Renault Zoé: autonomy, price, technical sheet, Renault Zoe: price, autonomy, performance and technical sheet

Renault Zoe

Outdoor mirrors shells your box

Renault Zoé: autonomy, price, technical sheet

Sale in March 2013, the Renault Zoé is one of the pioneering electric vehicles in France. Renewed in 2019, the ultra -popular small city car is now offered according to two engines and 5 different finishes. Autonomy, recharge speed, options, prices and purchase aid, everything you always wanted to know before buying your Renault Zoé is here.

Presentation of the new Renault Zoé electric

  • Length: 4,087 mm;
  • Height: 1,562 mm;
  • Width: 1,787 mm;
  • Empty weight: 1,502 kg;
  • Chest volume: 338 L.

Handy, since its launch, the Renault Zoé Caracole at the top of the sales of electric cars in France. It alone represents for the year 2020 and with 34,409 units sold, Almost 34 % (1) of registrations with individuals.

Performance and engine

Previously with three different engines, the new Renault Zoé now has Two engines made as the other in France In Cléon, in Seine-Maritime, in Renault factories.



Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h

Max speed

R110 80 kW – 108 horsepower

R135 – 100 kW – 135 horsepower

Estimate the recharge time of your Zoé

In less than 1 minute, I calculate the time required for recharging EMA Renault ZOÉ

Recharge speed and equipment

The Renault Zoé is equipped with a Type 2 connector for accelerated recharging in alternating current (AC) batteries. Depending on the device used, time for full recharging can be more or less long:

  • 32 h on a classic 2.3 kW socket,
  • 7 p.m. on a Green’Up socket or a 3.7 kW wallbox,
  • 9:30 a.m. on a 7.4 kW charging station,
  • 6 h with a 11 kW terminal,
  • 3 h with a 22 kW terminal.

The recharging time falls at 1 h 10 with a DC fast load (DC) 50 kW optional and for a load of 0-80 % of battery capacity.

The good autonomy of Renault Zoé

In terms of autonomy of electric cars, the homologation cycle Wltp For “Worldwide Light Vehicle Test Procedures” or “Harmonized World Test Procedure for Light Vehicles”. In the laboratory on roller benches, each car travels 23.25 km in 30 minutes, which makes it possible to measure its energy consumption and its autonomy and CO2 emissions for thermal cars.

However, we differentiate the WLTP autonomy measured in optimal driving, road and weather conditions, the real autonomy of the vehicles below it.

With its 52 kWh battery, The Renault Zoé displays a higher WLTP autonomy to the average, up to 395 km.

Evaluate your savings by going to a Renault Zoé

I consider the savings made on my fuel budget by going to the electric

The cost of a recharge for a Renault Zoé

There are two ways to recharge an electric car; On public limits, in other words in roaming (roads, highway, parking, etc.) or at home after installation by an Ireve qualified technician of an individual charging station at home.

In the same way as the vehicle model or its electricity consumption per 100 km, the recharge mode influences the cost of the recharge. If, the cost of roaming recharge is quite difficult to determine, the installation of a charging station; helps you save daily on the price of electricity of your car.

Example : With a consumption per 100 km of 17.2 kWh for the R110 and 17.7 kWh engine for the R135 engine and a price of electricity in off -peak hours fixed in 2021 to 0.112 € TTC/kWh for a 6 kVA counter according to the Elec’Car price grid (3), the Cost per 100 km for the Renault Zoé varies between 1.92 and 1.98 euros .

I install a charging station with me

With Engie, quickly and easily install an electric charging station at home. Complete our form now, an advisor reminds you as soon as possible !

Price and versions

In 2021, 5 versions of the new Renault Zoé electric are available from your dealer:

  • Zoe Life R110 from € 32,500,
  • Zoe Zen R110 from € 34,200 and R135 from € 34,800,
  • Zoe Limited Limited Series R110 from € 34,300,
  • Zoe Intense R110 from € 36,100 and R135 from € 36,700,
  • Zoe Exception R135 from € 38,800.

Note that for this price, the Renault Zoé Life no longer has any multimedia equipment, Easylink, Nor Autradio, as was previously the case.

Electric Zoé: a wide range of standard equipment

The 5 Renault Zoé all have the following equipment: heated rear window, Standard Michelin tires, folding rear bench, front electric windows, headrest, mirror, air conditioning, regulator / gear limiter, automatic lights and wipers , Full LED projectors and LED day lights with C-Shape, front side airbags, front airbags, dynamic trajectory control (ESC), inflation kit, tire pressure detection, emergency braking aid, Disconnectable passenger airbag , “ISOFIX” binding system with rear and front passenger side squares, ABS with emergency braking assistance.

Depending on the model for which you opt, you have different equipment and even customizable options. The presence of cameras for parking assistance (front and/or rear) is one of the options that can guide your choice.

For more information, share your needs to your dealer !

Personalize your car through its options

Depending on the model chosen, different bodywork colors, automotive upholstery, rims and customizations allow you to configure the zoé of your dreams.

Engine R110 or R135, Blueberry purple body color standard, star black or optional lazy rims, 16 or 17 inch diamonds, recycled fabric seats, imitation or leather, all -time tires, chrome mirror shells, stainless steel threshold , speaker pack, shark antenna, child seat, air deflector, fire extinguisher … Use the Renault configurator to configure your electric zoé and see live, its price are displayed.

According to the majority of opinions, we can regret that the Wallbox Mode 3 type 2 charging cable and the pave paving pavement equipment up to 50 kW, be offered as an option and charged € 300 for the first, € 1,000 for the second.

Buy or rent your Renault Zoé

Upon purchase, the Renault Zoé electric Life R110 is offered from € 32,500.

The ecological bonus and the conversion bonus (5), if you are eligible, bring this basic rate from € 32,500 to € 20,500 ( – € 7,000 in ecological bonuses, – € 5,000 of bonus )).

I opt for long -term rental

Master your budget with fixed and unsurprising monthly payments. Electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrid, new or used !

Aid for purchase for an electric car

Because the displayed price of this advantageous technology dedicated to greener mobility is one of the main obstacles to purchase, the State, which multiplies the procedures in favor of ecological transition, has implemented several aid for individuals eager to equip itself with an electric vehicle.

Ecological bonus up to € 6,000

The ecological bonus (4) evolves. Awarded for the purchase or long -term rental (minimum 2 years) of a new electric vehicle of less than € 45,000, its maximum amount is € 6,000 since July 1, 2021.

For vehicles billed in 45,000 and 60,000 €, the bonus increases to € 2,000. Hybrid motor cars benefit from an ecological bonus of € 1,000. For used electric cars, the amount of the ecological bonus remains € 1,000.

Conversion bonus: € 5,000 maximum

By putting your petrol vehicle prior to 2006 – or registered for the first time before 2011 if it rolls in diesel – to breakage with an approved VHU center (6), you can benefit from the conversion premium. Cumulative with the ecological bonus, it can reach € 5,000 Depending on the new car acquired and subject to income. Since July 1, the rules are as follows.

Tax income less than or equal to € 13,489

You must acquire – or engage with a long -term rental contract – an electric car emitting less than 20 g of CO2 per kilometer, a rechargeable hybrid vehicle emitting 50 g of CO2/km at most, or of a classified thermal vehicle Crit’Air whose CO2 emission rate must be maximum 132 g/km.

The conversion bonus for an electric car is then as much as possible 80 % of the purchase price within the limit of € 5,000.

Tax income greater than € 13,489

For households with tax income greater than € 13,489, only rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicles (with a CO2 emission rate of 20 g/km for one and 50g/km max for the other) are taken into account.

The amount of the conversion bonus for thePurchase or long -term rental of an electric or rechargeable hybrid car is then capped at 2,500 euros (7) .

Did you know ?

The 2 wheels, 3 wheels and electric quadricycles are also affected by the premium subject to not being equipped with lead batteries, to be of a power at least equal to 2 or 3 kW and not to be sold in the ‘Year following their first registration or before having traveled 2,000 km.

Local aid sometimes possible

THE regions, departments and municipalities, can offer individuals who wish to acquire an electric vehicle, sometimes important financial aid. These are systematically cumulative with the national aid implemented by the State.

To find out if subsidies exist in your municipality and if you are eligible, get closer to your town hall, your community of municipalities or your departmental or regional council.

Renault Zoé guide, in short:

  • Marketed in France in 2013, the Renault Zoé is renewed in 2019.
  • Today, the electric zoé is available according to 5 finishes and 2 engines.
  • Its 52 kWh battery and its connector up to 22 kW, allow full recharging in 9:30 a.m. on a 7.4 kWh charging station.
  • The RENAULT ZOE LIFE DE SERIES is marketed from € 32,500.
  • The ecological bonus and the conversion premium can be accumulated to lower its sale price.

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Configure your Renault ZOE vehicle or ask for a free trial.

Launched in September 2019, the new Renault Zoe offers many aesthetic and technical updates. Equipped with a 52 kWh battery and two 110/135 hp engines, it allows up to 395 kilometers of autonomy.

History of the Renault Zoe

  • March 2012: Serial model at the Geneva Motor Show
  • Spring 2013: Marketing
  • June 2015: Integration of the new R240 engine (today R90)
  • October 2016: New version presentation at the World of Paris
  • January 2017: Zoe 41 kWh launch
  • September 2019 : new zoe 52 kWh
  • January 2021: End of rental batteries
  • January 2022: stop of 4 historical finishes, arrival of new names

Renault Zoe design

Without deviating from the lines of the original model, Renault offers its new ZOE much more expressive features. Redesigned, the front side is characterized by its carved hood, its new form of shield incorporating chrome inserts but also the appearance of the famous light signature “C-Shape”, common to all new vehicles of the brand.

The logo, behind which hides the charging hatch, was also enlarged. Once again to join the aesthetic choices made on the other models of the manufacturer.

On the profile and at the rear, the changes are less important outside the fires, now with LED technology.

Zoe’s C-Shape signature
The Renault logo on the front of the ZOE serves as a charging hatch
The rear lights of the ZOE are in LED

Dimensions of the Renault Zoe

At the nearest a few millimeters, the dimensions of this new ZOE do not change compared to the previous model, or 4.084 m long for 1.730 m in width and 1.56 m in height.

On the payload side, the capacity covers 425 to 486 liters depending on the finish chosen. Note, the ZOE still does not offer a possibility of towing.

Depending on the finish, the ZOE trunk offers a volume of 425 to 486 liters

Depending on the finish, the ZOE trunk offers a volume of 425 to 486 liters

Motorization of the new Renault Zoe

The new ZOE is limited to two engines made within the Cléon factory, in Normandy.

Coming from the previous generation, the R110 develops up to 90 kW of power and 225 Nm of torque for a maximum speed limited to 135 km/h.

More powerful, the R135 is inaugurated with the new Zoe. Developing up to 100 kW of power and 245 Nm of torque, it differs from the R110 by its slightly higher top speed (140 km/h) but also by its best performance in phases of recovery.

In use, the driver to opt for the “Eco” or “normal” mode but also select a “B” mode. Coming to strengthen the effect of the engine brake, it allows a driving to a pedal, the deceleration intensity being such that the vehicle can stop without having to press the brake pedal.

R110 R135
Max power 80 kW – 108 hp 100 kW – 135 hp
Max couple 225 nm 245 nm
Max speed 135 km/h 140 km/h
0-50 km/h 3.9 s 3.6 s
0-100 km/h 11.4 s 9.5 s
80-120 km/h 9.3 s 7.1 s

The former Renault Zoe was offered in four engines

Renault Zoe battery

With a useful capacity of 52 kWh, the lithium-ion battery consists of 12 modules and 192 cells. The pack weighs a total of 326 kilos and authorizes up to 395 from autonomy in WLTP cycle.

In real use, Renault communicates for 380 kilometers in summer and 250 in winter.

The battery equipping the Renault Zoe is D

The battery equipping the Renault Zoe is a useful capacity of 52 kWh

Zoe Ze 50
Useful ability 52 kWh
Number of modules 12
Number of cells 192
Battery weight 326 kg
WLTP autonomy 395 km
Summer autonomy 380 km
Winter autonomy 250 km

Recharging the new ZOE

Integrated behind the logo, the Renault Zoe charging port complies with the Combo CCS protocol.

With a capacity of 22 kW, the on -board charger is thus supplemented by a possibility of reload in combo up to 50 kW. Please note: the combo connector is an invoiced option 1.000 euros by the brand.

On the ZOE, the CSS combo is a billed option € 1,000

On the ZOE, the CSS combo is a billed option € 1,000

Interior of the new Zoe

Inspired by the new generation of the Clio, the interior of the ZOE hosts two digital screens. Acting as an instrumentation, the first 10 inch diagonal offer. Customizable in its display and colors, it includes the navigation elements displayed on the main screen.



Tactile and integrated into the center of the dashboard, the main screen of the ZOE is placed in a vertical position and is 9.3 inches diagonal. Compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, it integrates the Easylink multimedia system with real -time traffic info, ecoconduite panel and availability of load points in real time. In the 2022 versions, the Easylink system is available from the entry level.

The zoe instrumentation screen measures 10 inches diagonally
The 9.3 -inch central screen diagonal of the zoe is tactile
The ZOE interior welcomes two screens

Renault ZOE Marketing and Price

Since its marketing in 2013, the Renault Zoé has displayed four finish levels. The Life, Zen and Intens, as well as the Business Professional range, disappeared in early 2022.

To use the range of new electric models, Renault has indeed harmonized the finishes between its models. The Zoé thus receives the three finishes of the new Megane E-Tech and the Renault Austral, the new Kadjar.

The entry -level is now called balance, and starts at 33,700 euros excluding bonuses. It is 1200 euros less than the evolution finish, which is the mid -range.

Renault took the opportunity to simplify the motorizations of the city car. Thus, the first two ranges only offer the 90 kW R110 engine.

The third finish is now called Iconic, and offers very complete equipment. She is the only Zoé to offer the 100 kW R135 engine.

R110 R135
Balance € 33,700
Evolution € 34,900
Iconic € 36,900

The Renault Zoe in LLD

Beyond the purchase rates, Renault also offers his city car on the form of a long -term rental “all inclusive”.

Without recovery condition, the brand is currently communicating on an offer at 241 euros per month with a first rent of € 12,000 and with a commitment of 37 months and 22.500 km. A price based on the entry -level finish, balance, which included battery rental until 2021.

Battery rental prices of the new ZOE

In France, Renault has officially decided to offer the formula with battery rental since January 2021.

Renault Zoe: Finishes and equipment

The new ZOE introduces a series of additional equipment that is gradually integrated into the four finish levels offered by the manufacturer. Details in the table below:

Full LED projectors and LED day lights with C-shaped signature (C-Shape)

Door handles your box

Grained black outdoor mirrors

E-Shifter speed lever with mode B

Black Fortunate fabric upholstery


TFT 10 ”customizable color screen

Easy Link 7 ”: Multimedia system with 7” touch screen – Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatible

Regulator / speed limiter


Automatic parking brake with Auto-Hold function

Elective 16 »Alloy rims

Outdoor mirrors shells your box

Recytex recycled fabric upholstery

Line crossing alert

Way maintenance assistant

Recognition of traffic signs

Automatic switching of road lights / crossroads

Induction smartphone charger

Elective Diamonds Alloy Rim

Milk windows and rear window

LED fogger with Cornering function

Mixed Simpi-Cuir mixed upholstery / recytex recycled fabric

Chrome grille

Easy Link 7 ”with navigation: multimedia system with 7” touch screen – Android Auto ™ compatible and Apple Carplay

Dead angle detector

Surring alert with recognition of traffic signs

Help in the front / rear parking & rear view camera

Renault Zoe options

Specific rims or packs … on the Renault the options are numerous. The most important to note (and not to forget for large rollers) and undoubtedly the combo connector, billed 1000 euros by the manufacturer regardless of the level of finish.

Options Details All taxes included price
Combo connector Quick recharge up to 50 kW 1000 €
3 type 2 fashion cable 300 €
Pré-Disposition Autopartage Facilitates the integration of the ZOE into the self-service devices 300 €
Alarm pack Super-Condamnation of the doors + alarm predisposition 200 €
City pack (standard on techno) Help in the AR car park, Electric AR window lifting, Impulse driver-driver 350 €
Navigation pack (standard on techno) Navigation, survival alert with recognition of the panels 350 €
Security pack (standard on techno) AV fog spots, AV and AR parking assistance, reversing camera 700 €
Security pack + (standard on techno) Figuretop AV projectors, AV and AR parking assistance, reversing camera, emergency active braking aid 950 €
Electric Pack (standard on techno) Electric AR window lift, Impulse driver lip 150 €
Winter pack Heated leather steering wheel, heated front seats 400 €