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The Wire

Superb series I recommend in my turn.

The wire season 1 streaming vf

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The Wire

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When police strive to dismantle a sprawling drug trafficking and crime in Baltimore.

Finished American 59 minutes
Drama, crime, drama HBO, Jimmy 2002

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episode 1.01 Target June 02, 2002 13.62 20 2
episode 1.02 Detachment 09 June 2002 14.21 15
episode 1.03 Powder in the eyes June 16, 2002 13.97 11
episode 1.04 Ancient history June 23, 2002 13.65 13 1
episode 1.05 The code June 30, 2002 13.81 7 1
episode 1.06 The link 07 July 2002 14.28 9 1
episode 1.07 An arrest July 21, 2002 13.56 5 1
episode 1.08 A personal affair July 28, 2002 13.68 7 1
episode 1.09 Double or quits August 04, 2002 14.65 11
episode 1.10 The high price August 11, 2002 15.5 18
episode 1.11 The persuit August 18, 2002 14.96 9
episode 1.12 The purge September 01, 2002 15.33 12
episode 1.13 The verdict September 08, 2002 15.32 14

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Favorable opinion Posed on August 07, 2018 at 3:16 PM
God knows that I was told about this series, and that strangely, I had trouble getting there. I watched the first episode, but too many characters, too many dialogues that have lost me. I held the experience and I don’t regret it. Season 1 lays the basics of what the series will be (I hope): a world rotten by money, non -Manichean characters, some who no longer have the choice, and above all, an end that is not sweetened. Yes, the whole is soft bitter. But ultimately, what is not ? Everything was not going to end well, in an air of Céline Dion with glitter. Not disappointed at all, and in a hurry to see season 2.
Favorable opinion Posed on October 01, 2015 at 4:13 PM
And that’s it, first season of ‘The Wire’ completed. The least I can say is that I am absolutely not disappointed. The writing is beautiful, intense and complex. Whether in the course of the investigation, the evolution of the characters, the dialogues or in the portrait of a city that we get to know. The complexity is such that we attach to all the characters, including at the Barksdale clan and all its henchmen. We spectators, we follow from afar (or high) the chess game between the two camps and it is still masterful. I would have so much to say that it is difficult for me to summarize my thought in an opinion, but it’s just great. Just awesome. This team of police living for justice but who do not set themselves up at any time in superhero. Who also have their faults, their faults and their qualities. Sometimes they are one step ahead of others, but it is often the others that take the length in advance. Bitterness in the end of the season, a outcome that shows that precisely, everything is not resolved. It’s perfect.
Favorable opinion Posed on September 07, 2011 at 4:19:19 PM
We have a little trouble getting into the series. The pilot is very immersive, and you have to get used to the characters quite quickly, who are very numerous and this from the start, whether on the side of the cops or on the side of traffickers/dealers. Once you are well installed within the unit, that we have taken our marks, there we can really feast by observing the thread of the investigation, but also the evolution of the characters on both sides and d ‘other. The emphasis on dealers, and particularly on guys like Angelo, Wallace, Omar, who are shared by an infernal gear where sometimes they are trained against their will, and that we show under completely different Jorus According to situations, makes the series even more realistic and endearing. All the characters have their share, their role to play, even if at times they can be insignificant, they will always have their importance (Prez, Bubbles. ) The richness of the scenario, the talent of the realization and the actors make it probably one of the best series I have been given to see. Really something to see once in his life, by giving it the means, that is to say by playing the game of immersion.


When police strive to dismantle a sprawling drug trafficking and crime in Baltimore.

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We Own This City is not just a new The Wire

Updated April 26, 2022:

Starting for the new series by David Simon: We Own This City broadcast last night on HBO and available in US+24 on OCS. Projected in preview at Séries Mania, the series will obviously remind you of The Wire but up to date.

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Lance Reddick RIP 1962-2023

The art of major series.

Michael K. Williams, the actor who plays Omar, has died today. ��

I didn’t even hesitate to put five stars. I am always skeptical when I am interested in a series praised by criticism, it rallying so many people is always very complicated without making any concessions . This series does none, and when I started it, I have never been able to stop. The intrigues, the characters, the subjects treated, few series come to such a level of realism and to strike, sometimes where it hurts. 20 years back, The Wire is already dealing with problems that are still common today, alternating between moments of joy and the harsh reality to come and slap me.

Superb series I recommend in my turn.

The best season !

Impossible to miss this series

Earth series, the subjects are interesting and over the seasons the sets are put in place faster.

Best series in the world

I join the very numerous glowing comments made about this series. She is to be seen, obviously, absolutely. 5 stars is really the minimum that we can award him.

top! A documentary dive behind the scenes of America

The good series . Up to its reputation

��Favorite Show Ever��

The Wire: 99% of Presses and Spectators criticisms consider this series as “the best series of all time”. And well after seeing all of the 5 seasons, I can only agree the 1% r is. A series thanks to which HBO is considered the channel that has the best series (The Wire, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Oz, Game of Thrones..) The end of this series is also considered one of the best ever made like six Feet Under. Only, again I don’t agree. The Wire may be original by its quasi-documentary side, the series arrives at very few moments to fascinate us by its intrigue, just like the characters to which we have trouble attaching to. The first 3 seasons form a kind of trilogy. The last 2, a new story but always with the same common thread: drug trafficking. These 2 sets form a complete narrative arch. Drama, small touches of humor, there are a lot of positive things in this series but most are frankly not very well treated. Anyway, the first seasons are treated with great realism. And it’s really very ambitious but nothing conquered us in this work. In fact I could consider this series as a literary work but transcribed on the small screen. The series may be considered a “pearl”, the audiences were not good, but fortunately it is HBO. The chain said at the time: “It’s not TV. It’s HBO.”A few years ago following Game of Thrones, the slogan became” it’s not porn. It’s HBO “. So that’s to conclude, a not bad series that is watched but which is far from essential. Series not to be put in all hands because the work is quite complex. Oh yes ! And the end is pretty good but far from being extraordinary, an end that corresponds to the series. Any seriesphile series will tell you that you are not one if you don’t have the wire. But hey, in my opinion it is not necessary.

Nothing is white or black there are only shades of gray

After a first high -quality first season and a second in half a hue, this season 3 reaches tops both in terms of writing, as well as the cinematography of the plans or the acting of actor just brilliant. Wait to see more

The first time I tried this series, it got me drunk. It’s very slow to set up, the first 2/3 episodes of each season we look at the time when we get bored. But I held the blow by decorating myself and frankly I understand why it is rented. Let’s be honest the series still has a lot of narrative defects and the use of the characters is not necessarily most relevant and sometimes there are hyper simplistic shortcuts. The dialogues are quite poor and the French dubbing is to be vomited, look there in vo. But to go beyond what puts off we perceive a substantive frame which wants to describe a complex reality closer to reality. The more we sink into the depths of Baltimore, the more we get attached to all these characters and its problems. Each season is better than the previous one except maybe the last but the quality is at the appointment. Frankly if like me you haven’t hung, persist and leave it a chance. It’s a series to see at least once in his life.