Paris sport point of sale: sports betting and lotto sports in point of sale, sports bets, how it works?

Pay sport, how it works

Find the online sports paris ratings on more than 20 sports and the biggest sports competitions such as the Uber Eats Ligue 1, the Champions League dimensions, the Paris NBA, Paris Roland Garros or even bets on the top 14 for rugby.

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    Boosted dimensions

    N ° 52 i end of valid. 09/25 6:55 p.m

    1/N/2 (regulation time)

    • Sporting-Ro Ave: Rio Ave 12.5
    • Total rating before bonus: 26.25

    Lotto football

    LF 7 n ° 182 End of Valid. 09/25 7:55 p.m

    LF 8 n ° 98 End of Valid. 09/26 20:40

    LF 15 n ° 55 End of Valid. 09/26 20:40

    Loto Sports

    N ° 41 End of Valid. 09/28 8:55 p.m

    Sport bets point of sale offers you sports betting on many sports (football, rugby, basketball, tennis. )). Choose your bet from the 3 available gaming offers: Paris Open (Paris in pre-matt ratings), bonus combi (combined preselected with boosted dimensions) or exclusively lotto sports. Each week, find our lottery football grids, lotto rugby and lotto basketball to try to win many chests put into play (prize pool of up to 2 million euros to share between the winners). Prepare your sports betting On the Parions Sport Sale of Sale of Sale, Generate a QR codes and validate it in one of the 27,000 FDJ outlets. No need to register !

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    Pay sport, how it works ?

    Miss sport, how does it work?

    Parions Sport offers you two ways to play sports betting:

    • From the Parions Sport Point of sale application or by filling a paper bulletin with your tobacconist
    • From the Parions Sport online application

    Sport bets point of sale

    If you prefer bets in point of sale in online bets, Parions Sport offers you a wide range of possibilities to play. Directly at your to -by or via the Parions Sport Point of sale application, you have access to a large number of bets and a multitude of sports.

    1. Fill your bulletin with your tobacconist or from the Sport Sale of Sale of Sale
    2. Receive your game receipt
    3. If your bet is a winner, well done, you can present your game receipt to your tobacconist to pocket your winnings

    To be able to make sports betting in point of sale with sports parions, 2 game methods are therefore offered to you.

    1st method ::

    1. Fill a paper bulletin directly in an FDJ point of sale. This is the traditional way for making sports betting.
    2. You will receive a gaming ticket after payment with your tobacconist.
    3. If you have properly predicted the matches, simply provide the ticket to your tobacconist to pocket your winnings.

    2 NDE Method ::

    These same bulletins can also be filled via the Parions Sport point of sale application.

    1. You can then fill them from your smartphone or tablet.
    2. Once completed, you receive one or more QR codes according to your forecasts. It is then enough to present the code generated in your application to your tobacconist, so that he can validate it and provide you.
    3. Again you just have to provide your play ticket to your tobacconist to pocket your earnings.

    This method for betting has the advantage of offering you much more of Paris.

    Each week, you can also fill one of the lottery sports grids available to you, and thus enjoy the many chests put into play: lotto Foot 15, Loto Foot 7, Loto Foot 8, Loto Rugby and even Loto Basket Basket , it’s up to you to choose the sport and the formula that suits you to win big !

    Online sports bet

    Online sports bet Allows you to play everywhere in France, and when you wish. Just register by entering the requested information, then making a first deposit. With 150 € offered* (* in free Paris) if your 1st bet is loser, there is no hesitation to do so !

    Once inscribed, you can bet from our online sports parions application, or on the site https: //

    Play on sports and bets of your choice, in simple bet or by combining several games, before the meeting or even live, bet the amount you want from € 0.10 !

    Also take advantage of boosted combi to increase up to 55% in cash your earnings in handsets. You can also play with our many promotions to earn a share of thousands of euros in freebets and gifts involved every week (https: // !

    Vibrate in front of your bets in streaming on PSTV, and follow up to 4 games simultaneously with the multi-lives: Bundesliga, Serie A, Liga, MLS, NBA, NHL, MLB and all Tennis tournaments (even the Grands Slam) are to follow from your mobile, computer or tablet. The list of all the competitions to follow in streaming is available here.

    Finally, if you think it will not do it or if you prefer to ensure the blow, you even have the possibility of taking control on your bets before the end of the match with cashout.

    Online sports betting with parions sport

    Parions Sport online, online sports betting site of the FDJ (formerly Cote et Match and Parionsweb) offers you a wide selection of sports betting. Bet now live or pre-match on many sports: Paris Football, Paris on basketball, Paris Tennis or Paris on rugby.

    Find the online sports paris ratings on more than 20 sports and the biggest sports competitions such as the Uber Eats Ligue 1, the Champions League dimensions, the Paris NBA, Paris Roland Garros or even bets on the top 14 for rugby.

    It is possible to bet online on other competitions. Analyze the dimensions of Ligue 2 BKT for France, the ratings Premier League for England, the liga ratings in Spain. Follow your matches live with Parions Sport TV (PSTV) !

    Take advantage of our best dimensions and predictions on our website and our online sports (available on iOS and Android) app application and place your Paris online With all serenity by consulting the state of form of the teams.

    New in the world of online sports betting ? Enjoy a welcome bonus, many promotions or even freebets. In addition, Parions Sport online (FDJ) offers you many boosted dimensions (combined betting on interesting dimensions).

    3 game formulas: single bet, combined bet and multiple bet and thousands of online sports betting are available, such as the 1N2 bet or the exact bet that consists in predict the exact score of the sporting event at the end of A given period. It is also possible to compose your bet yourself with the bet-sur-measure.

    Parions Sport online is a partner of the NBA, the French Basketball Federation, the French Handball, France Rugby Federation as well as football clubs in Paris Saint Germain and Olympique de Marseille.

    Bet must remain a pleasure and supervise your game practice is strongly advised, which is why Payons Sport provides you with many tools so that your practice remains recreational.

    Also discover the online poker offer of sports bets: play poker directly from your smartphone and discover our tournament, cash game and sit & go offers !

    A question to ask us or an element to clarify ? Consult our online FAQ dedicated to sports betting and poker now.