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Pure (anonymous naughty encounters)

You are DJ you ask how pure works when it comes to connecting to others ? The application offers a practical functionalit calls instant chat, which allows users to communicate with their matches in time. Instantn cat grief, individuals can easily send and receive text messages, which makes the learning process know someone faster and more efficient.

Pure dating: Meet New People 17+

This app is very easy to use and well designed. However, i Left One Star Out Just because there’s no users in my province. The Closest Ones Were Just Two Women in the Next Province Over Which Would Take Like 5 + Hours to Travel to. If you’re in Alberta, Save Your Money From Paying For A Subscription Unless You’re Willing To Travel All The Way To Southern Bc To Meet Someone.

Developer response ,

Name Create Nick, Hi, Sweety �� Thanks for the Feedback. Pure is working on its user Currently base. Since it may take some time i’d love to give you a free subsription and do my best for you �� please contact me inside the app: tap “talk to us” button and drop me a line there..
\\ Arisha ��

Pretty good app

I like the app in every way, but if you are in Canada, don’t was your free trial here, there is not that many users to match with.

Great App Ever

Tried and Paid Tinder Ashley Madison etc all bots. This app I Tried Hooked Up with a girl already During Trial . Paid About 20 Bucks for A Week Holly was Know Nd Enough to Extend for Week. BTW it’s gonna be happy hook up for nerds asy say. Work on your distance btw but being honest no bots all genuine
Keep up the good work. Let the it guys have fun too. Btw Girl I Got Connected I Do Her Every Week Bonus Though! Thank You!

Developer response ,

Checkm47e, we want to hear more of your hookup stories! �� don hesitate to share them with us at [email protected] hehe ��
\\ Arisha, your hookup concierge

Confidentiality of the app

The developer online classifieds AG has indicated that the practices of the app in terms of confidentiality may include data processing as described below. To find out more, consult the developer’s privacy policy.

Data used for tracing purposes

  • Use data

Data not linked to you

The following data can be collected, but are not linked to your identity:

  • Place
  • Contact details
  • User contents
  • Identifiers
  • Use data
  • Diagnostic

Confidentiality practices may vary depending on the features you use or according to your age. Learn more


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Pure (anonymous naughty encounters)

Pure (anonymous naughty encounters)

The strengths of pure (anonymous naughty encounters)

  • An application dedicated to erotic and ephemeral meetings
  • Post a single photo and keep anonymity
  • Find a partner in an hour

What is pure (anonymous naughty encounters)

Rather than wasting your time on dating applications, Download pure and make an exciting meeting within the hour !

Pure is absolutely not made for serious meetings, it is an application dedicated to One night adventures and to naughty and out of normal encounters. Your pure profile comes down to the bare minimum to guarantee your anonymity, you Download only a photo, of you or your desires and it stays online for an hour, just the time you need to find a partner.

With pure fast encounters, Enjoy life and have fun.

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A new approach to meetings – 2023 Pure App Review

Pure app is a unique dating application that is intended for people looking for occasional sexual relations and adventurous expression, distinguished from other dating sites. With a strong prse on Google Play and an impressive number of active users, Pure App provides a Scuristed platform allowing members to explore their dsirs without the need for personal details or intric purchases.

You are looking for a meeting application that offers a unique and sre experience ? Read our Pure App review now! With its pure design and easy to use interface, this dating application is in Marque de la Foule from other dating sites. But is it really worth your time and your money? Continue to read to find out if the active user base of pure app and its innovative functionalities make it the idal platform to find occasional sex or something more serious.

Active audience 1 million
Quality matches 90%
popular ge 25-34 years old
Profiles 500,000+
Rope rate 80%
Use of use 4.5/5
Popularity Top 10 dating applications
Fraud 0%
Notation 4.7/5
Registration Free

A new approach to meetings - 2023 Pure App Review

Advantages and disadvantages

  • – Pure App is a direct connection application that goes straight to the point, perfect for those who are not intress revolves around the pot in the morning of occasional encounters.
  • – With its user -friendly interface and lgant design, this connection site allows you to find quickly and without hassle of people sharing the same ideas proximit.
  • – The paid function of pure app allows you to blur your photos until you are more in rvler, making potential correspondences defile as an exciting game of secrets.
  • -Pure application is perhaps more a connection application than an occasional dating platform, so if you are looking for something more serious, this is perhaps not the right solution.
  • – Unlike some other connection sites, Pure App offers several paid functionalities that limit your options, unless you are in your money.
  • – It can become a little frustrating without any inter -inclusion with the accounts of Mdias social or the display of profiles – sometimes you just want to tighten someone before connecting.

A new approach to meetings - 2023 Pure App Review

How does the pure application work?

Pure app is a popular dating platform that connects people sharing the same ideas for occasional meetings. He has TR in order to provide users with a SR and discreet space to explore their dsirs without any unnecessary distraction. On pure app, finding profiles is easy because it uses a basic search function on location to help users Discover potential correspondence in their regions.

The application is aimed at a large ventail of users, including air cleaner and open couples of new experiences or the search for relationships without conditions. Users can create profiles by downloading suggestive photos accompanies d?a brve biography, putting their integrations and prfrontal.

One of the main pure app characteristics is its instant chat functional. With this functionalit called “Instant Cat”, users can connect instantly once they correspond. This allows an immodity communication and the organization of meetings, guaranteeing a transparent expression for those who are looking for spontaneous connections. Whether you are looking for a dontract entertainment or you want to explore your fantasies, Pure App provides an intuitive platform that privileges confidentiality and simplicity while facilitating connection with people sharing the same ideas.

How to hold a contact on pure app

You are DJ you ask how pure works when it comes to connecting to others ? The application offers a practical functionalit calls instant chat, which allows users to communicate with their matches in time. Instantn cat grief, individuals can easily send and receive text messages, which makes the learning process know someone faster and more efficient.

  • Pure app allows users to interact with other users via a functionalit called Instantan cat, offering a direct and rapid way to communicate.
  • Grc the instantaneous chat function of pure app, users can engage conversations in time and change transparent handling messages.
  • Grc this functionalit, users can easily connect, stain connections and explore potential correspondences without effort.

To get in touch on Pure App, users have several options to find and connect with others. The application works using golocation to match people proximit who are also looking for an occasional meeting. Once users have crossed their profile and in their prfitizations, they can start browsing the profiles of potential correspondence in their regions. If the two parties demonstrate intruder for each other, correspondence is tablished and they can start communicating via the instant chat function of the application.

The functionalit called Instant Cat is an essential tool for contacting Pure App. It allows users to send instant and freely messages with their corresponding partners without rvler of personal information or change their tlphone numbers. This guarantees confidentiality while promoting communication between intresses. Using this option, users can start conversations and get a comfortable rhythm before they want if they want to meet offline for a more intimate meeting or meeting.

A new approach to meetings - 2023 Pure App Review


your you prt pass your dating game at the higher level? With pure app, the inscription is simple and easy. While caring an account, you have a free trial of three days where you can explore all the functionalities before committing. Once saved, users can immodially start to discuss with potential correspondence without any delay or complicated process.

  • Download and install the pure application on your mobile device.
  • Open the application and cry an account by providing your email address and passing a password.
  • Once your configur account is, you can enjoy a three -day free trial that allows you to start chatting with other users.

To start using pure app, the next tap is to create a profile. In doing so, you can take advantage of their three -day free trial and start chat with other users.

To create a profile on Pure App, follow these tits:

  1. After having crossed an account, download the pure application from the application shop of your device.
  2. Open the application and connect using your email address and password saved.
  3. When connecting, you will be invited to configure your profile. Click on the tab or “profile” icon.
  4. Provide the information necessary, such as your name, ge, your place of rs and your gender.
  5. Download a clear and attractive profile photo to increase your chances of finding correspondence.
  6. RDDIGE A short and intressive biography that puts your intruds into vidents and what you are looking for in a potential match.
  7. Select your Lies prfrontians to the type of person with whom you want to connect.
  8. Add other photos to enhance different aspects of your personality or your IntRT centers.
  9. Verify information from your profile and make sure they represent you with Pcionion.
  10. Once everything is correct, save your modifications and your profile will become active on pure app.
  11. Explore the application features and discover potential correspondence depending on your prfrontal.
  12. Take advantage of the three -day free trial by launching conversations and learning to know other users.
  13. When you find someone who is intrusive, start to discuss by sending him a message or asking to connect.
  14. Keep the mind to maintain respectful and engaging conversations to leave a good impression.
  15. Take advantage of the connection with new people and explore the exciting possibilities of pure app!

A new approach to meetings - 2023 Pure App Review

Interface & Design

The pure app interface is clean and user -friendly, which allows users to navigate and easily accude. Design follows a minimalist approach with simple icons and intuitive menus, guaranteeing fluid expression. The layout is carefully organized, allowing users to quickly browse profiles, send messages and configure their pre -confusion or congestion.

The design of pure app focuses on functionalit and efficiency.

The interface gives priority to the essentials while limiting unnecessary distractions, which results in a simplified expression. The use of a daring typography and bright colors adds a visual appeal without compromising the friendly. Overall, the pure app interface and design work together harmoniously to provide users with a pleasant and simple platform to meet new people.

A new approach to meetings - 2023 Pure App Review

What I liked as a user

I had the opportunity to discover pure app for a week, and I must say that it was a fairly intressive experience. As a person who has DJ uses various connection applications with DSSINVILLUTURE, PURS has downed for me by its unique approach. By focusing on confidentiality and instant connections, this application offers a refreshing alternative for those looking for occasional meetings with proximit users.

  • Pure app has a unique and attractive functional of “pure photos” which distinguishes it from other connection applications. This functional is allowed users to send self -destructive photos that disappear after a certain period of time. I find this feature extremely exciting and fun, because it adds a secret of secret and spontaneous the application. This also helps the confidentiality and guarantee that the photos are not used badly or are not found in bad hands.
  • The pure purer last the application is devoted to provide a sre platform and have its users. They have cried each everyone’s intruds are respected and o there is no tolerance for harassment or inapproprious behavior. According to my experience, this commitment to user’s scure was demonstrated by the proactive measures taken by the QuiP to quickly respond to any proxies or reports. It reassures me to know that application partner grants the priority to the well-to-use users.
  • One of the greatest advantages of the pure application is its capacity to connect quickly with proximit users. This basis on location allows you to see and correspond with people who are very close to your current location. It limits the need for long -distance connections or the potential dpties that may occur when someone is too laid. Personally, I have the commodity and the practical aspect of being able to meet someone in person without having traveled long distances.
  • Another aspect that I fell from pure app is its simplicity and its simplicity. The application is stupid of such a way that it focuses only on the connection of individuals sharing the same ideas for occasional meetings. There are no laboratory profiles or excessive personal details required. This minimalist approach removes unnecessary distractions and saves time, allowing users to go right. I find it refreshing because it aligns perfectly with the philosophy of a connection application, making the expise transparent and enchanting.


The pure application offers free and paid functionalities its users. While the basic version allows you to create a profile, browse the profiles of the others and send messages, the premium Dverrouille subscription of supplication functionalities such as advanced search filters and unlimited cat requests. A unique characteristic of pure app is its instant cat option which allows users to initiate conversations in relevant time without any delay or waiting time.

Another distinctive characteristic is the anonymous audio cat o users can make vocal calls without rvlering their identity.

Overall, Pure App offers a range of functionalities intended for those looking for rapid connections and discreet interactions. Whether it is to use the instant chat function for an immodite communication or to take advantage of the anonymous audio cat for more personal conversations, this platform offers options that have user expression while prsing the confidentialit.

  • Instant chat: Pure App has a single functionalit calls Instantan cat, allowing users to initiate instant conversations in REL time with others.
  • Anonymous audio cat: Another peculiarity of pure app is the anonymous audio cat, allowing users to have vocal conversations without rvler their identity.
  • Basic correspondence on location: Pure app uses the basic correspondence on location to connect users with proximit potential correspondence, thus increasing the chances of reles.
  • User Vrification: The application offers user seeming options, guaranteeing more SRE and more reliable experience for its users.
  • Photo requests: Pure App allows users to send out photo requests, thus offering the possibility of changing photos and still improving communication.


A pure app paying subscription offers several advantages, making it a profitable investment. The application price is consutive compared to other March options. If it is possible to use pure app without paying, the experience can be limited to the complete version. It offers a feeling of purlet, allowing users to connect with people sharing the same ideas without distractions or indesible interactions.

Regarding payment mthodes, Pure App offers various options for more commodit and flexibility.

The cot of a premium subscription plan in Pure App gives users a value adds and amliores them with the application with the application. Proposals are recorded on the March, guaranteeing users a good quality-price report. Although there is an option to use the application without paying, some features of the paid version are missing, which limits its functionalities.

Users who opt for a paying subscription will be purer interaction with others on the application compared to alternative platforms. Payment can be easily performed via several available mthods, offering practical choices for the prfrontal of each user.

Subscription options Prices Characteristic
A week’s subscription $ 14.99 Unlimited cat requests, profile views
One month’s subscription $ 29.99 All the one week’s subscription function
Three -month $ 54.99 All one -month subscription feature
Six month subscription $ 79.99 All three -month subscription features

Free services

  • Pure App offers a range of free services to improve your experience without any cot.
  • You can start by creating a free profile and browse other user profiles without any required payment.
  • The application allows you to send messages and chat with people for free, allowing easy communication with other people the search for connections.
  • Pure app offers the possibility of publishing and meeting personal ads at no cost.
  • The platform also offers a free ACCS to filters and research criteria, helping you find correspondences according to your prfitances.
  • The complete registration process, including account configuration, is entirely free on pure app.
  • There are no costs or subscriptions required to take advantage of the basic features offered by the application.
  • From the search for local partners to engage in conversations, all these functions are free thanks.

  • Pure app offers a variety of paid services such as “pure membership” which provides Amlio functions and an ACCS of exclusive content for a monthly COT.
  • Another paying service by pure app is the “Pure Premium” subscription, allowing users to take advantage of advanced filters, unlimited cats and priority correspondence with supplication costs.
  • For those who seek to increase the visibility of their profile, Pure App also offers a “pure boost” featheal which can be bought sparment for a hard.
  • Users can subscribe “pure ad-free” to take advantage of an uninterrupted experience without any advertise.
  • In addition, Pure App allows members to offer “pure tokens” who can be purchased with relief money, offering flexibility to engage more or show their apprciation within the platform.

With a premium subscription on Pure App, users can benefit from a higher experience compared to their free counterpart. The cot of this upgrade is highly justified because it simplifies and considerably amliures the global route of the user on the platform.

Profile quality and user base

  • Pure App is distinguished by its distinct members’ basis, composed of authentic and varified users known as pure members.
  • The application gives priority to maintaining a quality in Leve profile, guaranteeing users that they can expect relevant and prcise information from other profiles.
  • With a large little fMinine user, Pure App offers a men-female Quilibr ratio, guaranteeing inclusive expression for all members.
  • Male users also have the advantage of engaging with a community diversifies individuals on pure app.

By exploring user profiles of pure app, I observed a large expression ventail. The quality of the profile varied among pure members, some providing information from their prfects and occasional dating dates, while others kept it brief and direct. In addition, I have noticed that the users tend to include more photos showing their integration and their lifestyle, giving potential correspondences a better fourth of whom they are.

On the other hand, the profiles of male users seemed to focus more on physical appearances and the attributes desired in a partner rather than on the sharing of personal dtals or hobby.

After having examined many user profiles on Pure App, it is clear that to be to pay attention to the dtals and the presentation. Women who highlight their authentic personality through different aspects of their lives seem.

Meanwhile, men who find a quilibre between the viiveness of attractive quality and the expression of authentic intentions are more likely to capture attention in this rapid evolution environment. Overall, understand how these factors contribute the quality of the profile gives me rigorous information to create a committing and remarkable little app for pure app.

  • Use high quality and visually attractive photographs: using high quality photos, you can make your profile visually attractive and attract the attention of pure members.
  • Show your Intrts and your unique personality through biography: a well -rings and engaging biography helps highlight your personality and your intruds, bringing out your profile among the others.
  • Be honest and authentic: Hontet is essential to attract vritable pure relationships. be authentic in your profile helps to put confidence with users.
  • Highlight your strengths and unique qualities: enhance your strengths and what makes you unique allows you to marry other male users of the application.
  • Engage yourself in RFLCHIE conversation primers: RDDIGE TOS ORDERS or DCLAGES that initiate significant conversations, attracting the attention of users and increasing your chances of connecting you.
  • Show crap and humor in your bulbs: inject coutivit and humor into your profile and your bulps will capture the intrud of pure members, leaving a sustainable printing.
  • Display your adventurous CT: Share photos and stories highlighting your activities or adventurous trips to attract the attention of curious users who wish to explore new expresses.
  • Look for social evidence: if you have rasors or social evidence such as certifications, RCOMPENS or TMIGUSTS, mentioning them will add your profile of the profile and will allow you to.
  • Display an open and respectful attitude: show openness and respect for different views and lifestyles attracts both male and fMinine users the search for vritable relationships.
  • Rgulire your profile day day: by rolling your profile day with new photos and information, you show your dvoument and your active Prse, emphasizing your commitment to find vritable relationships on pure pure.

Scarit and Confidentiality

SRET and Scarit are of the utmost importance on pure app. The platform ensures user seeking, promoting a SCURI environment for its members. He diligently fights against bots and false accounts to maintain the authenticit. In addition, Pure App offers an option to see two taps for increased protection of personal data. All photos of users are subjected to a manual examination, guaranteeing compliance with the scoring instructions and picked up inapproprious content sharing.

In terms of Confidentialit, Pure App provides a Confidentiality Policy Policy which describes the manire whose user information is processed and protected.

However, there is still room the improvement with regard to SRET and SCURIT on Pure App. While efforts are deprived to fight against false profiles, other measures could be put into ?You work to improve Profiles validation procts and minimize potential risks associated with the sharing of personal information online. In addition, it would be advantageous to provide more transparency on the fawn whose GPS location data are stored and used in the context of the application, by awarding any processes binding the deprivation of the private or the abusive use of these sensitive information.

False profiles

On pure app, it is important to be aware of the present of false profiles and bots. These profiles are CRS by individuals with a malicious intention, aiming to deceive or defraud other users. It is crucial to be cautious when you get involved with unknown accounts. To give priority the scorit and the confidentiality, quickly share personal information such as your full name, your address, your TLphone number or your financial information on the platform. In addition, keep the mind that some users can try to exploit the GPS location functionalities of NFASTES; By consume, it is advisor to use these functionalities with parsimony and slective manire.

  • Be careful when you share personal information: Vite from Rvler sensitive information such as your full name, address or financial information on Pure App. It is important to prioritize your scuris and your confidentiality while keeping this confidential information.
  • Verify the authenticit of profiles: Find the signs that can indicate a false profile, such as too attractive photos, incomenant personal information or requests. Take the time D?start conversations with matches before?consider meeting them offline.
  • Pay attention to GPS location parameters: Examine and carefully adjust your GPS location parameters. Limit the ACCS Your PRCIS location can help protect your private life and to prevent any potential abusive use by robots or false profiles. Make sure you comfort you with the position sharing level before continuing.


To access assistance for pure app, users can visit the assistance page on their website. Alternatively, they can contact assistance by e-mail or call their Tlphone Numro provided. The rope time of the support pump is generally fast and efficient. In addition to direct contact options, Pure App also offers a well -organized FAQ page where users can find refers to the questions gradually poses.

This practical range of assistance options distinguishes pure app from other alternatives, ensuring that users are seeking rapid assistance for any questions or problems they might have.

Pure App offers different channels for customer support-a DDIE web page, the availability of an email and a tlphonic assistance line, all gave up quickly. A section of Questions Fourquently poses (FAQ) reinforces these contact routes and helps users navigate more easily than other similar solutions on March.


Well, tie your belt because we are about to dive into the world of online meetings and plant our flags a special place: Pure App. Now let me tell you right away-this application is not worth your prcieux time or your money hard win. Allow me to laborize before you were mistaken in this rabbit burrow.

Imagine a country filled with empty promises and Gaspill potential; This is what the use of pure app looks like. It is the quantity of buying a product “as we can see the tlVision”, to realize that this is nothing more than a glorifi clip. Believe me, I’m all there, I did a, I had the t-shirt (or its absence)-and it was before!

First of all, let’s talk about the derrite concept. They pretend to be all about instant gratuity, promising quick encounters without any confident condition. It seems attractive first view, no?

Okay, remember your horses because in ralic, has falls flatteer than a CRPE leaves CT overnight.

You see my friends if you are looking for something significant or even stimulating beyond the simple fact of becoming physical in a few minutes-Pure App is not your knight in a sparkle. It’s no longer like an old rust spoon preting thirty excalibur ! You might as well live in trouble by putting fire your expectations and watching them go in smoke.

Ah but wait ! Let’s not forget the joyful expression of browsing endless profiles on pure app. If the thumb cramps were an Olympic sport, let me assure you that the nice gentlemen and ladies who compete here would be the prints the gold mdaille! Signingly, finding someone who does not fish for the cat or fanto on this application is like looking for a needle in a haystack? Except that there are not really needles the interior of this MTAPHORIC DCECHORY battery.

And do not embark on their so-called customer support-it is as effective as a unusual man in a kick competition. Trying to get help or bonds, it’s like shouting in a vacuum, hoping for a cho.

Spoiler alert: you will only be greeted by silence. Good luck to find RCONFORT l-bas!

In conclusion, my dear readers, with regard to pure app, save your time and your money for something valid, such as investing in pets for pets or perfecting your air guitar accounts. The big illusions they try to sell fade faster than chocolate with a hot day of T.

Remember people, love can be a battlefield, but don’t let you pure app leaving you in its own version of World War Z. Continue sweeping elsewhere because believe me when I say that this application has more red flags than a matador convention !

And this is pure criticism on pure app; Now go ahead and find yourself a dating platform that will not let you question your life choices 2 hours in the morning while wondering simultanement if adopting thirty cats is the way of real happiness !