“Excellent value for money
demanding but very good yield.””

“The cockpit is sport but comfortable. The derailleur a marvel. But the rolling side is heavy is patos. Fulcrum wheels are heavy soft which makes the heavy bike to bring in collar and my only rigidity in the raids as a dancer. I will change them.””

“I drove about 400 km with and I find it very good. Perfect comfort with gravel tires a little too wide for my more road use, but surprisingly efficient. The electric derailleur is great and in this gravel version the mono tray 38 teeth is more than enough. The staging of the gables allows you to pass everywhere and roll well on the road. Only small downside, I find that the setting with 12 speeds is very sharp and perfectible even if it does not require a tool.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

City Ville electric bike - Neomouv Allegria 2 Hydraulics - Graphite


“Investment to go to bicycle work, a real happiness
I made a 1st outing, I find the saddle is a bit hard.””

“Good morning ,
I invested in this bike in early January needing a VAE
I have enough perspective to give my opinion concerning this bike.
It is rather comfortable and correct for circulating on town -type journeys, road.
However when the battery discharges 2 bars out of the 5 we feel the weight of the bicycle direct, for a loaded rise is enough to put an assistance 1 or 2 it takes 4/5 when the battery begins to unload.
Therefore it is charged more often than it should.
The electronic frame was missed yesterday in the middle of the way without me being able to understand it was impossible to pedal and it very frequently happens to me to pedal when the assistance is 0 The pedals block. Practical on the road at the start of a green light with cars behind.
He begins to have traces of wear, they rust very quickly, however, still protect and instead. The cache to recharge the battery is already broken because it blocked for the insertion of the battery in the bike more complicated to put because often slips very badly forced to get back to it several times.
I can’t register on the planned application to see my daily trips.
Anyway, I have several little worries that in the long term I know will make me invest in another bike I got it on sale and fortunately because it is not worth its price.
I am really disappointed but my opinion is mixed because it is poorly nilly everything it does the job of which it is intended.””

“I have been using Selo for 1 month now and I am very happy with it. assistance, battery life, and braking are at the top.Thanks to him I rediscovered the walks by bike without fear of the ribs, and the wind. I recommend it without problem.””

“In the use of this bike for 6 months now, I am very satisfied. I regularly climb a steep slope very easily thanks to its high couple.
The equipment is at the top, and size 26 “perfectly suited to my size.
The bike is very comfortable.
I recommend this purchase “

“Very good bike very silent
good assistance. Good autonomy “

What are the best brands of electric bicycle ?

What are the best electric bike brands?

Everyone is looking for the best electric bike for their budget. THE Electric assistance bike brands are numerous. They differentiate themselves and guide our choices by their creations, their prices and the quality of their manufacture, but also by what they represent. Each manufacturer is marked by its origins, whether geographic or cultural. We will find the best brands of electric trekking and hiking bikes in Germany, excellent electric mountain bike brands in the USA, and very successful electric VTCs in France. Likewise, if a historic bicycle manufacturer is more used to developing sports bikes, he will not become the best electric city bicycle manufacturer. Each brand has its own DNA and builds electric bikes representing technical and practical solutions on a daily basis, but also a story and a vision of the practice of the bicycle that is its own. It is not always easy to make your choice in the jungle of brands of electric bikes offered. How to know what is the best brand of electric bike ? What are the best electric bikes ? What is the most serious brand in terms of manufacturing quality, after-sales service, availability of spare parts ? Among all the brands present on the market, it is possible to identify the best brands of electric assistance bikes: they are present on specialized websites and forum, as well as in dedicated cycles stores. We will endeavor to evoke the best brands here: those which have a real renown, at the national and international level, which push their desire for innovation every year, and which of course work with the best manufacturers of motorization motorization. It’s a winning coupled ! Indeed, most of these brands develop the bicycle part, and ensures that the engine will integrate perfectly with the developed model.


  • Security
  • Comfort
  • Sustainability

Timeless, the Kalkhoff brand has become emblematic of comfortable geometries and German quality, combined with a modern design.

The German brand that transpires quality and longevity. Deutsche Qualitat. Kalkhoff is indeed making its bikes in Germany, in Basse-Saxe. Each Kalkhoff bike is thought, drawn, made in this factory, then tested in the test center, which is one of the largest in Europe.

The figures are there: 500,000 bikes leave the factory every year thanks to 700 employees, capable of manufacturing up to nearly 3000 bikes per day !

Since 1988, Kalkhoff has been part of the Derby Cycle group and from 2011, a first electric bike engine is launched by Kalkhoff, the impulse. Derby cycle is then bought by the Pon group.

Man on a Kalkhoff red electric bike all integrated

Bikes mustache

Mustache Bikes is a manufacturer of French electric bikes, whose production site is installed in Epinal, in the Vosges. The brand takes its name from the links that the bicycle has always maintained with this male coquetry which also qualified the handlebars of bikes of the last century, and which are re-visited on its models of electric city bikes.

Created with the ambition to offer the most qualitative French electric bikes on the market, Mustache was the first hexagonal brand to collaborate with the engine manufacturer Bosch Ebike.

Mastering complex materials such as aeronautical aluminum, Mustache ended up from its creation to benefit the city and stroll in the material innovations developed for the sports applications of the bicycle.

Originally disruptive, the brand is now one of the world’s general references but is nonetheless a avant-garde symbol of which certain innovations have become significant elements of the bicycle industry:

  • Bosch Hidden Power battery integration
  • Differentiated front/rear wheel diameters 27/9
  • Aeronautical aluminum 6061 T5 T6

Manufacturer only of VAE, Mustache has the creed of offering for each bicycle user, an electrical and fun variation of the practice he favors, from the electric sports urban bike, to the road bike with assistance to climb the alpine collars.

Year after year, season after season, the trend is refined and offers trendy and efficient bikes, some cyclists have become fans ! They no longer ask for an electric bike, but a mustache ! From 7 models the first year, the small brand, which has become large, offers more than 50 models. Moustache offers VAEs for all uses, wherever an electric bike can be used: urban electric bike, electric VTC and VTTAE.

Each bike has a day of the day of the week, depending on the use we are going to make of it: thus, for the city, it is all comfort with Monday 26 or the electric sports urban bike with the Friday. Electric VTCs are Saturdays. Always Saturday for the VTTAE range and to change a little, a Sunday for the road bike, just to end the week well !

The team now has nearly 100 people and continues to develop its ranges each year, working as close as possible to the needs of cyclists.

Man mounting a slope on electric bike mustache in town


Trek is the oldest of major bicycle brands born in the USA. Created in 1975 by Richard Burke, noting that there was no quality American bike brands, his activity started by manufacturing the famous trek 520, the first modern travel bike fully thought of for this use.

From hand welding of steel frames from the first years to the design of urban electric bikes, Trek is a brand that accompanies the most striking moments in the history of cycling. From the birth of the mountain biking in the early 1980s to the development of electric hiking bikes, Trek innovates at the rate in which new practices and needs of sports or urban cyclists appear:

  • First carbon frame of history – Creation of the OCLV manufacturing process
  • Integration of lighting in peripherals
  • Trek Project-One customization system
  • 29 -inch wheel democratization
  • First travel mountain biking/bikepacking

Aware that each user of the bicycle around the world is different, Trek entrusts the design of their bikes to teams with affinities dedicated to each practice and places of production specific to each continent. Trek thus manufactures bikes according to the practice and affinities of everyone as a function of where it is, whether it is a Dutch bicycle, or an all -way electric bicycle.

Man on a Trek city electric bike

City bike (VDV)

Behind this known expression hides a German brand with French origins, and also offering hiking bikes. Founded in 1966, city bike, or VDV, designs and assembles its electric bikes in Altenberge.

Urban electric and German -hiking bikes are renowned for their functionality and robustness. City bike added the personalization of the bicycle to these criteria.
Beyond the color chosen in order to have a bicycle to its taste, customization thus makes it possible to compose your electric bike by choosing:

  • The transmission
  • Motorization
  • Battery capacity
  • Lighting
  • The anti -theft
  • Luggage handler

City bike exercises its know-how on many categories of bikes, from the electric bike to the Speed-Pedelec.

Close -up on the legs D


Focus is a brand with sporting temperament. Based in Stuttgart, its designers have attached a large part of their developments to performance and efficiency since 1992, whether it is an electric urban bike or a VTTAE.

Focus is inspired by the different practices of the bike that can be found in the Black Forest, close to its premises, and declines them in an electric version: mountain bike, electric trekking bike, and road bike, for which focus will be the One of the first actors.

As if the electric bike outings should never stop, the displayed motivation of focus is to create the bikes that bring further and longer. So it was one of the first brands to use a system of double batteries for its mountain biking, and an economical engine, with suitable power, for its road and electric hiking bikes.


Lapierre is a French brand of bikes based in Dijon. Mainly known for its activity on the segment of sports bikes, road, and mountain biking, the Lapierre cycles also design VTTAE and electric city bikes.

Lapierre was notably chosen for electrical assistance bikes for long -term rental (My Velo’V) offered by JC Decaux in addition to the now famous Vélo’V, bikes for short -term rental, in Lyon.

Very well known for its various sponsorships through the professional teams on road bike and on the Tour de France, Lapierre is also a brand recognized in the field of mountain biking in competition, having won several world championships and French cups.

Family company backed by a major industrialist, she uses innovations from the group’s various design offices to adapt them to her bikes assembled in France.

Riese & Müller

Another German brand whose fame is well established. It is at the start the story of two men, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, engineers passionate about cycle mechanics. The brand’s story begins with the Birdy, the first folding bike designed with folding pivots. A revolution in the world of folding bicycle !

Riese & Müller has now become one of the most influential electric bicycle brands and develop segments such as electric cargo bikes or electric folding.

Riese & Muller stands out for the comfort of its urban bikes, their particular geometries and their loading capacity. Riese & Muller electric bikes are recognized for their entire design, from their design to their functionality, and offers a range ranging from electric travel bike, to Cargo electric bike.

Behind this model which will then be available in an electric folding bike is created a range of city and hiking bikes, exclusively electric.

The German brand has made suspension one of its flagship technologies. “Control Technology” allows excellent handling and unparalleled driving quality. This solution already equipped the first version of the Birdy, and never denied. Each bike is thought with its own suspension, in the front or back.

Riese & Müller uses Bosch technology but stands out, in 2017, highlighting the double battery system, on several of its electric bikes, including Cargos bikes. The “Dualbattery Technology” thus makes it possible to reach a capacity of 1000Wh.
Innovation is also in the partial integration of this double battery, as on the Charge model, whose battery is completely invisible, integrated in the context of the bicycle with the “PowerTube” technology and the second fixed at the level of the framework.

The engine successively uses the two batteries, which ensures durability of the batteries. The total loading duration is 9h (4.5 hours per battery), but it is of course possible to use only one battery or load one battery and the other.
About fifteen bikes are affected by this “Dualdrive” system, including electric cargo bikes, electric trekking bikes and VTTAE.


A must in terms of Dutch bikes; Gazelle is a more than a hundred -year -old brand, which today produces more than 250.000 bikes per year, in Dieren, in the Netherlands. World famous and ennobled by the King of the Netherlands “Royal Gazelle” represents the Dutch bicycle for several generations.

A watchword: comfort. You just have to try a gazelle bike to feel it: everything is thought of so that the cyclist feels well on it and that he has pleasure in pedaling.

Tradition has it that a Dutch bicycle is fine, high position, and distinguished presence. The development of electric bikes weighing up and growing the bikes, Gazelle has been able to take advantage of these different constraints to invent what makes a good Dutch electric bike:

  • A high, reassuring and comfortable driving position
  • Integration of safety elements: anti -theft and lighting
  • A practical and extended loading capacity: robust and wide luggage rack

A Dutch electric bike is planned for daily and intensive use, as a city bike. Daily journeys take different forms and the bikes that are also suitable for it. Gazelle designs and therefore manufactures electric Dutch bikes in different forms, from fast and light urban bikes to the suitable VAE to transport several children, including cargo -bicycle solutions such as the electric biveur.

Young woman pushing a Dutch Gazelle electric bike


Electra is the brand that produces bikes, electric and non -electric, which are out of the ordinary ! The shopping bike in electric version. Or the Californian style.

For more than 20 years, she has revolutionized the world of cycling. Electra is indeed an emblematic brand of beach bikes, Beach-Cruisers, relaxable driving position and inimitable style. Cruisers are bikes with a worked design to look like “roadsters” motorcycles designed to roll calmly and stroll by the beach.

The brand has taken surprising turns in the choice of technologies developed. Witness Flat Foot Technology, which revisits the traditional geometry of the bicycle. We had to dare !

The principle: it is possible to put your feet flat on the ground when stopped, and therefore to be perfectly stable in moments of transition, with a center of gravity lower, while retaining an optimal pedaling position. An ideal position for the city: straight back, high look and bearing over the cars. Guarantee of comfort and safety, this technology has been extended to its electric city bikes. This is one of the reasons for the success of Townni, Townnie Go models in its electric version, Loft, Amsterdam and Cruiser.

Among the particularities of the brand, we note:

  • Driving comfort and patented geometry
  • Electra is the only brand of electric beach-crude with Bosch engine
  • The inimitable and customizable style
  • Electra bikes can transport a surfboard

Adapting to developments, Electra extends its field of action each year by adapting its comfort innovations and style to new technologies and cycling practices. We thus find in its range of light sports urban bikes, Dutch bicycles with neat design, and electric beach cars.

For the electric version, Electra relied on Bosch technology.
Style and power !

Man on an electric bike pursuing another VAE


First brand to have developed by manufacturing only VAEs, Flyer offers electric bikes for each use.

Historically, Flyer was the main partner of the manufacturer Panasonic. The brand also develops its activities in software design for these electric bike engines and has a solid reputation in the field.

Today, the Swiss brand offers versatile electric bikes equipped with Panasonic and Bosch engines.

The rapid development of electric bicycle in Switzerland led Flyer to develop many models during the 2000s such as:

  • Compact electric bike
  • Electric tandem
  • Electric Suspended VTC


Created in 2009, Stromer marks the electric bicycle industry by being one of the first brands to focus on the fast electric bike at 45 km/h or Speed-Pedelec.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, Stromer electric bikes are recognizable by their imposing forms and offer brand -specific driving experience.
The creation of Stromer was motivated by the search for an electric bike capable of rolling quickly, comfortably, and long in an extra-urban environment hilly.

Present in the largest cities in the world, these speed-bike are distinguished by their design and their electric bicycle management interface by smartphone using an application offering:

  • Engine settings
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • The diagnostic report
  • Anti -theft protection

Actor of mobility, Stromer highlights the capacities of the electric bicycle in the city and in the peripheral zone, and offers a travel solution adapted to long trips and pronounced reliefs.


Cube is a young German bicycle brand manufacturer of city, leisure, and sportswoman bikes.
Developing many sports bikes, Cube is known to be a sponsor of many bike events.
Concentrating its development work on the absorption of shocks and roughness of the terrain by the materials of its bikes, Cube declines these innovations on its leisure ranges such as electric city bikes.

Electric folding bikes

Very practical urban mobility and leisure solutions, good folding bikes are designed and manufactured by brands whose specialty is, and whose business is the development of these complexes bikes.


Brompton is the emblematic brand of folding bike. The British brand designs and fully manufactures its steel bikes in its West London factory. Broompton electric bike is a benchmark in terms of folding.

The electric brompton long awaited by the Brompton community, and more broadly by cyclists needing an electric folding bike was released in 2018. An unprecedented success for a cleverly designed bicycle.

Cyclist pedaling on a folding electric bicycle Brompton


Tern is a Taiwanese manufacturer regularly awarded for its design and quality. From urban electric folding bike to hiking folding bike, Tern is a reference for transport solutions.


Ahooga is a Belgian brand whose electric bikes are designed to respond to mobility and storage issues. Based on these constraints, Ahaoga has become an expert manufacturer in the design of light and discreet electric bikes.

Electric cargo bikes

Cargos bikes have existed since the bicycle has existed, but their boom has come using the electric motorization. Many brands design and manufacture electric cargos bikes, all offering different solutions.


Yuba has the particularity of being the first brand to have made an extended cargo bike. American brand created by a Frenchman, Benjamin Sarrazin, Yuba offers a quality catalog bringing together several bicycle transport solutions such as Longtail and the electric twin.

Mother and her 10 year old daughter on a Yuba electric cargo bike

Twelve cycles

Twelve-cycles is a brand of French electric two. Made in Burgundy, the twelve G4 and twelve V2 models conquered families and professionals using it daily.

Riese & Müller

Riese & Müller, in addition to offering electricity and hiking electric bikes, has long been offering a range of freed cargo bikes, and family and utilities LOAD and Packster.


Babboe is a brand of Dutch twofzing and scooters. With a family vocation, Babboe is a brand that concentrates its know-how on the transport of children in a comfortable and safe manner, having developed many accessories dedicated to Cargos bikes.

Cyclist and her child in a Babboe electric cargo bike

Butcher & Bicycles

Butchers & Bicycles manufactures the pendulum tripper MK1-E. Sober and neat design and successful operation, the Danish manufacturer has become the reference of the scooter.

Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow is a manufacturer of innovative Dutch Cargos bikes. Around an innovative twinning base, Urban Arrow has created the possibility of intervening the loading platform to adapt it to different uses.


Bakfiets is a popular Dut. Among the first brands to offer an electric cargo bike, this brand remains emblematic of the traditional Dutch cargobike.