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Subscribe to a particular account at Société Générale

However, it is strongly advised to send the files by digital way to accelerate the account opening procedure. Customers will be informed by SMS or by e-mail of acceptance or refusal of their request to open a specific account as soon as the bank has received the required documents. If the answer is positive, they must make the minimum payment required at the bank to confirm the establishment of the account. Once all these processes are completed, the bank provides the bank card and the subscriber’s customer code.

Open a private Société Account

Societe Generale

The opening of a bank account with Société Générale is not complicated. Simple, practical and fast, a bank account will facilitate payment of your purchases with a bank card. And not only, opening into account is managing your money with confidence. But how to open a particular general general company account ? What are the existing accounts ? How much the service costs cost ? How does the application work ? Here is a full article on the account (see also our article on BNP my account) Banking for individuals of Société Générale.

How to open a particular account ?

Société Générale’s bank account is intended for minor or major people, residing on French territory, according to certain conditions. The opening of an account can be done directly in a physical or online agency.

Whatever choice, each person wishing to open a particular general general account must provide Specific documents ::

  • An ID : national identity card, passport, residence permit or residence permit, the driving license could be authorized if the photograph guarantees the identity of the holder;
  • Proof of address : a tax notice, a water or electricity invoice, a certificate of accommodation;
  • Asignature To be deposited with the bank (also discover HSBC Private) for authentication during banking operations.

It is up to the bank to decide whether to open the account will be authorized or not depending on the situation of each. A person in prohibited banking cannot benefit from banking services to the establishment.

The different existing accounts

Would you like to open a private general health account ? It is possible to choose between different types of accounts.

The individual bank account

A current account will allow you to benefit from support for the Management of your account with a single account number.

The attached bank account

It is a customer account shared between two or more people. The subscription to this offer remains simple and practical.

Children’s bank account

At Société Générale, it is quite possible to open an account for your child. The approach is free.

Banxup bank account

This type of bank account allows to teens to benefit from bank cards. The account holding remains the responsibility of the parents, however.

Student bank account

The student account has been specially set up for students Between 18 and 25 years old. The secure offer will support them throughout their studies.

The young active bank account

This type of bank account is intended for older young people Between 25 and 29 years old. People who subscribed will benefit from many advantages.


Place your money on a General Société Account

The Société Générale bank offers investment solutions Depending on your goals.

For those who wish to have savings with the possibility of drawing it at any time to deal with the unexpected, the risk -free savings booklets are what you need, like the A booklet, The sustainable development book, the young booklet, the account on booklet, the popular savings booklet.

For the purchasing projects housing, car or travel projects, you can find the term accounts, housing savings plans, savings accounts.

In order to find the proper savings solution for an additional retirement, the banking establishment offers life insurance, with a most advantageous tax framework.

The costs of the various services

Like all banking establishments, subscription to the offers of the bank has costs. Here are the overall prices of current SG offers.

  • The show or sending a checkbook, 15 to 20 euros For a bank check and 2.60 euros with post fees for registered checkers;
  • The annual subscription varies Between 45 euros and 330 euros ;
  • The choice of confidential code costs 10 euros and replacement of the bank card is 16 euros ;
  • The subscription to the online personal account remains free.

To find out the other service costs, it is advisable to directly consult the bank’s official website.

How to use the application ?

The SG mobile application is entirely Free for customers. Access your personal space with an identifier and password, previously communicated by the bank.

The mobile app allows you to monitor all current operations carried out, anywhere, H24: payments, transfers, withdrawals, reimbursements, etc. RIB request and consultation with the insurance contract become simpler.

It is also possible to Contact the customer advisor for an appointment or to request certain information, in just a few clicks.


Subscribing space in mobile version can emit Notifications and alerts by SMS for each in progress banking operation. To use it, just download the application to IOS and Android.

Subscribe to a particular account at Société Générale


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Many financial institutions develop websites so that users can create remote bank accounts in order to take advantage of digitization. This involves subscribing to a specific bank account. This subscription for Société Générale can also be carried out in an agency. The procedures to follow may vary from one individual to another, but the required documents never change.

A personal account, what is ?

A personal account is a bank account which, as its name suggests, is reserved for individuals. It supports all standard banking procedures, including money transfers, withdrawals and deposits. There are essentially two different categories of personal accounts:

The joint account, which can have two or more holders; The individual account, which is held by a single person. This form of account is the most popular, especially among couples. The personal account makes it possible to benefit, in addition to the essential services of the personal account, from a bank card (or two cards for a joint account), a checkbook, a bank loan, of average payment insurance , an authorized overdraft, of a French RIB.

The customer must pay a monthly fee at Société Générale to be able to use a specific account. The amount of this fee is determined according to the financial services chosen as well as the age of the subscriber.

A personal account at Société Générale can be opened by anyone. Anyone aged at least 18 years old and not struck a banking ban, that is to say an adult emancipated by the Banque de France, can create a personal account at Société Générale. But you must have:

A valid identity document; Of a residence permit dating from at least three months. Unlike the creation of a professional account (bank account for businesses or companies), Société Générale makes an offer to individual customers without taking into account their payment capacity or their ability to receive income.

In addition, Société Générale offers a specific offer adapted to the needs of minors, including regular banking services and a reduced monthly price for the bank card. In other words, unseamed children over the age of 12 who provide parental authorization or the consent of their legal guardian are authorized to create a bank account.

It should be noted that all socio-economic classes, including employees, unemployed and persons with fixed or temporary income, have access to the Société Générale Account.

Particular account SG

How to subscribe to a Société Générale personal account ?

At Société Générale, the opening of a personal account can be done in person in an agency or online on the company website. However, it should be noted that this subscription will normally be finalized in agency for signing reasons.

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It is essential to examine all the eligibility conditions before opening a personal account with Société Générale. In general, a potential subscriber must be a natural person, adult (financial institutions do not sell services to minors), and reside in France for tax reasons. In addition, it must be free from any control of the bank and have a telephone number or an electronic address in operation.

The procedures to follow to open a bank account in an agency are as follows: the first step is to fill out the form with all the relevant information concerning the customer. The name, first name, address, etc. are examples. The next step is to choose an agency (Société Générale now has 2100 banking agencies). To do this, the subscriber will have to search to discover the nearby agencies.

Then, the subscriber must select his availability to confirm an appointment with a personal advisor. The advisor will help the customer make a decision to ensure that the offer he chooses is adapted to his needs. It is essential to provide the supporting documents necessary for this meeting. However, it should be noted that the meeting takes place in the favorite agency of the subscriber.

The consumer must also sign the account agreement to confirm the creation of his bank account.

How to create an online personal account by following these steps

Future subscribers of a certain account can take out remotely using the Internet platform of Société Générale. To do this, they must carry out specific steps. They must first complete the online request form with all the personal information of the applicant (identity, age, address, etc.). Then send all the papers necessary for the creation of a bank account. The subscriber has two alternatives for this: he can send them digitally or by mail to the agency of his choice.

However, it is strongly advised to send the files by digital means to accelerate the account creation procedure. As soon as the bank receives the required documents, customers are informed by SMS or by e-mail of the acceptance or refusal of their request to open a specific account. If they receive a favorable response, they must pay the entire sum.

However, it is strongly advised to send the files by digital way to accelerate the account opening procedure. Customers will be informed by SMS or by e-mail of acceptance or refusal of their request to open a specific account as soon as the bank has received the required documents. If the answer is positive, they must make the minimum payment required at the bank to confirm the establishment of the account. Once all these processes are completed, the bank provides the bank card and the subscriber’s customer code.

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It should be mentioned that after sending the required documents, the subscriber must confirm his request by videoconference with a customer advisor from Société Générale. If this confirmation takes place during the agency’s opening hours, it can be carried out immediately. Otherwise, the applicant must use the Société Générale application to set an appointment with the advisor. The last step to activate the bank account consists in the subscriber to sign the account agreement in order to authenticate his subscription to a specific account. It is important to know that this signature can be carried out online using an electronic signature from the customer area. A secret code and a customer code will be sent by e-mail to the consumer following the activation of their bank account. These will allow him to access his account 24/7.

What types of documents are necessary to open a personal account ?

The documents required are the same as you create a bank account in person in an agency or online on the Société Générale website. It is more precisely

of an identity document, such as the national identity card or the passport of the subscriber; proof of domicile, such as a recent invoice of public services, water or other, on behalf of the applicant, dating from less than three months; of the last rent receipt granted only by a professional; or the last notice of property tax. Note that the following documents are necessary if the subscriber is housed by a third party: the host’s identity document and a certificate on the honor validated and authenticated by the host. A copy of the latter’s proof of address is also necessary. Note that mobile phone bills are not accepted as proof of address.

  • The last salary slip for an employee,
  • The last tax notice for a retiree,
  • The last work certificate issued by the employment agency for a job seeker,
  • The SIRET/SIREN number printed on a white leaf for a self -employed worker,
  • The copy of the subscriber’s social security number are all proof of acceptable income.

Depending on the social status of the subscriber, the supporting documents may be as follows: a certified copy of the student card or a valid schooling certificate for a student; the last salary slip for an employee; the last tax notice for a retiree; The latest work certificate from the Employment Agency for a job seeker; The SIRET/SIREN number printed on a white leaf for a self -employed worker. These documents must be sent by mail or downloaded from the Société Générale protected customer area by the subscriber who chooses to create a remote personal bank account. On the other hand, when opening an agency account, they will be given to the customer advisor when making appointments.

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What are the advantages of creating a personal account at Société Générale ?

The major advantage of creating a personal bank account at Société Générale is the facility with which the subscription process can be carried out, whether online or in a physical place. In addition, the account opening is relatively fast.

In addition, Société Générale assigns a life account number and a distinctive bank account number (RIB) coherent to each customer.

Anyone who has recently taken out a specific account with Société Générale can benefit from a free change in its banking domiciliation.

Among the other advantages, let us quote the possibility for customers of Société Générale to access their accounts at any time, day and night, via the customer area of ​​the company’s website. In addition, account statements are sent free of charge by e-mail in real time. Just download the Société Générale application to start.

Société Générale for non-residents

To create an account at Société Générale, a non-resident must be of French nationality and have its main residence outside France.

The non-residents include foreign nationals who are stationed in France as members of the armed forces or government employees.

He must present a legitimate identity document including an identity photo and proof of address.

Société Générale for young people

A minor can have a bank account created in his name from the day of his birth.

From the age of twelve, he can open an account in his name, but he must first give the agreement of his parents (or other legal representatives). The documents required in this situation are

  • proof of address of less than six months
  • documents proving the identity of the minor and his parents.
  • The family booklet
  • A written declaration signed by the legal representative,
  • An acknowledgment of receipt of the host.

The signing of the minor as well as those of any legal representatives must also be deposited. The bank will want a copy of the student card or the minor diploma if it is currently in school.