Tenways CGO600 PRO: best price, technical and news sheet – Electric bikes – Frandroid, Tenways CGO600: A light and efficient electric bike at an affordable price ��‍♂️

CGO600 tenways test: a light and effective electric bike at an affordable price ��‍♂️

The Tenways CGO600 is available from 1499 euros on the official website, in several colors and in two sizes (M or L). It is currently delivered with the two fellows and a crutch.

CGO600 Pro Tenways

The CGO600 Pro Tenways is an electric bike with a 250 W engine in the rear hub providing it with a torque of 35 nm and a top speed of 25 km/h. It has a torque sensor (assistance transmitted proportional to the force put in the pedals). On the autonomy side, it has a removable battery which will give it up to 100 km depending on the mode used.

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Tenways is a very young brand that still has a lot to prove in the electric bike world. Its first VAE – the Dutch model CGO800S – was indeed released in 2021, after a successful crowdfunding campaign. The CGO600 was followed, also intended for the city, but with a more typed road style.

For this start of 2023, the company based in Amsterdam strengthens its offer with a third model: the CGO600 Pro, which, as its name suggests, is none other than the professional version of the CGO600. In total, 200 euros separate these two products: 1,599 euros for the most affordable, 1799 euros for the most expensive.

A difference in autonomy above all

What differences can we observe between the two ? The CGO600 Pro goes further in terms of energy capacity, and offers between 70 and 100 km of theoretical autonomy (which will have to be checked with a complete test). While his little brother will go further than 70 km. For those who swallow the km on a daily basis, maybe it is to take into account.

Another distinctive element: the front lighthouse, which is invited directly into the steering tube on the CGO600 Pro. On its fellow, an independent lighthouse fixed on the bike made a lighting. Visually, it is therefore better successful on the pro, but perhaps less practical: if you turn the handlebars, the lighthouse does not follow this movement.

In its press release sent to the editorial staff, Tenways claims that its brand new electric cycle is the lightest in the range thanks to its 16 kg weight. It’s wrong. Just take a look at the CGO600 technical sheet to see a lower value: 15 kg. Be careful not to be fooled by this marketing pirouette.

A nice tech sheet

For the rest, the pair shares the same characteristics more or less. And for 1799 euros, the latter are very attractive on paper: OLED screen, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, carbon gate belt transmission (30,000 km of maintenance -free journeys), adjustable stem to adjust its driving position.

It is advisable to linger on two elements: the Mivice M070 engine placed on the hub of the rear wheel. If its power of 250 WH will propel you to the legal limit of 25 km/h, its torque of 35 nm, it may seem a little bit weak. It will play on its dynamism in starts, covers and on the coast.

By offering only one and only speed associated with a torque sensor (assistance is transmitted proportional to the force you put in the pedals), the CGO600 Pro must also be perfectly calibrated for good s ‘Adapt to each typology of land. On dish for example, the effort should not be too windy.

For example, we had encountered this little problem on the cowboy 4 ST at the beginning of 2022. But at the time, the problem was more linked to software adjustments.

CGO600 PRO tenways: availability

Finally, the CGO600 Pro Tenways Chausse of 28-inch CST tires, associated with aluminum mudguards provided as standard. No luggage racks seem to be offered as an option. On the color side, four choices are available to you: midnight black, pebble gray, avocado green and sky blue.

Available in pre -order at a price of 1799 euros, this model benefits from a special offer of 1699 euros, for shipments scheduled for March.

CGO600 tenways test: a light and effective electric bike at an affordable price ��‍♂️

Electric bikes have had an excellent rating since confinement. They offer an ideal way to move without having to worry about traffic or find a parking space, not to mention the many arrangements made recently in major cities. Today we have lingered on CGO600 tenways, a velotaf that has nothing to envy the biggest.

Tenways is an international brand founded in 2019 by bicycle enthusiasts who designs light bikes with neat and refined design, with headquarters in the Netherlands and Hong Kong. To release its first model, the brand had launched a crowdfunding campaign which ended a year ago with 775,000 euros collected. Since then, Tenways has released two models including the CGO600 that we have been able to test. Note that their bikes are designed in the Netherlands and assembled in Europe, and that all manufacturing processes until the choice of paintings are studied in order to minimize the impact on the environment. The Tenways CGO600 is available from 1499 euros including accessories and in several colors / sizes.

CGO600 Tenways: a vélotaf that looks great

The Tenways CGO600 is a bicycle offering a discreet design, sleek with a sports line, an asset to circulate in town. Offering several discreet colors, this electric bike in two sizes: M for cyclists measuring 165 ~ 180 cm, and L for those larger (180 ~ 200cm).

Marketed from 1499 euros, the CGO600 is far from being a low -end bicycle and presents itself as an affordable alternative to cowboy and other Vanmoof, but also to the last LD 500 E of Decathlon. Moreover, its frame and its fork are made of aluminum 6061, an ultra -resistant and rather light alloy since on the scale, the latter displays only 15 kg !

But let’s go back to the start. The Tenways CGO600 is delivered to you fairly quickly from Europe in a box where you will find it mounted at 90%. Very well wrapped, you will have to put the saddle, mount the pedals, the front wheel and the hanger. Fortunately, Tenways gives you a complete toolbox, a small pump, as well as a simple user manual, which will allow you to go up quite quickly.

Once mounted, the CGO600 looks like a classic bike, and yet it is indeed an electric bike ! The battery is perfectly integrated into the frame and the different cables are very discreet.

On the left of the handlebars, there is a small monochrome Oled screen with all the necessary information (assistance, speed, number of km, etc.), accompanied by 4 buttons to go to the various menus and options. Note that the latter has a code locking system that prevents the bike from starting.

On the right of the handlebars, make way for a manual bell a little too basic. No speeds here since the bike has a simple belt, but we will come back to it.

The CGO600 is equipped with Tektro hydraulic brakes with 160 mm discs which offer fairly powerful braking, but which are easily dose.

On the engine side, it is a M070 250W silent brushless engine from the Mivice brand placed on the rear wheel, and accompanied by a S200 torque sensor of the same manufacturer. No speed therefore on this bike, but assistance with three levels provided by a Gates carbon belt guaranteed for 30,000 km. The latter can go up to 25 km/h (European standard in force). This bike is also quite eligible for the various purchase aids offered in France.

Exceptional state help up to € 400

Since August 15, in order to enhance its use, the government is strengthening the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus for the acquisition of a bicycle. Lighting until December 31, 2022 at least, it increases the ceilings of aid already in place in order to allow households in rural areas to also benefit from aid, often reserved for residents of metropolises.

  • An opening of the bike bonus to the whole territory, which means that it is no longer necessary to have the help of a local community.
  • A revaluation of the bike bonus. If the latter could not exceed 200 €, it will now be capped at € 300, or even € 400 for households being part of the first and second deciles, as well as for people with disabilities.
  • A larger choice of products, especially more specific products such as cargo bikes or folding bikes. The latter will be accompanied by a bonus of 1.000 €, in the event that this does not exceed 40% of the purchase value. A bike below 2.€ 500 should therefore be eligible.

Cumulative devices

Large cities are the first to encourage their citizens to opt for electric bikes. In Paris, three devices overlap:

  • Aid from the city of Paris set at 33% of the purchase price excluding tax and capped at € 400.
  • Aid from the Metropolis of Grand Paris of maximum € 500 for the purchase of a VAE.
  • A premium for the purchase of Île-de-France Mobilités corresponding to 50% of the price within the limit of € 500.

Several other cities and metropolises offer aid for the purchase of a VAE:

  • The Metropolis of Lyon and the 59 municipalities go up to 50% of the purchase price (€ 500 maximum).
  • The Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis is limited to 25% (€ 400 maximum).
  • Bordeaux Métropole grants a grant of € 100.
  • Nantes Métropole offers 25% of the price including tax of bicycle (300 € maximum).
  • The City of Caen only assumes purchase assistance up to € 300.

In addition, many medium -sized cities and agglomeration communities support the acquisition of an electric bike (Orléans, La Rochelle, Roanne, Blois, Épinal, Épernay, Nevers, Vannes, Arcachon, etc.)).

There are also 700C size anti-climbs (standard size) anti-seams accompanied by aluminum alloy rims. The saddle is quite spartan, a saddle cover will be welcome in case of long journeys.

On the lighting side, we have a fairly powerful LED lighthouse at the front which is connected to the battery, but on the other hand a rear light on batteries and quite basic. Note that the tires each have a reflective strip on each side.

Finally, the CGO600 has a 36V / 7AH lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells and fast load (2.5 hours) offering a range up to 70 km depending on the manufacturer.

Note that our model was delivered with front and rear mudguards, as well as a crutch, which is very practical ! Tenways also offers other accessories on its site.

CGO600 tenways: effective and gentle assistance

Rolling with the CGO600 is very pleasant. We only this bike is light, but the driving position is good, slightly raised as on a mountain bike and a little bit forward with a wide handlebar. This gives a slightly sporty side and encourages more pedaling.

But let’s talk about the most important, assistance. And this is a very good surprise, because it is particularly efficient. As we have seen, this bike has no speeds, but a belt, so it is the engine (and your pedal stroke) that will help you ride quickly and without too much effort. Indeed, the assistance of the CGO600 sets out based on the couple sensor present in the crankset. Thus, a cross-turn of the pedal will trigger the assistance which will send power in the rear wheel, but in a very linear, fluid way. Here, no appeal or cuts, the sensor finely regulates the power that the engine will deliver and in a few seconds you arrive at 25 km/h (depending on the selected mode).

And the difference is really there, because it completely changes the situation if it is compared to a conventional electric bike with assistance based on a cadence sensor ! If you want to drive slower or even faster, everything will depend on you, keep you mastery of the bicycle and not the other way around. This therefore compensates for the lack of speed of the bicycle, except for ascending, the 250W of the engine can be a little just depending on the type of slope that you will approach. Let’s say that up to 10% it will go, but the more complicated it can become.

On the road, the CGO600 of Tenways is dynamic, it offers a certain comfort of driving, with biting and reassuring braking. Without suspension, no need to tell you that on damaged path, driving is much less pleasant, while in strong it will be necessary to forget. This bike is truly a bike for the city, a vélotaf par excellence that will be precious to you for the few kilometers that separate your home from your work.

We can also talk about autonomy, since the CGO600 of Tenways is announced for 70 km. In fact, we are going to be between 50 and 60 km depending on the selected assistance mode. It’s really a nice score for this type of bike, which will save you from loading it every night. Only downside, its battery which is not removable and you will therefore need to load the entire bicycle, but fortunately it offers a quick load in 2:30 ! Note on the other hand that it is quite possible to change the battery in case of concern.

Another interesting point is the silence of this bike. The latter does not make a low noise when pedal. As he does not have a chain, but a belt, there is no transmission noise, and on its side, the engine is very silent.

Finally, thanks to its light weight, it is all possible to use the CGO600 without any assistance. Certainly you will have to push a little on your legs and pedal, but that does not put any concern in town on a flat road in particular.

A little word on the small OLED screen, very practical, but not very readable in full sun. It displays the different bicycle settings, but also all the information for driving. It also has a 4 -digit unlocking code to light the bike, more security even if it will not prevent a flight.

Finally, we will quickly talk about the Tenways (iOS, Android) app. It allows you to connect to the bike via Bluetooth, but is very disappointing. On this one you will be able to find your bike with its characteristics, follow and record your different routes, the info type mileage, battery, etc. But it does not add any added value: no tracking in the event of theft, no locking via Bluetooth, no special services.

Where to buy it ?

The Tenways CGO600 is available from 1499 euros on the official website, in several colors and in two sizes (M or L). It is currently delivered with the two fellows and a crutch.

Our opinion

The CGO600 tenways is a good surprise, a light, enduring, pleasant, pleasant, pleasant to drive with good performance, all for a correct price for this type of VAE. We will regret its almost useless application or the power of its slightly light engine for large elevations. However, CGO600 tenways is an excellent alternative in its sector and even more.