SOSH mobile package: comparison of the offer by price, flow., Sosh mobile packages: inexpensive and non -binding offers

SOSH Mobile Packages without obligation offered by Orange


We can only recommend Download the My Sosh application as soon as the subscription is activated. All important information and operations can be done in just a few moments.

SOSH Mobile package: unlimited mobile offers, without commitment, on promo.

Launched in 2011 by the Historic Orange operator, the Sosh low-cost and digital brand is seduced always more subscribers. With SOSH, you can subscribe to non -binding mobile plans, at low prices, all with the best network in France on the quality of mobile services (namely calls, SMS and the mobile internet). Want to go to Sosh ? Find on this Jechange guide, the comparison of the Sosh Mobile offer, the Digital Orange brand.

Mobile packages without commitment Sosh

The SOSH brand, assumed by Orange, offers 4 non -binding packages at attractive prices to meet the different needs of users. For the smallest budgets and the least talkative users, this operator markets a cheap Sosh package at less than 5 euros per month. It is also possible to choose a SOSH offer with an internet mobile package for the most connected with 20 GB or 50 GB of data each month.

Another advantage, with your Orange Sosh mobile plan, you can use your subscription in Europe as in France. If you go on a trip to Europe including in Switzerland and Andorra, no need for an international Sosh option, you benefit from your package under the same conditions as in Metropolitan France.

Another indication, with this type of subscription, you can terminate your mobile package at Sosh, at any time, free.

To help you choose your mobile package, Jechange provides you with a mobile package comparator to discover and compare all the mobile offers that meet your needs.

You can subscribe to a SOSH without mobile, the SIM card is billed € 10 when ordering.

If you need a new phone, you can also subscribe to a Sosh package with mobile. This operator offers a catalog of smartphones with more than 80 models.

However, given that this is a SOSH non -binding package, you do not benefit from a subsidized price on the phone as with a package with a minimum commitment period of 12 months or 24 months.

So to facilitate the purchase of your mobile package with SOSH phone, this operator invites you to pay your new mobile in several times free of charge.

Other information, the SOSH operator no longer offers a Sosh Mobile + Livebox package. You can still enjoy an internet offer without commitment to the famous Livebox at Sosh.

This operator indeed markets the offer “the Internet box” available according to your eligibility in high speed with the ADSL or very high speed with the fiber. And even, if it is not a Sosh Quadruple Play box and mobile package, you can from your customer area find and manage all your Sosh Mobile and Internet contracts.

Cheap mobile packages Sosh

For the tightest budgets, it is possible to subscribe to a cheap Sosh mobile plan. For less than 5 euros per month, you can take advantage of a package on the orange network with 2 hours of communication, unlimited SMS and MMS as well as 100 MB of data for mobile internet.

For those who wish to communicate without counting at a lower cost, this operator offers an unlimited package at less than 10 euros per month. This cheap SOSH subscription has unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 MB of data for mobile Internet.

And to make great savings, while taking advantage of a subscription with more data, you can enter at certain times of the year a SOSH offer with a mobile package on promo.

  • 2 hours of calls
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS
  • Internet 100 MB (0.05 €/MB or blocked beyond)
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS
  • Internet 100 MB (0.05 €/MB beyond)
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS
  • Internet 20 GB (reduced debit beyond)
    + Unlimited SMS to Europe

*SOSH promotional offer valid for any new customer until October 28, 2019 at 9 a.m.

SOSH plans on promotion

This 100% Online operator offers even more attractive prices at certain periods of the year thanks to promotional offers. With or without reduction code, the reduced price of your promo SOSH mobile package is most often valid for a period of 12 months.

At the end of this promotional period, you automatically switch to the price without promotion of the package. You can also turn to another operator to enjoy low prices again on the mobile telephony market.

For information, you can terminate, at any time at SOSH your mobile package without obligation, without Sosh termination expenses.

SOSH mobile package promo:

  • The SOSH 20GB SOSH Mobile Package is displayed at a price of 9.99 euros per month for 12 months instead of 19.99 euros per month.
  • The SOSH 50GO mobile package is available at 14.99 euros per month for a period of 12 months instead of 24.99 euros per month.

This good Sosh plan is valid under conditions, namely for any new customer until October 14 at 9 a.m. You don’t need a Sosh promo code to take advantage of this reduced rate.

Sosh blocked packages

This low-cost operator offers its SOSH 2H 100 MB SOSH Mobile Package offer in blocked version without additional cost.

The Sosh Mobile blocked package at 4.99 € per month brings together 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS as well as a Data envelope of 100 MB for the mobile internet part.

When you travel to Europe, Switzerland, Andorra or Dom, you benefit from 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS to these areas and to France. You also have your 100 MB of data as if you were in France.

With this Sosh Mobile package in blocked version, you have no risk of exceeding and therefore off-forming billing. Once your communication time has been exhausted, you can always send your SMS and MMS unlimited. In case of needs, you can also recharge your Sosh blocked mobile plan.

What are the advantages of Sosh mobile offers

With SOSH, the low cost brand of Orange, you benefit all year round of mobile packages without duration, available at attractive prices and on the number one network in France.

The quality of the Sosh mobile network

All SOSH offers allow you to benefit from the reliability of the Orange mobile network. Recall, that for the 8th consecutive time, according to ARCEP, Orange leads the mobile networks of France.

On the mobile coverage side, this operator claims to date a network coverage of 99% of the metropolitan population in 3G and 4G.

And with a SOSH offer with internet and mobile package, you will also find the best speed for your accommodation with fiber or ADSL according to your internet eligibility.

SOSH mobile package options

To boost and enrich your SOSH mobile plan, you have the option of adding options from a large catalog. This mobile operator offers many mobile options from 1 euro per month with:

  • Entertainment options (Netflix, OCS, Deezer, etc.),
  • Security options (mobile insurance, parental control, etc.),
  • International options (with options or pass to communicate to and from the international at preferential prices),
  • Internet options (Data option, Internet pass to boost your Sosh Mobile package),
  • Communication options (minutes report, WiFi calls, etc.).

How to manage your account ?

SOSH, the digital brand of the Orange historic operator offers dematerialized customer service.

You can manage your various contracts: SOSH Mobile Package, the Subscription The Internet box, or the old offers with a Sosh Internet + Mobile package, from your customer area or from the MySOSH application.

This operator also provides you on its site, a support forum, FAQs and many tools to manage your equipment as well as your account independently.

Monitoring of the current subscription

From your customer area or from the free mysosh application, you can follow up the current subscription with:

  • Consumption monitoring,
  • Consulting and downloading your invoices,
  • The management of your mobile equipment (and the Internet as part of a SOSH Box and Mobile package),
  • the addition and deletion of mobile options,
  • Recharge of your Sosh Internet Mobile Package.

Your customer area available on the operator’s website or from the mobile application, also allows you to unlock your mobile or even participate in the SOSH community.

Sosh customer service

You can reach a SOSH customer service advisor by e-chat. To do this, go to the “Help and contact” section on the operator’s website. To chat with an advisor, you must identify yourself using your Sosh identifiers.

In the event of suspension of the mobile line, in the event of loss or theft of your mobile phone, in the event of a mobile breakdown or collection, you can reach a SOSH advisor by phone at 3976 (free service + price of a call). For any other request, you must go to or on the MySosh app.

All about Sosh

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  • Sosh phone packages
  • SOSH mobile plans reviews
  • Sosh packages abroad: everything you need to know
  • Terminate a sosh offer

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SOSH Mobile Packages without obligation offered by Orange

Sosh mobile packages

The Sosh brand was developed by Orange following the arrival of Free Mobile on the telephony market. For the subsidiary of ex-France Telecom, the objective is to Offer interesting offers at attractive prices To compete with this operator who has turned the market upset.

Sosh quickly established itself as an important brand in the telephony sector thanks to:

  • Non -binding and inexpensive packages.
  • Quality services based in particular on the use of the 4G orange network.
  • The possibility of benefiting from a blocked package without additional cost.
  • Mobile offers adapted to users abroad.

Sosh’s mobile telephony subscriptions

Search Criteria

  • Without engagement
  • 12 -month commitment
  • 24 -month commitment
  • During 3 months
  • During 6 months
  • For 12 months
  • For 24 months
  • Without duration
  • BOX customer
  • Calls abroad
  • esim
  • Package + phone at a reduced price
  • Blocked plan
  • Border
  • Multi-Sim
  • Connected watch option
  • TV
  • Wireless


  • Apple
  • Google
  • Oppo
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • 11t
  • 12t
  • 12t pro
  • Find X5
  • Galaxy A12
  • Galaxy A14
  • Galaxy A33 5G
  • Galaxy A34
  • Galaxy A53 5G
  • Galaxy A54
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Fe
  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21 Fe
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22+
  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 pro
  • iPhone 15 pro max
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone SE 3
  • iPhone XR
  • Mi 11 5g
  • Pixel 6a
  • Redmi 9a
  • Redmi Note 10
  • Redmi Note 11
  • Redmi Note 12
  • Redmi Note 12 Pro
  • Reno6 5g
  • Xiaomi 12
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • Xiaomi 13
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro

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Sosh therefore offers a range of several low prices and especially without engagement. These offers are only available on the Internet. With these few offers, the operator covers the needs of the majority of French people. He indeed offers packages ranging from 4.99 to 24.99 € per month.

The characteristics of SOSH without obligation packages

For each budget, the packages therefore meet different needs. At the level of the points that characterize it, SOSH is also the most complete mobile operator with regard to uses since the French overseas departments, Europe, Switzerland and Andorra. All of these destinations are actually included in all the operator’s packages (Switzerland and Andorra only for the 100 MB package). A real plus for travelers.

Sosh packages

The mobile plans of the Sosh operator: a range for all needs.

Sosh opinion

Also read the customer reviews of the Sosh operator

2h SOSH package at € 5.99 per month

This non -binding mobile package has been developed For people using their phone little And don’t need the internet on their mobile. This is the first subscription of the operator and especially the cheapest in the whole range. This offer has another advantage: it is possible to transform it into a blocked package without additional cost.

from € 5.99 /month

The characteristics of this package are as follows:

  • 2 hours of calls in France;
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS in France;
  • 100 MB on the 4G network;
  • Access to these services in Europe, from the French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra as in France.

1 GB of data at € 7.99/month with the second SOSH mobile plan

The second Sosh mobile plan is a little more generous in all its aspects. It includes to start the Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from Europe and the DOM. In terms of data, 1 GB of mobile data has been available from all these destinations. This time, however, homelessness does not include Switzerland or Andorra.

from € 7.99 /month

In short, the SOSH 1 GB mobile package includes:

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, with 1 GB of data;
  • A fully usable package from Europe and the French overseas departments (excluding Switzerland and Andorra);
  • All for € 7.99/month.

The SOSH 40 GB Package: the offer at the best value for the operator ?

For the majority of French users, the SOSH 40 GB package may be the most advantageous. It actually offers a Excellent value, since it is marketed at only € 11.99/month. For this price, 40 GB is available: an amount of data largely sufficient for the vast majority of consumers. In addition to that, calls, SMS and MMS remain unlimited in France and from Europe and the DOM.

from € 11.99 /month

In summary, the 40 GB of Sosh package includes the following characteristics.

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, with 40 GB of mobile data.
  • The package remains usable from Europe and the DOM, with 15 GB of available data (excluding Switzerland and Andorra).
  • A monthly price of € 11.99/month.

Sosh 130 GB package at € 15.99 per month

The fourth package marketed by the Orange without commitment operator is almost similar to the previous. It is thus intended for people wishing An even more important data envelope. In terms of characteristics, they are identical to those of the 1 GB package, with the exception of the data volume. This package offers 4G, with a flow rate of up to 150 Mbit/s.

from € 15.99 /month

The characteristics of the SOSH 130 GB subscription:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France;
  • 130 GB of Internet debit with 4G/4G+;
  • 20 GB, calls, SMS and MMS from Europe as in France (excluding Switzerland and Andorra).

This package is therefore most relevant to consumers looking for a complete offer, both rich in mobile data and offering international use.

A 5G package not to be missed at Sosh

In addition to the four SOSH packages described above, compatible with 4G, SOSH now markets a 5G package in its range. This is the 140 GB 5G offer, which is available for € 20.99 per month. For this price, subscribers can therefore Take advantage of 140 GB of mobile data in 4G and 5G. 25 GB remains included from Europe and the DOM.

In addition to that, the Calls, SMS and MMS are included unlimited in France and from Europe and the DOM. Again, Switzerland and Andorra are not included in roaming.

from € 20.99 /month

SOSH plans in a short series in short:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from Europe and the French overseas departments;
  • 140 GB of 5G;
  • A price of € 20.99/month.

Summary table of Sosh’s offers

In order to better realize the differences between the packages offered by the operator, here is the detailed table of offers. In addition to these subscriptions, Sosh offers, Right now and for a limited duration, a 20 GB package at € 11.99/month.

Sosh non -binding packages
Calls 2 hours unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
SMS/MMS unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Data 100 MB 1 GB 40 GB 130 GB 140 GB 5G
Abroad Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra:

Cheap mobile package

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The advantages and options of the Sosh operator

Sosh highlights various advantages which are particularly appreciated by subscribers. One of the major advantages of the operator being its network, since the latter uses the orange infrastructure which is the best in terms of network coverage. In addition, many options are accessible in order to personalize its offer to adapt it to your needs.

Sosh also offers an attractive sponsorship system in order to encourage subscribers to sponsor relatives. The objective is to offer 1 month of free for the godson and the godfather for each sponsorship, under certain limits. Finally, multiple promotions are offered by the operator all year round.

What is the quality of the Sosh mobile network ?

Sosh is none other than The range of offers without obligation of orange duration. Thus, it is the latter that makes its infrastructure available to allow you to take advantage of its network. You can easily see an advantage, since The Orange network is, in many ways, considered to be the first mobile network in France. In any case, these are the conclusions that the arcep draw, the UFC-Que Choisir and the barometer of NPERF connections in their usual studies.

ARCEP, the regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts, proposes to consult the network cards of the various operators. This is therefore the essential reference when it comes to assessing this element in a mobile operator. We will therefore look, in the case of Sosh, the state of the deployment of the orange network. We can easily couple this with the figures of the ANFR, on the deployment of the antennas.

Orange mobile network: Sosh’s major asset

To remember : SOSH exclusively benefits from the Orange mobile network, the first mobile network in France, for its mobile offers.

What are the customization options Sosh offers for its offers ?

Like its competitors, Sosh offers many solutions to personalize its offers. The options offered may vary from one mobile subscription to another. We can also subscribe, always without commitment, communication services for African countries. However, these options concern calls for orange services.

Regarding services in general, depending on the offer, it is possible to:

  • block your package;
  • Take advantage of more 4G data;
  • choose to have 1 hour more in your subscription;
  • Subscribe to a Deezer subscription.

These are only 4 examples among others. Here, in detail, the options currently offered by Sosh, according to the package subscribed.

SOSH entertainment options:

Options available Monthly price
TV bouquet (70 generalist channels) 1 €
Deezer Premium (€ 1 in the first month) € 3.99
Netflix (offered the first month) from € 7.99
OCS (€ 1 for 2 months) € 9.99
Izneo by Fnac (more than 3000 bd, at € 1 for 3 months) € 9.99
Press (€ 1 for 3 months) € 9.99
Kobo by Fnac (offered the first month) € 9.99
Pickle TV (offered the first month) € 4.99

SOSH security options:

Options available Monthly price
Multi -risk insurance (breakage, flight and oxidation for claims up to 1400 €) 2.99 to € 14.99
Mobile parental control Free
Xooloo Digital Coach (first month offered) € 3.5
24-hour multi-product insurance (up to an annual ceiling of € 2,000) € 19.99

The options to communicate internationally:

Options available Monthly price
5 hours of calls to Orange Morocco mobiles 5 €
5 hours of calls to Orange Tunisia mobiles 5 €
2 hours of calls + 50 sms to Europe, DOM, Switzerland, Andorra, the USA and Canada 8 €
1 hour of calls + 50 sms to the world 14 €

Internet options available at SOSH:

Options available Monthly price
2 GB (packages at 4.99 and € 9.99 and offers Internet box + package at 29.99, 34.99 and € 39.99) 5 €
5 GB (packages at 19.99 and 24.99 € and internet box formulas + package at 44.99, 49.99 and € 54.99) 10 €
50 GB (packages 20 and 70 GB and SOSH box offers + package at 44.99, 49.99 and € 54.99) 25 €
20o MO (packages at 4.99 and € 9.99 and subscriptions Internet box + package at 29.99, 34.99 and € 39.99) 2 €
1 GB (packages at 4.99 and € 9.99 and offers Internet box + package at 29.99, 34.99 and € 39.99) 5 €
1 GB (packages at 19.99 and 24.99 € and Internet box formulas + package at 44.99, 49.99 and € 54.99) 5 €
20 GB (packages 20 and 70 GB and Sosh box offers + package at 44.99, 49.99 and € 54.99) 25 €
Internet blocking (valid on packages at € 4.99) Free
Airbox Sosh 5 €

Communication options for its SOSH package:

Options available Monthly price
Orange Femtocell to optimize reception at home (activation fees of € 19.90) Free service
Wi-Fi calls Free service
Minute postponement 1 €
Voice messaging by SMS 1 €
Package suspension 5 €

Does the operator have promotions on his packages ?

Competition is tough among mobile operators, all the more on the non -binding offers. Thus, there are regular promotions offered by the mobile operator Sosh. These promotions can relate to mobile telephony subscriptions alone, but also Internet box subscriptions without commitment. In any case, Sosh always offers a similar model for its promotions: a promotional code, and an offer valid for a period of 12 months. Besides that, Sosh also displays promotions on smartphones, and sometimes flash sales.

If a promotional code turns out to be required, it is recommended to copy it as soon as possible, and then stick it in the appropriate field. Sosh’s promotional codes often remain simple. For example, the operator has already used SUMMER, bell, youpi, or even promotional codes.

Sosh promotions: Do not forget the promo code

Attention, In case of forgetting the promotional code and validation of the order, it is not possible to go back. If the operator does not offer a reduction code, you obviously have no approach to do so that the delivery applies.

Sosh promotions

Also read the promo codes offered by Sosh

Can I sponsor someone or get sponsored with Sosh ?

Sponsorship is a system that works better and better, especially when the two parties (the godfather and the godson) are winning. At Sosh, it is possible to encourage your loved ones to take a mobile plan thanks to a single sponsorship which allows you to benefit froma month of free subscription each time a loved one is subscribed. All people passing through the SOSH sponsorship program also have the pleasure of having a month of subscription offered. What encourage consumers to change operator and go to Sosh !

Sosh sponsorship

Sosh offers a very attractive sponsorship program for godchildren and sponsors.

Sponsors have the possibility of sponsor up to 6 people at most, or 6 free months of mobile plans. With the SOSH 70 GB Package at € 24.99, it is therefore a saving of almost 150 euros that it is possible to achieve.

To sponsor, just Connect with your phone number and transmit sponsorship offers by email, or through social networks. Targeted godchildren receive an invitation with a promotional code to use. If they take advantage, each of the two parties benefits from a month offered.

Sosh sponsorship: how it works ?

To remember : Sosh offers sponsorship offers that allow 1 month offered for the godfather as for the godson.

Manage my subscription and my services

Like all operators, SOSH offers its own services to help customers manage their mobile phone subscription. Online service, mobile application and customer service: what should we know ?

How to follow my subscription and make it evolve ?

The two major services to monitor and develop its Sosh mobile subscription are online customer area and the My Sosh application.

We can only recommend Download the My Sosh application as soon as the subscription is activated. All important information and operations can be done in just a few moments.

The application allows in particular:

  • Follow your mobile consumption (calls and data);
  • Download and consult your invoices;
  • Subscribe or terminate an option;
  • change the package;
  • Buy a new smartphone;
  • find help;
  • Help other Sosh subscribers.

Advice from myLittlePackage

The My Sosh application is ideal for monitoring its daily consumption, especially to find out where its data consumption is, but also to add certain options without obligation if necessary and to terminate others which are no longer useful. In the customer area, it is also possible to manage everything without the need to involve customer service.

What to do in the event of a problem with my Sosh package ?

Consumers often fear having a problem with operators exclusively on the internet. Still attached to physical contacts, it is sometimes difficult to know How to attach customer service to an operator present only on the web. However, before trying to reach an advisor, there are other reflexes to adopt. The FAQ and the online cat allow most questions to be answered, and to solve the majority of the problems encountered. In the same way, a community of Sosh subscribers takes care to answer questions from consumers with a forum available 24/24, every day of the week.

Sosh customer service

SOSH customer service responds to all your problems thanks in particular to a reactive community.

The Sosh community is very important and allowsget A response usually within an hour, or even under a few minutes. These are mainly customers who have faced the same problems, or specialized advisers capable of answering questions. So do not hesitate to use this very practical service in case of concern. In addition to these biases, it is also possible to find help on social networks. The operator has an official account on which reactive advisers answer questions.

If however the need to contact SOSH by phone being felt, there are some numbers to know. In the event of a smartphone flight, you must join, From any fixed or mobile line, 0800 100 740. There is also an emergency number, the 3976, which allows you to block your mobile. These telephone services correspond to very specific needs. Impossible to be advised on offers by phone with Sosh.

Sosh customer service

To read also how to contact SOSH customer service?

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Our team selects the best offers for you. Certain links are tracked and can generate a commission for mypetitforfait without impacting the price of your subscription. Prices are mentioned for information and are likely to evolve. Sponsored articles are identified. Click here for more information.

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Sosh offer

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All mobile offers are without obligation.
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Manage your offers with ease thanks to the MySosh Réunion application or to your dedicated customer page.

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