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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: the folding smartphone we were waiting for

The counterpart of this choice of design is immediate: for the slightest action, you will have to open the phone above all. Some will see a real challenge on a daily basis, where others will appreciate this little decompression airlock between the phase “I do not use my smartphone” and “I use it”. A bit like you suddenly find the sometimes blurred borders between these two states. It’s fun to see that for a function that looks so anecdotal (the phone closes like a valve), we can achieve a relationship with the so different object.

Samsung galaxy z flip3 test: it folds all your desires

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is the other folding smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer offering a cell phone type format with a horizontal fold allowing both an extremely compact form closed, but also a large mobile then that it is completely open. Promising a solid experience, especially thanks to a one -UI interface offering fluidity and features, to one of the best processors for Android and therefore two screens, all in a more hardened chassis than the previous and waterproof. We were able to test it fully and here are our impressions.\

Samsung galaxy z flip3 test: it folds all your desires

Technical sheet of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3:

  • 6.7 -inch AMOLED screen, 1080×2636 pixels 120 Hz
  • 1.9 inch AMOLED screen, 112×300 60 Hz pixels
  • Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 128/256 GB of non -extensible internal storage
  • Double 12+12 megapixel photo sensor
  • 10 megapixel front sensor
  • Fingerprint reader on the profile
  • 3300 mAh battery compatible charging 25 watts
  • Operating system: Android 11 with an ONE UI 3 software overlay.1

Design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 takes exactly the lines of its predecessor So much so that he offers strictly identical dimensions Just like its weight of 173 grams, rather reasonable for a folding smartphone. But compared to the other models currently available in certain markets, thee flip3 relies on a horizontal opening which allows it to offer an extremely compact shape when closed. This is one of these great forces and on a daily basis, in the end, we are happy to “find” a mobile device that does not take up much space in pocket. We even take it to look for it sometimes if the pocket in question (or the bag) is a bit large. Admittedly, it is 17.3 mm with thickness folded, but only 7.2 mm when it is open, as the finest on the market. It is available in four colors: green, lavender, cream or black.

Back of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The hinge has been reviewed to offer a more flexible and easier opening than the previous model. The opening to one hand is possible, but a little delicate. When it is open, it remains very stable, not tilting back and allowing such a position to look at certain media, for example. It can hold like this up to an opening angle of 145 degrees, without switching. A 90 degree position, Or even slightly more, also allows you to take selfie without having a tense arm, the mobile being simply placed in front of you. It’s extremely practical. According to Samsung, the hinge was certified to withstand at least 200,000 manipulations, or 100 folds per day for 5 years. Closed, the edges are very slightly closer to each other than on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. However, it must be noted that there is a small space. This is not the case with the folding smartphone Oppo Find n, the two aspects of which are literally touched. The device benefits from an aluminum chassis, more resistant than the previous model. In addition, note its IPX8 certification, which makes it completely waterproof, but not dust. It is already an excellent thing and thus allows this device to hold its rank of real technological showcase.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Closed

Let’s open the mobile to go around and see the presence, as on the previous model, of the fingerprint reader on the right profile, at the level of the standby button. It is a bit high when the mobile is open, but well placed when closed. Right next to it, there is a double button to manage the volume. The SIM card drawer is located on the opposite profile. Only one is supported, but note the possibility of activating the ESIM function for a second line. Unfortunately, Unable to extend internal storage capacity.

Profile of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Lower and upper profile of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Finally, on the lower edge, there is the USB-C connector and a grid for the speaker. The other speaker is installed above the screen. So we take advantage of a stereo sound which is a good thing especially since the level is rather coherent. Mediums and treble are present much more than low -call frequencies to the call. The sound saturated when you push the volume a little too high. Note compatibility with the Dolby Atmos format. We will quickly associate him with a Bluetooth helmet or to use an adapter for a wired listening system. Like the previous Galaxy Z Flip, it is 5G compatible, but this time offers Wi-Fi 6, more efficient with better speed and greater range. The device is of course compatible with NFC for contactless payment. If you use the Samsung Pay service, you don’t have to open the device to pay. Just slide a finger on the touch screen to activate the payment function and then approach it from the terminal and validate the operation by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader. Unfortunately, this function is only available with Samsung Pay and does not work with Google Pay which requires the opening of the mobile to carry out the same operation.

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A secondary external screen now touch

The Galaxy Z Flip3 has an external screen. He is bigger than the previous one Measuring 1.9 inch (against 1.1 inch on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G). Now tactile, he can come alive when you get tired twice quickly. You can scroll several functions whose order is customizable: weather, clock, alarm, voice recorder, timer, music control, number of steps, messages, agenda, etc. and add widgets if necessary. Too bad we cannot answer directly, the screen used mainly to consult the information and various notifications received, the rest of the operations to be done by opening the device. It is however possible to control music reading.

External screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

In use, it is practical and often avoids opening the mobile to see the messages, but we would have liked to have a little more interaction possibilities despite everything. This is a Dalle of which we highlight the good quality and the brightness sufficient to be readable outdoors even in full sun.

A more resistant and 120 Hz internal screen

The internal screen of the Galaxy Z Flip3 in 22: 9 format is fully unfolding on 6.7 inches diagonally with a definition of 1080×2636 pixels. Unlike other screens, it is surrounded by a slight black border that we think is embarrassing for tactile manipulations, but ultimately that is forgotten in use. The screen benefits from a 120 Hz refresh frequency, An improvement compared to the previous model limited to 60 Hz. Furthermore, The screen is said to be more robust by Samsung capable, a priori, to better resist stripes. It is covered by a protective film. This can be removed and it can even be changed if it turns out to be too striped during its use. The oled slab being flexible, when it is fully unfolded, we still note the presence of a small brand in the middle. If we notice it at the beginning, we forget it quickly enough over the use of the device. When you pass the finger, you also feel the fold. The colorimetry remains controlled over the entire display surface without imprecision in the center, which is an excellent thing.

Internal screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

In the device settings, You can adjust the brightness of each screen independently. It is also possible to adjust the refresh frequency of the internal screen by selecting the adaptive mode which automatically adapts the frequency according to the application in use or the standard mode which caps at 60 Hz to save battery. Two screen modes are available: lively and natural with, in the latter case, the possibility of modifying the white balance. Brightness is sufficient for outdoor use, even in full sun. Finally, note a punch at the top in the center to leave space to the front photo sensor.

L parameters

Powerful everything you need

Technically, the Galaxy Z Flip3 rises from a notch compared to the previous model since it is Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip (against Snapdragon 865 on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G) AVEC 8 GB of RAM. He is available with 128 or 256 GB of storage space, Depending on the chosen configuration. Let us recall the impossibility of extending this capacity, which means that you have to choose the right purchase according to your memory needs. With such a platform, the mobile is efficient and performs all applications with a large velocity. No game is also resistant to play with a good fluidity and an excellent level of graphics. We have not noticed a chronic slowdown, which is a very good thing.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 performance tests

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Many practical uses for multimedia

A bit like the Galaxy Z Fold3, The Galaxy Z Flip3 can be in Flex mode, that is to say, folded at 90 degrees to allow the viewing of videos on one of its shutters when the other serves as a flat support. We do not take advantage of as much width as with the other folding mobile of Samsung, but the position remains practical. On certain applications (provided for in terms of development), touch controls are displayed on the lower part of the screen as under YouTube or Spotify, for example. Note that in this position, we can also communicate with Google Duo, again with an adapted interface. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is perfectly capable of reading HD multimedia content in full HD quality since it is compatible with DRM WIDELINE L1.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 screen

Otherwise, The mobile uses Android 11 with a One UI software overlay Already seen on the Galaxy Z Fold3, but also on the other mobiles of the brand. This does not change offering a high level of personalization as well as a sidebar for shortened functions, in addition to those already available at the notification bar.

Interface of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 settings

Detail Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 parameters

Improved photo quality

To take photos, the Galaxy Z Flip3 takes up the sensors of the previous model, namely two 12 megapixel modules for the wide angle and the ultra-angle. With them, the device offers more flattering shots than Galaxy Z Flip 5G with a more important level of detail and excellent colorimetry. The software processing proves to be efficient, thus making it possible to get beautiful photos overall, regardless of the sensor used. There is no optical zoom here, but only digital which allows you to go up to 10x For somewhat delicate results. The device also has a 10 megapixel sensor at the screen level. This one offers less gratifying shots with a more saturated and less precise rendering.

Grand-angle photo with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The advantage of having two screens is that you can also use the two back sensors to take selfie, simply by activating the corresponding function in the interface in order to use the external screen as a framing source. It is very practical and the results are better for selfies. Photo taking can be triggered remotely, by a simple gesture. The camera application interface adapts to the opening of the internal screen offering a full view if it is completely unfolded or offering a view only on the upper part of the screen if it is slightly folded also turning to the lower part the options normally available at the top. Several modes are immediately accessible: single take, portrait, photo, video and more. This last menu provides access to other modes: Ar doodle, pro, panorama, food, night, portrait video, pro video, super idle, slow motion, hyperlapse and view of the director (double view).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 camera interface

Photo zooms with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Finally, note the possibility of Film with an ultra HD definition up to 60 frames per second. We appreciate the limitation of the bounds of the device, in particular thanks to its integrated stabilizer.

1x zoom photo with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

A correct autonomy, but a still slow load

With Its 3300 mAh battery, it is One of the smallest capacities on a mobile currently. Unsurprisingly, we have a day, but not much more. If we have a rather intensive use, it is fashionable to provide an intermediate load solution to give it some colors and continue to use it. Otherwise, we can also play on the refresh frequency and the maximum use of the external screen avoiding opening the internal surface, more energy consumer. What is not really going in the right direction is the fact that The battery does not support a quick load. Indeed, it caps at 15 watts While even mid -range smartphones offer 65 watts, not to mention the Xiaomi 11t Pro which supports 120 Watts. This means that he earns barely 40% in half an hour of charge. And to top it all, Samsung does not provide the power supply … as on the other most upscale series. Mobile can, however, support the wireless load. At 35%, in this case, it still requires 1h46 before a full load.

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Our opinion on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

For us, the new version of this Folding valve smartphone who knows how to be very small but who can also offer A very nice display surface is a success in particular compared to the previous model. It enhances the level of finishes with a more robust character, a waterproofing in water, better quality photos and increased performance. He therefore erases the errors of the previous one even if we can always blame him for a limited autonomy and an overly slow charge in the face of competition. For us, ergonomic and powerful, it is still extremely pleasant to use on a daily basis.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: The folding smartphone we expected

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip_3

Water waterproof, more robust, better finished, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is also much more affordable than its predecessor. Its compact valve format that hides a superb 6.7 -inch Amoled screen is to date one of the best illustrations for the relevance of a folding smartphone.

Samsung galaxy z flip3 test: our opinion

You would fall for a foldable smartphone ? Unveiled in August 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 may well capsize you ! Unfolded, the 6.7 -inch AMOLED screen (17 cm diagonal) is just perfect in Full HD+ and with maximum fluidity. Folded (a valve phone manner), it turns into a small square phone, very easy to slip into your pocket, but with a small external screen that allows you to use it without having to redeploy it. The performances are obviously there with its Snapdragon 888 compatible 5G processor and its 8 GB of RAM. And with a decreased price of 500 euros compared to his predecessor, he frankly has all the advantages to convince all technophiles.

A more robust smartphone

The fragility of the screen and the hinge was, it must be admitted, one of the main question subjects before the purchase of a folding smartphone. Samsung has worked a lot on this aspect for Galaxy Z Flip 3, just like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Both have a reinforced aluminum frame, 10% more resistant than the Fold range of 2020. The interior screen is 80% more resistant than on the previous versions and all external faces are protected from scratches and shocks by a reinforced glass Gorilla Glass Victus of the latest. Finally, Samsung announces that the hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been tested to be folded 200,000 times.

The first foldable and waterproof phone

The Korean manufacturer has managed another technical feat: the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, are the very first water -resistant folding smartphones (IPX8 index). They can withstand immersion up to 1.5 meters (in fresh water) for 30 minutes. All these improvements make the Galaxy Z Flip 3 much easier to use on a daily basis. No need to fear damage when you slip it into your pocket or bag. And for the most careful, Samsung has developed a range of protective shells and cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 particularly well thought out.

An XL screen in a pocket format

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a really separate smartphone with its valve design which gives it a very reduced size once closed (72.2 x 86.4 x 17.1mm). This is the main asset of this mobile, compact and light (183 grams) making it easy to slip into a pocket. It therefore offers one of the most spacious display surfaces when unpleasant. A very good compromise when we want to combine these two criteria.

A bright and fluid display

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 opens onto a superb folding screen (2640 x 1080 pixels) which occupies 82% of the facade. Digital.com, our partner, measured its brightness which is almost equivalent to that of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is the guarantee of a bright display in all the light conditions, which is more with optimal fluidity thanks to the cooling rate of 120 Hz. And we find the quality of the Samsung Oled Slab which combines color fidelity and an almost infinite contrast rate. Watching photos or videos on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is simply a treat.
Our advice: preferably opt for “natural” mode in display settings.

An adaptable and practical screen

Thanks to its hinge that can be positioned from all angles, it becomes very easy to make a selfie or make a video call without having to keep the phone. These are two of the possibilities offered by the Flex Mode of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which adapts the interface of certain applications according to the given position on the screen, with specific controls in the lower part of the screen. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a small external screen. Samsung heard returns on the insufficient size of this display. Result, the mini screen is four times larger (1.9 inches) and becomes really suitable for reading messages, notifications, piloting your music or consulting the weather without opening the main screen. Save time, but also a good way to preserve autonomy for these common tasks. Even better, you can use this external screen as a viewfinder to take a picture or film.

Power to resell for all uses

Under the folding screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, there is a Snapdragon 888 processor with 8 GB of RAM of RAM. A combo that delivers all the necessary performance for current uses, multitasking and even video games. Applications launch out without delay and can be accused without fluidity losing navigation. A good note also for the two stereo speakers which provide a completely convincing sound. Finally, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is obviously compatible with 5G and can therefore offer the best performance for communication and data transfer speeds (subject to having a 5G package and being in a covered area not network).

The autonomy of the improved Galaxy Z Flip 3

On the autonomy side, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, will be a good daily partner. Indeed, the foldable smartphone held 13h31 min, according to our partner’s laboratory test protocol, digital.com. It is an hour of better than the previous Galaxy Z Flip, which allows you to consider a day of use if you lean judiciously on the external screen for current tasks, which do not require to unfold the ‘main screen.

A camera in net progress

Deemed perfectible on the Galaxy Z Flip 2020, the camera of the 2021 vintage has corrected the shot well. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is still based on two 12 megapixel modules: the Grand Angle and the Ultra Grand Angle. But day photos are much more detailed and better exposed, and give satisfaction in most situations. The night mode is still behind compared to the best high -end models, but it produces completely usable shots. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 can also film up to 4K at 30 or 60 frames per second. Its main sensor benefits from optical stabilization which effectively removes the tremors.

Who is the galaxy z flip3 ?

More successful, better suited to common use and more affordable financially, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will convince all users who were already seduced by folding smartphones, but who still found them too expensive and not practical enough. He was also one of the best 5G smartphones in 2021.

What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 ?

Samsung makes the bet that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will democratize the folding smartphone. To do this, the Korean giant has significantly adjusted the base price, which falls at 1059 euros for the 128 GB version. The 2020 Galaxy Z Flip was sold 1499 euros.
Choose the Galaxy Z Flip 3

  • The more robust screen and hinge
  • Waterproofing with water and dust
  • The secondary screen, larger and more practical
  • The price in sharp decreases

6 months with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: he took the fold

I spent six months in the company of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Autonomy, resistance of the screen and the hinge, updates, price evolution, daily use. We take stock of this smartphone really not like the others.

I spent six months with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. As a reminder, this is Samsung’s latest folding smartphone with the “folding in the middle” format. For him, he had three main assets when he was released: a lower price compared to his predecessors (1059 euros at the time), a larger external screen and a frankly seasonal and compact design once folded.

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After six months of good and loyal service, it is time for him to leave my pocket. The questions that arise are as follows: if I had bought it when it was released, I would regret it ? Is it still worth six months later, now that the hype has passed ? Let us dissect it all.

The price is a big yes

On the price front, we can say that the situation is even better six months after its release. The phone has lost much of its value, including new, making it a much better deal than when it comes out. Today you can find a z flip at the maximum price of 750 euros by looking a little at the moment, with prices flirting with the 600 and 550 euros in reconditioned.

When it comes out, its detractors pointed out – just – finger that the Z flip cost almost as expensive as a premium smartphone like a Mi 11 Ultra or an S21 Plus for example, without the traditional advantages of the formula (QHD screen, photo at the top, etc.) In a sense, the current cost of Z Flip seems more to us its “natural” price, the one to which one can more feel like you have for your money.

Autonomy: the big defect

The first of the faults, the one who surpasses all the others, the one that must be taken into account before throwing himself eagerly on the beautiful design of the Z Flip 3, is undoubtedly his disastrous autonomy. We had already underlined it in our test, stressing how the Z Flip 3 is not an autonomous smartphone (7:46 of battery via our target protocol, a compulsory load in the middle of the afternoon so as not to return without phone), we cannot insist enough to underline that it does not improve at all.

I would have liked to provide you with specific data on the autonomy of Z Flip 3, with typical use cases, this kind of thing. But the truth is simpler: I spent these six months with a 25W Samsung charger (not supplied with the phone) permanently in my bag, so as to load it once or twice a day to put it back.

The worst comes when you really use the phone. I think of this morning when I left me at 9 am with a full battery, which I crossed Paris by metro with the GPS, taken notes once arrived at my appointment and where I was 25 % autonomy at 11:30 am. This phone is not only low in autonomy, it also heats a lot as soon as it is used a little intensely. He therefore tends to discharge faster than the average according to my experience.

Personally (I work in an office, not far from my home, I rarely go away more than an hour from my home in my everyday life), so I supported this big defect without resuming too much , accepting it as a downside which I could accommodate myself in my routine. I of course railed here or there, like the times I had to wait to recharge it a bit before jogging or going out to see friends. I have accommodated it, because my personal and professional life allows me. On the other hand, I will advise against this phone to anyone who would need if only a little, of a battery which holds roughly the shock. Or I would advise him to find a bundle with an external battery (it’s a joke, it does not exist).

A smartphone we close is a smartphone that we choose to open

It is all the more annoying that the Z Flip 3 is, if we forget this concern for battery, a smartphone all that is most exciting on a daily basis.

The most interesting point in my eyes will probably not speak to everyone. But if you are subject to fall under the influence of your phone as soon as you consult any notification, the Z flip has this immense advantage of allowing you to stay informed with its external screen, without being at one or two swipe of tik Tok or Twitter. It seems nothing, but at a time when the slightest application wants you to fall into a behavioral addiction, this physical barrier (the phone is closed, I must open it to enter) helps a lot to keep a healthy Distance with his precious companion.

The counterpart of this choice of design is immediate: for the slightest action, you will have to open the phone above all. Some will see a real challenge on a daily basis, where others will appreciate this little decompression airlock between the phase “I do not use my smartphone” and “I use it”. A bit like you suddenly find the sometimes blurred borders between these two states. It’s fun to see that for a function that looks so anecdotal (the phone closes like a valve), we can achieve a relationship with the so different object.

The interior screen holds the right end

Now let’s go to phone analysis once open. First note: I continued, throughout these six months to appreciate the fact that the Z Flip offers the best of both worlds: a compact phone when folded, while enjoying a large screen of 6, 7 inches. So compact that I happened to forget it at the bottom of my pocket, literally, and to return my whole apartment, thinking of having lost it.

The 22: 9 screen ratio is the point that ended up the most weariness with time. It is nothing unacceptable, but no longer being able to appreciate YouTube videos without undergoing two huge black bars on the sides clearly ends up regretting this choice a little. Certainly, some more cinema content adapts much better to this format, since they delete black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. There, this is a real pleasure, but too rare a pleasure: only some 10 % of what I looked at on this phone came into this box.

Where the very elongated aspect of the Z Flip 3 is perfect, however, it is on social networks a more recent like Tiktok for example, where verticality is central. I appreciated this little additional space offered to me on 22: 9.

Another fairly unique advantage of the formula, which I continued to use during these six months in a very regular way: the telephone lies in its balance on its own when it is folded at 90 degrees. You can even choose to display certain apps differently with checks on the lower part of the screen and the app interface at the top. I no longer count the evenings spent on my PC to use the z flip as a central hub, placed quietly on my desktop. It allowed me to scroll a little while talking about Discord, to manage my music, or other. If we can do all that with a classic smartphone placed on a stand, I still appreciated the comfort of a smartphone capable of offering this type of experience without accessory. This is probably the functionality that I will miss most.

Is he getting good ?

At the sight of this frail esqui, many who wonder about its solidity. It is therefore one of the obvious interests of this long test, even if it remains partial. A smartphone in very good working order 6 months after its purchase can lose in reliability after a year for example.

The exterior, to start, seems to me to resist the horrors of time fairly well and keeps most of his cachet. On the other hand, we invite you to bring you a shell for this phone. We have noticed the gradual appearance of scratches on the cream part and small impacts on the slices of the phone a little soft than the rest of the device.

The screen, for its part, holds the right end except for a small detail. Overall, we get used to the plastic appearance supposed to imitate the glass of the screen. It is also very resistant and not marked for 98 % of its surface. The catch is that at the level of the hinge, in the last month of use, I started to see that my thumb was hanging a little more. Very quickly, some micro scratches began to appear. Fortunately, these are not at all visible on a daily basis. The fact remains that I only used the phone six months, and let us specify, without its screen protection present for the purchase. We can therefore advise you to keep it.

At the rank of concerns about the sustainability of the object, it should also be emphasized that spent four to five months, the telephone no longer opens at 100 %, but at 99.8 %, probably because of an accumulation dusty. If this is not particularly annoying, it is nonetheless a little frustrating to be able to open its hinge entirely.

Another important element for the lifespan of the phone: I was able to update it under one UI 4 (Android 12) and thus take advantage of all the small innovations of the latest version of the interface. Despite a few bugs on the first month, the transition went smoothly and I even have the feeling that the smartphone has gained somewhat ease of use. Notifications take for example much less space.

A z flip does not offer what is expected of a premium smartphone, but it does not matter

Ultimately, I really enjoyed these six months spent with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It is a smartphone really not like the others that is very comfortable to use on a daily basis, if you have a grip nearby.

On the other hand, the Z Flip 3 is certainly too expensive for its own good, in that it does not offer the expected qualities of a premium smartphone in 2022. For example, I have talked very little about photos in this article, for a simple reason: these are much lower than everything can produce flagships released in recent months. The slightly dated sensors of the phone are certainly for something. That said, the quality remains completely correct, do not fear.

In short, the folding of Samsung is not really a premium smartphone in the traditional sense of the term, but it offers many unique qualities that you will not find elsewhere. Qualities that I continued to use daily during these six months. We would have thought that once the hype dropped, I would end up using it like any other smartphone, but that is not really the case. And the real good news is that six months after its release, it no longer costs the price of a premium smartphone at all.

The Z Flip 3 will therefore remain a phone not necessarily put in all hands. But if you think you are a customer of its many qualities, while being able to ignore its faults, it is simply the best smartphone with its format on the market. That’s not bad.