SFR box without commitment: what are the offers in 2023?, What are the SFR boxes without obligation?

SFR Box without obligation: which one to choose

Choosing an SFR Box offer without obligation therefore allows the subscriber to benefit from a greater freedom in the management of its internet package.

SFR box without commitment: what are the offers in 2023 ?

You are interested in SFR Internet offers while wishing to keep freedom in the management of your box subscription ? Discover our Internet offers guide without commitment on the SFR network to determine the package that meets your needs !

  • The essential
  • A Internet package without commitment SFR offers greater flexibility in the management of its box subscription.
  • All classic SFR boxes are subject to a commitment of at least a year.
  • Red by SFR offers a SFR boxes without obligation, in ADSL or fiber.
  • Certain SFR Internet offers, such as the 4G+box, are also available without commitment.

Is there an SFR box without obligation ?

The whole standard range of SFR Internet offers is subject to one year of engagement (or even 24 months in the case of SFR Box + TV offers). Terminate one of these offers during the first year will therefore force you to Set the remaining monthly payments.

These internet boxes, however, have peculiarities that make them very attractive, in particular a Large TV channel catalog, THE Unlimited calls in France But above all a fixed price without increase from year to year for 24 months.

High -end SFR offers include the SFR Box 8 and 8x, the latest generation of SFR boxes. It offers a speed that can reach 8GB/s, A 4K decoder and voice assistants to control your SFR box remotely.

As you can see, the operator does not offer SFR boxes for the moment without commitment with fiber. However, you can choose a SFR box with a fixed price for 24 months In order to save money on your invoices. Indeed, SFR is one of the few operators to offer this promotion on the price, when the others increase their price after 12 months.

You wish Test your SFR fiber eligibility ? Discover our eligibility test and check in less than a minute if your accommodation is well compatible with the SFR fiber Before taking out a box offer.

Subscribe the Red by SFR Internet box without commitment

If all the standard SFR internet packages are subject to a commitment of at least 12 months, SFR still offers Internet box without obligation Through its Low-Cost Red by SFR brand.

Red uses the same network as all other SFR Internet offers: if you are eligible for SFR fiber, you will also be eligible for fiber at Red.

Several supplements can complete this SFR box package without Red obligation, as The Max flow option which allows you to enjoy a fiber flow until 2GB/s in wifi 6 For € 7/additional month.

A TV option Allows you to enjoy 100 channels for 3 €/month, via the Red TV application or on a Connect TV decoder (€ 29 for purchase from Red).

Red customer service is only dematerialized : indeed the brand does not have a physical store, which explains its lower prices.

What are the advantages of an SFR box without commitment ?

If many French people are tempted by the internet boxes without obligation, it is because they have several advantages compared to conventional internet boxes.

SFR box

Indeed, a non -binding box can be terminated when you wish, without having to pay additional fees. A standard internet box submits the subscriber to additional costs if he decides to terminate it during her commitment period. These costs are calculated according to the remaining commitment.

A non -binding package also has the advantage of being lighter, with fewer services included automatically. Television is for example often offered Optional with a non -binding offer, which is useful if you do not want to take advantage of it. Internet boxes without obligation are often less expensive that classic boxes.

Choosing an SFR Box offer without obligation therefore allows the subscriber to benefit from a greater freedom in the management of its internet package.

You wish to take out a box offer without obligation ?

You wish to take out a box offer without obligation ? 09 87 67 96 18

You wish to take out a box offer without obligation ? Discover and compare the SFR box offers without obligation from 20.99 €/month ! See offers

Other SFR Internet packages without obligation

Even if the SFR boxes without commitment are not available at the moment, the operator offers several less conventional internet solutions than possible to terminate at any time.

The SFR 4G Keyless Package “Internet everywhere”

The 4G key package Internet everywhere SFR, has 3 €/day without commitment, Allows you to enjoy unlimited internet daily in France and 2GB in Europe, while giving access to the SFR TV application to watch more than 130 live TV channels.

To be able to use this offer, you must have a device compatible with the SIM card provided. If you don’t have one, SFR offers the 4G ZTE – MF92OU Box online store for 39 €.

The eligibility for this offer also depends on the 4G SFR coverage of where you want to access the Internet.

You wish to take out an SFR 4G offer ?

You wish to take out an SFR 4G offer ? 09 87 67 96 18

You wish to take out an SFR 4G offer ? Test your eligibility for the 4G+ non -binding of SFR ! See offers

Subscribe to a SFR mobile offer without obligation

All SFR mobile plans are not available without commitment. However, a good part is and you can therefore use the connection sharing function of your phone to Transform your smartphone into a wifi access point and connect your various devices via WiFi.

SFR even offers a Package with 200GB 5G of Internet, which can allow you to navigate many hours on the internet.

SFR Box subscribers benefit from a reduction of 20 €/month : the package then returns to € 14.99/month.

The SFR package without commitment 4G box+

To equip your home on the internet fixed, SFR also markets the 4G+ SFR box, That is to say an SFR box offer without commitment that uses 4G technology Rather than fiber or ADSL.

This SFR non -binding box is however Reserved for people who do not have access to conventional internet offers and which are well covered by 4G SFR.

If you are eligible for Fiber or ADSL offers from SFR, you will probably not have access to the SFR box without 4G+.

For Refit an SFR box Without commitment, simply contact the SFR customer service to obtain the address to which send the termination letter. Once the letter arrived at the operator, your SFR Internet subscription without obligation will be terminated within 10 days.

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SFR Box without obligation: which one to choose ?

Apart from The 4G+ SFR box offer Available without commitment period, this Internet access provider markets offers SFR BOX ADSL or fiber with a 12 -month commitment.

To enjoy a SFR boxes without obligation, It is possible but by subscribing to a Red subscription, the operator’s digital brand with the red square.

With RED, you can subscribe to an SFR internet box at the best price with the fiber, THD (very high speed) orADSL Depending on the eligibility of your accommodation.

Before subscribing to SFR, discover all the characteristics of the SFR packages without commitment.

Personalize your internet offer with

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Why choose an SFR box without obligation ?

Choosing an SFR box without commitment, allows you to stay free to Change internet access provider anytime.

If your needs change or simply if you find a box at a more attractive price, you can ask yourself a question terminate your BOX subscription without obligation To change operator.

In addition, by choosing a box without obligation with Red by SFR, you enjoy competitive price which do not double after a year.

Another advantage, in addition to taking advantage of the Fiber, THD or ADSL network of the SFR operator, you can also benefit with RED very high speed mobility with very advantageous SFR Box + Mobile offers on the telephone market.

SFR Box Packages without obligation

To take advantage of a SFR Box Fiber or ADSL subscription without a minimum commitment period, you must subscribe to a Red box offer.

Depending on your SFR eligibility, the brand 100% online From the operator to the Red Carré offers a fiber internet package (FTTH fiber network to the subscriber), THD (FTTB fiber network fiber with coaxial ending) or ADSL.

The Red Box offer is a SFR Internet subscription alone with the fixed telephony.

To take advantage of the SFR TV box, You must add a TV option ::

  • TV 35 channels and decoder included at a price of 2 euros per month;
  • TV 100 channels and decoder included at a price of 5 euros per month.

With this type of internet subscription, this operator provides you with a latest generation box.

However, to take advantage of the new SFR Box 8 as an option, you must choose a SFR operator a Fiber box offer or ADSL with a 12 -month commitment.

With the SFR access provider, you can also benefit from an internet subscription at home without a duration binding with the4G box offer+.

The 4G+ SFR box package is reserved for individuals whose accommodation has a low ADSL speed but good 4G/4G coverage+.

This SFR Box subscription without obligation displayed at a price of 35 euros per month brings together:

  • Internet 200 GB of data each month with a flow rate of up to 300 Mb/s via the 4G and 4G+ Mobile network of SFR,
  • Fixed telephony with unlimited calls from the box to fixed and mobiles in France and DOM.

Opinions on SFR Boxes without commitment

Opinions on SFR BOX BOX offers left by customers and/ or former customers highlight the attractive prices Applied by the SFR digital brand.

Users are also delighted not to see their invoices climb after a few months with the Red by SFR offers.

In addition, the many Promotional offers which support boxes without commitment SFR are highly appreciated by consumers in customer opinions.

On the other hand, the fiber and THD flow available with the Red Box offer is deemed insufficient (up to 300 Mb/s) by certain users who must add an option billed 5 euros per month to boost their fiber flow up to 1 GB /s.

Another dissatisfaction noted in the opinions on boxes without RED SFR binding, the TV available only as an option to enjoy a SFR TV box.

To benefit from a TV decoder and 100 channels included, your SFR Internet bill thus increases by 5 euros per month. SFR Fiber Box reviews are therefore more mixed on this aspect !

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How to terminate your SFR Box without obligation ?

To carry out a Box SFR termination, you must send the operator a termination request by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

To find out the termination address of your SFR Box without obligation, you must get closer to SFR customer service.

Another important information to know, the SFR Box termination costs without commitment linked to the closure of the service amount to 49 euros. These termination costs are applied to the SFR fence invoice.

The termination of your SFR box subscription is effective within 10 days after taking into account your mail.

You can also specify in your termination letter, a later date of contract.

In the event of a change of address, you do not need to terminate your SFR box subscription, you just have to request a SFR moving your internet access via customer service.

To contact SFR, go to the assistance section on the operator’s website.

If you want to keep your fixed line number with another Internet operator, you must communicate it Your Rio number (Operator identity statement).

To get your Rio, make up the 3179 From your fixed line.

Are you eligible for fiber ?
Test free your eligibility in less than 3 minutes And discover the best offers For your internet access.


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