Photoshop clipping: 4 specific hair tutorial techniques, intelligent cutting with a click of Photoshop is finally available

The “intelligent” cutting with a click of Photoshop is finally available

  • With black color: to hide a part;
  • With white color: to make a game reappear.

Photoshop clutching: 4 precise techniques + hair tutorial

Photoshop clutching

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The clutching on Photoshop can quickly become tedious if you do not do it well. There are multiple techniques to cut out on Photoshop (magic wand, fast selection, etc.) but which is the fastest or most precise ? Here are the best techniques and my advice, especially when there is hair to cut.

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The fast selection tool for an automatic clipping on Photoshop


As its name suggests, the fast selection tool is the fastest technique to cut An image on Adobe Photoshop. The advantage is that this tool adapts to everything, especially if you have a rather complex background (not united).

The tutorial in detail

Concretely, to cut your photo with the quick selection of Photoshop, you have to:

Cutting out selection Quick Photoshop

  1. Click on the tool on the left Quick selection (shortcut W on Photoshop);
  2. Click for the first time on the element to be cut;
  3. Keeping the left click down, Move your mouse To spread the selection all around the element;
  4. In now alt At the same time, delete any too much selection spaces;
  5. Click on the button “Select and hide” up ;
  6. Using theBrush tool (B), refine By passing on the areas to be added and removed (maintaining alt for that). Do not hesitate to change the size of the brush and zoom in to be more precise;
  7. Once the clutch is satisfactory, scroller down in the right panel and choose “Mask of fusion” In front of “Exit to”. Click OK.

In the layers panel, we note that a fusion mask has been added to the layer of its image. By clicking on the mask (black and white), you can Adjust the selection again Using the brush tool:

Turtling Turtle Mask Mask Fusion

  • With black color: to hide a part;
  • With white color: to make a game reappear.

If your first selection is perfect, you don’t have to go to the “Select and hide” window. You can also right click on your selection and Click on “Copying layer”. You will have a new layer with only the element you have cut off. On the other hand, you will no longer be able to modify the clip in this way ..

Focus on the object selection tool

A new tool recently appeared on Photoshop, this is the selection of objects. He is placed in the same place as the fast selection tool (right click to see all the tools available).

The principle is very simple : Draw a selection rectangle Around the element to cut, Photoshop does the rest ! The precision of the tool depends on the type of image: if there are too many elements around, it will be unreliable.

Selection D tool

Then just proceed as with the quick selection, that is to say click on “Select and hide” To refine the clipping.

Good to know
By default, the selection is made using a rectangle but You can also choose the lasso above to better correspond to the shape of the element to be cut.

How to cut with the magic wand on Photoshop ?

This tool has existed since the dawn of time on Photoshop ! It is now in the same place as the quick selection, It is therefore necessary to right click on the tool to find it.

The magic wand will create a Selection according to the dominant color. It is therefore not to be used in all cases but can be practical when you want to select a whole part of an image of the same color.

Photoshop magic wand clipping

In this example, all the background of the image is black, so I simply have Click once anywhere On black to have my selection.

I can then right click “Copy layer” or click on “Select and hide” for the usual routine.

When you have a single color element to cut, the magic wand is very useful. Otherwise, I advise you to opt for quick selection !

If you are looking for other tutorials on Photoshop, I advise you to read my guides on the creation of a YouTube banner or the basics of a photo retouching with Photoshop !

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Distrun with the lasso on Photoshop

The lasso allows you to make object selections of any form, “with raised hand”. There is also the declination of Lasso Polygonal which allows you to draw a selection using lines.

These tools can make it possible to cut elements but only in some cases, as with the magic wand. For example, if you want Discover something you then want to erase from your photo, It will often be faster than with quick selection !

Distrust with Lasso Photoshop

In this example, I wanted to remove the clock from the photo. So I took the Lasso (L) tool and traced a coarse shape around the clock. I then did Right click> Filling according to content. Photoshop shows me an overview of the final result, I confirm and that’s it ! We can see that it is very realistic and precise despite everything.

Fill D Clockless photo

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Use the pen for a precise cutting

Using the Plume tool is Not the fastest technique, far from there ! But it is true that it is the most precise and that it allows to cut elements on a “complex” background (composed of several colors and elements).

Concretely, just select the Plume (P) and Draw a shape around the element to be cut. We will have to think about closing the layout on the same point.

Decate with Plume on Photoshop

When it’s done, click on the “Selection” button at the top then “OK”. It is then enough in the layer panel to click on the icon “Add a fusion mask” To see the rest of the image disappear. You can then make adjustments with the brush (in white or black) by clicking on the fusion mask.

Fusion mask feather clutch Photoshop hair cutting Hair Drag Discover hair on Photoshop

You are now a PROTOING PROTO on Photoshop ! You can also consult my tutorial to create a transparent background on Photoshop. Do not hesitate to share your feedback and questions if you cannot reproduce my tutorials, and of course tell me if this article helped you (e) !

The “intelligent” cutting with a click of Photoshop is finally available

Adobe finally launches the “Select subject” functionality which allows you to cut in one click thanks to artificial intelligence.

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 2:59 p.m

Is this the end of the hand clutch ? Not necessarily. But in any case, the new feature of Photoshop will be a lot of service to graphic designers.

Presented in November 2017, the “Select Subject” functionality finally arrived a few days ago on Photoshop 19.1. This is one of the novelties announced by Adobe in a blog post.

Select subject uses the Adobe Sensei platform and allows you to make cuts with one click. Depending on the editor’s explanations, the functionality chooses very distinct subjects on the image and automatically isolates them. Then you have the possibility of perfecting the result by hand. So, although it is a functionality that will save a lot of time, Select Subject does not replace the 100 % manual work for the moment. But in any case, the creators of the same already rejoice.

How to access it ?

According to Adobe’s ticket, “the functionality is accessible as soon as you start a selection:

  • Choose Selection> Subject
  • Click on the Select a subject button in the selection quick selection tool bar or in the magic wand option bar
  • Click on the Select a subject button in the workspace option bar select and hide when the selection tool is activated “