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Why open a bank account at LCL

How to open a bank account ? What are the conditions to open a bank account when you are young ? At what age can we open a bank account ? What are the supporting documents to provide to the bank for the opening of a bank account ?

Open a young bank account

How to open a bank account ? What are the conditions to open a bank account when you are young ? At what age can we open a bank account ? What are the supporting documents to provide to the bank for the opening of a bank account ?

Open a young LCL bank account

How to open a student or young bank account ?

Open a bank account for a minor child

From 16 years old, With the authorization of his parents, a minor child can open a bank account and have a Bank card and a check which are associated with him:

  • In this case, a “Systematic authorization” bank card is often offered. For each expense, an authorization is required by the payment terminal to ensure that the account balance is sufficient to settle the amount;
  • If you choose a Classic bank card, Watch out for the risk of unauthorized overdraft !

From 18 years old, Parents’ authorization is no longer required for the opening of a bank account.

Open an online account from 18 years old

In some banks, you can Open an online bank account. The procedure is generally as follows:

  • Your perform a Online account opening request on the bank’s website,
  • You then receive a Account opening file,
  • You return your completed and signed file, accompanied by the documents requested.

Note: in some banks, the electronic signature and the deposit of the proof requested online makes it possible to carry out the entire remote operation.

  • A dedicated advisor Available by email and phone,
  • and an account management site that allows you to perform online all daily banking operations : consultation of the account, transfer, checkbook request. )).

Opening of a young account: the documents to provide to the bank

For open a bank account, In an agency or online, the applicant (or his legal representative if he is a minor) must provide the bank:

  • a ID valid in the process of a photo and a signature (national identity card, passport, residence permit),
  • an additional identity document (can be requested for an online account opening),
  • A proof of address less than 3 months old (receipt of rent, invoice for an energy supplier, water, fixed telephony, fixed internet, certificate of residence, etc.)),
  • A copy of family record book And the valid identity documents for parents (for a minor).

Note: a Online account opening Also assumes, in general, the deposit in the collection of a first check or a first transfer to the new account, made from an existing account in the name of the applicant.

Bank Young advantages

LCL supports active youths and the students At each stage of your life with suitable services, offers and advice. Preferential rate cards, young savings booklets, student and young workers’ loans, and mobile, auto or home insurance. To find out more consult our Youth space.

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Open an online bank account

Choose the bank account adapted to your needs, or Take a request online account opening.

Warning: The information provided by LCL comes from trustworthy sources but cannot lead to its responsibility in the event of inaccuracy.

Why open a bank account at LCL ?

Brand D

LCL is among the best recommended French banking establishments to open an account. Customers are indeed offered a “recognition contract” associated with multiple advantages. In addition, there are other interesting formulas for any type of profile, adapted to each need.

Created 13 years ago, LCL (Crédit Lyonnais) is recognized for its sense of innovation. Under the leadership of Michel Mathieu, the bank currently has some 6.3 million customers (individuals and professionals) distributed in more than 2,000 agencies throughout French territory.

Opening an account with this brand especially allows you to take advantage of the advantages, in particular for those who have subscribed to the “recognition contract”. For customers aspiring to basic banking services, the LCL check account is best indicated. Among other things, they will be able to choose a bank card that frames with their needs.

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A lot of advantages to the key

By opening an account at LCL, customers benefit from multiple advantages thanks to the “recognition contract”. They have, for example, the right to a relationship with the card, that is to say the possibility of adjusting their contract to their real needs.

The maneuver is here to subscribe only to useful products and services. The relationship with the card is also materialized by decreasing pricing, depending on the number of accounts and open savings books. Customers choosing to domicile their income from the bank will also be exempt from account holding costs.

The recognition contract is also an availability commitment to the bank. The customer is thus able to contact his advisor by phone, mail or email. If the advisor is committed elsewhere, the agency director is responsible for taking over.

Another advantage: a bank after-sales service that deals with complaints as soon as possible. The customer also benefits from the quality commitment call, after the 1st month.

What about the LCL check account ?

Open an LCL check account or current account gives the basic banking services right. The usual operations do not cause any costs. The customer can also choose between a Visa Cléo card, an infinite visa, a first visa, an inventive mastercard, or a mastercard platinum +.

He also has the possibility of managing his online account via a dedicated platform. Internal SEPA transfers are also allowed, whether occasional or permanent.

Other accessible services: withdrawal and deposit of species at the counter, but also order and sending of a checkbook. Nevertheless, the customer must make an initial payment greater than or equal to 50 euros, to finalize his request for an account opening.