One piece streaming: here is how to legally watch the anime, watch one piece in France: which platform broadcasts the animated?

Where can we watch one piece in France in legal streaming

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One Piece in legal streaming

Luffy, from One Piece

One Piece is a work that we no longer present. Whether it is manga or anime, it is on everyone’s lips and it is understandable. Its author, Eiichiro Oda, gives us a subjugating story, an ultra -detailed universe and all kinds of connections. We also invite you to read our top 10 anecdotes on the latter, which gives us sacred secrets !

Success still continues today, since the manga has exceeded 1000 chapters and its anime adaptation is also beyond the 1000 episodes. If you are here, you want to see them, preferably streaming ! You are in the right place.

Television, computer, telephone … One piece is accessible from any medium, and this, free ! To do this, we must roll up the sleeves a little and read our full guide below.

  • Watch One Piece on TV
  • Watch One Piece Streaming
  • How long to watch all the episodes of One Piece ?
  • From when one piece is in HD ?

Watch One Piece on TV

This is the easiest way to access to see One Piece, since you can get there via your TV, but also from TV websites ! Since January 6, 2014, the French channel Game One has regularly broadcasts the series in VF. Here is the chain schedule. For example, in March 2022, several episodes were broadcast every day. This is one of the best places to redo one piece from the start.

If you want to view the VOSTFR version of One Piece, then you can turn to his little sister, J-One. Each week, one day after its release in Japan, the episode is translated and broadcast with French subtitles. Here is the chain schedule. Some television channels also broadcast episodes, dropper. This is the case of TFX (from the TF1 group) which offered an episode of the VF anime every Sunday morning from May 2019. They can be found on the website, depending on your region and your country .

Edit of March 27, 2022: The One Piece page is always available on the TFX website, but it seems that the videos have been removed. If it is as for Netflix, license questions are probably on the table and it is not excluded that we find the episodes on the site soon. If you do not live in France, but in another French -speaking country for example, it will be imperative to go through a VPN in order to be able to access it. It seems that the location is done via your IP address. You can for example turn to NordVPN (we have an exceptional offer) or Cyberghost which are very effective services in this area.

Luffy in One Piece

Watch One Piece Streaming

Now, the most common solution today to watch movies and series is streaming via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. We do it every day, for example on YouTube to watch documentaries, your favorite youtubers or cat videos.

The anime One Piece is no exception to this rule and the episodes can be found on the Internet in streaming, whether in an original subtitles version, or in French version. Several options are available to you, more or less legal. First, DNA (Anime Digital Network) officially broadcasts each new episode every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. It is a perfectly legal means that allows you to enjoy each episode at the same time as Japan, and in very good quality. This supports the animation studio and you contribute to its good development. Also keep in mind that on DNA, all the seasons has been available since the end of 2019, which represents an ideal platform for those who want to get into the anime. There is a way to look in French or in Japanese, and thus choose the most optimal version for each of you. The choice of quality and even to be able to download the offline episodes are also excellent arguments.

One Piece on DNA

The same goes for Crunchyroll who has one piece in his streaming catalog for over a year. Again, we can see quickly in streaming and from any smartphone or computer the more than 1000 episodes of One Piece. It’s totally ideal knowing that Wakanim and Crunchyroll merged not long ago. So if you are one of the new customers, why not try one piece ? Regarding the illegal side, know that the sites are banished more or less quickly by the publishers who seek to avoid this pirate solution. We do not recommend that you go to this kind of site: on the one hand, your personal data is threatened. Then, advertisements are often invasive and can install malware (virus) on your computer. Finally, you do not support the animation industry and you do not benefit, in the majority of cases, no optimal streaming quality.

Where can we watch one piece in France in legal streaming ?

Watch One Piece a

The very famous manga One Piece is the subject of an adaptation animated by the studio Toei animations, since the 2000s. With a number of episodes having exceeded the symbolic figure of 1,000, manga fans have something to follow to follow the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy. In France, there is only one official broadcaster, which retrans the simulcast outing every Sunday: Crunchyroll. For look One Piece in streaming, It is therefore necessary to go through its services, but a technique allows you to pay € 1.19 per month.

Where is broadcast One Piece Streaming for France ?

Many debates ignite the canvas as to who is the worthy heir to the absolute icon, Dragon Ball. Many supporters say that this heir is none other than One Piece. With this story, the mangaka Eichiro Oda has passed in the upper class, to the rank of legends such as Akira Toriyama or Tetsuo Hara. In order to follow the weekly broadcast of the episodes, the only legal means of look One Piece In France consists in subscribing to Crunchyroll. The subscription rate is set at € 4.99 per month.

To lower the price of its Crunchyroll subscription, just have a cheap VPN. Indeed, these premium suppliers at low prices allow you to obtain a Turkish IP address. Why this country in particular ? For a simple reason: the price of the subscription to Crunchyroll is only € 1.19 per month on the spot.

In addition, one of the good news of this technique is that the customer does not have to leave the VPN activated during the dissemination of One Piece. Just activate it when creating the account, and voila.

Here’s how to have crunchyroll cheaper to watch One Piece ::

  1. Take your VPN for streaming by clicking here (Cyberghost)Or Here (NordVPN) ;
  2. After connecting to your VPN, choosing Turkey in the server list;
  3. With a browser in private mode, go to the Crunchyroll website;
  4. Pay the subscription to 24.99 Try, which is equivalent to € 1.19 per month at the current conversion rate.

The best VPNs for Smart TV

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With Cyberghost, unlocking Crunchyroll Türkiye is child’s play

Among the VPNs for the recommended streaming for look One Piece In France, The editorial staff advises Cyberghost. Indeed, it has a park of 9,000 servers, several of which are located in Turkey. Ideal for this precious sesame that represents the Turkish IP address. The latter allows you to pay many video content much cheaper than in France, but also to enjoy the local SVOD catalogs.

Watch One Piece Cyberghost

To follow the episodes of One Piece In simulcast, nothing like using Cyberghost !

In order to obtain a subscription at the best price, the most profitable is to subscribe to the formula over 2 years. In this way, Internet users have protection and geolocation capacity for a very long duration. In addition, the price turns out to be declining, with a subscription at 2.53 € per month. A very beautiful news that is added to the fact of being able to look One Piece at a very good price, and almost simultaneous with Japanese broadcasting !

Unblocking D

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Streamer One Piece with NordVPN, and try to win an electric car

To take advantage of the live broadcast of the Wano Kuni arc from France, and watch One Piece On Crunchyroll without breaking the bank, Internet users can go through NordVPN with confidence. By using this premium service, subscribers can bypass geoblocages and Pay € 1.19 instead of € 5. In this way, following the adventures of the straw hat crew is a real pleasure. In addition, other very famous anime are included in the Crunchyroll catalog, with subtitles and dubbing in French !

Watch One Piece NordVPN

To watch One Piece In legal streaming, use NordVPN to pay € 1.19 per month.

To subscribe to NordVPN, users can choose the formula for 2 years. This is the subject of several promotions at a time when we write these lines. To start, It offers a reduced price Compared to a single month, with an invoice set at € 3.29 per month.

In addition, the supplier gives a gift to new subscribers by adding 3 free months. Finally, An exceptional contest And unique of a kind allows you to win a high -end electric car, for any subscription over two years.

To participate in this NordVPN contest:

  1. Check the “I participate in the competition” box during the 2-year formula subscription;
  2. be a French resident;
  3. converse your + 30 -day subscription.

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