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Best 15 -inch gaming laptop at less than € 1,000 in 2023

On a 15 -inch gamer portable pc at less than 1000 euros, the IPS screen is the standard. As for the frequency, there is a predominance of 144 Hz now, auspicious for fluidity at stake.

Gamer PC 1000 €

Gamer PC configuration € 1000 | Best configuration | September 2023

Want to enjoy your games in 1440p in good conditions ? This configuration Gamer PC at 1000 € should perfectly meet your needs.

Equipped with a processor Intel Core i5-12400F, of a Radeon RX 6750 XT or 32 GB of DDR4, This machine adapts both to Full HD games and in QHD and benefits from great prospects for evolution.

Like all the configurations offered, the components are regularly updated according to new outputs and price changes.

Gamer PC 1000 €
Complete configuration

Gamer PC 1000 €
Performances & Benchmarks

This Gamer PC configuration at 1000 € Allows you to play in very good conditions in 1440p. Alongside the Radeon RX 6750 XT, most current games run more than 80 fps in Ultra and less gourmet games allow you to fully enjoy a screen at 144 Hz or more.

The configuration is obviously very good for games in Full HD, where we can enjoy very high framerate and perfect fluidity. To get a better idea of ​​the performance of this machine, you can find below a graph presenting you different benchmarks as well as a video testing 40 games on a similar configuration in 1080, 1440p, 3440p and 4k.

By opting for an SSD of 1 TB, there is also more storage space than on more affordable configurations. What allow you to install many titles of your toy library.

Components’ details

Intel Core i5-12400F processor

Gamer PC processor € 1000 - Intel Core i5-12400F

For this PC gamer configuration at € 1,000, we go up from a CPU level by passing on a Intel Core i5-12400F.

If we could want to orient ourselves towards a higher -end processor with such a budget, the difference in performance (in gaming) between a 12400F at 170 € and a 12,600k at more than 260 € does not necessarily justify such a price difference. This is all the more the case when playing in 1440p and not in 1080p, the graphics card having a greater impact on the performance side.

With its 6 hearts and 12 threads, its basic frequency at 2.5 GHz and sound Turbo mode at 4.4 GHz, The 12400F is more than enough for a PC mainly gaming oriented. He is also doing perfectly honorable for application tasks, even if his big brothers with 8 hearts are doing a little better on this side.

Gigabyte motherboard b760m ds3h ddr4

PC Gamer PC motherboard € 1000 - Gigabyte B760M DS3H DDR4

To accompany the i3-12400F, we go here on the new generation of motherboard with chipset B660. In any case, it is impossible to opt for motherm cards in B560 for example, this 12th generation of Intel CPUs accompanied by a new LGA1700 socket.

The prices of these new cards being still relatively high, we are heading to a model at entry -level with the Gigabyte B760M DS3H DDR4 . Available around 110 €, this is one of the most affordable in the sector, but its characteristics are largely enough to cover the needs of our configuration of the day.

The card presents a matx format and a fairly simple design, which goes to the essentials. However, with 4 DDR4 slots, 2 slots m.2 in PCIe 4.0, a PCI Express 4 slot.0 or a 10 -phase VRM, few players will really need more.

At the rear, 6 USB ports allow most of your peripherals to be connected and there is in addition to a USB-C port for more recent accessories. If you need WiFi and Bluetooth, you can go to the DS3H AX model for around 150 €.

Radeon RX 6750 XT graphics card


Faced with PC gamer configurations at € 900, we take advantage of a bigger room for maneuver to find a graphics card with a budget of around € 400 dedicated to our GPU.

If you want to orient yourself towards the new market, it is now possible to find AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT in this price range.

With its 12 GB of memory, the card allows you to play in huge framerates in 1080p but also exceed 100 FPS on most AAA games in 1440p. What to benefit from a good image quality without sacrificing fluidity. We can even try 4K by making some concessions on the graphic settings side.

You can at the end of the article videos with many benchmarks in order to get a general idea of ​​the performance of this RX 6750 XT.

RTX 3060 Ti

RTX 3060 Ti

If you cannot find an RX 6700 XT at an attractive price, you also have the opportunity to go to the recent GeForce RTX 3060 Ti On the side of Nvidia.

If the performances are less good than those of the RX 6750 XT, the card still holds the road perfectly for games in 1080p and is doing correctly in 1440p. It also has the advantage of taking advantage of DLSS 2 technology.0 being able to do miracles on compatible games.

We also recommend this card for streamers, in particular thanks to the presence of a NVENC encoder much more efficient than that offered by AMD graphics cards. We can now find models around 400 €.

RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX – 2 x 16 GB DDR4

RAM PC Gamer 1000 € - CORSAIR VEGEANCE LPX - 2 x 16 GB DDR4

With our budget of around € 1000, we choose to move towards a ram kit that is more imposing than that of our previous configurations. We thus opt for a kit of 2 x 16 GB of DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX at 3200 MHz, displayed around 70 €.

To accompany our 12100F, this kit is fast enough and makes it possible to take full advantage of our CPU. It can also follow you without any problem if you want to develop your configuration. On the look side, the bars also benefit from a much more worked design than the usual Corsair LPX, even if it will always be necessary to do without RGB !

16 GB is more than enough for gaming oriented use, even if you are used to having other applications like Discord or Chrome open during your game sessions. Do not hesitate to compare the prices of other available kits a little, prices often evolve depending on stocks.

SSD Crucial P3 Plus – 1 to

SSD PC Gamer 1000 € - Crucial P3 Plus - 1 To

For storage, choose according to your real needs and the number of games you want to install on your PC.

We make the choice on our side to head for a single SSD NVME of 1 TB with a recent Crucial P3 Plus. In m format.2, it imitates the number of cables in our machine and displays excellent flows of up to 500 MB/s in reading and 3600 MB/s in writing. For around 45 €, hard to find better at the moment.

If you need more storage, you can also opt for a 500 GB SSD and add in parallel a traditional HDD of 1 to for example. Up to you !

Thermalright cooling AK120 argb

PC Gamer cooling € 1000 - Thermalright AK120 argb

For cooling, we choose to replace the Ventirad from 12100F with more efficient model or watercooling AIO. We recommend in particular the discreet but particularly effective Thermalright AK120 argb .

The model has a design with 4 captions and is accompanied by a 120 mm arg fan. In use, it keeps our 12100F at perfectly mastered temperatures while considerably reducing noise pollution during gaming.

If you prefer to opt for liquid cooling, we find the excellent Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 around 80 €. With its 240 mm radiator and two 120 mm RGB fans, it is much more than necessary to cool effective and silently our 12100F, but we can keep it if we decide to develop our processor. Please note, be sure to opt for a box capable of accepting a 240mm radiator !

MSI MPG A650GF power supply

Gamer PC power supply € 1000 - MSI MPG A650GF

For food, we start on a 650W model with the MSI MPG A650GF. Currently available at a price of € 100, it displays one of the best quality/price ratios in the sector and allows us to provide for this configuration to less than € 1,000.

The block has the advantage of offering an entirely modular design in order to limit cables in our PC (a good thing since we do not use SATA SSD for example) and especially benefits from 80 GOD certification ensuring a very good yield. Its 140 mm fan also limits noise pollution, even at full load.

For players who would like to quickly develop their configuration, it is surely more interesting to invest directly in a 750W model for example and avoid going twice at the cashier.

MSI forge 100m box

Gamer PC case 1000 € - MSI Forge 100m

As with previous configurations, the choice of your PC case will have to be made according to your own tastes and especially your budget.

To avoid inflating the addition too much, we go again on a small MSI Forge 100m. At less than 75 €, it displays an excellent value for money and its design easily integrates into most setups.

We appreciate its tempered glass panel, its power cage or its entirely perforated front facade. The case is accompanied by 3 120 mm fans for effective cooling of its components.

Faced with other boxes positioned in this same price range, the MSI model has the advantage of being compatible with ATX motherboards and therefore offers better possibilities of evolution.

Evolution & Update

With this game gaming pc configuration at € 1,000, we have a solid base to develop your machine gently. The choice made at the level of the different components make it possible to improve your PC without having to completely review the configuration.

A stronger CPU

If our little Intel i3-12400f holds the road perfectly, it will also be able to show certain limits for players wishing to maximize their number of FPS on certain competitive games.

On the heaviest application tasks or if you want for example streamer from your CPU rather than your GPU, it can also be interesting to go to a slightly more powerful processor. We think for example of the Intel Core i5-12600f that can be found around 250 €.

The advantage here is that it will not be necessary to change motherboard to change your CPU. Our B660m DS3H gygabyte is perfectly capable of standing up to these more energy -consuming models.

Go to 32 GB of RAM

In the vast majority of cases, 16 GB of RAM are enough to take advantage of his favorite games in good conditions. Now, if you want to enjoy a slightly higher room for maneuver or if you are used to running many applications in parallel with your gaming sessions, invest in 32 GB of RAM can be a good idea.

Invest in a bigger GPU

The RX 6750 XT displays very good performance for around € 400. However, if you want for example to take full advantage of a 1440p screen at 144 Hz, you will probably have to go to more powerful models like your big sisters the RX 6800 XT for around € 550 or the huge RX 6950 XT at 650 €.

Be careful anyway, depending on the selected model you may have to review your diet up, with for example a 750W model.

Which screen to choose ?

To take full advantage of your configuration, it is essential to accompany it with a screen worthy of the name. No interest in investing nearly € 1,000 in a gaming PC if it’s and then playing on a full HD screen at 60 Hz.

Typically for this type of configuration, we will recommend two types of screens according to your expectations and especially your budget. If you are mainly aiming for competitive games and you are looking for the best possible fluidity, you can go to a 1080p screen at 240 Hz.

Conversely, if you promote image quality but want to keep a good fluidity, a 1440p screen at 144 Hz can also be interesting. We will avoid 4K screens, too expensive and not necessarily adapted to this configuration of the day.

Best 15 -inch gaming laptop at less than € 1,000 in 2023

With a budget close to € 1000, finding a gaming portable pc becomes simpler than below, the offers being more numerous. Some concessions will however be necessary to find the gaming laptop of his dreams.

Hardcore gamer will have every interest in leaving a laptop equipped with a minimum RTX 3060. With the arrival of the Nvidia RTX 4000, the latter is more and more present on the Gamers laptops sold for less than € 1,000, without large concessions.

What a 15 -inch gaming laptop pc at less than 1000 euros ?

The casual gamers will have more choices, either favor performance, or opt for more homogeneous models with for example, a quality light chassis, a more comfortable autonomy without forgetting a laptop PC equipped with a large SSD and many Ram.

On a 15 -inch gamer portable pc at less than 1000 euros, the IPS screen is the standard. As for the frequency, there is a predominance of 144 Hz now, auspicious for fluidity at stake.

Finally, on the processor side, in this price range, the choice is vast with both Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7 and Intel Core i5 quad core or hexa core (without forgetting core i5 and low consumption core for Casual Gamer).

To decide, in terms of raw power, advantage to the Ryzen. To favor for a versatile use where video editing and photo retouching share use with the game. Conversely, if you are looking for a gaming portable pc exclusively, the processor must go to the background. The impact on performance will indeed be larger by opting for a more efficient graphics card. Thus, for a gamer, it is better a RTX 3060 associated with a Core i5 than a Core i7 supported by a GTX 1650.