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Paylib with friends

To pay your purchases remotely, secure your online transactions, or even pay your daily purchases faster.


To pay your purchases remotely, secure your online transactions, or even pay your daily purchases faster.

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Born in 2006, our bank grew up with you. Citizen, open and accessible to everyone, we claim the ambition to support our 20 million customers with efficient offers and services, the radical modernity of our civic commitment and our postal heritage. Today the postal banking shares the dreams and the requirements of its generation.

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Paylib with friends

Send and receive money simply thanks to a mobile number.

Discover Paylib with friends

Paylib with friends allows you to send money to a beneficiary without knowing their bank details and whatever its bank*$, a mobile phone number is enough.

Once the transfer has been made, your recipient is notified and receives the money in a few seconds*$ directly on his account.

And for even more serenity, all your Paylib transfers with friends are secure using our strong certicode Plus authentication solution.

With Paylib with friends, you can also receive money from your loved ones directly on your post La Banque Postale with your secure mobile number.

  • Your recipient must hold an account in a bank in a country of the European Union.
  • Provided that the recipient is registered in Paylib and that his bank accepts instant transfers