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Mini Electric Cooper

Having enjoyed an update for the 2022 model year, the Mini Cooper is already turning to its next generation. Camouflaged prototypes have been seen on a few occasions, but this time, the car exposed herself to the light. More specifically, we are still talking about a prototype (it seems to be a mini ..

The new 100 % electric versions of the Mini and Mini Countryman reveal themselves

Mini unveils the new generations of his city car Cooper and the Countryman SUV. The two models are first presented in 100 % electric versions Cooper E and Cooper SE, before the arrival of thermal.

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Mini definitely got hold of the catch. After an electric version of its legendary Hatch Citadine three doors on the current generation, also marketed very confidentially in a convertible, the English brand wishes to extend its range of battery models.

She shows it today by revealing the latest generation of her city car, but also of her Countryman SUV, first in 100 % electric. The latter was previously satisfied with a rechargeable hybrid version.

Growth finally completed for the Mini Cooper ?

On the style side, the smallest of modern mini, now simply called Cooper (formerly Hatch three doors), continues the strategy inaugurated by its elders. Since the acquisition of mini by the BMW group, the models follow each other and look alike. This fourth generation of modern mini is no exception to the rule and remains instantly recognizable, although it is completely unprecedented. On the other hand, if we could fear that the mini is gaining a few more centimeters, this is not the case. It measures 3.86 m long, almost as much as the last versions of the previous generation.

At a time when more and more cars are playing the SUVs with plastic body protections, the mini cooper makes the opposite path by abandoning the wing contours of the previous versions. We also notice new handles of fluffy doors, which participate in reducing the aerodynamic trail (CX by 0.28). The chromas have completely disappeared from the car and the rear lights, connected by a black banner, adopt a triangular shape, but keep a nod to the flag of Great Britain.

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The interior of the new mini innovates more. It adopts new materials, for some from recycling, and abandons the traditional combination of instrumentation. From now on, driving information is only displayed on a new OLED circular central screen (24 cm in diameter), which recalls the central instrumentation of the original mini, and on the head -up display. Alas, the latter is an option that suddenly seems almost essential.

The mini countryman wants to play in the big leagues

On the country side, stylistic developments are more important. The SUV marks its difference from the city car and displays more stocky lines. While the previous model had already grown up 20 cm from the first mini SUV, this new generation earns still 13 cm to reach a total of 4.43 m. She goes suddenly in another category, that of compact SUVs, where she competes with models such as the Mercedes GLA/EQA, BMW X1/IX1, Volvo XC40 and Audi Q3 and Q4 e-tron. This growth thrust would be explained by the intention of producing a smaller electric SUV than countryman, inspired by the Aceman concept.

Countryman therefore wishes to seduce families. As such, it offers a sliding rear seat on 13 cm, the three files of which can be tilted individually. For the rest, the interior presentation is similar to that of his little sister Cooper.

Two electrical engines before the arrival of the thermal

The electrical versions of the new mini Cooper will be produced in China via a partnership between the BMW group and Great Wall Motor, and are based on a dedicated platform. In other words, future petrol versions, still not presented, will actually be based on a separate model. We do not yet know if their appearance will betray this different technical base, but we already know that they will continue to be produced in Oxford (England). Five -door and convertible versions are also expected.

The new Countryman, technically derived from the BMW IX1, will be produced in Germany. It should also offer petrol engines, rechargeable hybrids and perhaps even diesel.

For the moment, the range of electric mini cooper and country is made up of two different versions: Cooper e and Cooper. In the case of Countryman, the Cooper version of 313 hp has a second electric motor on its rear axle for an all4 all -wheel drive.

The new Mini Cooper is equipped with a 40.7 kWh battery in Cooper E version (305 km of autonomy) and 54.2 kWh for the Cooper SE (402 km). A single pack of 64.7 kWh feeds the Countryman Cooper E (462 km) and Cooper SE All 4 (433 km). Mini specifies, however, that this technical data is still temporary.

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Mini Cooper is

Mini Cooper SE 2023

Offered in a single version, Cooper is the only 100% electric model at Mini. Its electric motor develops 181 horsepower and sends everything to the front wheels. It has a battery whose capacity amounts to 32.6 kWh. The manufacturer announces an autonomy of 183 kilometers with a single load which makes it an urban type electric vehicle. It is made in Oxford in Great Britain.

Tests and files

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Having enjoyed an update for the 2022 model year, the Mini Cooper is already turning to its next generation. Camouflaged prototypes have been seen on a few occasions, but this time, the car exposed herself to the light. More specifically, we are still talking about a prototype (it seems to be a mini ..

Mini Hatch Mini Cooper Technical Shack (2020) (3 -door sedan)


CO2 emission: 0 g / km CO2 emission: 0 g / km B C CO2 emission: 0 g / km of CO2 emission: 0 g / km F g CO2 emission: 0 g / km h i emission of CO2: 0 G / km J K CO2 emission: 0 g / km L m


Our measures


Maximum speed 150 km/h
0 to 100 km / h 7.3 s
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h 7.3 s
400 m DA (departure/decree) 16.0 s
1000 m DA (departure/decree) 31.4 s
Braking 50 to 0 km/h vacuum 10 m
Braking 100 to 0 km/h vacuum 40 m
Braking 130 at 0 km/h vacuum 68 m
Slowed down – db
Noise at 90 km/h 65 dB
Noise at 130 km/h 71 DB


Number of places 4
Length 3.845 m
Width 1.727 m
Height 1.432 m
Unloaded weight 1365 kg
Mini chest volume measured – dm3
Maximum chest volume measured – dm3
Before measured weight 830 kg
Total weight measured 1423 kg


Energy Electric
Power 0 CH
Fiscal power 3 CV
Maximum power speed 7000 rpm
Couple 270 Nm
Maximum couple diet 100-1000 rpm


Gearbox Automatic
Transmission mode Traction


AV serial tires 195/55 R16
AR serial tires 195/55 R16

Serial equipment

Foggers AV No
Air conditioner No
Wireless smartphone recharge No
Audio system
Navigation No
Speed ​​regulator No
Parking radar/rear view camera
Sunroof No
Rain sensor No


Current marketing No

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