SFR TV on connected TV, SFR TV guide 2023: program, channels and bouquets TV

SFR TV guide 2023: TV program, channels and bouquets

SFR offers a multitude of international bouquets to view TV programs from around the world.

The SFR TV application on your connected TV

Several televisions that share the same SFR content offer ? Yes, it is possible with the option Multi TV on connected TV.
No more fights ! Everyone makes their choice of program as they see fit thanks to the SFR TV application to download on a Samsung TV.

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Which can benefit from the SFR TV app on connected TV ?

All SFR customers with:

  • An SFR Box offer and having subscribed to the Multi TV option on connected TV,
  • A SAMSUNG SMART TV of 2019 or subsequent year connected to an SFR box Or A freestyle projector.

You are not sure that your Samsung Smart TV is compatible with the Multi TV option on connected TV and the SFR TV app ? Click here to identify your TV and discover your manufacturing year.

What are the advantages of the SFR TV app for connected TV ?

  • Up to 5 screens (including one or more Samsung Smart TV) can connect simultaneously to the SFR TV application to discover all the richness of personalized and recommended SFR content.
  • The SFR TV app on connected TV allows direct use, without additional TV decoder, and with a single remote control.

How much is the multi TV option on TV connected with the SFR TV application ?

The option Multi TV on connected TV With the SFR TV app for Smart TV Samsung is offered at the cost of 3 € per month (without engagement).

How to benefit from the SFR TV app on my Samsung Smart TV ?

From your Samsung TV connected to your SFR Box Or Your freestyle projector:

To know
To know

If you use a Samsung freestyle projector : To bring up the virtual keyboard when installing the SFR TV app on connected TV, you must press the button for a few seconds Home Smart Remote Samsung remote control. For more information, click here.

Once the SFR TV application is installed on your Samsung connected TV or your freestyle projector, you can access all your TV content (including your favorite and replay programs), as well as more than 400 channels, and also All the features of SFR TV (TV program, recordings, VOD, all directly on your TV without the need for any additional decoder).

To note
To note
  • After subscription, the activation time of the multi TV service on connected TV can take up to 6 hours.
  • Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + are unavailable in the SFR TV application.

SFR TV guide 2023: TV program, channels and bouquets

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By subscribing to an SFR box offer, you can have access to 160 or 200 television channels included in the price of your subscription. In addition, SFR allows its customers to subscribe to additional packs to view specific TV programs. Discover all the SFR TV channels and bouquets corresponding to your offer, but also the services and options intended to make your TV experience optimal.

  • The essential
  • A TV service is automatically Included when you subscribe to a SFR box offer. Depending on your offer, you benefit at least from 160 TV channels.
  • You can subscribe Additional bouquets To complete your offer and access more channels and TV programs.
  • There are different SFR services to allow you to fully enjoy your SFR TV guide :: replay, multi-screen.

SFR TV Guide: What Bouquet TV your SFR box does it give access ?

By subscribing to an SFR box, you automatically benefit from a TV service included in your subscription. This service nevertheless differs according to the Box type that you subscribe: SFR box, Power box and premium box.

Thus, SFR offers no less than 2 different TV bouquets. If you subscribe to an ADSL/VDSL or SFR fiber subscription, you have access to the bouquets SFR TV 160 or 200 channels.

SFR TV guide: the free and complete SFR TV program You want to know the SFR TV program broadcast live or in the evening on all the channels to which you have access with your box offer ? You can find the SFR TV guide online from the site TV.SFR.FR/Guide In order to consult all the SFR TV programs that interest you.

What TV SFR channels are included in my bouquet ?

At SFR, there are 2 TV bouquets that are: SFR Bouquet TV (160 TV channels) and SFR Bouquet TV Power (200 TV channels). Access to any of these bouquets depends on the type of SFR box that you have subscribed.

List of 160 TV channels of the Bouquet SFR TV:

By subscribing to a SFR Fiber or ADSL Starter box offer, you have access to SFR TV Bouquet 160 channels. Discover the detailed list of channels you can view. General practitioners, sport or youth, find programs designed to please the whole family.

TF1 (n ° 1), France 2 (n ° 2), France 3 (n ° 3), Canal+ (beaches in clear) (n ° 4), France 5 (n ° 5), M6 (n ° 6), Arte (n ° 7), C8 (n ° 8), W9 (n ° 9), TMC (n ° 10), TFX (n ° 11), NRJ 12 (n ° 12), LCP-PUBLIC Senate (n ° 13), France 4 (n ° 14), BFM TV (n ° 15), CNEWS (n ° 16), CSTAR (n ° 17), Gulli (n ° 18), TF1 series-films (n ° 20), L’Equipe (n ° 21), 6ter (n ° 22), RMC Story (n ° 23), RMC Découverte (n ° 24), Chérie 25 (n ° 25), LCI (n ° 26), France Info ( n ° 27)

List of 200 TV channels of the Bouquet SFR TV Power:

THE SFR ADSL/Fiber Power TV bouquet includes the 160 channels of SFR ADSL/fiber tv bouquet and allows you to view 40 additional channels:

TF1 (n ° 1), France 2 (n ° 2), France 3 (n ° 3), Canal+ (beaches in clear) (n ° 4), France 5 (n ° 5), M6 (n ° 6), Arte (n ° 7), C8 (n ° 8), W9 (n ° 9), TMC (n ° 10), TFX (n ° 11), NRJ 12 (n ° 12), LCP-PUBLIC Senate (n ° 13), France 4 (n ° 14), BFM TV (n ° 15), CNEWS (n ° 16), CSTAR (n ° 17), Gulli (n ° 18), TF1 series-films (n ° 20), L’Equipe (n ° 21), 6ter (n ° 22), RMC Story (n ° 23), RMC Découverte (n ° 24), Chérie 25 (n ° 25), LCI (n ° 26), France Info ( n ° 27)

SFR offers you to enrich your offer by subscribing one or more paid TV bouquets. These are classified into 2 major categories: thematic bouquets and the International bouquets. Thus, look at new TV programs on the subjects that interest you most.

SFR TV thematic bouquets

SFR offers a multitude of thematic bouquets to its customers but the most popular are part of ” More sfr ” and are RMC Sport And SFR Cine Series.

Details of TV bouquets and SFR paid options – valid on September 04, 2023

TV / Option Bouquet Content Price and commitment
SFR Cinema Paramount Channel +, Action, TCM Cinema and Filmo TV 5 €/month without commitment (first month offered)
Amazon Prime Amazon Video Prime, Amazon Prime Services (Free delivery on Amazon, 2 million musical titles, ebooks. ), Ligue 1 Uber Eats. € 6.99/month without commitment (30 days of testing)
RMC Sport RMC Sport 1, RMC Sport 2, RMC Sport 1UHD, RMC Sport Live 3, RMC Sport Live 4, RMC Sport Live 5, RMC Sport Live 6, RMC Sport Live 7, RMC Sport Live 8, RMC Sport Live 9, RMC Sport Live 10, RMC Sport Live 11, RMC Sport Live 12, RMC Sport Live 13, RMC Sport Live 14, RMC Sport Live 15, RMC Sport Live 16, RMC Sport Live 17 er RMC Sport Live 18. 9 €/month with commitment 12 months Instead of 19 €/month
Cinema+ Premier cinema, cinema+ thrill, cinema+ emotion, cinema+ family, cinema+ club and cinema+ classic € 9.99/month without obligation
Disney+ and SFR Cinema Paramount Channel, Paramount Channel quirky, Action, TCM Cinema, Filmo TV and Disney+ 12 €/month without obligation Instead of € 18.99/month
OCS and family bouquet OCS max, ocs pulp, giant ocs and bouqeut family sfr services € 12.99/month without obligation
Cinema Cine+ first, Ciné+ Frisson, Ciné+ Emotion, Ciné+ Famiz, Ciné+ Club, Ciné+ Classic, Paramount Channel, Paramount Channel quirky, TCM Cinema and Action € 13.99/month without obligation
RMC Sport + Amazon Prime + Ligue 1 Uber Eats RMC Sport 1, RMC Sport 2, RMC Sport 1UHD, RMC Sport Live 3 to 18 + Amazon Prime Video and Ligue 1 Uber eats 22 €/month with commitment 12 months Instead of € 38.98/month

You wish to subscribe to an SFR offer with Bouquet TV ?

You wish to subscribe to an SFR offer with Bouquet TV ? 01 86 65 29 77

You wish to subscribe to an SFR offer with Bouquet TV ? Compare The best SFR offers of the moment with or without commitment ! See offers

International bouquets of SFR

SFR offers a multitude of international bouquets to view TV programs from around the world.

  • THE Europe bouquets : SFR offers no less than 11 bouquets and channels à la carte of European countries including German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Turkish, and Portuguese TV bouquets.
  • THE African TV bouquets : SFR offers 9 bouquets and packs to cover African countries: African Bouquet Privilege, Muslim Pack, Maghreb, Maghreb+ and Arabia Pack, Berber, Arabia, Indian Ocean, African Discovery, and African Premium.
  • THE Asian TV bouquets : SFR offers 7 bouquets from Asian countries: Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Israeli, Lebanese and Korean bouquets.
  • THE America bouquets : SFR offers 1 bouquet of channels from the South American continent: the Spanish bouquet.

How to use its SFR TV decoder ?

How to look at my SFR TV channels and bouquets ?

Your TV decoder allows you to access your channels and programs on your television. If you want to watch live television, simply select the channel that you want to look using the remote control of your decoder.

If you want to benefit from another service, TV on demand, Replay, or other, go to the menu of your decoder to select the service of your choice.

How to consult your SFR TV guide ?

You can consult the list of channels and bouquets subscribed in two ways:

  1. Since your SFR customer area : Connect to your SFR customer area thanks to your SFR identifiers, then click the tab Offer. In category Options, Select the bouquet or chain of your choice to access the information related to its subscription.
  2. Since your TV decoder : access the home screen for your decoder via the SFR key remote control. In the menu TV options, Select the section My account. In the list that appears, choose the channel or the bouquet you want to consult. Clicking on Details of the offer, You will find all the information related to the subscription.

How to enrich your SFR TV guide ?

If you want Access more channels and programs with SFR, You can subscribe to the SFR TV and channel bouquets of your choice:

  • Since your SFR customer area : Connect to your customer area using your SFR identifiers. Click on the tab Offer Then on the button Add options. Choose a section and confirm your choice.
  • Since your TV decoder : Press the SFR button on your remote control of your TV decoder to access the Home Menu. Then choose the section “Enrich my offer“”. Select the section “Bouquets“”. Once you have selected the bouquet of your choice, press “Confirm” and on “Get down“”.
  • Since your THD BOX : access your box menu thanks to the house button from your remote control and select “Enrich my offer“”. Then click on the channel or bouquet of your choice and on “Get down“To subscribe.

What consists of the SFR TV services ?

The SFR TV service on PC

SFR offers its service SFR TV On several supports other than television. Indeed, you can access the TV service on a computer if you are:

  1. Customer SFR box, Red Or Numericable.
  2. Customer Mobile SFR or Red (with a compatible offer).
  3. Customer 100% digital With a TV bouquet.

Available according to eligibility, this service does not represent No additional cost for the user and allows you to benefit from several advantages:

  1. You can view until 200 channels live.
  2. You take advantage of the functions Restart, Direct control, Replay, VodSFR TV guide, Vod pass unlimited.
  3. You have an experience Personalized TV thanks to Recommended content for you.

To benefit from this service, connect to your customer area on the TV site.SFR with your identifiers. Please note, the TV service on PC requires that you have the Chrome browser (version 64 and subsequent) or Firefox (version 60 and subsequent).

SFR TV app, your SFR TV channels on mobile

L’SFR TV application gives you access to the best of your TV programs on tablet and mobile. This service is accessible for all Mobile and box customers (Fiber or ADSL) with a mobile or tablet.

SFR TV allows you to take advantage of various features. Depending on the terms of your subscription, you can:

  • Take advantage of 89 and 200 TV channels in HD.
  • Benefit from 25 radios.
  • Have access to the services of Vod and D’remote recording as well as Optional bouquets.

Again, the SFR TV service is free for box and mobile customers whose packages include the SFR TV option. This service is however to be subscribed in the form of a paid option if your package does not include SFR TV.

Discover the steps to follow to benefit from the service:

  1. If you are mobile client, Check that theSFR TV option is included in your package. If this is not the case take out the option.
  2. Download theSFR TV application on App Store Or Google Play.
  3. Connect yourself by entering your ADSL or fiber identifiers (for box customers) or your mobile identifiers (for mobile customers). Mobile customers must make their first connection in 3G or 4G.

The application is Compatible with iPhone, Android mobiles and iOS or Android tablets. However, your smartphone or tablet may be incompatible with the SFR TV app, like BlackBerry phones, Nokia under the Symbian and Samsung OS under the Bada OS. In case your equipment is not compatible, an error message is displayed as soon as you try to access the TV service on the application.

The Multi-TV option to enjoy the SFR TV on several televisions

With the option Multi-TV, Take advantage of your TV services . For 3 euros per month And decoder, The multi-TV service allows you to Connect several televisions to your box and, thus, to view several TV and VOD programs at the same time.

This option can be taken out by All SFR box customers. If you are already a customer box SFR, you can subscribe to this option:

  1. Since your SFR customer area.
  2. By going to SFR store.
  3. By contacting SFR customer service at 1023.

If you are not yet SFR customer, you can subscribe to the option at the time of your box subscription (excluding ADSL offer).

The subscription of this option may involve the intervention of an SFR technician for the movement of a coaxial socket or the installation of a second coaxial socket. If this intervention is necessary, it will be billed at you € 60.

You wish to take out a SFR box offer ?

You wish to take out a SFR box offer ? 01 86 65 29 77

You wish to take out a SFR box offer ? Compare SFR Internet box offers from 20.99 €/month ! See offers

SFR TV complementary services

Details of SFR services – Valubles on September 04, 2023

Services Description
Direct control THE Direct control present on SFR TV decoders allows pause a program broadcast, then take it back when you want. This service requires a Integrated hard drive Or external hard drive Connected to the decoder.
Parental control The decoder incorporates a parental control where filters can be personalized (Purchase of options allowed or not, locking of certain channels, notably adults, access to the catalog of games on demand, etc.).
SFR Gaming SFR offers a service Video games on demand on SFR TV: SFR Gaming. It allows the customer to access free games of various categories but also major licenses. Decoders also support game controllers. SFR offers its customers an official wireless controller if the customer takes a subscription.
SFR TV Replay SFR offers no less than 54 TV services on demand. The service notably includes MyTF1, Francetv Pluzz, 6 Play, Arte+7, D8REPLAY, TMC on demand, NT1 on demand, NRJ12 Replay, BFMTV on request, D17REPLAY, GULLI Replay, RMC Discovered on demand, OCS GO, Cine+on demand, RTL 9 Replay, AB1 Replay, Tvbreizh, Gameone Replay, McM on demand, Disney Channel Replay, Disney Channel Preview, Boomerang, Teletoon+, Piwi+, Boing, LCI, Eurosport, Equidia Watch, History, Uhuaia TV, and Canal + in clear.

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