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Street photograph

Only A Scant Dozen Photographers HAUNING THE STREETS OF MAJOR Cities are gone. Another Thorny Issue is the

Street photography in 25 sublime shots

From Mascate via Manhattan, photographers from the national Geographic Your Shot community have seized spontaneous and incredible streets of the world.

The city of Chefchaouen, located in the northwest of Morocco, is famous for its old town and

Today, in the middle of the tumult of urban life, street photographers must wait patiently for the “decisive moment”, as Henri Cartier-Bresson, renowned French photographer said so well,. The decisive moment is this fraction of a second when everything is put in place, visual as emotional elements, to express something strong.

Street photography is based on the possibility, and not the promise, to grasp a brief moment which will prove to be a beautiful photograph or not. See a group of nuns positioned symmetrically with respect to the other at Calcutta in the doorway of a door and take a photo by reflex, that’s a beautiful snapshot. Or else seize a brief moment that says a lot, as the precise moment when a young boy turns his head to look again at the little girl behind him.

Street photographers must get out of their comfort zone. This is what makes the photographs of this gallery, taken by members of the Your Shot community, so incredible. These photos take you to the sieved alleys of Seoul, the cafes of Buenos Aires and the colored districts of Cape Town. They also prove that all places are conducive to street photography, from downtown Manhattan via the mosque of Muscat and a Nepalese temple.

A particular place is close to your heart ? So join the community and share your shots.

Gilbert Duclos

Tattoos, MTL 2018.jpg

Since the invention of Niepce in 1829, photographers have invested the public space. Almost 200 years later, street photography remains very current. The street is constantly reinventing itself. Architecture, fashion and technologies change. We regularly witness the appearance of new social codes in public space. The photo of the young woman using a smartphone and sporting several tattoos illustrates my point.

Photographer Robert Doisneau was right when he said, speaking of the street, that she is a theater where we pay her place with lost time. This sentence made me realize, on the one hand, this idea of ​​permanent spectacle that it offers us and on the other hand, the countless number of kilometers traveled and days spent strolling on the lookout for this famous decisive moment.

Photographing the unpredictable urban life that is constantly scrolling and on which no control is possible is not a thin task. You have to know how to trigger your camera at the right time in order to create an image which, ideally, will be tinged with a signature while composing with hazards and unexpected. I like that my images tell a story or that they can suggest a. Each of them must be sufficient for itself and not depend on other images to be understood. From these premises, I chose to take a subjective look and often amused on my contemporaries in the theater on the street.

New realities have infiltrated, little by little, in the current photographic landscape. The arrival of digital and smartphones promoting democratization and dissemination of images on social networks and websites has completely changed the situation. The circulation of photographs has exploded in the world creating a certain trivialization of the image. Years when only a few dozen photographers walked the streets of major cities are over. Another size challenge is that of image rights which could threaten the dissemination of street photography in different countries. In 1998, I was sentenced to the Supreme Court of Canada. It is therefore important that photographers and cultural leaders jointly defend the right to photograph in public places. I made a documentary, Rue Zone prohibited, which deals with this subject, in 2005.

I have been doing street photography since the early 1970s. Knowing that it is often a matter of discretion, I decided at the time to use one of the smallest manual devices on the market, Rollei 35S. Very simple, this one has an excellent 40mm f/3 lens.5 Retractable without remote meter, from a roulette to adjust the speed and another for the shutter. The speed of execution being a very important asset, I made the choice of vertical framing in order to save precious time in the handling of the device. Finally, in order to avoid a granulated effect on the image, my choice fell on the dandruff of 125 asa.

Even today, I work with the same device and the same approach which gives my photographs a little family air despite the time and space that separate them from each other.

A reflection on street photography

Sale Niepce’s invention in 1829, Have Been photographers invested in Public Spaces. Nearly 200 Years

have passed, and street photography remains as current as ever. Architecture, Fashion and Technology

Change and as a result, so do the streets. We never cease to witness the application of new social codes in

Public Spaces. The photo of the Young Tattooed Woman on Her Smartphone is the perfect Example of this

Evolution in Action.

The photographer Robert Doisneau was absolutely correct when he said that street is “a theater where

Your Ticket is Paid by Biding One’s Time ”. This made me realize that in part, the street is a permanent show

We offer for everyone. The Incalculable Number of Kilometers Walked, and Days Spent Wasting Time Are

what keep us peobed to white decisive moments.

Photographing The Unpredictability of Urban Life As It Passes Before Us is Something We have no control

Over, and it is no simple task. You have to know when to take picture. When to sweater the trigger at just

The right moment and create an image that, ideally, reflects your signature style while retaining risk and

Unpredictability as the composition. I like images that tell a story or that suggest one. Each photograph

Must Tell Its Own Tale and Not Depend On Other Images To Be Understood. With this as my premise, i bear

Subjective Witness on My Contemporaries and Allow Myyself to Be Entreted by the Theatre of the Streets.

New Realities are explored, Slowly But Surely, Using the present as my photographic landscape. The Arrival

of Digital Technology and Smartphones has encouraged the democratization and dissemination of images

Over the internet and over social networks, and it has changed the game. The Constant Flow of

photographs has exploded to such an extent that it has trivialized the image. The Days when there were

Only A Scant Dozen Photographers HAUNING THE STREETS OF MAJOR Cities are gone. Another Thorny Issue is the

Question of Who Owns the right to the image that is putting the art of street photography at Risk in Many

Countries included My Own. In 1988, i was convicted in the supreme court of canada. It is essential that

Photographers and Cultural Heads Band Together to Defend the Rights of Photographers in Public Spaces. In

2005, i made a Documentary Film Called La Rue Zone Forbidden Which Addressed This Topic.

I have been a street photographer since the early 1970s. I fully understand that discretion is vital, so i

Decided to Use One of the Smallest Manual Cameras Available – The Rollei 35S. Simple and efficient, it

Comes with a retractable 40mm f/3.5 Lens, no viewfinder and one roller wheel to add the speed and

Another for the Shutter. Operating Speed ​​is a major asset for this model, and I opted for vertical housing to

Save precious time when handling the camera. To have a granular effect on the image, i thing to use 125

I Still use the same camera to this day, and i take the same approach to my photographs to preserve my

Signing style despite the time and places that Separate them

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Welcome to my street photography space, where every street corner, every moment, each interaction between humans and their environment comes to life through black and white images.

If these visual explorations have aroused your curiosity, I am delighted to offer you prints.

A photograph on the screen is just an image, devoid of life.

It is when the latter takes shape through the materiality of the draw, the choice of paper and format, that it really turns into an authentic photograph.

All the prints are carefully made by a professional, under my rigorous control, on Fineart Hahnemühle paper, using the piezographic process.

This technique guarantees the sustainability and grades of gray, ensuring that each draw retains its quality and emotion over time.

It is important to note that the number of prints is strictly limited to 30 copies, all formats combined.

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Thank you for supporting my work and allowing these moments to come to life in your daily life. Do not hesitate to contact me by email for any order or question

Street photographer


I started street photography around the age of 20, a long time ago.

At the time I worked in 3×8. When I got up at 3 a.m., I was taking an endless nap after my job period.

Unable to go to bed early !
Result, I accumulated fatigue.

To flee these naps, I decided to go to the exploration of Paris !

There is worse as a corner to discover …

Large street photography walks in Paris avoided me too long after my service.

Now it’s a regular pleasure to run the streets.

I have a deep pleasure in contemplating the frenzy of the street.
My approach is that of a spectator both in the crowd and outside.

I find myself quite well in the definition given by Susan Sontag.

Definition: Street photography

The photographer is an armed version of the lonely walker who recognizes, tracks down, crosses urban hell, the voyeuristic walker who discovers the city as a landscape of voluptuous extremes.
Adept of the joys of the gaze, a connoisseur of empathy, the stroller finds the world “picturesque”.

I wanted a blog that learns the street photo simply.
I wanted a blog that gives pride of place to shooting on the field.
I wanted a blog oriented towards the way of living the photo on a daily basis.

Not finding it, I started it ..

Take a look at the Street Photography guide.
It can be downloaded for free by striving at the newsletter with three other ebook.

The article on Editing supports you to learn to classify and choose your street photos.

And many other resources for the street photographer.

The main difficulty

How to overcome her fear of photographing strangers

One of the biggest fears of the street photographer.
Why don’t you dare to take a picture with a person in the context ?
What will people think of you ?
Why don’t you assume your position as a street photographer?

Find answers in this Ebook offered.

They are talking.

This is a quality publication, very well developed and supported. Your ethological approach is unusual because it is rather scientific but I find it very relevant.

I congratulate you on your site and for all the excellent advice you offer from your research and especially your experience.

Your article on defeat your fear in street photo is really great ! It is very interesting and makes me want to experience your advice.

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