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Pay with your mobile: and if you try

In the event of loss of the card or phone, oppose the card and/or call your bank as soon as possible so as not to be accused of negligence.

No cash, no card, no problem.

In Nancy, you can use your smartphone with the Paypal app to pay in bars, cafes and partner restaurants since September 19.

Consult and pay the bill without waiting.

You choose a partner establishment in your Paypal app and you just have to announce yourself to the merchant. You can then consult your addition, share it and adjust it.

Pay for a boost with your photo.

You can also announce yourself to pay in cash without delay: your photo appears on the merchant’s terminal. This can then validate your payment in a few seconds.

With the Paypal app, pay has never been easier.

1. I download the Paypal app available for free for iOS – Android – Windows Phone

2. I create a Paypal account, it’s free and fast.

3. I load my photo in the app.

There it’s done ! I can now pay with my smartphone in bars, cafes and partner restaurants.

Simple, reliable, efficient.

Pay with your mobile: and if you try ?

Mobile payment

Use your phone to pay your purchases and less complicated than you think. Here are the steps to follow.

It’s practical, safe, hygienic and trendy. Here’s how to use your laptop to pay your baguette !

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In stores, more than half of bank card payments are now made in contactless mode ! The growth in the number of contactless transactions has been boosted by the health crisis and the enhancement of the payment ceiling without code of 30 to 50 euros on May 11, 2020. The share of the mobile in these transactions remains marginal but develops exponentially. What are you waiting for to take the plunge and use your laptop to pay for your wand or any other good consumption?

Whatever the business, if the payment terminal accepts contactless (Near Field Communication Technology or NFC), it will work with your card or your mobile. You will not have any additional costs in relation to a conventional payment with presentation of your bank card.

And you keep the advantages related to your card: insurance, loyalty programs, etc. Bonus, the national payment ceiling of 50 euros does not apply, but each bank is free to impose an often well higher (300 euros sometimes).

Simple procedure

The procedure is less complicated than it seems. You will have to use an electronic or digital portfolio. This is a new payment method that allows you to pay for purchases without presenting your bank card.

If you have an iPhone, go to the Apple Store and download the Apple Wallet . With an Android phone, you have the choice between the Paylib banks solution, a service common to all banks, which they recommend, and according to establishments, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

You must then enter the contact details of your card: sixteen -digit number, validity date and cryptogram. You will then be ready to pay using your laptop.

Paylib is activated from the payment application of your bank, you click among the cards displayed (if you have several) on the one (s) you want to use.

Reinforced security

IMPORTANT: Mobile contactless payment has additional protection on cardless payment by card because you must either open your phone (by code or digital imprint) or validate the transaction according to the applications.

Card numbers are not stored in the device or in the treatment chains. In addition, you often notice the disappearance of your phone faster than your card ..

Banks say they don’t see any piracy fraud by NFC wave. In total, contact with contactless payments is deemed minimum: 0.02%, or 1 euro of fraud for 5.000 euros in payments.

In the event of loss of the card or phone, oppose the card and/or call your bank as soon as possible so as not to be accused of negligence.

In the event of loss of the card your responsibility will then be limited to 50 euros (except serious negligence). In the event of fraudulent payment when the card is in your possession, you are entitled to a refund in the first euro of the frauds which you could not have knowledge, in particular in the absence of recourse to strong authentication during payment.