Red Box: Discover RED offers at € 18.99/month!, Red by SFR internet offers: characteristics and price of boxes

Red by SFR Internet box: offers without bomme up at a low price

What are the main TV bouquets available on the Red by SFR Internet box ?

Box Red: Discover RED offers from € 18.99/month !

Red SFR box

Red is the SFR Low-Cost subsidiary, renowned for its offers at low prices without obligation.

This 100% digital operator offers a SFR networks a SFR Red Box offer without commitment at very attractive prices, from 19.99 €/month.

The Red Box offer is also available in version fiber/THD or ADSL Depending on the eligibility of your residential area. Know that this operator also offers A range of mobile packages without obligation With a maximum of gigas at the best price.

JeChange details all Red Box offers.

Good Red Box plan: 1 month offered ! Red SFR offers you a free month for any subscription of a Red Box Fiber or ADSL. This is the time to enjoy !

Red SFR Box: What are the Red Internet offers ?

The operator Red markets thanks to the SFR network, A fiber or very high speed box offer (THD).

And if you are not eligible for fiber or THD, the Red Box offer also exists in version ADSL or VDSL with the same services.

In addition to a attractive monthly price, Red Box offers are available without engagement.

Presentation of the Red by SFR fiber box

Red offers Two types of technology For its fiber offers: the Optic fiber (FTTH) and the Coaxial fiber (FTTLA) that SFR markets under the name THD.

Thus, if your accommodation is not connected to the fiber optics, it may still be eligible for THD. Thanks to the SFR network, the only operator to offer this alternative, you then benefit of a powerful flow, much higher than the flow provided by ADSL.

The offer Red Box Fiber or THD (Very high speed) is displayed at the price of 19.99 €/month the first year then 29.99 €/month.

This subscription includes Internet, telephony and television.

The Television service includes 35 TV channels only available From the Red TV application On smartphone, tablet or PC. If you want more channels, you can Subscribe an additional TV option. Find all the details of the options offered by Red in the rest of our article.

Presentation of the Red Box Adsl

There Red Box SFR in ADSL is available at the price of 19.99 €/month without commitment and unconditional, In other words, its price does not increase after a few months.

The Red Adsl box is therefore displayed at a Guaranteed price for life.

Red SFR Box: personalize your offer with many options

With the operator Red by SFR, you have the possibility of Customize your Red Box offer with some Internet box options. We find them Red TV options To enjoy TV channels on your TV, Fixed telephony options To stay in touch with all your loved ones or the WiFi options To improve your Internet connection.

Red Box TV options

To enjoy a 4K Connect TV Decoder, You must add a Red Box TV option has 3 €/month. Thus, you access all your channels and many TV apps directly from your TV. You also have 8 hours of digital recording To watch your programs after their broadcast.

You can also enrich your TV offer with the Red Plus TV Bouquet at € 2/month. This bouquet includes 100 TV channels whose TNT channels but also thematic information, music channels (MTV, RFM TV. ), youth programs (Gameone, Nickelodeon. ) or even entertainment (Paris Première, Téva …) live and replay.

Telephone options with the SFR RED box

The Red Box offer automatically includes Unlimited calls to fixed of Metropolitan France, DOM and more than 100 destinations.

But if you want more telephone services, you can customize your Red Box subscription with the “Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile calls” option proposed to 5 €/month.

This option is currently offered for any new subscription (on 01/06/2023).

Red offers, moreover, various Call options abroad as :

  • 1 hour call to African fixed and mobile Between 14 € and 18 € per month.
  • 1 hour call to fixed and mobiles of the Maghreb at 17 €/month
  • Unlimited calls to the fixed and mobiles of North America at 2 €/month.

Internet options of the Red Box offer

For Boost your Internet connection, Red by Sfr Box gives you access to The SFR Box 8 option with WiFi 6 Included for 7 €/month. This option allows you to take advantage of all the advantages of the SFR box 8 modem and a Wifi 3 times more powerful.

According to your Fiber/THD or ADSL eligibility, You can reach the flows following:

Among the Red Box Internet options, we find the SFR Cloud options which allow remote storing between 100GB and 1000GB data for 3 to 5 € per month.


The best speeds thanks to WiFi 6 with the
Red by SFR box
01 82 88 24 15

Other Red Box entertainment options

For the game entertainment, The Red by SFR Internet operator also offers many options accessible with a Red Box offer such as:

  • The option RMC Sport (12 -month commitment): € 19/month
  • THE Bouquet beIN SPORTS : 15 €/month
  • Chain Altice Studio : € 9.99/month
  • Netflix Essential: € 5.99/month
  • THE Netflix pack and sfr family bouquet from € 8.99/month
  • The service Amazon Prime at € 6.99/month
  • THE FIRST Ciné Bouquet : € 9.99/month
  • THE Disney+ and family bouquet : € 13.99/month
  • The chains Ocs : € 12.99/month…

You can also add Internet box options in the “press” category at Red with:

  • The option Cafeyn at 10 €/month
  • The option Nextory One at 10 €/month

Why choose a Red SFR box ?

Choosing a Red SFR box allows you to enjoy the house of an internet subscription Without a commitment of duration.

So you can end your box package at any time.

Another advantage by opting for this low-cost operator, you benefit from a fiber or ADSL internet package to a very attractive price on the Internet Access providers market. Attractive prices, without obligation and which do not double after a year.

And if you hesitate to change operator for a Red Box offer, this Internet operator you Refund the termination costs of your old supplier up to 100 euros.

Good to know you can find and compare the Red by Sfr Box offers on our internet comparator.

To learn more about the quality of the services Proposed by this 100% digital operator, you can also consult the Red Box reviews or the Red Fiber reviews left by subscribers and/or former subscribers.

Red SFR Eligibility: how to know if I am eligible for the Red Box ?

To discover the Red Box offer available at home, namely the Red Box Adsl or Red Box Fiber subscription, Test your Red eligibility on the operator’s website or compose the number below ::

For information, the operator Red relies on The SFR optical and very high speed fiber network To offer its box offers everywhere in France.

How to become a customer of a Red SFR box ?

Thanks to positive opinions on the Red SFR box, you are more and more to choose this attractive.

For Subscribe a red box, You must first test your eligibility. Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you can discover the Red by SFR Box offer available in your accommodation.

Then let yourself be guided to perform your Online subscription In just a few minutes:

  • Go to the Red official website.
  • Click on “Internet box “ then select the offer of your choice as well as TV and wifi options desired.
  • Validate by clicking on “I test my eligibility for this offer”. You must then enter your address.
  • Once this step has passed, you can continue the subscription process and finalize your online order.

Good to know the operator Red by SFR regularly offers Promotional offers such as the more free debit option to boost your internet speed or unlimited calls to mobiles included from your box.


Take advantage of the Red SFR promotions on the Red Box Fiber/ADSL/THD
From 19.99 €/month
01 82 88 24 15

You don’t need Red Box promo code To take advantage of it, simply make your subscription online to benefit from it.

How to terminate your Red Box ?

Red Box Fiber or ADSL offers are available without engagement, So you can An internet offer terminate at any time without paying the remaining monthly payments. However, in the event of termination, Red applies costs of 49 € On your fence invoice.

To apply for Red Box termination, just Contact a Red Advisor by connecting to your Customer Area with your identifiers.

Your termination request will be effective within 10 days. Upon termination of your Red Box offer, do not forget to return your equipment within 3 weeks.

In the event of a change of address, you do not need to apply for termination of your box line. You just have to make a RED SFR Moving request from your customer area.

How to contact SFR Red Box Customer Service ?

Red by SFR is an operator 100% online. You can contact the Red Box Customer Service Online via the Red cat or consult the Vocal server at 963. New customers can call the 08 01 82 00 36 To reach an advisor.

All about Red by SFR

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  • Red Internet box reviews
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Are you eligible for fiber ?
Test free your eligibility in less than 3 minutes And discover the best offers For your internet access.

Call our advisers for your procedures (eligibility, change of operator. ))

From Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Red by SFR Internet box: offers without bomme up at a low price

Red by SFR Internet box

Renowned for its inexpensive packages, Red by SFR is also positioned as an internet service providers. On this fixed telephony segment, the SFR branch intends to keep its brand image Offering only non -binding offers.

To do this, FAI highlights one of the rare non -binding boxes available on the market, to the delight of consumers. While offering a high -performance internet box, Red by SFR offers a basic and inexpensive offer.

The main thing to know about the Red by SFR Internet boxes:

  • The ISP Red Box is available in an adsl and fiber offer at € 19.99/month.
  • ISP boxes are without obligation, regardless of the options chosen.
  • Red by SFR regularly offers options offered to attract consumers.

Adsl and fiber internet offers offered by Red by SFR

Search Criteria

  • Mobile package included
  • Without engagement
  • 12 -month commitment
  • 24 -month commitment
  • During 3 months
  • During 6 months
  • For 12 months
  • For 24 months
  • Without duration
  • 4G / 5G
  • Fiber
  • Satellite
  • Calls to fixed
  • Calls to fixed + mobile
  • TV decoder
  • Android TV
  • Multi TV
  • WiFi repeater
  • Wifi 6
  • Amazon Video Prime
  • Channel+
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Ocs
  • RMC Sport

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For many consumers, Red by SFR has become a real essential. Thanks to non -binding offers, the Internet service provider is particularly attractive for most French people, and even more for students or even people who are regularly moving. Many users do not wish to bond with an internet access provider for a fixed period in order to keep their full freedom.

The adsl or fiber red box

The Red by SFR Internet subscription, the Red Box, available in ADSL and optical fiber.

Red by SFR also makes sure not to cause confusion among consumers and thus highlights a fixed telephony offer from the most simplified. It’s simple, the Internet service provider only offersA single internet box: the Red Box.

The Red Box, internet non -binding box by Red by SFR, is characterized by:

  • an ADSL version and an optical fiber version;
  • the possibility of associating various options for obtaining a tailor -made offer;
  • valid prices throughout the duration of the contract;
  • The lack of commitment to stay free to change your offer at any time and at no cost.

Red by SFR: which internet box offers the operator ?

Red by SFR is simple and accessible for consumers. For this, the FAP offers only one internet offer. The latter can however be Distinguished in two distinct proposals: one for ADSL and the other for optical fiber.

The prices are indeed not the same and the theoretical flows put forward also differ also differ. From one offer to the other, certain similarities are nevertheless found, like the absence of TV decoder in the basic proposal.

Red by SFR Internet boxes
Box type Red Box Adsl Red Box Fiber
Theoretical flows
ADSL : ↓ 5 Mb/s and ↑ 1 Mb/s

Connect TV decoder at € 3/month

Connect TV decoder at € 3/month

How to know the eligibility of your housing with fiber optic or ADSL ?

To find out which of these offers to turn to, you must first find out about the eligibility of your house or apartment. More and more French households are indeed eligible for fiber optics. This technology allows them to take advantage of flow rates much higher than the ADSL allows.

The Red Box at € 19.99/month for ADSL access

The first Red by SFR Internet box is that is satisfied with the ADSL/VDSL network. Although fiber optics is becoming more and more popular, many consumers do not yet have access to very high speed. These consumers must then be satisfied with less important flows, but which are still optimal enough to take full advantage of the Internet on a daily basis.

With the Adsl Red Box, subscribers cannot not exceed 70 Mb/s for download and the 15 Mb/s in sending. This mainly concerns users who have access to the VDSL network. For others, download flows cannot exceed 20 Mb/s. It must also be taken into account that these are only theoretical flows. In fact, it is rare to reach such connection speeds since it depends on many factors.

The services available with the Red Box or VDSL Red by SFR:

  • up to 20 Mb/s in download with the ADSL and 70 Mb/s with the VDSL;
  • Less than 1 Mb/s with the ADSL in remotelying and a potential of 8 Mb/s with the VDSL2;
  • Unlimited calls to fixed numbers of the metropolis and overseas;
  • unlimited calls to the fixed of a hundred destinations.

How to know the real flows of your Internet box ?

To get a concrete idea of ​​the flows offered by your Internet box, it is possible to carry out a debit test directly at home. You have to keep in mind that The differences can be significant between the theoretical flows announced by the access provider and what is actually. In fact, Red by SFR offers a guaranteed minimum descending speed amounting to 512 kb/s in ADSL.

What about the Red by SFR Optical Internet Optical Box ?

To adapt to the current consumer needs, Red by SFR also offers a fiber optic internet box subscription. The latter also responds to the name of Red Box and is marketed at the price € 19.99/month. With very high speed, it is possible to benefit from a much greater connection speed. In fact, this internet box can in theory reach 500 Mb/s for download and 500 Mb/s in sending, excluding option. There are indeed supplements, which we will evoke below, allowing to boost the flows.

In addition to the price and the flows offered, the Red by SFR’s fiber optic box has The same characteristics as the Adsl Red Box. This is concretely an offer Dual Play, which offers an optional TV decoder at € 3/month. Basic, Red Box customers can still watch TV thanks to the Red TV application which gives access to 35 channels on smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.

The advantages offered by the Red by SFR Optical Red Box:

  • up to 500 Mb/s for download;
  • up to 500 Mb/s in fiber shipping or 50 Mb/s in THD;
  • unlimited calls to the fixed to France and the French overseas departments;
  • Unlimited calls to fixed to more than 100 destinations.

The Red by SFR Internet box

Also read what are the technical characteristics of the Red Box ?

Red by SFR: the options available to complete its Internet offer

In the same way as other Internet access providers, Red by SFR offers different options so that subscribers can complete their fixed offer. While some concern exclusively access to television, others complete the two basic services of the Internet box. Here is an overview of the different options available with the Red by SFR Internet boxes.

Red by SFR options

Additional services to complete its adsl or fiber optic red box.

Complete its red box thanks to the available TV options

If some consumers go without difficulty from television, others appreciate this source of entertainment. For the latter, it is possible to turn to The TV options that Red by SFR offers. There are several that are made available to allow subscribers to enjoy a bouquet of television channels directly on their TV.

Red by SFR’s Bouquet TV options are, in summary, the following:

  • Basic, Red Box customers can access 35 channels via the Red TV application. To be able to watch these 35 channels on your TV, you have to take the Connect TV decoder option which costs 3 €/month.
  • Red by SFR offers an option at € 2 per month allowing access to 100 TV channels.

The SFR TV application allows subscribers to access thousands of programs, directly via VOD. All bouquet channels are also made available on smartphone, tablet and computer to enjoy it everywhere.

To complete their TV bouquet, subscribers can also watch a little closer Other services available. The RMC Sport subscription is for example accessible for 19 €/month. It is the same for many other TV bouquets.

What are the main TV bouquets available on the Red by SFR Internet box ?

  • RMC Sport at € 19/month.
  • BeIN Sports at € 14.99/month.
  • More sport bouquet from € 34 per month.
  • Canal + at € 21.99/month.
  • Netflix at € 8.99/month.
  • The entertainment and discoveries bouquet at 10 €/month or the discovery pass at 10 €/month also.
  • Gen bouquet at 5 €/month or New Gen at 4 € per month.
  • Junior bouquet at € 5/month.
  • Youth and youth pass at 10 € per month each.
  • SFR cinema / series or SFR Ciné FIRST at 10 € / month each.
  • OCS at € 12.99/month.
  • SFR Play VOD Unlimited at € 9.99/month.
  • Cinema pass € 13.99/month.
  • Different TV bouquets aimed at targeted communities.

Netflix packages at Red

Also read how to take advantage of Netflix on its red by SFR box ?

What are the other options made available by Red by SFR ?

TV options are not the only ones available as an option at Red by SFR, quite the contrary. All subscribers can indeed Subscribe supplements for internet access or fixed telephony.

Options that complete Internet access:

  • SFR Safety + Passeword Multi, € 5/month: security dedicated to all the equipment used by the subscriber;
  • SFR Cloud 100 GB, € 3/month: solution allowing access to all its files everywhere, securely;
  • SFR Family – Parental Control, € 5/month: parental system to protect your children from Internet dangers;
  • Wi-Fi 6: Allows you to boost flow rates up to 1 GB/s for download and 700 Mb/s in Tu.

Options are also available on the telephony side for those who use their fixed line regularly. For 5 € more each month, it is possible to take advantage of Unlimited calls to the motives of mainland France and overseas (excluding Mayotte). For € 7.50 more, it is possible to obtain 2 hours of calls to Algeria each month. Finally, all subscribers can register for free on a red list so as not to be disturbed untimely.

Red by SFR: regular offers on the options

Red by SFR is not used to offering its Internet boxes on promotion. To attract consumers, the access provider regularly offers some of its options for free. Among those that are most often offered, there is more debit, unlimited calls to mobiles or even the SFR Cloud 100 GB.

Red by SFR Internet box: what to do in the event of a problem ?

All subscribers can one day encounter a problem with their internet box. This can affect internet access as well as fixed telephony, or even certain TV options. However, some breakdowns arise more commonly than others on the Red by SFR boxes, so much so that it is possible to find the solution quickly, and this directly online. Here is Some tips for the most frequently encountered problems with a red box.

Why choose Red by SFR

What are the reasons to choose a red box ?

The most common errors and breakdowns with a Red by SFR Internet box

Breakdowns can relate to many aspects of its internet subscription. Some prove to be more common than others.

Here are the main Internet box errors encountered by Red by SFR customers:

  • an impossible or particularly slow internet connection;
  • the impossibility of accessing your bouquet of television channels;
  • The fixed phone line no longer works or very badly.

When a problem occurs on an internet box, An error code is displayed. This allows the subscriber to quickly know what is the concern and, therefore, to be able to put in place the necessary things to resolve it.

In any case, when a small breakdown occurs, it remains advised to restart your red box or even reset it. A flow test can also be interesting to define the nature of the problem.

How to contact Red by SFR customer service ?

In the event of a problem with its internet box, it may be necessary to contact the access provider. Red by SFR customer service reachable by phone on 08 08 01 82 00 36 being only offered as part of an option or for new customers for a certain time, it is advisable to connect to its subscriber space. Often, the answer to a problem is directly online. If this is not the case, it remains possible to contact Red by SFR customer service directly on social networks.

How to terminate your Red by SFR Internet box ?

Terminating your internet box may be necessary in several cases. Some wish to put an end to their contract when they move while others do so by dissatisfaction. With Red by SFR, the termination is rather simple since they are boxes without commitment that are marketed.

How to quickly terminate your Red by SFR Internet box ?

  1. Contact the operator’s customer service;
  2. Connect to your customer area available directly online;
  3. Send a registered letter showing the termination request;
  4. benefit from the portability of the subscription by subscribing to another ISP who will take care of the termination.

Since this is an internet box without obligation, no additional costs can be requested by FAI When the subscriber puts an end to his contract. Users must however take into account line closure costs, amounting to € 49. The restitution of loaned material is also essential. Otherwise, the subscriber is exposed to penalties.