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On a concept, notes can also be shared with other users, which allows everyone to note their progress concerning a common project. To do this, you just have to send an invitation link to people of your choice.


Organizes several workplaces in one place

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Concept is an incredible tool designed to help you organize from a single interface documents, databases, audiovisual content, notes, meetings. You can also share any page of the workspace with other Android or Mac devices.

One of the concept forces is its versatility, because the tool is as useful for teachers, for students, for artists or for anyone collaborating with any kind of project. All you have to do is add the information to create your own wiki and build a resource database, in the most organized way possible.

Another aspect of concept that must be highlighted, is the fact that it includes multiple tools that allow you to edit and format the texts. You can use models, create tables and add link that will bring you to other pages of your workspace. In addition to that, there is always the option of sharing resources via external tools so that no one can see or modify the content.

Concept is a program to have that allows you to stay organized at work or at school. Thanks to its minimalist interface, a concept facilitates full task management from a single place.

Review by Carlos Martínez translated by Uptododown Localization Team

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Licence Free
Operating system Windows
Category Business Management
Language French



Concept is an application for taking notes with multiple features. This was founded by entrepreneurs Ivan Zhao and Simon Last in the United States in 2013. It first was created in the form of an office application in 2016 before arriving on mobile a few years later.

Over time, the concept characteristics have grown widely and the application exceeded 4 users in 2020, a figure which must be much more substantial.

Notion operation

Download concept is very simple, you must start by creating an account on the application. Afterwards, you access a very refined interface which allows both to be easily found in it and not to waste time. From then on, you can create notes with text, but also lists, tables, FAQs or roadmaps in the form of paintings.

The other notion advantage is that you have models. These are already pre-filled, you can therefore copy and paste to add the content of your choice. It’s still a good way to save time, knowing that you can also create the note of your choice from zero. In each note, you can add text, but also images, videos or links.

On a concept, notes can also be shared with other users, which allows everyone to note their progress concerning a common project. To do this, you just have to send an invitation link to people of your choice.

Obviously, notion has the synchronization between your different devices, so that you can easily find the latest notes that you have recorded on all your devices.


As we said quickly, it is possible to download concept from the device of your choice, because we find an office application for Windows and MacOS as well as a mobile application for iOS and Android. This allows you to enjoy it from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

To avoid the Download of concept, you can also access the service directly online from any internet browser, whether Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.


You can download concept and take advantage of the free application, as there is a free version. Others, know that you have the choice between three paid offers that give you the opportunity to benefit from more advanced features, both for individuals and for companies. Here is the detail of the characteristics and prices.

Individual concept

  • 0 dollar
  • Unlimited pages and blocks
  • Sharing with 5 guests
  • Synchronization on all devices
  • API

Individual notion pro

  • $ 4 per month (with the 1 year subscription)
  • All the features of the individual formula
  • Unlimited guests
  • Unlimited file loads
  • History of 30 -day versions

Team notion

  • 8 dollars per month and per user (with the 1 year subscription)
  • All the features of the PRO individual formula
  • Unlimited team members
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Sharing authorizations
  • Administration tools

Business concept

  • Price to be defined with the sales team
  • All the features of the team formula
  • SSO Saml
  • User supply (SCIM)
  • Audit newspaper
  • Advanced checks and security
  • History of unlimited versions
  • ATTITIDERED ACCOUNTING Manager (over 100 users)
  • Personalized contract

Alternative to concept

Concept is a perfect application for taking notes, but also for organization, because it exceeds its status in order to offer other features to users. We appreciate the fact that the free version is already quite complete to be able to create pages and blocks in an unlimited way, but also to share with 5 guests. On the other hand, be aware that there are other applications offering fairly similar features, here are the alternatives to this tool.

Instead of downloading concept, you can choose Evernote. Like its competitor, the latter goes beyond its status as a simple note taking tool to bet on other advantages. We find an application for Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS, there is a free formula as well as paid offers, the basic formula is still quite complete.

As a concept, Evernote gives you the opportunity to create notes and then store them in different notebooks, by project for example. You can add labels to find them more easily. On the other hand, there is also a chat to chat with other people. In each note, you can also add other content, this applies to formatting, but also for images, links or emojis, for example. It is also possible to set up shortcuts from the home screen.

Finally, there is also Google Keep to avoid notion. This service is very simply used, it remains quite basic and free at the same time. There is a mobile application on iOS and Android, but also an Internet browser extension for Google Chrome, it allows you to easily access the tool. In the same way, you can add text, make lists or even put photos and sound.