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Outdoor camera: Monitor and protect your home from the outside


The terrace is one of the bonded crossing points for burglars who prowl around a house in order to identify access. The action of a video surveillance system therefore applies very well to the terraces, pergolas, pool houses and other summer kitchens, especially if you store equipment that can represent a market value for thieves. At this level, select a height location, to offer the best possible viewing angle to your camera, and Turn your goal towards the place that seems to you to represent the essential crossing point a night visitor to maximize the chances of detection.

Verisure surveillance camera kit: advantages and operation

Verisure living room surveillance camera

For watch out, For stay connected with your loved ones or even for wait for frequent deliveries : the reasons to equip yourself with a surveillance camera kit are multiple.

But This type of video pack can also be integrated into a more global protection offer, Like at Verisure. The objective: increase the functionality and efficiency of the alarm system protégé while offering it the possibility of benefiting from an attractive price offer.

In this article, find a lot of information on the camera and the verrisor kits integrating one or more surveillance cameras.

What is the Verisure surveillance camera kit ?

Surveillance camera kits are available when designing your tailor -made protection system. Initial & optimal offers, different protection packs: for each of them, You can include, in addition to other components, one or two Arlo Pro 4 cameras (depending on the chosen pack) to make it a video surveillance kit.

Thus, with The initial offer + Arlo camera, you benefit :

  • 1 4G/GPRS alarm center-Ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • 1 Multifunction Badges reader with integrated mermaid & intercom + 3 access badges
  • 1 motion detector with integrated photo and flash sensor
  • 1 shock and openings detector
  • 1 Arlo Pro 4 camera
  • 1 plate and dissuasive stickers

With The optimal offer + Arlo camera, Your system has:

  • 1 4G/GPRS alarm center-Ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • 1 Multifunction Badges reader with integrated mermaid & intercom + 6 access badges
  • 2 movement detectors with photo sensors and integrated flashes
  • 2 shock and openings detectors
  • 1 Arlo Pro 4 camera
  • 1 anti-cambriolage fog
  • 1 plate and dissuasive stickers

Finally, The different Verisure protection packs can also integrate one or more camera (s) (s) if you wish it :

Silver Protection Pack ::

  • 1 camera
  • 1 other equipment to choose from (excluding anti-bundled fog and outdoor detector)

Gold Protection Pack ::

  • 1 camera
  • 2 other elements to choose from (excluding anti-cambriolage and outdoor detector fog)

Platinum protection pack a choice :

  • 1 camera and 3 other equipment to choose from (excluding anti-clusation fog; limited to 1 outdoor detector)
  • 2 cameras and 2 other equipment to choose from (excluding anti-bundled fog and outdoor detector)

Camera Protection Pack ::

  • 1 camera
  • 1 accessory to choose from (cable + socket, or Arlo solar panel)

The surveillance camera kit increases the effectiveness of your alarm system by offering you the possibility of Film, save, consult and even interact remotely thanks to integrated surveillance cameras and the dedicated mobile application partner.

How does the verisure surveillance camera kit work ?

Your Kit with surveillance camera is designed to integrate naturally into your verrisor alarm and in places to be secured.

The surveillance camera kit is very simply controlled using a smartphone (iOS or Android). Via the mobile application dedicated to the camera, The user can connect directly to his HD camera. From his screen, he accesses the camera settings as well as the images she transmits live, and can order the recording.

In parallel, The IP camera plays the role of a human presence detector. The camera is indeed able to differentiate a human being from an animal or a package. The goal: to reduce false alerts. Once the configuration has been made for this purpose, the camera is able to automatically record videos as soon as a suspicious presence is spotted. She is thus capable ofwarn its owner of the presence of an intruder thanks to the sending of a notification Even if the latter is not connected to the camera.
Note that registered users are the only ones to be able to use the camera on a daily basis. The agents of the remote monitoring center do not have the possibility of viewing the video flow which it broadcasts outside alert triggers.

The cameras of this video surveillance kit work with or wireless. They can also operate thanks to the use of a solar panel. The filmed video sequences are of high quality and can be recorded on the cloud (included in the offer) or on an SD card using a dedicated hub (not supplied).

The Arlo Pro 4 surveillance camera offered by Verisure is adapted to the uses of individuals and professionals, inside and outside places to secure. You can choose to hang it on the wall (exterior, interior) or place it on a piece of furniture (interior).

What are the strengths of the Arlo camera integrated into the Verisure video surveillance kit ?

Particularly suitable for the outside, the Arlo Pro 4 surveillance camera offered by Verisure offers many advantages. Among the characteristics that make it the ideal complement to your general alarm system:

  • It is weather resistant.
  • It has a programmable projector and an integrated interphony system.
  • She has a day / night vision allowing her to provide color images and videos at any time.
  • Its angle of view is 160 °.
  • It is equipped with an intelligent detection system which allows you to specify precise surveillance zones and to distinguish a human being from an animal and a package.
  • It is connected to your smartphone and the Verisure remote monitoring center.

So, In the event of a alert of your alarm, the video surveillance system and the sequences recorded by your camera allow the Verrisure agents to identify the danger more quickly. The objective: Alert appropriate emergency services as quickly as possible by facilitating the compulsory step of lifting of doubt.

Where and how to install your surveillance camera kit ?

A surveillance camera is intended to monitor a place with a strategic dimension, that is to be because it constitutes an obligatory crossing point, either because it houses Precious objects. The network camera must therefore be installed so that its field of vision encompasses these points of interest.

Another aspect to be taken into account: the highlighting -or non -non -of this equipment of your security system. If The role of the kit with surveillance camera is above all dissuasive, The camera can be installed to be visible but not accessible by other people than its user. On the other hand, If the function of the kit with surveillance camera is to keep a discreet and distance eye On protected places and those present, then the camera can be installed out of sight so as to promote discreet watch.

The Verisure surveillance camera kit is installed and configured when installing the general alarm system. Your evolving needs, you can also decide toAdd a video surveillance kit to your initial alarm system later.

In all cases, The expertise of a professional verrisure is recommended in order to :

  • Define the privileged locations of your camera (or your cameras)
  • Respect the regulations on the installation and use of video surveillance equipment. For example, it is prohibited to film the public road. It is also compulsory to inform people moving to your home that it is equipped with a video surveillance system.
  • Liaise between your cameras, your alarm and the remote monitoring station

Finally, from a technical point of view, the installation of the connected camera requires some checks. It is therefore necessary to guarantee him a sufficient wifi bandwidth to without difficulty transmitting his HD video. In the event of a limited connection, compression may indeed compromise the quality of video surveillance.

Choose the right surveillance camera kit

For Choose your surveillance camera, feel free to ask for advice from a professional of security. He will help you determine what are the IP cameras adapted to your needs. To operate in full monitoring of your home or business, it will also guide you in the design of a complete monitoring system. Finally, it will accompany you throughout the installation and commissioning phase of your camera with or wireless.

Outdoor camera: Monitor and protect your home from the outside

Exterior surveillance camera

Bad weather, this equipment detect and alert you from the presence of an intruder before he even managed to enter your home.

Our products dedicated to your external protection

Arlo Pro 4 camera

Exterior movement detector with photo sensor

For adaptations of video surveillance, Verrisure incorporates the alarm system the Arlo Pro 4 camera. The objective: to allow you to See live and HD What’s going on near your front door, in your alley, at your garage, etc.

This connected camera, weather -resistant, offer a High definition image and recording quality. Perfectly suited to the outside, the adjustment of his sensitivity allows you to limit false alerts in the event of an animal passage.

Thanks to its connectivity and its dedicated mobile application, You are alerted by notification in the event of a suspicious movement. You don’t miss anything about what’s going on in your home, even in your absence !

Most : The Arlo Pro 4 camera includes mermaid, microphone, speaker and light projector to offer a maximum of features in a single product. You thus combine deterrent, detection and alert in a single high -tech equipment !

The Arlo Pro 4 connected camera offered by Verisure

Arlo Pro 4 camera

Arlo pro 4 camera gallery outdoors

Arlo camera outdoors

Arlo camera outdoors

Arlo camera outdoors

Arlo camera outdoors

Arlo camera outdoors

Arlo camera outdoors

The advantages of the Verisure alarm with Arlo Pro 4 outdoor camera


HD images

Bidirectional communication


Installation and maintenance

24/7 remote monitoring

Good to know :: Integrating your Arlo Pro 4 outdoor camera into your Verisure general alarm system also allows you to improve the safety of your camera. Firewall and other security systems are included, contrary to the purchase of a camera alone in supermarkets of distribution.

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Discover the Verisure alarm system with Arlo Pro 4 outdoor camera

Directly included in its offers, in pack or per unit: Verisure allows individuals and professionals to watch over their house or business by integrating one or more Arlo Pro 4 cameras to their general alarm kit

Combine the installation of an outdoor surveillance camera and a remote monitoring system offers multiple advantages:

  • Reinforcement of the deterrent effect of your general security system
  • Possibility of seeing What’s going on around your house (or business)
  • Possibility of interacting with those present near the camera
  • Facilitation of the lifting of doubt in order to quickly alert the police In the event of a proven intrusion attempt
  • Provision of evidence if necessary

Good to know :: Apart from alarm triggers, Verrisure remote monitoring does not have access to images and videos taken by your outdoor cameras.

Your alarm system with camera installed within 48 hours


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Take advantage of the expertise and the Verisure agency network spread over the whole of France: we come to meet you and secure your home or business in less than 48 hours.

1. Online quote request. Click on “Start my quote”, enter the first information and send us your request. It’s simple and it only takes 1 minute !

2. Meet with your dedicated Verisure expert. Verisure comes to meet you. The opportunity for you to benefit for free and without commitment from a safety audit, a tailor -made quote but also from a presentation of the Verrisure offers and products (cameras, detectors, central, etc.) which will allow you to have an alarm with an integrated camera perfectly suited to your needs.

3. Installation and configuration by your safety expert. Verisure supports the installation and configuration of your alarm system. We also accompany you in its grip.

Find out more about external surveillance cameras

Installing an outdoor surveillance camera allows, for individuals, to keep an eye on your garden, its terrace or your garage entrance, whether you are at home or on vacation at the other end of the world.

Which camera to choose ? What location select ? What services can it render ? Find all our advice in this guide or directly from our experts and verisure advisers when requesting your quote !

Choose the right outdoor camera: what criteria to take into account ?

We meet a great diversity of models on the market. They are generally distinguished by their connectivity (wired or wireless), their weather resistance (IP 65 or IP 68 certifications), the presence of an engine dedicated to remote control and of course their optical properties.

Check optical quality and night vision

The quality of the images captured by your external surveillance camera depends on two organs that are Optics (the lens) and the sensor (the electronic retina) . Optics mainly conditions the angle of view, scope and clarity of images. When it is of good quality, the images are clear and well lit, with no parasitic effect of distortion or bright halo. The sensor determines the definition of the digital image captured by the camera. Its size and the number of pixels that it is capable of restoring (often expressed in megapixels) will allow us to say if it is a high definition (720p) or full HD (1080p) camera (1080p).

The sensor and optics are finally associated with optional equipment which also participate in video quality or the possibilities offered by the device in terms of video surveillance. For example, it is recommended to Choose an outdoor surveillance camera with a night vision device (infrared projector) If you want to be able to monitor your garden, your entrance or your courtyard at night. Some outdoor cameras also haveOptical zoom that the user can remote control as he pleases to move the field of vision or enlarge a specific detail of the video flow transmitted live.

Ensure resistance to weathering

Who says external security camera says rain, wind, sand, pollution particles, dead leaves or attempted vandalism. If your camera is exposed to bad weather, take care to select a model displaying its compatibility with the IP (Protection Index) standard. The different levels of this standard mainly certify the sealing of the device. A camera meeting the IP 54 standard is for example protected against dust, but also against water projections. This element, however, is less important if your camera is installed under a shelter, an awning or a roof overhang.

Be careful, the camouflage look of a cheap HD HD IP camera does not guarantee that it is a weather -resistant model.

Ensure the possibilities of interaction with the alarm system

Did you know that some IP cameras integrate a motion detector to prevent the risk of burglary ? They are therefore able to send an alert when an intruder passes in their field of vision. Here it is important to choose a wifi camera capable of interfering with the security system, so that the house benefits from a double interior and exterior surveillance.

The wireless outdoor camera: essential for good exterior protection

Discovering after ordering that we bought a surveillance camera supplied in the mains when we thought it was installing it at the bottom of the garden is never a good surprise. To avoid disappointments, it is necessary to check the two elements that are network connectivity and power supply. Most of the general public -free exterior security cameras transmit their images through a WiFi link.

This widely used protocol allows you to simply add your safety camera to the devices connected by radio waves with the Internet box or the router used in the house. Be careful at the end of. The exact network coverage depends on your transmitter and the conditions of use (thickness of the walls, number of partitions to cross, but WiFi rarely exceeds a few tens of meters. So check that the location used for your camera is well within your boxes of your box. A wifi repeater can if necessary extend the network coverage.

Same topo for power supply. Some wireless external surveillance cameras need a sector outlet to operate. This is the case, for example, of the devices designed to permanently monitor a house entrance or a garage door, which are sometimes the subject of an electrical circuit drawn from the table. Conversely, some outdoor security cameras operate thanks to lithium-ion batteries or batteries.

The exterior camera with recording: an advantage in the event of an intrusion

Installing a video surveillance system and filming images from your home to ensure remote external monitoring is a relevant initiative. Be able to record these images and present them to the police or to its insurer in the event of intrusion or burglary represents an additional advantage. To do this, some exterior surveillance cameras are with a recorder allowing to benefit from Several hours recording images or even a continuous recording.

The exterior surveillance camera with recorder works like the other surveillance cameras with the difference that it records everything it films. Most models of cameras with recording An SD card to ensure Image storage But it is also possible to record images on the cloud.

The ideal is that the surveillance camera with recorder is fitted with a microphone and a speaker to record the images on the SD card but also the sound associated with it.

Some models of surveillance cameras with recording are specific to being connected to the motion detector and the alarm system. So, As soon as an intrusion is detected by the motion sensor, video recording automatically sets out for ten seconds.

The recorded images will be useful for the remote monitoring center which will be able to consult them to make the lifting of doubt, but also to take the steps With insurance: the external surveillance camera with recorder provides proof in images.

Install your outdoor surveillance camera

The choice of location is an important point: the camera must be able to observe the area that interests you in all discretion, With a clear view and if possible correct lighting, all without filming the public highway To stay in the nails of the legislation on compliance with privacy.

If you hesitate on the procedure, do not hesitate to turn to a specialized installer, who will guide you in the installation of your surveillance system.

The installation of a camera for the garden implies a prior reflection on the location from which it will monitor your exterior with a double issue.

The first is to guarantee the proper functioning your camera. If it uses a WiFi -type wireless link, you must for example make sure that the camera is well within transmission range of your router or the Internet box acting as a gateway. In the case of a wire -powered camera (mains or ethernet cable cord via the POE standard), the location will of course be chosen according to the available sockets or the route of the outdoor sheaths.

Second issue: guarantee relevant monitoring. Using video surveillance to remotely control a thuyas hedge has no interest, and it would be counterproductive to place cameras in front of each door, window or furniture. The position of the external surveillance camera will therefore depend on your safety objectives. You wish monitor the aisle which leads to your home to detect the presence of possible intruders ? Install a discreet surveillance camera in height on one of the walls of your home. Laying sheltered from a roof overhang, it will encompass the entire area that leads from your gate to your front door.

You prefer to focus your vigilance on the place of your plot where You park your car at night ? Position your camera above your garage door, or hide it in the hollow of a neighboring tree, ensuring that its field of action is limited to your land. It is indeed forbidden to film the public highway or the property of a neighbor.

Install an outdoor surveillance camera on your terrace

The terrace is one of the bonded crossing points for burglars who prowl around a house in order to identify access. The action of a video surveillance system therefore applies very well to the terraces, pergolas, pool houses and other summer kitchens, especially if you store equipment that can represent a market value for thieves. At this level, select a height location, to offer the best possible viewing angle to your camera, and Turn your goal towards the place that seems to you to represent the essential crossing point a night visitor to maximize the chances of detection.

Monitor an alley or the entrance to his house

In most cases, The wireless surveillance camera is intended to monitor the aisle, the courtyard or the path that leads to the front door of the house. In this way, it allows you to monitor access, day and night, and usefully completed the possibilities offered by an interior house alarm. In the event of alerts received in the form of notification from its safety system on their smartphone, the user will for example be able to quickly control the presence of an intruder thanks to his outdoor camera. Ditto in the event of an alarm with remote monitoring: the visualization of images helps the operator to get a precise idea of ​​the reason for the alert.

Finally note thatAn external security camera can also play a deterrent role. This is what pushes some individuals to install a dummy camera outdoors. But you can just as easily opt for a surveillance camera whose operation is very real. In this case, the objective is no longer discretion, as with a spy camera: that time, we will seek to highlight the camera to report to intruders the presence of a video surveillance system.