Sell ​​or give your vehicle |, here are the 10 best -selling vehicles worldwide in 2022 – Auto guide

Here are the 10 best -selling vehicles worldwide in 2022

9. Ford F-150-525,000 vehicles (decrease of 5% compared to 2021)

Sell ​​or give your vehicle

When you sell or give your vehicle, you must give certain documents to the new owner. You must also warn the administration using the teleservice of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS). It is no longer possible to file or send your transfer declaration to the prefecture. We present the steps to follow you.

The steps approach

1 Check the vehicle registration certificate

The registration certificate (formerly called gray card ) must be on behalf of the person who sells the vehicle.

If you have moved since obtaining the registration certificate, you must have proceeded to change the address before the sale (or don). Indeed, the registration certificate must indicate your address at the time of the sale (or donation).

Only the owner of the vehicle can sell the vehicle. If there are several cotturies, the signature of all persons mentioned on the registration certificate must be signed.

If the vehicle is for rent with purchase option (LOA), also called Automobile leasing , You can’t sell it. Only the lending organization, owner of the vehicle, can do so.

2 Pass technical control

If you sell or give your vehicle over 4 years old has a particular, You must give the buyer a technical control report.

The control must be carried out in an approved center.

He must date from less than 6 months.

Therefore, if your latest control is older, a new visit is compulsory. It will be made at your expense.

A vehicle can be sold without technical control if it is under the age of 4 or if it is sold to a car professional: Titlecontent . Some vehicles are also exempt from technical control.

If the result of the technical control is favorable, the control center immediately delivers the check-up report to you. You must give it to the buyer.

Otherwise, a counter-visit can be imposed within a maximum period of 2 months after the initial visit. Only defects that have justified the counter-visit will be checked again. It is a question of verifying that the prescribed repairs were carried out. You then have 2 possibilities:

  • Either you have your car repaired at your expense, then pass the counter-visit, to be able to give the buyer the initial control report accompanied by that of the counter-visit
  • Either you sell your car as it is, which assumes that it must be ceded Less than 2 months after the initial visit. It will be the buyer who will take care of the counter-visit. But, if you exceed the period of 2 months, you will have to redo a complete control.

in the event of one or more critical failures, You must carry out the counter-visit and the repairs before selling your vehicle to an individual. A non -rolling vehicle cannot be offered for sale to an individual. You can only sell the non -rolling vehicle to a professional: titlecontent having a siret number: titlecontent .

3 Check that there is no guarantee or opposition to the sale

You must provide the buyer with a certificate of administrative situation. He must date from Less than 15 days.

This certificate is immediately obtained on the Internet on the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS) at the time of your transfer declaration.

Formerly called certificate of non pledge , This document proves that you did not give your car in pledge in return for a loan.

It also proves that you have paid all your tickets well.

If you do not get it, it is because the Treasury (the Center of Your Taxes) has opposed the transfer of your registration certificate.

To inform and reassure your buyer before signing the sale, you can transmit a link to the report on the history of your vehicle, which you have generated on the Histovewave site. This service is free and allows sellers and future buyers to share information concerning the technical control and the administrative situation of the vehicle.

4 declare the sale of the vehicle and obtain the transfer code

You can declare the sale of the vehicle yourself or go through an authorized professional. If you give your vehicle, you must also do this.

Answer successive questions and answers will appear automatically

You make the statement yourself

On the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS), you must make your transfer of sale (even in the case of a donation).

A video explaining the procedure is available:

You must accept the filing of streaming cookies to read the video.

See the text version of the video

You must connect to the ANTS website either via France Connect: Titlecontent, or using the identifier and password of your user ants account. If you do not have a user ants account, you must create a.

You must, in a 1st time, provide several information obtained from the future owner (birth name, first name, date of birth, . )).

This information is needed even if you sell or give up your vehicle abroad.

You must then download and print the 2 documents displayed on the screen:

  • Cerfa form n ° 15776, called a transfer certificate
  • Administrative situation certificate

The transfer code Also displayed on the screen: note this code. It is valid for 15 days. It is to be given to the future owner. He will secure and facilitate his administrative procedures on the Ants website. It will allow him to request the new registration certificate. to his name.

At this stage of the process, there are 2 cases:

  • The sale of the vehicle has not yet taken place: you can temporarily leave the process and resume it once the transaction is carried out. You will need to connect to the “My current procedures” section of your ANTS space.
  • The transfer has already taken place: you must then validate your declaration of sale.

The finalization on the Internet of the declaration of transfer must take place within 15 days of the signing of the transfer certificate.

To finalize your declaration of sale on the Internet on the Ants website, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Date and time of sale
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Complete address of the new owner

On the finalization screen of the remote demarca, you can download an acknowledgment of registering your declaration of vehicle sale.

Of the digital points (with computers, printers and scanners) are made available to you in each prefecture and in most sub-prefectures. You can perform the process there. You can be helped by digital mediators if you encounter difficulties with the use of the Internet.

You can also be accompanied in your approach by a House France Services ::

Where to contact ?

You go through an authorized professional

You can make your declaration of sale through a private representative, approved and authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

You must send him the supporting documents required for the registration of the transfer on the Ants website.

The agent will have to connect to her Account Ants (and not yours) or will have to create one in its name.

This person must indicate that he is taking the process for you (button “For someone else”).

For security reasons, you will have to communicate the 5 -digit confidential code mentioned on the letter you have received as a support for your registration certificate.

5 sign the transfer declaration form with the buyer

The day of the sale of your vehicle, you must fill out and sign the CERFA form n ° 15776 with the buyer.

It’s about Compulsory sales document of your vehicle. It is made in 2 copies, 1 of which will be given to the buyer.

You as well as the buyer must fill and sign the box corresponding to each.

You must also fill the box concerning the vehicle. Finally, you must submit copy n ° 2 from the form to the buyer and you keep copy n ° 1.

You must certify the mileage traveled from the 1 re registration of the vehicle, unless you have bought it used. In this case, you can relate to the transfer declaration, after the indication of the mileage registered in the counter, the mention “not guaranteed”.

You have an obligation of information with regard to the buyer on the state and the essential characteristics of the car. You must mention its general maintenance state and the existence of possible defective elements or to be replaced (wear of brake discs, shock absorbers, oil leak, etc.)). You must also reveal to the buyer if the car has been damaged and the severity of the accident (s).

vehicle defects and their consequences discovered after sale, can be used by the buyer. This appeal is possible even if it has accepted an additional clause aimed at limiting your responsibility.

6 give the buyer the registration certificate and the complete sale file

Delivery of the registration certificate

Upon conclusion of the sale, you must give the buyer the registration certificate. of the vehicle.

You must block it and mention on it, in a readable and unalterable way, “sold the” With date (day/month/year) and sale time, followed by your signature.

If you sell your vehicle abroad, outside the European Union, add the mention “Export sale” on the registration certificate.

The detachable coupon is to be completed, except in the event of sale to a car professional: Titlecontent .

You must fill the back of the detachable coupon by inscribing the name of the buyer. You must sign in the place indicated, without cutting the detachable coupon. If there is one or more cotturies, the signature of each of them is compulsory.

You have to put back the entirety from the registration certificate to the vehicle buyer.

The detachable coupon allows the buyer to circulate for 1 month with the vehicle, the time to receive the new registration certificate. to his name.

the detachable coupon does not allow to circulate abroad. The foreign purchaser must register the vehicle in his country of residence.

The sale of a vehicle registered in the old system (FNI), type “123 AB 45”, will lead to the editing of a new registration certificate. A new registration number will be awarded to you in “AB-123-CD” format in the vehicle registration system (SIV).

Delivery of other documents

You must also give the buyer the following documents:

  • Copy 2 of the transfer certificate
  • Transfer code obtained on the Internet when you declare that on sale on the ANTS website
  • Administrative situation certificate, dated less than 15 days, also obtained on the Ants website
  • Technical control report dating under 6 months if your vehicle is subject to it

It is also advisable to present to the future buyer certain documents, not compulsory but useful:

  • Car maintenance book
  • Invoices of interviews and repairs
  • In the event of the sale of your vehicle abroad: European certificate of compliance and homologation of the vehicle (available from the dealer) + export certificate (to be asked for the geographically competent customs office)
  • HISTOWER WITH YOUR vehicle report, which retraces its complete history

7 Notify your insurer

Do not forget to notify your insurer of the sale of your vehicle to terminate your insurance contract.

Who can help me ?

You have a question ? You want to be supported in your efforts ?

Find an interlocutor

  • To obtain additional information on the process

“Emergency number:” 34 00 – Information on the gray card or driving license 34 00 – Information on the gray card or driving license

National interactive vocal server providing automated responses concerning the gray card, driving license, national identity card and passport. If the user does not obtain the answer to his question relating to the gray card or the driving license, he will be put in contact with a adviser from the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS).

By telephone From the metropolis: 34 00 (cost of a local call) from overseas: 09 70 83 07 07 From abroad : +33 9 70 83 07 07

Laws and references

  • Highway Code: Articles L322-1 to L322-3 Obligation of the Seller to provide an administrative situation certificate (L322-2)
  • Highway Code: Articles R322-1 to R322-14 issuance of the registration certificate
  • Highway code: article R322-4 Deadline to declare the transfer
  • Decree of February 9, 2009 relating to the procedures for registering vehicles
  • Order of June 18, 1991 relating to the technical control of vehicles whose weight does not exceed 3.5 tonnes

Online services and forms

  • Request the administrative situation certificate of a second -hand vehicle (historical) online service
  • Certificate of sale of a used vehicle form
  • Declare the sale or donation of your online service vehicle
  • Declare the delivery of a vehicle to an out of use vehicle center (VHU) online service

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Here are the 10 best -selling vehicles worldwide in 2022

Assigned by supply problems, including the shortage of semiconductors, sales of new vehicles decreased 1.6% worldwide in 2022, from 80.7 million to 79.4 million units , according to figures compiled by Jato dynamics.

The growth of electric models continued, however, especially in China and Europe. With a gain of 66% compared to 2021, their sales reached 7.37 million units, which represents 9.3% of the world market.

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We learn at the same time that 32.8 million SUVs found takers worldwide last year, their market share aging 41.3%. The sedans follow with 20%, tailgate cars with 16% and vans with 8%.

Another interesting fact: the United States and Canada are the region where the most new vehicles have sold by 1,000 inhabitants in 2022, or 40.6 on average. Japan and South Korea arrive second with 33 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants.

The most popular brands and models

In terms of brands, Toyota, Tesla, Suzuki as well as the Chinese companies byd and Chery are those that have increased their market share the most. Conversely, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda and Stellantis have lost the most. Toyota remains good first with 13%.

These are Toyota models which also occupy the first two places in the most sold new vehicles in the world in 2022 according to Jato dynamics. Three others appear not far behind, including the new Corolla Cross. To see the top 10, you just have to scroll down.

1. Toyota Rav4 – 1.02 million vehicles (drop by 10% compared to 2021)

2. Toyota Corolla – 992,000 vehicles (drop by 10% compared to 2021)

3. Tesla Model Y – 747,000 vehicles (increase of 91% compared to 2021)

4. Honda CR-V-733,000 vehicles (drop by 18% compared to 2021)

5. Toyota Camry – 673,000 vehicles (drop by 1% compared to 2021)

6. Toyota Hilux – 632,000 vehicles (up 13% compared to 2021)

7. Nissan Sentra – 566,000 vehicles (drop by 18% compared to 2021)

8. Toyota Corolla Cross – 530,000 vehicles (increase of 221% compared to 2021)

9. Ford F-150-525,000 vehicles (decrease of 5% compared to 2021)

10. Tesla Model 3 – 482,000 vehicles (drop by 3% compared to 2021)

On video: top 10 best -selling vehicles in Canada in 2022

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