Payment on SOSH invoice, payment on SOSH invoice

Payment on Sosh invoice

Buy the latest new games or subscribe to PlayStation Plus with your Sosh bill

Payment on Sosh invoice

Payment on SOSH invoice is a free payment solution that allows you to take advantage of services, multimedia content or digital applications using your mobile invoice.

  • More banking data (CB, RIB) to enter, nor double verification authentication via password
  • No online payment methods to create (Paypal. ))
  • All your digital purchases are grouped on the SOSH invoice for better follow -up
  • Mastery of your monthly digital expenses and authorized services categories

Discover the multiple uses available

Digital content

The Sosh mobile invoice as a means of payment

On blinds (Apple, Google Play, Microsoft Store. ) or on renowned online stores, you can also use your SOSH invoice as a secure means of payment for your desires for music, movies, games, information and reading, applications.

Google Play logo

Google Play

Buy your apps, games, movies, music, e-book for your Android mobile thanks to your Sosh bill

Apple app logo


Adjust your purchases on iTunes or the App Store and your Apple Music or Apple TV+ subscriptions via your SOSH invoice

Netflix logo


Pay your Netflix subscription with ease with payment on Sosh mobile invoice

Huawei App logo


With payment on SOSH invoice, take advantage of a whole world of applications and services on Appgallery

Microsoft Store logo

Microsoft Store

The whole software catalog, including Office 360, apps, games and movies for your computer

Deezer logo


Pay your Deezer subscription with ease with payment on Sosh mobile invoice

PlayStation Store logo

PlayStation Store

Buy the latest new games or subscribe to PlayStation Plus with your Sosh bill

Xbox logo


Activate the SOSH invoice for your purchases of games and subscriptions on your Xbox console and on

Blizzard / logo


With payment on SOSH invoice, take advantage of Blizzard content

Paris Saint Germain logo

Mobile PSG

With payment on SOSH invoice, take advantage of official and exclusive PSG content

Once configured, your SOSH invoice (or your prepaid account) becomes your default payment method for your purchases or your subscriptions.

Payment on Sosh invoice

The best of entertainment available with your SOSH invoice

With payment on Sosh mobile invoice, discover a quick and secure way of enjoying a whole world of entertainment. It’s simple, when you set your Netflix, Deezer subscriptions, or when downloading a game on the Battle, it is no longer necessary to use your bank card or to exhibit your data.
Using this free and secure method of payment, report the amount of your purchases of movies, series, music or games directly to your next SOSH invoice.
So for your next purchases, remember to activate payment on invoice !

More info on Netflix, Deezer and Blizzard purchases with the Sosh invoice.

Simplify your life by paying your purchases on application stores with the SOSH invoice

You want to buy content on Google Play, Apple, Microsoft / Xbox or Sony PlayStation stores but you don’t want to use your bank card or exhibit your data.
Do you know that you can use your SOSH mobile bill as a payment method to make your purchases ?
Thanks to this free service, SOSH allows you to report directly the amount of your purchases of games, applications or digital content to your next SOSH invoice. Thus, and for better control of your budget, all your purchases are gathered in the same place on your invoice.
To benefit from this service, when paying a game or a service, you just have to select “Payment via SOSH” and indicate your mobile phone number. Payment will then be reported on the mobile invoice, or will be debited from the user’s prepaid account.

Find out more about Google Play, Apple, PlayStation, Microsoft Store, Xbox and PlayStation with the Sosh invoice.

Your mastered multimedia uses !

Multimedia and SMS+ purchases are by default authorized for all Orange / Sosh mobile subscribers, and blocked when purchases excluding package reach the maximum amount of € 300.

If you wish, you can customize the amount of this ceiling: between € 10 and € 300.

You have the possibility of allowing or immediately blocking mobile purchases for each of these 3 categories: digital content (purchase of games, videos, music. ), transport and parking (purchase of transport tickets. ) and donations to charitable associations.