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One Piece Streaming: 3 solutions to follow this anime

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One Piece Episode 1074: release date and spoilers


One Piece episode 1074 promises a surprising action from Luffy. Find out when he goes out as well as the spoilers.

One Piece currently reveals its episodes devoted to Gear 5 while the fight between Luffy and Kaido becomes more and more intense with each new episode.

This fight is undoubtedly the most epic that the anime has ever proposed. The unexpected transformation into Luffy Gear 5 electrified fans who are looking forward to seeing him defeat the villain.

The arc of Wano’s country offered us its share of emotions with the highlighting of the cruelty of Kaido and Orichi. However, feeling that the anime took a turning point a little too serious, Oda chose to draw the Gear 5 in a humorous tone.

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He wanted to pay tribute to the old styles of cartoons, like Tom & Jerry. And the result is more than ePatant, especially given the enormous craze around the Gear 5.

And the next episode to come promises beautiful surprises. So let’s dive into the details of the exit and spoilers of ONE PIECE episode 1074.

Date and time of release of ONE PIECE episode 1074

ONE PIECE episode 1074 will be broadcast on September 3 at 2:30 am.

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Spoilers of One Piece episode 1074

Entitled “To believe in momo. Luffy’s final attack !”, This episode will focus on Momonosuke. With onigashima threatened with falls, thousands of lives are at stake. The weight of this responsibility weighs on Momo, who fights to keep the island in the air. He then remembers his mother’s last words, asking him to restore the Kozuki clan.

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A heartbreaking scene shows the moment when Oden Castle is in flames and Toki is about to send Momo and the others in the future thanks to its demon fruit. The young samurai, after a few encouraging words from Kin’emon, finally made his decision. Meanwhile, Luffy, affected by an attack by Kaido, manages to get up quickly.

Kaido underestimates the power of the demon’s fruits, citing Roger as an example, which only counts on his haki. However, Luffy challenges Momo, saying that he will end it all. Yamato understands that the young pirate intends to knock on onigashima.

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Luffy is then preparing for his most powerful attack to date, putting all his confidence in Momo.

One Piece is currently broadcast in streaming on Crunchyroll.

One Piece Streaming: 3 solutions to follow this anime

Pirate, treasure and adventure, that’s what any fan of “one piece” is looking to find impatiently every week. Imagine yourself alongside Monkey D. Luffy, sailing in the vast east Blue, in search of the legendary treasure. Thanks to streaming, this saga that tells the story of this young pirate, is within the reach of. Forget the untimely ads ! You deserve the best platform to watch one piece in streaming, whether in VF or in VOSTFR. Here, we give you the top 3 of the best sites to watch this essential series of Shōnen Mangas online online. Do not miss any episode of each season since the start of the One Piece adventure.

Image illustration of pirate luffy-one piece

DNA (Anime Digital Network): the most appreciated by the French

Very popular with the French addicts in One Piece, this streaming site is a treasure for manga lovers.

  • Offer : One Piece’s complete saga in several languages, with the new episodes available every Sunday at 9 a.m.
  • Accessibility: To see online via the DNA site, its mobile applications (Android & iOS) or on Android TV and Apple TV.
  • Costs : Viewing in 720p HD at € 6.99/month, and for HD pleasure 1080p, € 9.99/month. Advantages quarterly and annual offers are also available.

Crunchyroll: The American Streaming Site One Piece

This is a global streaming platform for fans of the One Piece series. Prepare to sail with Luffy on the great ocean of streaming.

  • Content : Over 1000 episodes, including new releases every Sunday morning, all in Vostfr for the pleasure of the French who love to watch the series.
  • Pricing: At just 4.99 euros per month, watch all the episodes posted, in HD, from the straw hat crew. For those who prefer a free account, the trip is possible, but with a few advertisements and a lower quality.

Funimation: The King of Streaming for anime

It is a Sony subsidiary and an essential streaming site for anime fanatics. You are a fan of Luffy and the saga ? Do not just play the One Piece card, go to Funimation to not miss any season, the characteristics of which are as follows:

  • Diversity : Possibility to watch one piece, available from the web, mobile applications, Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Price : With a subscription of 5.99 euros per month, follow Luffy’s trip to his quest for One Piece. Premium offers give more features.

These 3 streaming sites all offer a unique window on the world of One Piece, allowing you to follow the course of Luffy and its crew in their quest for the legendary Treasury.

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“One Piece” episode 1074 will be released later than expected on Crunchyroll

After an episode 1073 a little soft, fans of One Piece Conspect the next episode of the Wano country’s arc. Unfortunately for them, this episode will be released a little later than hoped. However, One Piece Episode 1074 promises to continue the epic confrontation between Luffy and Kaido.

What will this episode speak ?

One Piece 1074 will be called Believe in Momo – Luffy’s Final Big Move. If we believe the title, the episode will focus greatly on Momonosuke. Indeed, with the potential fall of onigashima, the burden weighs on the shoulders of Momo, which fights to maintain the island afloat and save thousands of lives … He remembers the last words of his mother, who asked to rebuild the Kozuki clan.

The country of Wano’s country should therefore continue to offer us its share of emotions. However, after the anime has offered a few more serious episodes, the Gear 5 seems to reconnect with a humorous tone. A point that should not deprive us of an even more epic fight between Kaido and Luffy. The latter surprised everyone by transformation into Gear 5 and everyone is now looking forward to seeing him put an end to combat.

What release date for One room Episode 1074 ?

One Piece Episode 1074 will be broadcast on September 3, 2023 at 9:30 am (Japan time). It will be available about 90 minutes later in France, on the platform Crunchyroll. You can also discover it on Netflix, provided you have access to a VPN, which will allow you to connect to the Japanese version of the platform.

It is to highlight that This 1074 episode was delayed for a week for an unknown reason. However, one can imagine that this has a connection with the exit from The live series One Piece, which will land on Netflix on August 31. Thus, fans will have to settle for a summary episode next week on Crunchyroll. However, they will be able to console themselves with the live-action.

And you ? You can’t wait to discover One Piece live, or rather the 1074 episode on Crunchyroll ?