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The Rog Ally d’Asus has arrived.

Take your game library anywhere and experience playing power on PC in a portable format.

Make the fastest series of Nvidia to date.

Take advantage of an exceptional speed with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX SERIES TEMPERCE 40 LAPETABLE, with revolutionary graphic processor architecture and artificial intelligence technology.

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1080p 7 -po ally tactile game console from Asus (Z1 Extreme of AMD/Radeon Navi3/RAM 16 GB/SSD 512 GB/Windows 11/Xbox GamePass) – Exclusive detail partner

Portable of game 15.6 in Tuf Gaming F15 of Asus – Gray (Core i7-12700h Intel/SSD 1 TO/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 4060)

Portable game portable 15.6 ‘acer 5 of Acer – Black (Core i5-11400h of Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 8 GB/GTX 3050/Windows 11)

Vortable game portable 15.6 in G15 5520 Dell – Dark gray (CI7-12700h of Intel/SSD 1 to/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 3060)

Cyborg 15.6 in MSI – Translucent black game portable (Core i7-12650h Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 4060)

15.6 in asus – black (Core i5-11400h Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/RTX 2050

Vortable game portable of 15.6 in nitro 5 of Acer – Black (Core i5-11400h of Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 8 GB/GTX 1650/Windows 11)

Portable of play 17.3 in Tuf Gaming F17 from Asus – Gray (Core i7-12700h Intel/SSD 1 TO/RAM 16 GB/RTX 3050)

Laptop 15 in Victus HP – Silver Mica (Core i5-12500h Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/RTX 3050/Windows 11)

Portable 15.6 in ROG Stix G15 of Asus-Gris Eclipse (Ryzen 9 6900HX of AMD/SSD 512 GB/RAM 32 GB/RTX 3050)

ROG Stix G18 game portable 18 -in -aslean – Eclipse gray (Core i9-13980HX Intel/SSD 1 TO/RAM 32 GB/GeForce RTX 4070)

Portable of 15.6 in Victus of HP – Silver Mica (Ryzen 5 7535HS of AMD/SSD 512 GB/RAM 8GB/GeForce RTX 2050/Windows 11)

1600p touching console 1600p of 8.8 in Legion Go from Lenovo (Ryzen Z1 Extreme of AMD/RAM 16 GB/SSD 512 GB/Windows 11/Xbox Game Pass) – Exclusive detail partner

Thin gf63 game portable 15.6 in MSI – Black (Core i7-12650h Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 3050)

Cyborg 15.6 in MSI – Translucent black game portable (Core i7-12650h Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 4050)

Vortable 18 in alienware M18 Dell – Dark metal moon (CI9-13900HX of Intel/SSD 1 TO/RAM 32 GB/GeForce RTX 4080)

Portable 14 in Rog Zephyrus G14 of Asus (Ryzen 9 7940HS of AMD/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 4060)

Vector GP77 game Vector GP77 17.3 ” from MSI – Black (Core i9-13900h Intel/SSD 1 TO/RAM 32 GB/GeForce RTX 4070)

Portable Rog Stix G16 game of 16 in Asus – Gray Eclipse (Core i7-13650Hx Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 32 GB/GeForce RTX 4050)

Vortable game portable of 17.3 in nitro 5 of Acer – Black (Core i7-11800h of Intel/SSD 1 TB/RAM 16 GB/RTX 3070/Windows 11)

Box open – 15.6 in Asus – Black (Core i5-11400h Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/RTX 2050

Laptop 15 in Victus HP – Blue (Ryzen 5 5600h of AMD/SSD 512 GB/RAM 8 GB/GeForce GTX 1650/Windows 11)

Portable game 15.6 in Tof Gaming F15 of Asus – Gray (Core i7-12700h Intel/SSD 512 GB/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 4050)

Box Open – Portable games 15.6 in Tof Gaming F15 from Asus – Gray Méca (Core i7-12700h of Intel/SSD 1 TB/RAM 16 GB/GeForce RTX 4060)

What is a gaming laptop?

Compared to a standard laptop, the gaming laptop is mainly focused on. This is the difference between a standard sedan and an inflated sports car, launched at 200 km/h on a straight line road. In addition to offering web browsing and desktop applications, the game laptop offers an incredibly immersive digital experience. With powerful dedicated graphics cards and extremely fast processors, it can support the most demanding 3D games without really slowing down your central processor. In other words, it offers you all the computer power you need to play as you wish.

Importance of a quick processor

The processor is the brain of your laptop, the heart that increases its performance. A quick processor can support more demanding tasks, such as HD content, games and video editing. Very powerful processors, like those of AMD or Intel brand, are specially designed for intensive graphic treatment; They have four or more hearts and can process huge amounts of data without flinching.

Importance of the graphics processor

The integrated graphics card uses part of the RAM of the computer to do its job, while the graphics processor uses independent graphics memory. More powerful, the graphics processor can support demanding 3D games, HD films and multiple screens. With more monitors, you can play several games simultaneously, or snap or navigate on one instructor and play on another.

Tips to buy a game laptop

1. Take as much RAM as you can.

The RAM offers the space from which the computer can access the data and interact with them. It determines the speed at which you can open multiple applications and make them work fluently. To get a quick multitasking performance, you need at least 4 GB of RAM, ideally 8 GB.

2. The quality of the image is essential.

A good graphic processor goes far beyond the figures. It has a tangible effect on what you see on the screen, especially if you want to obtain images with precise details and vibrant colors. High -end images being a determining factor in the choice of a video game, it has every interest in choosing a screen that will allow you to fully enjoy the triple games. A 1600 x 900 screen is completely indicated for a 14 or 15.6 “laptop. If the size of the device is not a problem, the images will be more beautiful to a resolution of 1080p. Remember, however, that if a large screen offers high resolutions, it often increases the weight, size and price of the laptop.

3. Go straight to the point with an efficient electronic disk.

The hard drive and the electronic disc play the same role, with a crucial difference: the electronic disc is essentially faster. It accelerates the starts and reduces the duration of the downloads from 10 to 20 seconds. It brought out of standby mode, launches the applications and transfers data much faster than a hard drive. You will no longer have to yawn boredom or to bite your nails by looking at the progression bar on the screen, waiting for the end of endless downloads.

4. Do not forget the storage space, the battery and the audio card.

You must have sufficient storage space in your hard drive to record all your games. If your laptop has only an electronic disk, opt for a storage capacity of at least 256 GB. The battery life determines the duration of a game session when no power source is available; But if you don’t move, a C taking.has. will do. A good audio card will provide you with quality sound; If you combine it with a good instructor, your gaming experience will become a real sensory adventure.

Looking for an exceptional game performance? Do not forget to discover our range of high -end game laptops, perfect for an immersive gaming experience and optimized productivity.

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Alienware gaming laptops

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Gaming g-series laptops

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Intel® Core ™ processors
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Add the products you want to compare to quickly determine which one best meets your needs.

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