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Since 2010, the OVH group has chosen the diversification of its activities with in particular the marketing of a first cloud solution. Today, the OVH company offers a wide range of products and services.

Telecom OVH

Shipping SMS by Internet has never been easier.

Create your SMS marketing campaigns online easily thanks to our consumable sms packs in a few clicks and adaptable according to your needs.

Price per SMS HT: 0.058 €

58 € HT or 69.60 € TTC

For 1000 credits

To whom our SMS solution is for ?

Ideal for getting closer to your teams and your customers, this solution is suitable for anyone who wishes to benefit from a simple, flexible, reactive and multiple means of communication.

At banks, for sending validation codes for online payments, information about banking movements, etc.

To communication agencies, for sending event announcements, results of a competition, internal and external communications, etc.

To merchants, for the sending of promotional offers, notifications of exceptional openings, etc.

To logistics professionals, for sending information and delivery confirmations, delay notifications, etc.

To healthcare professionals, For sending appointments, results, unique passwords to access secure platforms, etc.

To home automation professionals, for sending equipment orders, temperature alerts, cuts, alarm trigger, etc.

To security companies, For the sending of alerts, the management of visitors, etc.

To travel agencies, for sending reservation confirmations, electronic tickets, etc.

Designed to support you in your activity

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Marketing SMS

Simple and quick to set up, an SMS campaign allows you to reach all of your customers at once for an optimal king.

More info on Marketing SMS
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Automatic SMS

Do not miss any recurring event by programming the sending of birthday sms, alerts, etc.

Set the information you want to send.

More info on automatic SMS

Internet SMS

With SMS Gateway, find out how to increase the possibilities offered by sending SMS via the Internet.

More info on SMS via the Internet


Authorize your recipients to answer your messages and treat these responses automatically and in a few clicks.

More info on SMS via API – SMPP

Functionalities thought to facilitate your daily life

SMS by e-mail

Send messages from any messaging. They are then converted to SMS and sent to the phone of your contacts.

Virtual mobile number

In addition to your email address, opt for a virtual mobile number. It will allow you to chat more easily with your contacts.

SMS Home Rental Register (HLR) Lookup

Check the validity of your contact list numbers.

Flexible and decreasing pricing

With OVHCLOUD, the more SMS you order, the less they cost you: take advantage of discounts up to 23 %.
Opt for a credit pack* already defined or create your tailor -made pack while benefiting from the decreasing price.

Price per SMS HT: € 0.06

for 100 credits

Price per SMS HT: 0.058 €

58 € HT or 69.60 € TTC

For 1,000 credits

Price per SMS HT: 0.054 €

€ 540 excl

For 10,000 credits

Price per SMS HT: 0.049 €
€ 24,500 HT or € 29,400 including tax
For 500,000 credits

* 1 credit = 1 SMS sent to mainland France (160 characters maximum).

It’s that simple !

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You can easily import your database in XLS or CSV format, then choose the contacts to whom you want to send your message.

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Receive and analyze

Receive confirmations, analyze your performance and program your next shipments.

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Send unit messages or in large numbers, immediately or on a scheduled date.

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OVHCLOUD also invites you to check whether the numbers are still active. Inactive numbers are sorted so that you can update your customer file.

The questions you ask yourself

Why send pro SMS ?

The reading rate of an SMS varies between 95 and 100 %: it is therefore one of the most powerful communication and marketing channels. This is why we offer you our professional SMS sending service. Thanks to its online interface, you are allowed to implement your communication strategies quickly and easily.

What are the advantages of the SMS Pro solution ?

Four criteria define our SMS Pro solution.
• Economic: master your costs with prices from € 0.06 excl.
• Simple: Create and send your SMS directly from your OVHCLOUD customer area.
• Fast: contact your customers and your employees using quick messages to read.
• Effective: Get optimal results in terms of conversion and targeting.

What are the different ways to send pro SMS ?

At OVHCLOUD, you have the choice: Send professional SMS via your customer area or via API. A whole set of existing tools on the market are at your disposal to meet all your needs.

How to send a large number of SMS at the same time ?

To send a large number of SMS at the same time, simply import your contact lists and compose your message. You can then send the sending without delay or define a later date, all in a few clicks.

How to create my professional SMS campaign ?

Find integrated tools in your customer area allowing you to personalize and send SMS or proceed to directing. Need help ? A guide is available to support you in the creation and sending of your SMS campaigns.

Telecom OVH

OVH Télécom is an operator based in Roubaix, since 2008. Mainly oriented towards businesses, OVH Télécom develops and provides specific services. The operator offers internet offers in ADSL, VDSL2 and fiber optic without television.

Telecom OVH networks

Although its adsl network in its own is significantly less dense than that of Free or Bouygues Telecom, OVH covers more than 180 connection knots with its DSLAM equipment compatible ADSL and VDSL2. Its unbundled network focuses on large metropolises (Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon. )). Apart from this perimeter, OVH Telecom rents the network of partner operators like Orange or SFR. Since September 2018, OVH Telecom has embarked on the fiber optic market for individuals and professionals. The Fiber OVH network is based on Kosc Telecom and Orange infrastructure with a speed up to 1 GB/s.

OVH, from host to telecom operator

OVH is originally a host, created in 1999 by a young student, Octave Klaba. Quickly, OVH is diversified and provides in addition to accommodation for websites, domain names, dedicated servers. In 2008, OVH Telecom appeared in the world of fixed telephony. In 2011, a first internet offer was marketed, with only ADSL and a telephone line. With its Overthebox box, launched in 2015, OVH Telecom becomes an actor in the provision of Internet access to professionals and individuals. In 2018, the manager Octave Klaba appointed to the post of Director General of OVH, the former leader of SFR, Michel Paulin. Since this restructuring, the founder remains the chairman of the group’s board of directors. The year 2018 for the OVH group is also synonymous with change concerning its offers with the segmentation of the latter around 4 areas, namely the universes of Ovhmarket, Ovhspirit, Ovhstack and Ovhenterprise.

A choice of technicians

OVH Telecom is developing clean technologies, both in terms of connections and boxes. The operator has always bet on the VDSL2, which significantly improves the flows of a classic “copper” connection (up to 95 Mb/s in VDSL against 20 Mb/s in ADSL). The OVE OVH Telecom Overthebox box is innovative by allowing the aggregation of several connections (XDSL, fiber, cable, 3G/4G), for better data security.

OVH: business Internet

OVH Telecom is above all an Internet service provider for companies. This positioning is characterized by the possibility of having several fixed telephony services (standard, VoIP packages, etc.), collaborative messaging, Microsoft Office 365 offer in local storage, etc. To meet the needs of its professional customers, OVH Télécom thus markets a wide range of Internet box offers and tailor -made services. Depending on your eligibility, you benefit from very high speed with optical fiber and download speeds up to 1GB/s, high speed with ADSL or VDSL technologies or SDSL which allows you to obtain a symmetrical flow for connection Stable and reliable internet.

OVH group activities

Since 2010, the OVH group has chosen the diversification of its activities with in particular the marketing of a first cloud solution. Today, the OVH company offers a wide range of products and services.

OVH web services

  • Domain names: OVH allows you to create or transfer a domain name. More than 3 million domain names have been recorded around the world at OVH.
  • Web accommodation: OVH offers many web hosting solutions to adapt to different business needs.
  • Website creation: The group also sells ready -to -use solutions for website creation with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Prestashop.
  • VPS: OVH offers virtual private servers (VPS) guaranteeing safety and availability for all uses.
  • CDN: OVH offers a CDN (Content Delivery Network) offer that improves websites and file downloads.

OVH cloud services

The OVH group also offers many cloud services allowing customers to benefit from on -demand servers or even to storage in the cloud with the Cloud Public Services, dedicated servers, Dedicated Cloud and online storage of OVH OVH.

OVH telecommunications services

In addition to all of its cloud and web activities, OVH is also a provider of Internet access under the name OVH Telecom. This ISP markets internet offers in ADSL, VDSL, SDSL and fiber optics. Open to the general public, telecom OVH Internet offers are nevertheless more dedicated to businesses and are still struggling to attract private customers. OVH also offers IP telephony offers, massive SMS shipping services (SMS pro) as well as a fax service to send and receive fax via a simple internet connection without fax.

Additional information on OVH

Some OVH data:

  • September 2018: OVH launches its range of fiber optic offers up to 1 GB/s
  • December 2014: OVH extends the VDSL2 to non-degree areas (orange collection)
  • October 2013: OVH launches the VDSL2 on its unbundled network
  • February 2011: OVH innovates with its “ADSL only” packages Nobox and NOTV
  • 2010: Launch of the first OVH ADSL offer