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Nissan Ariya

Inspired by the eponymous concept presented in October 2019 at the Tokyo automotive fair, the Nissan Ariya marks the arrival of a new generation of electric vehicles within the Nippone brand. Using the CMF-EV electrical platform of the Alliance, it is placed halfway between Qashqai and X-Trail in terms of template. 4.6 m long, it can accommodate up to 5 occupants.

Nissan Ariya: the best of Nissan 100% electric technology from € 350/month

PARIS – As part of ambition 2030, its long -term vision in favor of cleaner, safer and more inclusive mobility, Nissan wishes to make the experience of a 100% electric vehicle accessible to the greatest number.

Nissan now offers its 100% electric Crossover Ariya from € 350/month (long -term rental 37 months and 30,000 km; € 5,000 in contribution, ecological bonus deducted).

Based on Nissan’s expertise in electrification and crossovers, the Nissan Ariya offers high -level performance and efficiency.

The Ariya range remains based on four powertrain that meets all needs and offer up to 536 km of autonomy (WLTP mixed cycle):

The rents in the Nissan Ariya range

63 kWh

87 kWh

87 kWh e-4orce
306 CH

87 kWh e-4orce
394 hp






€ 5,000 in contribution +
€ 5,000 ecological bonuses

True to Nissan’s know-how in terms of driving comfort, the Nissan Ariya is built on the CMF-EV platform developed by the Alliance, optimized to offer performance at the best level. Thanks to its 100 % electric motorization, Ariya offers instant torque and powerful acceleration.

ARIYA can receive E-4ORCE technology, the unique Electric Electric Transmission from Nissan designed for electrified and 100% electric engines. By managing the power of the motors and the braking performance to guarantee softness and stability, E-4ORCE offers total serenity to the driver and unparalleled rolling comfort to all occupants, regardless of the road condition.

Offering excellent charging performance, the Nissan Ariya 87 kWh can recover up to 350 kilometers with a quick load of 30 minutes using a CCS charger of 130 kW. The Nissan Ariya can be equipped with an optional 22kW charger.

Technologies: Priority to comfort

Nissan’s 100% electric crossover offers user -centered experience. The seats, the steering wheel and the sliding central console are all electrically adjustable according to the driver’s preferences.

The display consists of a block of two 12.3 -inch screens to ensure that important vehicle information, such as battery, autonomy or navigation, are easily accessible.

Tactile controls with haptic returns have been integrated into the sleek dash of the Ariya, while keeping physical certain essential commands such as those on the steering wheel or adjustment of the volume volume.

Connectivity: to facilitate daily life

The Nissan Ariya is equipped with Nissan’s intelligent personal assistance technology, which notably includes a vocal assistant with an advanced understanding of natural language.

The NissanConnect Services application allows you to lock/unlock the doors from a distance. When coupled with Amazon Alexa, these systems work perfectly together to create a personalized user experience. Apple wireless carplay and car wired Android are also available.

Security: the best of Nissan technologies

The Nissan Ariya has been equipped as standard with the latest safety and driving assistance technologies, notably Propilot with Nav Link, the latest version of the Nissan driving assistance system in Europe.

With the Nissan Safety Shield in standard, Ariya incorporates a 360 ° camera, emergency braking with pedestrian detection, cyclists and intersections, the predictive frontal anti -collision alert system or the prevention of line crossing.


63 kWh

87 kWh

87 kWh e-4orce



Nissan Ariya

Nissan Ariya 2023

Ariya is an electric SUV which offers traction and full-driven models (bearing the E-4ORCE appellation) as well as a battery of 63 or 87 kWh. Its power varies from 214 to 389 horsepower and its autonomy, from around 330 to 490 km. Also on the menu: the “360 degree safety shield” and the semi-autonomous driving technology Propilot Assist of Nissan. On board, the digital interface with two 12.3 -inch screens attracts attention.

Tests and files

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Nissan Ariya

Nissan Ariya

Configure your Nissan Ariya vehicle or ask for a free trial.

First 100 % electric SUV of the Japanese brand, the Nissan Ariya promises up to 500 km of autonomy. His first deliveries will intervene during the second half of 2022.

Inspired by the eponymous concept presented in October 2019 at the Tokyo automotive fair, the Nissan Ariya marks the arrival of a new generation of electric vehicles within the Nippone brand. Using the CMF-EV electrical platform of the Alliance, it is placed halfway between Qashqai and X-Trail in terms of template. 4.6 m long, it can accommodate up to 5 occupants.

On the design side, it takes up the “V” grille typical of the brand’s models and stands out for its fine optics and light claws in which the indicators are integrated. Full, the grille is completed by a luminous Nissan logo. At the rear, narrow optics are connected by a large light strip with black glasses in the center of which the brand name is placed.

Length 4,595 mm
Width (without mirrors) 1,850 mm
Height 1,660 mm
Wheelbase 2,775 mm

Interior of the Nissan Ariya

The interior of the Nissan Ariya is inspired by the particularly refined philosophy of the IMX concept. Minimalist, the dashboard is not crowded with a multitude of buttons. Instead, touch controls that light up as soon as the vehicle is running. In the end, the only physical commands come down to the start button, to the one used to activate the on -board computer and the ventilation controls. Seeming to be one, on -board computer and digital instrumentation consist of two 12.3 -inch screens. The first is dedicated to instrumentation while the second gives access to the infotainment system.

In terms of loading volume, the capacity increases to 468 liters on the two -wheel drive version and 415 liters on the all -wheel drive.

Nissan Ariya engine and performance

The Nissan Ariya was developed on the basis of an unprecedented modular platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. It is available in several configurations. In traction, its power varies from 160 to 178 kW depending on the battery capacity chosen. In all -wheel drive, the power may vary from 205 to 225 kW depending on the type of battery chosen. The Nissan electric SUV can even climb 290 kW in a performance version, the latter announcing one to 0 to 100 km/h shot in 5.1 seconds.

Nissan Ariya battery and autonomy

Nissan offers two types of packs on its electric SUV. Offering 65 kWh of capacity, including 63 useful, the first 403 km in one load. Displaying 90 kWh, including 87 useful, the second offers between 480 and 520 km depending on the engine chosen.

In the table below, you will find the different configurations available as well as the corresponding autonomy.

Power Battery / useful (KWH) Autonomy
Traction 160 kW – 217 hp – 300 nm 65 – 63 403 km
Traction 178 kW – 242 hp – 300 nm 90 – 87 520 km
All-wheel drive E-FORCE 225 kW – 306 hp – 600 nm 90 – 87 460 km

Nissan Ariya recharge

The charging configuration will depend on the type of battery chosen. While 63 kWh variations will take a 7.4 kW charger, 87 kWh versions will be able to count on an optional three -phase charger in 22 kW.

For fast load, it was the Combo standard that was selected by the manufacturer for the European market. Maximum power can reach 130 kW.

Marketing and prices

In Europe, Nissan will start the first deliveries of its new electric SUV from the second half of 2022. In France, the Nissan Ariya is available for order since March 2022. The sale price of the model begins from € 46,400 excluding bonuses for the 63 kWh version and from € 57,400 for the 87 kWh version.

For the time being, the availability and price of the “performance” declination have not been announced.

Version Bonus price
Ariya Advance 63 kWh € 46,400
Ariya Evolve 87 kWh 57,400 e €
Ariya E-Force Evolve 87 kWh € 60,400

Equipment and options

The Nissan Ariya is available in two main levels of equipment: Advance for the 63 kWh and Evolve version for the variations equipped with the 87 kWh battery.


  • 19 -inch alloy rims
  • LED AV and AR lights
  • Double 12.3 -inch double -screen digital instrumentation combination
  • E-Pedal Step
  • NissanConnect navigation system
  • Induction smartphone charger
  • COMPATIBILITY APPLE CARPLAY Wireless and Android Self -wired Android
  • Electric and heated front seats
  • Propilot with Navi-Link (assisted driving technology)
  • intelligent emergency braking
  • Opening of the electric trunk
  • heat pump
  • 2 10A mode charging cable, 3 32 a…

Evolve & E-4Force Evolve

  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Digital display interior mirror
  • Electric adjustment steering wheel
  • High head display
  • electrically sliding console
  • Bose premium audio system
  • Ventilated front seats
  • Propilot Park automatic parking technology…

Nissan Ariya options

63 kWh Advance

87 kWh Evolve

87 kWh