The fiber flow, its explanation and the medium fiber flow of each operator, test fiber flow – measure its connection speed

Optical fiber flow test

SFR Offers 4 Fixed Fiber Optical Subscriptions: Each of these subscriptions is available via full optical fiber (FTTH) or via a coaxial termination (FTTLA fiber, called THD offer by SFR).

The fiber flow, its explanation and the medium fiber flow of each operator

You want to know more about the fiber optic flow ? Find the fundamental points to know about the fiber flow and the terminology that results from it: real flows and theoretical flows, downward and upright flow. Also discover the flows offered by the various fiber offers from Internet operators.

  • The essential
  • THE fiber flow proposed by suppliers is approximately 1 Gbit/s in France in 2022.
  • This corresponds to a connection speed 50 to 1000 times higher that in Adsl.
  • THE Best fiber flow is at Free: 8 Gbit/s Via its Freebox Delta offer.
  • You have to make a difference between Real flow fiber and theoretical flow : operators always announce the maximum theoretical speed.

The fiber flow explained in detail

What speed with fiber optics compared to the ADSL ?

homemade fiber

Optical fiber represents in 2023 the type of internet technology the most used In France, going beyond ADSL. This is currently the fastest technology available for private French.

At the start of the ADSL, in the 2000s, one could exceed 1 Mbit/s. Now, with fiber, we easily reaches 1 Gbit/s, which is 1000 times faster. Fiber flow can even reach 2 to 8 Gbit/s According to the Internet boxes used.

This major development of the connection speed makes it possible to revolutionize our use of the Internet, By popularizing ever -increasingly large downloading, viewing content in 4K or live game streaming.

Thanks to the high performance of fiber optic flow, France has entered thevery high speed era. We are talking about high speed for connections less than 30 Mbit/s, and very high speed beyond. More than 34 million households are eligible for a very high speed offer, including 30.8 with end -to -end fiber (called FTTH fiber).

How fiber optic works ? A fiber connection is made by means of a cable carrying a glass wire : the latter is light driver and can transmit digital data over long distances and at very high speed. The network serving fiber optics is independent of the copper network used for ADSL and VDSL.

What is the downstream and ride fiber flow ?

When we mention the flow of an internet connection (fiber or other), you must make the difference between two types of flow: the downspout and the upright. Very often, we use English terms download And upload To talk about these two types of flows.

  1. The fiber down flow (in reception) corresponds to the speed at which a connection will Download and receive data. This is for example the case of downloading a film or a music album. An optical fiber flow will allow you to watch a live video live, while with an ADSL connection, it will not be possible without slowdowns.
  2. The fiber price rate (sending) refers to the speed of data that we send on the net. Typically, upload a video on YouTube or upload many files on a sharing platform. Very often, the upload rate is far below the Download flow rate. If these two flow rates are very close in terms of speed, we then speak of symmetrical flows.

There Integral optical fiber (FTTH) has the best speeds on the market, followed by the Coaxial ending fiber (Fttla). The other types of connection (Wimax, Satellite, VDSL and ADSL2) are far behind, as you can observe in the table below:

Fiber flow compared to the rest

Access type Maximum descending speed Maximum amount
Optic fiber (FTTH) Until 8 Gbit/s Until 1 Gbit/s
Coaxial ending fiber (FTTLA) Until 1 Gbit/s Until 100 Mbit/s
Internet via satellite Until 150 Mbit/s Until 20 Mbit/s
Wimax Radio Internet Until 30 Mbit/s Until 5 Mbit/s
VDSL2 Until 70 Mbit/s Until 5 Mbit/s
ADSL Until 20 Mbit/s Until 1 Mbit/s

The best fiber flow by operator

The four large internet access providers in France have their own fiber optic networks that they have deployed for many years. From now on, fiber is accessible to the majority of French people and its price is often identical to a equivalent adsl offer. A simple eligibility test allows you to know if you can benefit from the fiber.

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Eligibility test – Fiber

Call us for free to find out the eligibility of your address and discover the available offers.

Bouygues fiber offers and their flows

At Bouygues, the fiber flow goes from 400 Mbit/s to 2 Gbit/s. Three internet offers can be taken out with the operator: Bbox Fit, BBOX Must And Bbox Ultym, corresponding to entry -level without TV services, mid -range and finally high -end enriched in services.

Bouygues sometimes offers Special series limited in time. It is most often a Bbox must or ultym offer accompanied by a Canal+ subscription included, all offered at an advantageous rate.

Sweets reached via SFR fiber

SFR Offers 4 Fixed Fiber Optical Subscriptions: Each of these subscriptions is available via full optical fiber (FTTH) or via a coaxial termination (FTTLA fiber, called THD offer by SFR).

The fiber flow of the operator’s FTTH offers will 500 Mbit/s at 8 Gbit/s While in THD, we cap at 1 Gbit/s (and 100 Mbit/s in upload). THD offers are still offered to people who still cannot benefit from end -to -end fiber.

Fiber flow at Free

Free offers the Best fiber flow in France with SFR, via its Freebox Delta And Freebox Pop. The Delta reaches 8 Gbit/s fiber optics while pop can go up to 5 Gbit/s, But only in shared flow (2.5 gbit/s per device, for 2 connected devices simultaneously).

There Freebox Revolution, As for her, offers a fiber flow of 1 Gbit/s on reception. The differences in tariffs between offers are mainly explained by the TV services included or not in each offer.

Free also offers another offer without TV services: the Freebox Delta S for 39.99€/month. The Delta offer also displays a theoretical flow of 8 Gbit/s And it is equipped with the same modem as the Delta Standard offer.

Orange fiber offers

The Orange Internet offer catalog is very simple since it is only made up of three fiber offers: Livebox, Livebox Up And Livebox Max. With the standard livebox offer, you have a descending bandwidth capping at 500 Mbit/s But this flow is symmetrical: you therefore also have 500 Mbit/s In rate rising.

The Livebox Up offer displays a fiber flow rate up to 2 Gbit/s shared between two equipment (It is not possible to reach 2 Gbit/s from a single device). The Livebox Max can go up to 2 Gbit/s on one device.

Note that Orange is the only French operator to offer real internet packs + mobile package (called quadruple play offers). Those are the Open and open up subscriptions, allowing to benefit from a global discount compared to a subscription of internet offer and separate mobile offer.

What is the real flow of fiber ?

The difference between theoretical flow and real flow

Laptop Debit Debit test

Operators, when they display their offers, always indicate a Maximum optical fiber flow. This flow is theoretically achievable on paper, but in real conditions, it will almost never be reached. Most often, it is therefore necessary to expect a real fiber flow of the order of 80 to 95% the theoretical speed announced.

For example, if you have subscribed to an offer whose rate indicated is 1 Gbit/s, but you only reach 900 Mbit/s (i.e. 0.9 Gbit/s) during a flow test, that is completely normal. You stay in the high edge of what your connection is capable of offering in terms of flow.

For any abnormally low connection or flow problem, it is often recommended to Check your connection By being connected via an ethernet cable to remove the possibility of a low or disturbed WiFi signal. If despite a wide diagnosis and a reset of your box, the Flow remains too low, We recommend that you contact the customer service of your operator to benefit from further assistance and possible replacement of your equipment.

Figures on real fiber flow

What is the Fiber optical fiber in France ? Studies carried out on large samples allow to have a relatively precise idea of ​​the average fiber flow (FTTH) for connections in metropolitan territory.

nperf published in January 2023 its last barometer on the performance of connections in France for the four major Internet operators. It appears that :

  • The medium fiber flow at SFR is 450 Mbit/s.
  • At Free, it is 597 Mbit/s.
  • As for Bouygues, the average is 481 Mbit/s.
  • For Orange, the measured flow is to 456 Mbit/s.

Thus Free stands out slightly from its competitors by being on average 30% faster, what can be explained by a minimum fiber flow proposed to 1 Gbit/s (against 300 to 400 Mbit/s in competition) and the presence of 2 offers to 5 And 8 Gbit/s. SFR, Bouygues and Orange all three display a very close real flow.

Measure the fiber flow of your connection

You subscribe fiber and want to know the real speed of your connection ? Use our test tool below and click on “Launch the test“”. The test takes a few tens of seconds to measure your descending and upright fiber flow.

It is recommended not to have Too many open tabs To maximize your chances of having a higher flow during a test. You also have to avoid having Too devices connected to your box and requesting his connection.

Ethernet cable connection will be always more advised that a wifi connection if you want to reach a higher and constant medium fiber flow. As we have explained before, don’t be surprised if you don’t reach the maximum speed announced by your operator: there is always a slight difference with the real flow that you get.

You are looking for an offer with a flow rate greater than 1 Gbit/s ?

Maximum fiber optic flow: beyond 8 Gbit/s ?

Currently, the fiber offers marketed for individuals are limited to 8 Gbit/s, the fastest being the Freebox Delta And SFR Fiber 8 Power. However, it is not impossible that this flow is exceeded in the years to come.

The operators provide for the evolution of the fiber network and adapt their modems accordingly to be adorned in front of a future Fiber flow ascent. The Bbox WiFi 6, Box 8x and Freebox Delta are for example already equipped with an RJ45 port that can support the Fiber 10 Gbit/s, Even if the two operators break the connections to 2 and 8 Gbit/s for the moment.

10 Gbit/s, it is undoubtedly the future standard of fiber in the country, but it is difficult to estimate when it is democratized. In 2 years, 5 years or even 10 ? More than 10 million households are still not eligible for a fiber optic offer And the government, via its very high speed France plan, wants above all a fiber coverage of the entire population.

319 Tbit/s: Fiber flow record This speed was affected by a Japanese institute in July 2021, using a standard thickness fiber.

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Optical fiber flow test

The average fiber flow is to 375.86 Mbit/s in Download (Learn more). Take the fiber test too.

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What is the speed of your fiber internet connection ?

A fiber flow test studies and measures the flow of an internet fiber optic connection. Neutral, independent and free, the SPEED ADSL & Fiber zone zone test works with all operators (Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange, SFR. )). Other flow tests (ADSL, Mobile 5G, etc.) are also offered by ADSL & Fiber zone.

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Identify the fiber breakdowns near you

Your fiber flow is low or seems to have decreased lately ?
Thanks to our fiber network pannes tool, discover if a incident has been reported on the network of your operator near you.

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What is the average fiber flow in France ?

Average flow in France

375.86 Mbit/s in download
304.99 Mbit/s upload

Fiber optic technology, which covers 80.6% Metropolitan France offers the French an average fiber flow in download of 375.86 Mbit/s All operators combined. The average fiber flow in upload is to 304.99 Mbit/s and the middle fiber ping in France of 9.49 ms.

Operator fiber flow rates

Operator Download
1 Orange 407.83 Mbit/s
2 Free 365.60 Mbit/s
3 SFR 353.67 Mbit/s
4 Bouygues Telecom 351.27 Mbit/s

In download, with an average fiber flow of 407.83 Mbit/s (against 302.76 Mbit/s the previous year), Orange offers the best speed of data loading in mainland France.

Operator Upload
1 Orange 323.04 Mbit/s
2 Free 305.56 Mbit/s
3 Bouygues Telecom 304.28 Mbit/s
4 SFR 267.54 Mbit/s

Upload, Orange is first with a medium fiber flow in upload of 323.04 Mbit/s in France.

Evolution of Fiber flow in upload and download in France

In download, going from 313.43 Mbit/s has 375.86 Mbit/s, The average fiber flow in download in mainland France has evolved from +19.92% in one year.

For the upload, the average fiber flow went from 261.92 Mbit/s has 304.99 Mbit/s, or an evolution of +16.44% in one year.

Classification of regions of France by fiber flow

Internet fiber flow in Download by region

324.04 Mbit/s 566.80 Mbit/s

Regarding the Download, the three regions of France which display the best fiber download speeds are:

  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur with an average fiber flow in download of 566.80 Mbit/s
  • Corsica (446.83 Mbit/s))
  • Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (379.11 Mbit/s)).

Conversely, the three regions that have the lowest fiber download speeds are:

Internet fiber flow in the upload by region

289.24 Mbit/s 359.24 Mbit/s

As for the upload, the three regions of France which have the best speeds sending data thanks to the optical fiber are:

  • Corsica With an average fiber flow in upload of 359.24 Mbit/s
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (352.99 Mbit/s))
  • Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (318.33 Mbit/s))

Conversely, the three regions that have the lowest speeds sending fiber data are:

��‍�� Fiber flow methodology

In 2022, more than 6 million flow tests were carried out on our connection speed measurement tool.
From this data, a statistical analysis is carried out to determine the average values ​​by technology, operator and regional of the downhill debit (Download), the amount (upload) and the latency (Ping).

Discover the condition of the fiber cover at home

Your flow depends directly on the state of the fiber optic coverage in your locality. Where is the deployment fiber in your municipality, department and/or region ? To find out, see our optical fiber coverage page and access the coverage card.