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The meeting by affinities is possible, Since when you are going to create a profile, other users of the site will be able to consult it, and we will be able to help you by identifying your compatibility. Even if we allow you to meet, You remain the actor or actress of your love story.

Find love among thousands of authentic singles

The data collected during your online registration is intended to put you in touch with the appropriate profiles on our dating site. You can request access, have the information about you or delete you or oppose their processing in the “My account” section or to the specimens specified in our legal notices. To maximize your chances of meetings, your profile is visible to members sharing your research criteria, registered via different brands of our only centralized platform.

Dating site managed and hosted in France

Sufficiently rare to report it, place of singles is a dating site created and operated in France: our services are geographically close to our users. Your search for love deserves special attention. Need advice for Start a new relationship ? Difficulties in giving it among all these members of members ? Our customer service, responsive and available, supports you and will answer all your questions.

Place for confidence

A site where you have control

You can configure your search criteria at any time from the site. You decide which alerts you want to receive and what information you want to display on your profile page, which photos, etc. Your online activity is easily controllable so that your experience on our dating platform is the best possible. Your confidential data is in a safe place and hosted in France, in compliance with the laws in force.

Verified profiles: authentic men and women

Every day, hundreds of single women and men register for free on our site or our meeting application. Everything is implemented to protect our members: profile photos and published information are checked 24/7. An in -depth procedure of profile verification is applied to the slightest doubt, this functionality allows make friends in complete confidence.

Make way for beautiful intentions

Meet serious web singles

Choose a dating site where their members are looking for a real serious relationship. Internet meeting is now a common use but it is necessary to choose the site that suits you. Place of singles is the dating site to find or find love. Take advantage of free registration, create your profile and access thousands of members around your city and especially having the same desires as you, the same life project.

Singles who meet

Who is addressed to place of singles ?

Far from dating sites drowning in information, we wanted to create a simple place, conducive to sincere and lasting encounters. Place of singles is aimed at adults seeking the first great love or those wishing to rebuild their lives, so it is a question of serious meetings. Our system relates our users with compatible research criteria, in order to increase their chances of forming a solid couple.

Online meetings can be confusing for the uninitiated. Place of singles brings the simplicity and the friendliness it lacked ! Whether you are a young adult or more interested in Meeting between seniors, Place of singles will help you find love in a protected setting as far as possible. You will appreciate our premium experience through our multiple, simple and effective features.

Features of our dating site

Quick and simple search for ideal dating

Take advantage of the internet and take the time to discover each profile, browse the photos, read their presentation. It’s free ! A person attracts you ? Several choices are available to you to draw your attention. You are a shy woman or man ? You can send a flash and indicate your degree of attraction. If the crush is reciprocal, you may receive a message in return.

Profiles interest you ? Contact them !

To put all the odds on your side, nothing like taking the first step using private messaging available. Send a message to the members with a photo or without a photo. It is not a question of declaring your flame right away, rather get to know each other and take the time to appreciate each other before organizing a romantic encounter. Our dating application allows you not to miss any message. As single, it would be a shame to miss an inadvertent meeting opportunity.

Place of singles is the best dating site ?

Yes, we sincerely think we are the best dating site in 2023. With available online assistance, a simple interface, effective security and especially more than 2 million members throughout France: Place des Singles will make you meet the ideal person in the best conditions. Doubts despite everything ? Just try, create your profile for free and test your attraction in a few seconds.

On dating sites, there is a question of human relations. We do not control the desire of our members, nor their behavior or your way of approaching them. However, place of singles will bring you advice for successful meetings on the Internet. By following them, you will take one more step towards the man or the woman of your future life.

Convinced ?

Create your profile on our dating site and discover singles for free near you.

The serious dating site up to your requirements

Attractive world is the only serious dating site to offer events organized by and for its members. Join a community of singles involved in their search for love and be ready to find the relationship really corresponding to your expectations.

Attractive World: a friendly and safe dating site

An involved community

Exclusive events

Safety & secure meetings

Discover attractive world

Inside AW

Inside AW

Discover our tutorials and articles to master all the services of attractive world.



Love is our inspiration ! Discover unusual info and our advice on romantic relationships.



Want to meet perfect ? Here are our expert advice for effective online dating.

In France

In France

And if love was near you ? Meet singles in your city now !

An involved community

Singles looking for their half on attractive world are also demanding in love as they are in their professional life.

All profiles have at least a photo and a description of the interests, so that you can quickly start a discussion.

Exclusive events




Attractive World offers you the possibility of making new meetings near you thanks to the exclusive events organized by the members of the community: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg, Lille … It’s up to you to choose your destination !

By joining attractive world, you enter a community made up of French singles who are actively looking for a serious meeting. Take advantage of single evenings organized in your city to meet attractive world members in a unique and friendly setting.

Safety & secure meetings

The safety of our members is a priority: authentication by email address, verification of each profile by an antifraude team, SSL protocol encryption of information.

As a serious dating site we protect your data as much as possible. Our members can also block a user if the latter imports them or can easily report an abuse to our customer service.

100% free dating site

Intended for all serious singles wishing to make real meetings, find their soul mate or great love.

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Local or international

Whether you want to meet nearby or internationally, the site allows you to choose and display what you are looking for!


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Delighted to meet you Olivi.

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Instant messaging

Hours of pleasure await you with instant messaging which allows you to exchange and discuss live with those you want.

Here is why they choose single

Friendly meetings

Life is made to be lived thoroughly, so find new friends with whom you can share unforgettable moments! Create your own network!


Meetings by affinities

Our system is proactive! He offers members with common interests and passions with you. Quickly find people who look like you.

Man who

Safe and 100% free

As we have said, as we say and say it, the site offers all these features for free and we will never ask you your credit card! It’s sworn 🙂

Hipster woman

Here is why they choose single


Friendly meetings

Life is made to be lived thoroughly, so find new friends with whom you can share unforgettable moments! Create your own network!

Meetings by affinities

Our system is proactive! He offers members with common interests and passions with you. Quickly find people who look like you.

Man who

Hipster woman

Safe and 100% free

As we have said, as we say and say it, the site offers all these features for free and we will never ask you your credit card! It’s sworn 🙂

It’s fast and free

Meet singles currently online

Hello be that a nice thing I’m looking for a serious relationship I really like walks in the forest and in.

In search of the ideal if it still exists

If you pass here and you read this then do not hesitate written me

I am here looking for my love. I have assets that suddenly do not hesitate

Am a respectful girl claims I’m looking for a serious man

Come to discover me

Hello everyone I present myself my name is Jeffrey I am almost 28 years old I am single and without children.

I am a person, nice, who has humor, kind, sincere, attentive, I don’t like talking too much.

I am looking for a true and lasting relationship

I’m sam i’m single i’m look for a girl or woman

I’m looking for the woman who will make me happy.

Here to still believe that the imprevu can still bring the best and who knows love! I’m not going to .

I am a simple sociable woman attentive faithful as much in love as in friendship

I am William I am looking for a sincere love I quickly trust I like the movies co.

Search for a serious relationship

I. Am hidden. Funny. I like. To go out. Walk in a romantic. Go to cinema. Or sees a concert.

I am Olive Romane, 35, single. I am a simple, frank woman who would like to meet .

Hello to all my name is Jeremy I am a divorced heavyweight driver I live alone.I am here for refa.

Hi everyone I want to find everything he is looking for here.

I am new on the site I come here out of curiosity get to know each other and why not meet

I am a frank person with a lot of character ðÿ˜šðÿš

Me c kelly I am 25 years old single for 4 years. I am shy . I’m looking for anyone for.

And that’s not all ! Here’s it is even more.

Video chat

Future. The video chat will allow you to see, live, the members with whom you will discuss and this, directly on our platform. An addition long awaited by several members and which will allow you to meet beautiful.

Certified profiles

In order to make your research more safe and authentic, we have a “certified” badge on certified profiles. This allows you to avoid impostors and easily find members who are authentic.

Choose singlesduweb from the best dating sites, obviousness and indisputable assets !

If you are looking for The best online dating site, It is that you are determined to find a partner, with which it will be possible to envisage A beautiful and long love story. Choose singlesduweb, It is to join a serious dating site, whose spirit and objectives are clear and well defined. We help you meet the members, who match your search according to your criteria. On the other hand, we prefer to be transparent and honest by clearly affirming, that our commitment does not participate in promoting one evening meetings. High -end meetings, based on the sincerity and veracity of everyone’s words, this is the only promise that Singlesduweb makes you.

Our moderators permanently hunt false profiles, so that you can exchange, discuss and seduce in peace and safe. OUR Affinity dating site participate in satisfy all requests. Indeed, free and without subscription features implemented on our website such as research by affinities, private messages or social aspects, appeal to our millions of users. So register for free on our platform to check it !

Love couple

Friendly meetings or great love, finally a site to really meet

Meet love does not order in one click, just like to make friends Do not decide a snap of the fingers. Indeed, today finding the right person can be difficult, whether you are a young woman, a young man or a senior. Our serious and free dating site allows you to create a relationship with a person who corresponds to your search and your criteria. But before you can consider a real meeting, you still have to make sure you share certain affinities with the members with whom you will discuss. Meeting by affinities is not a foolproof method for make romantic (At Singlesduweb, we always prefer honesty and sincerity to false-fuzzies and unsaid). On the other hand, this service assures you to meet singles who you correspond and share a certain conception of life.

Registration on our serious dating site Allows you to access free services to complete your profile with or without photos, on which you will be able to detail your search on the one hand, but also your personality on the other hand. Much more than a simple personality test, your profile will allow you to find contacts by affinities, whether you are looking for one or a friend in France or the other end of the world, or your half near you. Indeed, these meetings by affinities constitute a real boost to destiny, so take advantage of it and take control by writing the first message to this or this bachelor who corresponds to you !

A serious online dating site completely free because the search for love is priceless!

The meeting by affinities is possible, Since when you are going to create a profile, other users of the site will be able to consult it, and we will be able to help you by identifying your compatibility. Even if we allow you to meet, You remain the actor or actress of your love story.

Registration on singlesduweb is free. Our goal is therefore to help you find the right person, both for a friendly meeting and for a romantic search. And to help you, we are making our daily efforts to offer you the tools and services you need.

Before settling the first appointment, get to know yourself by exchanging and/or using our Instant messaging service.

Love has no borders, So singlesduweb may allow you to meet love around the corner or at the other end of the world.

But we give you a little secret: love gives wings. Love or friendship, single or divorced, with or without children. Meet a person who shares some affinities always starts with a Simple evidence: the truth. Complete your profile with honesty and then the magic of love can operate.

Why trust our serious dating site?

The meetings between singles are one of the major concerns of men and women wishing to get out of their celibacy. They can hope to find a soul mate according to meetings resulting from chance, opt for a matrimonial agency in order to find the rare pearl, or try to find Internet love. In addition, we know that our members appreciate being able to send messages with or without photo to other members without having a subscription. So register for free on a romantic dating site that does not promise you the moon, but guarantees you the quality of the meetings you are going to make, and therefore to build a new friendly relationship like loving. Who knows, you may find your soul mate through the many announcements and various profiles of men and women online on our dating site !

There love life results from alchemy, and our dating site between singles does not pretend to be the great magician of love. On the other hand, making new meetings remains the only possible way to be able to project yourself into a couple life. Men and women, registered on our dating site all have different research, and yet each of our members benefits from personalized support in order to get in touch with the members of their choice. Singlesduweb facilitates meetings And allows you to get a “match” and thus focus on the essentials: Build a lasting and serious relationship With the person encountered thanks to our dating site.

We know that the world of online meetings has changed and evolved quickly. With the rise of mobile sites and applications, there is no shortage of options to meet! So why not try the adventure with us, especially since we will land soon on your smartphones thanks to a mobile application, easy to use and without headache!