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Music and podcasts

In addition to the editorialized playlists (new features, sport, relaxation, work, etc.), Deezer allows users to share playlists to supply them with several. Practical to organize an evening. You will also remain informed of the artists’ concert dates and will finally be able to listen to dozens of radio stations.


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Music and podcasts

The main streaming services

All over the world, musical streaming now bears the music market. Pioneers of the offer, Deezer and Spotify have intensified competition with Amazon Music, Apple Music and YouTube Music. Some also offer podcasts. Decryption of the main offers available.

Similar offers, prices and features … Musical streaming services all look alike. From then on, how to choose one rather than the other ? Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music and YouTube Music display a few nuances, but they are subtle. For example, you can create Playlists with several at Spotify or Deezer, but not on Apple Music. The depth of the catalog varies a little, but we are still talking about millions of titles and podcasts. Audio quality is not the same either depending on the services and subscriptions, and file formats, such as encoding, vary. And all the platforms offer editorialized playlists, that is to say bringing together titles according to a theme (such an artist, such style of music, such activity, etc.)). As it is now use, you will always benefit from a month or two tests, and all the offers are without obligation. Finally, be aware that if you change platform, you can export your old playlists to import them into the new.


Spotify logo

Spotify is a Swedish streaming service launched in 2006. With 200 million paid subscribers and 500 million active users around the world, it is ahead of all its competitors. Spotify offers, alongside its free offer with advertising and its personal subscription at € 10.99/month, a duo offer at € 14.99/month including 2 users, a family offer at € 17.99/month including 6 users and a student offer at € 5.99/month (1 user). Service features include playlists and an offline mode that allows you to download music on your smartphone to take advantage of it when you are not connected to the Internet. When lagging on the audio quality offered, the platform refines an offer called Spotify Hifi which should be launched before the end of 2023.

In addition to a catalog of around 80 million titles, Spotify has become a major podcast platform. The company broadcasts some exclusively, and even produces via its subsidiary Spotify Studios.

Finally, Spotifiy is largely compatible with all possible listening devices. You can log in native in the speakers or bars of its integrating the Spotify Connect technology (these devices then directly receive the Spotify audio flow, not in Bluetooth from a smartphone). Spotify has developed apps for PC, Mac, Android or iOS smartphones, game consoles. And you can order music from Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistants.


Deezer logo

Launched in 2007, Deezer is a service of French origin today available in 180 countries. It claims 9.3 million subscribers, including 3.6 million in France. It thus occupies 28 % of the market in France, behind Spotify (37 %) but ahead of Apple

Music (16 %), Amazon Music (9 %) and Youtube Music (9 %). Its catalog reaches 90 million titles, podcasts included (unlike Spotify, Deezer does not offer exclusive podcasts).

In addition to the editorialized playlists (new features, sport, relaxation, work, etc.), Deezer allows users to share playlists to supply them with several. Practical to organize an evening. You will also remain informed of the artists’ concert dates and will finally be able to listen to dozens of radio stations.

As with Spotify, paid subscribers benefit from Deezer from better quality sound and unlimited music without advertising from a computer, tablet, smartphone or any other compatible device (TV, speakers, etc.)).

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

After launching its service in the United States in 2016, Amazon opened its musical streaming service in France in September 2017. The platform now offers one of the most complete services and one of the most extensive catalogs (100 million titles, podcasts, radios). In addition, there are many subscription formulas: free offer with advertising, individual offer, family offer, etc. The service is included in Amazon’s loyalty program, Amazon Prime, in a bridled version: the catalog is restricted and only certain playlists can be downloaded for listening without internet connection.

Amazon also puts the package on the sound quality of the titles, since all its musical catalog is accessible in HD (CD quality) and 7 million in Ultra HD (audio quality higher than CD quality). Please note, to take advantage of this audio quality, you need a good internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G), a compatible reading device (recent smartphone or tablet) and a helmet, or high -Good quality plowers (offering a dynamic 20 kHz range for HD and 40 kHz for Ultra HD). Finally, Amazon Music is the only service, with Apple Music, to offer the “space audio”, a 3D -mixed sound (Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio) supposed to wrap the user.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

The video giant on the Internet, a google subsidiary, unveiled its streaming service in 2015. He completely replaced Google Play Music in 2020. Like the others, YouTube Music is available in free version, with advertisements and without the possibility of downloading titles, and in a paid version, without advertising, with versions for the family and students. Paid subscribers can also listen to music in the background, or off screen (free, the clip must be played at the same time).

On the side of devices compatible with YouTube Music, there are computers, smartphones and the Google Home environment (connected speakers, Smart TV), but not the game consoles, nor the home automation environments of Amazon (Alexa) or Apple (Homekit).

YouTube claims a catalog of 100 million musical content, titles and videos (clips, concerts). Please note, YouTube Music Premium does not include advertising without advertising to the non -musical content of the platform. To take advantage of tutorials, handling, travel channels, information and millions of other types of video, it is at the Premium YouTube service that you have to subscribe. It costs € 12.99/month (€ 23.99/month to benefit € 6 and € 7.99/month for students), but integrates YouTube Music Premium.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple was slow to launch its streaming offer (2015), but quickly made a place in the sun. With nearly 80 million subscribers worldwide, it already occupies second place in the world ranking behind Spotify. To convert its customers, Apple encourages them to test the service thanks to its possibility of a free 3 -month trial. Its range of subscriptions is classic: € 10.99/month available at € 16.99/month for the family and € 5.99/month for students. Apple also offers a limited subscription, called Voice, in basic quality, without 3D Space Audio sound, without offline mode, without social functions (possibility of seeing what your loved ones listen to). And no free offer at Apple.

Apple also offers grouped subscriptions, Apple One, which give access to all its services: storage in iCloud+, TV+ for video streaming, music and arcade, for games. Count 16.95 €/month for an individual subscription and € 22.95/month with family. For € 31.95/month, you will also access the Fitness+ sports platform (6 users included in the price).

Apple Music is compatible with brand devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, Carplay (Apple Multimedia Multimedia System), HomePod speaker, but also with all other environments.


Qobuz logo

Like Deezer, Qobuz is a French service. From its creation, in 2008, the site chose to stand out by addressing audiophiles passionate about classical music. At the time, by focusing on CD quality (lossless compression), Qobuz was distinguished. This is less true today, since all streaming platforms integrate high definition sound in their paid offers. To stay in the race, Qobuz has expanded its catalog to other musical styles (jazz, rock, electro, soul, world music and even varieties). He also claims 100 million titles. But with an entry offer at € 14.99/month and no free offer, it is more expensive than the others. This price, the site notably justifies it by the documentation it offers for each album and its editorial content “Who does not copy the argument of record houses”. A good point, that’s for sure ..

The social dimension of Qobuz is limited to its Qobuz Club, a community space in which audiophiles can share their musical discoveries and recommendations, exchange around audio equipment. A platform decidedly dedicated to demanding amateurs ! However, the service is also accessible on many market devices (PC application, web player for listening in the browser, smartphones, advanced audio equipment, etc.), but not with Google Home, nor with Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit.