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Pure Electric Pure Advance

Date of experience: September 18, 2023

Pure Electric France Opinion

Professional after-sales service, efficient and seeking to satisfy the customer as much as possible.

Following a repair problem (guaranteed guarantee) of my two scooters with an authorized repairer, the after -sales service did not hesitate to do the intermediary in order to find a quick solution.

Date of experience: September 18, 2023

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Very good product

Very good quality scooter.
The battery life is top despite my 100kg.
I am very satisfied !

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Good scooter ��

To see in time, but well built and qualitative scooter. The handlebars arrived a little scratched on the top despite the impeccable cardboard. Shame. Autonomy respected for an adult of 65 kilos on dish in sport mode. Quick delivery. Happy with my purchase ��

Date of experience: September 07, 2023

– Order referral on request of ..

– Order referral to refund request
– The packages are marked pure, an ease for any delivery man to fly (two orders not received) in addition to having the worst customer service via GLS (no information recoverable via them), and Pure customer service is worthy of the slowest and existing robotics, in addition to having completely answers next to the plate – 0 commercial gesture

Date of experience: September 12, 2023

I advise whether everyday journeys are not excessive

No information regarding delivery but in the end book in 72 hours. The scooter clearly does not have 40km of autonomy but rather about 25, but if not nothing to say very good lighting, pleasant driving and very effective brake

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Delivery in 24 hours

Delivery in 24 hours, the assembly is very fast, the app and handling are easy . Very nice design, good quality materials. Very nice to drive on the roads and cycle paths. A half -tempered, its weight to transport it, a little heavy but at least we are super stable by driving ..

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Air Pro that is worth it !

I bought the Air Pro scooter and I don’t regret at all ! Driving is incredible handling also. Delivery was made quickly.
I highly recommend !

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

After updating the scooter ..

After updating the scooter by the Pure Electric application, my scratch stopped working, I couldn’t use it once, I contacted the necessary service but I am waiting for their return. I hope the scooter will rebuild

Date of experience: September 18, 2023

Catastrophic after -sales service

After buying a new scooter from the Toulouse store without specifying that the store would close its doors 10 days later. I had a problem on the rear tire valve. Result of the races, two months that the scooter is blocked at Darty, the only ones who were kind enough to take care of the resolution of the problem linked to the design of the anti-habitation tire, without any pure response on the solving the problem; except that the product is breaking.
Ashamed . Flee this brand which however offers pretty products, it is my second scooter at home.

Date of experience: September 10, 2023

Answer: Pure Electric France

Hello Mr Bergogne, we thank you for your comment and we are sorry that the repair with Darty is not yet resolved.

For our 3rd generation scooters with tires without air chamber, we have stock.

The air chambers for our 2nd generation scooters were in stock two months ago, we are recently awaiting replenishment at the moment. We describe as ‘waterproof with anti-hassle liquid’. This liquid has a prevention role and it clogs holes up to 3 mm. This must be renewed because it can dry over time. On average, it is advisable to make a point every two to six months.

Sincerely, the Pure Electric team

Delivery within the time indicated

Delivery within the time indicated, compliant product. Ras

Date of experience: September 12, 2023

A little disappointed

Suitable scooter, I’m not sure that it has 40km of autonomy because battery quickly discharged. The battery takes time to charge and customer service is existing only by email and no after -sales service in France everything is at UK. They use certain approved repairers in France but very few know the latest models of the brand. Buy French to avoid finding you annoy with a breakdown

Date of experience: 05 September 2023

Answer: Pure Electric France

Hello Maxime, Thank you for your comments, our French customer service can be contacted by email to [email protected]. Regarding repairers do not do the necessary so that we have more available, keep an eye on the list available on our site. Sincerely, the Pure Electric team

The pure 3 pro is really nice to ..

The pure 3 pro is really nice to use.
I just received it and is already made a few trips, the scooter is really cool and think for everyday life.
The packaging and what comes with is really cool, especially since I don’t think the other brand delivers a fairly complete user guide and an inflator for tires, but that I just have to point out as poor quality, So remember to buy a.

Date of experience: September 03, 2023

Impeccable and efficient after -sales service

I received a pure air 3 scooter but no luck, because of an application bug, the scooter was blocked and unusable. Fortunately the pure team, after explaining the problem, reprogrammed it from a distance and now it works nickel !
And all in just 3 days !
Super service and super product, up to promises !

Date of experience: September 04, 2023

Cardboard for a perfect condition ebin return.

Cardboard for a return in perfect condition.
Damage the cost of shipping, more expensive than the product itself

Date of experience: September 14, 2023

Payment in several times is ..

Payment in several times is great.
Nothing to say on the scooter.

Date of experience: September 12, 2023

Pure Air Pro 3

Very good electric scooter, good autonomy of 40 large kilometers, powerful acceleration, does not struggle, wide handlebars, sleek and elegant design, suitable weight and dimensions for a chest or mounting stairs, etc.
Powerful lighthouse, well visible rear lights
Effective braking.

For faults:
Handlebar not adjustable in height and designed for a person of at least 1m75.
Carefully lacking in a suspension on the very light fork or a little cushioning because you feel a lot of shocks in your arms and on long journeys it is a bit annoying.
The underside is a bit low and can easily rub if you don’t pay attention.
Origin handles are not very comfortable.

Date of experience: August 28, 2023

The air3 has tone

The air3 has tone, does the job on the journeys, on the other hand we feel a lot the distortion of the road at the handlebars, the indicators are not used for much in broad daylight, we hardly see them, for the moment I only did thirty km.
A little disappointed with the supplied pump which is really very low -end, complicated to use and not very suitable, for the price of air3, I would have liked quality equipment.

Date of experience: September 14, 2023

Unusable scooter after less than 24 hours of receipt of the order

Unspected scooter unusable after less than 24 hours of receiving the order, because of a bug of the application blocked the scooter, it’s been 4 days we wait for the intervention of the developers !! Zero no number of such except emails

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Answer: Pure Electric France

We thank you for your comment and are sorry that you have encountered problems with the scooter in such a short time.

Our customer service will contact you by phone or email if it has not already been done.

We wish you a nice day.

Pure Electric Pure Advance

Pure Electric Pure Advance

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Pure Advance is an electric scooter signed by the British Pure Electric. Pure Advance is then available in two models, a first with a 355Wh battery (maximum autonomy of 40km) for € 899, and a second, more powerful with a 432Wh battery (50 km of autonomy) for 100 € more

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