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Connected programmer

Place them in your living room, which must be the room to be regulated in priority to obtain immediate comfort and perceive your energy savings.

Pilot wireless electric radiator driver

As a reminder, we have just seen that the pilot wire allows you to send order orders to the radiator and to program. The on/off allows you to turn on and turn off the electric radiator as a boiler. In this case, it is a thermostat which allows a regulation of the room temperature. In fact, it is no longer the radiator that regulates, but the thermostat.

To understand, let’s take the example of a accommodation with three bedrooms and a living room. To better manage your heating and save money, you will have to:

  • Provide each part with a thermostat. In the cited example, you will need four;
  • At each radiator in each room, you install an on/off module. If you have a radiator in each room and two radiators in the living room, you will have to have five modules.

Your basket will be high, for sure. However, you can, to smooth the budget, start by equipping your living room and then continue to bedroom by room. Finally, despite a substantial amount, this type of accessories will always be less expensive than a total renewal of your electric radiators.

In conclusion

Remember that in the case of an on/off module you will be provided with a specific solution; In the case of a pilot wire module, you will be in possession of a simple solution. You just have to choose !

The questions you ask about our products

What tips to follow to best install Thomson connected objects ?

For a better statement by the temperature and humidity probe (520016), place it to the center of the room you want to analyze. Ideally, the probe must be 1.50 meters in height, in an area without air flow – so for example, not next to a door still open or next to a window – or ray of sunshine. Thus posted, the probe will give the most faithful result possible to reality.

Maybe start with the rooms. Having a stable temperature in these living spaces means guaranteeing the room occupants a quality sleep, better breathing, and therefore, better health.

On the modules side, a small detail when positioning the device: let the upper part of 3 centimeters exceed to optimize radio links.

Place them in your living room, which must be the room to be regulated in priority to obtain immediate comfort and perceive your energy savings.

What can we perform with the application of Thomson products ?

Our products from the Thomson at Home range are connected. Our references 520002 and 520008 (as well as their additional accessories 520001 and 520019) are paired with the Thomson application, available on Apple and Android.

Since the application, with regard to the thermostat, you:

  • Regulate the temperature precisely, in real time, according to the information that goes back;
  • Get the desired temperature, room by room, wherever you are;

The updating is permanent: it is a guarantee of improving thermal comfort.

Regarding the pilot wire module, you:

  • Program the comfort temperature according to time slots/daily/weekly;
  • Know the order sent to the radiator in real time.

. The temperature probe (Ref. 520016) will give you precise statements: from 0 ° to 38 ° for temperature, and from 20% to 90% for humidity.

. In the event of an internet network cut, do not panic ! The work of statement and regulation continues, even without WiFi.

. Our solutions for electric radiators are compatible with Google and Alexa voice commands.

What is the “consumption rise” option ?

The consumption rise is a functionality installed on the products connected Thomson heating since 2019. You regulate your part heating system by part. With this device, you intelligently reduce your energy consumption by maintaining your comfort. The results obtained are precise and efficient. The data is saved, this allows you to analyze it and consume better.

. Compared to a traditional installation, it is estimated that a connected heating, enriched by the consumption of consumption, can allow you to do up to 30% energy savings.

. To make this choice is also to choose to have a positive impact on the environment.

. All our products are compatible with Google and Alexa voice commands.

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Connected programmer


The installation is simple and does not require the intervention of a professional. Even if you are a novice in the field of electrical installation, you can easily install the pilot following the instructions of the user manual. The pilot Heatzy connects directly to the pilot wire of the radiator thermostat, which eliminates the need to carry out complex wiring work. Just fix it on your radiator and follow the installation steps described in the manual.

Is the application easy to handle ?

The Heatzy mobile application is designed to be easy to handle. It brings together all the products on a single page, which allows you to quickly view all your devices and send them orders in a single click. Regarding programming, you can consult your heating week and adjust your time slots on a single page. Our intuitive interface facilitates the management of your heating system and allows you to personalize your settings according to your needs.

How to make sure my radiators are compatible ?

To ensure the compatibility of your radiators, we recommend that you check with the brand of your radiator or consult the user manual to confirm the presence of a pilot wire on the thermostat. The vast majority of electric radiators in France are equipped with this technology (the pilot wire cable of your radiator is the black cable).

Will Heatzy pilot will last over time ?

Heatzy pilot is a product designed for extended lifespan. Since its sale in 2016, many users continue to use our programmer with satisfaction. We have fully confidence in the quality and reliability of our product, which is why we offer a 2 -year warranty to our customers. This guarantee ensures tranquility of mind and demonstrates our commitment to the sustainability and sustainability of Heatzy Pilot.

How long to repay my investment ?

Using the following data for the Île-de-France region: average price per kilowatt hour: 0.14674 €/kWh. Average heating annual consumption: 10,542 kWh. Current annual cost: € 1,546 on average, using a heating regulation solution, you can save 20 %, a saving of € 309 per year. If we assume that you use heating for 6 months of the year, your monthly savings amount to € 51.50 (€ 309 /6 = € 51.50). Now let’s take into account the price of a Heatzy pilot module, which is € 49, excluding discounts. This means that in just one month of use, your initial investment will already be reimbursed !