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Consumers victims of Red by SFR practices, denounced by the UFC- What to choose, can be informed of the evolution of this file by clicking on this link .

Red by SFR

UFC-Que Choosing filed complaint for misleading commercial practices

SFR has released the big game to seduce consumers with an advertising blunder of Red by SFR for almost two years for “offers without commitment and without duration”, before increasing its prices. The UFC-Que Choisir considers that SFR was guilty of deceptive commercial practices and files a complaint today before the Paris court.

In their conquest of new market share, mobile operators seem to go back to nothing to recover subscribers, even if it means not to honor their commitments. To stop current drifts and encourage operators to keep their promises, consumers must keep in mind that they have the last word since they can sanction their operator by terminating their contract while keeping their number. A good understanding !

A seduction operation that is a hit ..

Between January 2018 and December 2019, SFR is attacking the mobile telephony market and released the big game. The Red by SFR packages are the subject of real advertising blush, communication focused on the promise to maintain the price of the time limit of time limit.

Overview of beautiful promises:

  • SFR first called on consumer confidence by focusing on the clear nature of its offer, hammering the slogan ” Red by SFR. It’s green. It’s clear “In its advertising media next to the mentions” for 1 year and after too ” And ” unconditional »».
  • SFR has set out to stand out from its rivals by denouncing in its video advertisements the lack of clarity of its competitors (1), daring to assert in the tone of humor ” When it’s too beautiful, it necessarily hides something ! “, And loudly claiming its difference through the slogan” With Red by SFR, it’s different », Always to better convince consumers than offers without commitment and without conditions of duration were distinguished from those of competitors precisely due to the announced prices stability.
  • Finally, the operator did not hesitate to use, repeatedly, the expression ” Guaranteed for life »On Twitter (2) to certify the maintenance of the initial price of the subscribed packages, before of course recall, to drive the nail,” Red by SFR. It’s green. It’s clear “.

SFR has been a full card since hundreds of thousands of subscribers were seduced by the “non -binding” and “duration” formula for the Red Carré “.

But the Love Story turns short when, between September and December 2020, the Dom Juan des Télécoms flips and increases the price of Red by SFR packages with authority. Depending on the case, pricing increases range from 30 % to 75 % of the initial price !

… until the Consumer Commando operation !

The reaction of the Red by SFR subscribers was not long overdue to denounce these practices en masse. Initiatives have thus emerged online to report promises not held by SFR: through petitions, Facebook groups or testimonials from the UFC-Que Choisir.

For the UFC-Que Choisir, the practices implemented by SFR are clearly deceptive: SFR knowingly induced consumers in error by maintaining the initial price of the Red by SFR argument over time to convince consumers to grow the ranks of his subscribers.

The complaint that the UFC-Que Choose from the Public Public Prosecutor is filed today: The double objective:

  • to condemn SFR,
  • and allow the subscribers concerned to be compensated

Mobile subscribers, it’s time to take action !

If SFR is sadly illustrated by a communication that we consider deceptive, the fact remains that the practice of tariff increases for offers without commitment and without condition of duration are generalized, the operators do not seem to be concerned with the misleading character of their practices in view of the financial gains obtained.

Consumers have the feeling of being helpless in the face of operators’ practices, who appeal to new subscribers with great promises, before returning to their initial commitments. However, it is not.

The UFC-Que Choisir reminds that consumers have a formidable weapon to effectively fight against the price drifts of telecom operators. Faced with a price increase, change operator while keeping your number (3). It’s simple, free and it only takes one day. This is a strong message for operators to respect their commitments and consumers at the same time.

Consumers victims of Red by SFR practices, denounced by the UFC- What to choose, can be informed of the evolution of this file by clicking on this link .

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