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Private navigation to limit the risk of hacking your online accounts

Lunch on the shaded terrace

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            Winter closure: Reopening on April 28, 2023

            Barrier beach

            Barrier beach

            Barrier beach

            Barrier beach

            Barrier beach

            Faced with the Lérins Islands, the Barrière Le Majestic beach stirs up all sporting desires, expands all the desires for rest. Classic and innovative nautical activities: wakeboard, pedalo, buoys, water skiing, paddle, seat, banana and ascension parachute. Cocktails, delicacies and musical evenings. Festive moments facing the sea.

            Le Majestic beach offers you to have lunch on its large shaded terrace or even lying on a deckchair !

            A card signed Mauro Colagreco with wooded and toasted flavors.

            The Barrière Le Majestic Cannes hotel reinvents the beach with its unique and exclusive concept BFIRE by Mauro COLAGRECO. On the hotel beach, hosts have a new, friendly and plural experience with the sea in the background. Upon their arrival, the tone is set: it is an invitation to travel and relaxation, an innovative and global experience of life, to live the summer in the most beautiful ways.

            The lunch card

            Lunch on the shaded terrace

            Discover the Bfire by Mauro Colagreco seaside menu

              Barrière Le Majestic beach

            Private navigation to limit the risk of hacking your online accounts

            According to a CNIL/Médiamétrie* (2015) survey, only 23% of Internet users have used private navigation. However, the option is practical not to leave too many traces after its navigation.

            What is private navigation for ?

            This option can be activated from any browser, and allows you not to record certain information during your navigation session:

            • The history of the sites visited,
            • Your passwords,
            • the fields of a form that you fill out,
            • traceer cookies deposited by the sites you have visited.

            Are nevertheless recorded:

            • The sites you have recorded in your favorites,
            • Downloads made from your browser which are saved by default in the “Downloads” file of your computer.

            Does my private navigation make me invisible ?

            No. Even with a browser in private mode, your navigation has no secrets:

            For the site you visit: In private navigation mode and as long as your browser is not closed, cookies continue to be deposited and therefore potentially transmit information in real time to the site you visit. It is the same for your navigation history or the recorded passwords which are only erased once your browser has been closed. Finally, activation of private navigation will not prevent a site – or even an advertising network – from recognizing your terminal using other technologies than cookies (IP address or FingerPrinting).

            For malicious people: If your entourage cannot access the list of sites you have visited, private navigation can do nothing against spy software that could have been installed on your terminal by malicious people.

            For some intermediaries Who can easily access your navigation data, not from your computer but thanks to the information you send it in real time. This is the case of your Internet access provider or your employer (if you use a professional computer).

            In which case is it essential ?

            • To avoid hacking your accounts. Activation of private feature is strongly recommended when you are forced to use a public computer or regularly share your computer with your entourage. Other advantage : by going through the private browser, you can connect to an online account without disconnect/modify the session of your friend.
            • So as not to reveal the sites you visit. Most often the visit to a sales site generates personalized advertising banners that will appear throughout your navigation. The activation of private mode is therefore recommended if you want to buy an online gift (plane ticket, watch …) without informing the person who uses the same device as you.
            • To avoid the accumulation of cookies, URLs visited, recorded passwords as the sessions you open. This feature exempts you from regularly emptying your browser’s cache.

            How to activate it ?

            From your PC or your smartphone:


            Go to the menu of your browser or Ctrl + Maj + N

            Internet Explorer

            Go to the menu of your browser or Ctrl + Maj + P


            Ctrl + click then “new private tab”

            Mozilla Firefox

            Go to the menu of your browser or Ctrl + Maj + P

            This browser has an additional option that allows you to block the tracers while the private navigation mode is activated.
            To verify that anti-pistage protection is activated

            Click on the “parameter” tab> “private life”> “tracking”.

            In parallel with the use, it is advised:

            • Regularly close and reopen your private browser,
            • To always uncheck the mention “Save my password”,
            • To use a cookie/traceer blocker

            For further .

            The CNIL/Médiamétrie* (2015) study on “digital practices and control of personal data” questions Internet users about the means they implement to protect their private life online. Among the themes mentioned: the level of knowledge of the “private life” tools of their browser (navigation history, private navigation, module against cookies. )). The perspective of the results is available on the blog of the CNIL digital innovation laboratory.

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