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100% electric e-tech vehicles

Discover the 2023 range of electric cars at Renault

Renault offers a range of electric vehicles (ZE for Zero Emission) composed of the charming city car Zoé, the little Twingo Ze, the little UFO Twizy which is now more than 10 years old, and of course the new mega 5, without forgetting the utilities like kangoo, traffic or master.

Kangoo van e-tech announced during the presentation of the new range of Renault utility vehicles last spring, the Kangoo Van E-Tech Electric presents itself with better developments, especially in terms of its autonomy.

Combispace Renault Kangoo E-tech Electric: Presentation, engines. The new Kangoo Ludospace for families and individuals sold since 2021, now has its 100% electric “clean” version. A privilege to which the previous generation of the combispace had not been entitled.

Traffic van e-tech 2024 long scheduled, the successful utility, the Renault traffic, is now going to electricity by equipping itself with a 90 kW engine and a 52 kWh battery. What ensure acceptable autonomy of course, but disappointing.

Twizy at the last automotive World Cup, Renault revealed the final version of Twizy, before marketing it in February this month. Third vehicle in the ZE range, the watchwords of the specifications are agility and urban mobility.

Twingo Electric after the new Zoé marketed since last September, here is the Twingo ZE, the second renault mass electric vehicle offered to individuals, and more particularly, to city dwellers.

Zoé e-tech The new Zoé is available from September 3, 2019 from 32,000 euros, a price modeled on that of its most direct competitor, the Peugeot E-208, with an almost identical battery, but a lesser autonomy.

Master Ze Renault has unveiled a new vehicle in its utility range in the person of the Master Ze. As its name suggests, the largest Renault van can now be motorized only by an electric motor.

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Electric Renault

100% electric e-tech vehicles

100% electric e-tech technology is one of Renault’s responses to new mobility challenges. A know-how based on more than 10 years of experience in both development and daily support thanks to our network of concessions.

Rolling on a 100% electric Renault e-tech vehicle is enjoying a reactive, fluid, silent and without emission harm or co driving2.

100% electric e-tech, in 5 points

A car equipped with 100% electric Renault E-Tech technology does not make any pollutants* during its use, allowing you to access low-emission areas.

* according to the WLTP standard

A “full” 3 times more economical than a thermal vehicle thanks to an exclusively electric recharge, on a public or at home terminal. Maintenance is up to 30 % less expensive, thanks to more sustainable components.

More flexible and reactive driving than thermal vehicles. Renault e-tech vehicles provide increased driving pleasure thanks to the engine response.

The electric car is silent when starting and when driving above 30 km/h. No noise or vibration for your journeys.

Renault e-tech vehicles come from our experience in electric cars design: since 2012 and the launch of Renault Zoe which affirmed the Precursor status of the Renault brand electric.

ride in electric, simply

The daily behind the wheel of an electric vehicle is very simple.

Find all the answers to your most frequent questions in order to facilitate the driving experience and help you in the maintenance of yours Renault. You will find in our FAQ and on our dedicated pages simple answers to your questions on autonomy, battery, solutions and recharge time.

The advantages of an electric vehicle
The advantages of an electric vehicle

Respect for the environment, economy and comfort. An electric car is cleaner and more economical than a thermal vehicle and offers dynamic driving, without vibration and silent.

The autonomy of an electric vehicle
The autonomy of an electric vehicle

The autonomy of vehicles equipped with 100% electric Renault E-Tech technology can go up to 470 km WLTP*.

This can vary according to several factors such as your driving style, the outside temperature, the elevation or the road profile.

*depending on models and according to versions

recharge an electric vehicle
recharge an electric vehicle

An electric car recharges in many places in your daily life with sockets or charging stations. At your home or at work but also in shopping centers or Renault dealerships . Recharging is also economical, with a cost close to 4 €/100 km.

Maintain an electric vehicle
Maintain an electric vehicle

Maintenance of an electric vehicle is simpler and more economical than a thermal vehicle, with a reduction in costs of up to 30% over 3 years. In addition, our Renault network supports you in your efforts with more than 30,0000 employees trained to maintain our vehicles equipped with Renault E – Tech technology.

100% electric services
100% electric services

In order to support you in the transitional process towards 100% electric mobility, Renault and its partners have deployed a set of services to facilitate each stage of your daily life. Discover our solutions to manage your vehicle remotely and the movable services for your recharges and trips.

Your questions about electric vehicles

The main reasons to switch to electric:

  • The electric vehicle is more ecological for use and environmentally friendly: it does not emit a co2, no smoke, no particles from combustion.
  • It is economical for use: less maintenance costs, cost of electricity lower than the cost of fuel, free parking in certain cities, access to areas with low emissions ..
  • It is pleasant to drive: silent, without vibrations or speed passage, dynamic with free recovery and acceleration.

The battery life depends on the type of battery, but also on the electric motor with which it is associated.
The battery has a capacity expressed in kWh, this capacity is comparable to the capacity of a tank. The electric motor consumes more or less the capacity of the battery, depending on the vehicle model, its mass and its options.
Autonomy also varies according to other external factors such as the type of road used, speed, temperature or driving style.

Coming from innovations in research and development, vehicles equipped with a 100% electric Renault e-tech motorization benefit from technologies dedicated to the optimization of their autonomy such as heat pump or preconditioning.

Renault thus offers vehicles with different levels of autonomy to adapt to daily uses:

  • Renault Megane E -Tech 100% electric – up to 470 km WLTP
  • Renault Zoe E -Tech 100% electric – up to 395 km WLTP
  • Renault Twingo E -Tech 100% electric – up to 270 km WLTP
  • Renault Twizy E -Tech 100% electric – up to 100 km WLTP
  • Renault Master E -Tech 100% electric – up to 204 km WLTP

Good to know :
The ECO mode of your vehicle adapts the different settings to make you gain in autonomy.
The use of the heat pump* also makes it possible to significantly reduce your energy consumption necessary for heating your vehicle and thus preserve your autonomy.

*according to models and according to servions

The charge time of a vehicle depends:

  • Of the vehicle itself, the capacity of its battery and the power of the integrated charger.
  • External elements such as the power of the plug or the charging station and the intensity accepted by the power cable.

You can consult the charging times specific to each Renault electric vehicle on the charging page.

Good to know: the charging time is not linear, it is more or less rapid depending on the load of the battery and the temperature. For example, the last 20% are the slowest to load. This is why it is recommended to recharge before going under the threshold of 15% and not to load more than 80% on a daily basis or on a quick terminal.

The charging price from one electric vehicle varies from vehicle to vehicle, from one home to another, from one terminal to another and depends on the price of electricity.
To know him, you will therefore have to know:

  • Where the recharge is made ? The price of electricity at home or in public places is not the same.
  • When the recharge takes place ? Electricity costs cheaper in off -peak hours than in full hours.
  • Which electricity supplier is associated with the terminal chosen and which contract is applied there ? Again, the prices vary.
  • What model of car do you want to recharge ? The capacity of the battery influences the full of it, in the same way as the capacity of a petrol tank influences it full of it.

Some indications:
With a terminal or an electricity contract practicing a price around 20 cents per kWh, the recharging of the Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric returns between 12 € and 15 € for around 60 kWh.
With Mobilize Charge Pass, identify the prices charged by the various terminals and simply access the 1,700 stations in Europe thanks to the partnership with Ionity.
Off -peak hours are generally located between 9:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. and between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

The consumption of an electric car depends on several parameters such as the mass of the vehicle, the type of road, the driving style ..

These elements are reconstructed during a European procedure called WLTP to define consumption and autonomy.

If we cannot therefore provide an overall figure for all electric cars, we can however give an average by vehicle model. Thus, Megane e-tech 100% electric, consumes approximately 15.5k WH/100 km on the approval cycle of the WLTP (versus about 6L/100 km for an equivalent in petrol).

It is interesting to note that the consumption of an electric car can be controlled thanks to the different integrated technologies, such as Eco mode.

The answer is yes. And this, according to a study published on April 21, 2020 by transport & environment (T&E),
a European organization which brings together around fifty NGOs. This study puts diesel, species and electric vehicles in the heart of several possible scenarios. Whatever the scenario, the conclusion is the same, the electric vehicle emits less co2.
In the best of cases, up to 81% less.

Because if it is true that the manufacture of the electric vehicle has a heavier carbon impact than the manufacture of a thermal vehicle, once in circulation, its CO emissions2 are zero and those of the particles, weak. The carbon footprint of an electric vehicle is less and less important throughout its life cycle.

New Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric

Zero leather in the cabin and 100% recycled materials for the seats². In the cockpit, 28% of the mass of materials is recycled³ and bio -based⁴. And a battery comprising 12 repairable and recyclable modules.

advanced technology

100% electric e-tech engine

The new electric platform with its extra-flat battery and its very low gravity center, combined with the powerful 220 hp electric motor, guarantee dynamic and powerful driving at Scenic e-tech.

Travel independently

more than 620 km of autonomy⁶ without constraint

Scenic e-tech 100% electric has a heat pump to optimize thermal management and preserve its autonomy, thus meeting all your mobility needs.

Optimized route calculation with Google

Rolle serene: the route calculation system incorporates the locations of the charging stations and offers an optimized route according to the battery load. 100% electric Scenic e-tech recharges everywhere on alternating or continuous current, domestic socket or fast charging station.

up to 335 km of autonomy in 30 minutes of load⁶

For larger journeys, collect up to 335 km of WLTP autonomy in 30 minutes on a DC quick charging station. 100% electric Scenic e-tech comes with a cable usable on a home wall terminal or a public charging station.

Discover our recharge solutions at home or on the go

Navigation in real time, voice piloting and more than 50 applications⁷: Discover OpenR Link with integrated Google and Renault connected services.

“Hey Google, tell me the charging stations on my journey”

Open R Link - Scenic e -tech 100% Electric

774cm² open dashboard
Waze, Songpop for Renault, Amazon Music. : 11 Renault partner apps
Remote verification of autonomy and thermal preconditioning via My Renault
Recharge programming via My Renault
Automatic updates of the OpenR link system

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774cm² open dashboard
Waze, Songpop for Renault, Amazon Music. : 11 Renault partner apps
for the whole family

Solarbay panoramic roof

Adjust your comfort with Solarbay⁸

It’s up to you to adapt the desired opacification level among 4 proposed combinations. A total surface of 1.65m², it activates via touch or vocal control and provides you with optimal visual and thermal comfort in all circumstances.

Comfort on board for all

The available space is optimized thanks to the flat floor which allows more than 38 l storage. Second row offers you generous comfort with a kneel radius of 27.8 cm and a height under flag of 88.4 cm.

Ingnius rear armrest

The folding rear armrest is equipped with 2 USB-C ports and induction chargers for your mobile. Several configurations are possible to insert all your electronic devices.

Until 1670 L for all your luggage

Take the luggage for the whole family thanks to the spacious trunk which offers 545 l to 1670 l of trunk volume when the rear seat is folded down.

at the forefront of security

detect, inform, guide

To encourage a higher driving, the Safety Score analyzes speed, trajectory, safety distances, and delivers a driving score at the end of each trip. The Safety Coach informs the driver of potential risks on his journey in real time, based on the surrounding data.

Adaptive cruise control

The system regulates speed taking into account the circulation and different other parameters. It maintains safety distances with other vehicles.

3D 360 ° 3D camera

4 cameras, whose images reconstruct the direct 360 ° vehicle environment, allow you to make your maneuvers safely.

28 other advanced driving aid systems with Human First Program

to discover

E-Tech engines

Stay informed about its release

Megane e-tech 100% electric

CO2 emissions and energy consumption

Renault provides you with transparency the energy label of Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric

¹ According to the European Directive 2005/64/EC relating to recycling and consistency approval with existing parts of parts and end of life recycling.

² Available on Techno version.

³ Scenic e-tech 100% Electric incorporates 70% of recycled materials from existing recycling or development channels by 2030+ horizon while allowing not to use primary resources. This is one of the essential points to design our future vehicles circular.

⁴ resulting from organic vegetable mass or interior covering part containing the material resulting from organic plant mass. According to version.

⁵ 170 hp motorization also available.

⁷ According to country. Google, Android Auto, Google Maps, Waze and other brands are registered trademarks of Google LLC.

⁸ Optional available. Shortened and simulated sequences.