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Electrified family crossover

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New Nissan X-Trail (2022): Price, info and photos of the 7-seater hybrid SUV

The Japanese 7 -seater SUV is back in third season with an entirely hybridized, but non -rechargeable engines offer.

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At Seat and Volkswagen, the Taracco and Tiguan Allspace, which represent this segment in the Volkswagen group, have well adopted a hybridization system in recent years, but at the cost of the sacrifice of third place strapontines. A renunciation of which the Peugeot 5008, very attached to its 7 places, did not subscribe, thus leaving its little brother 3008 the exclusivity to enjoy PHEV blocks (225 and 300 hp). Thus, Nissan hopes to play the scarecrows, on this niche, with A new, entirely hybridized X-Trail.


Compared to its predecessor, the X-Trail Cuvée 2022 does not play the bidding in terms of format, which lies out on 4.68 m. However, It lowers two centimeters (1.72 m) in order to improve its penetration into air, and therefore its consumption measures. But he will especially rely on his new hybrid engines, to achieve this, thus caressing the hope of achieving the sobriety of a diesel block, unavailable to its catalog.

Ambitious engine

Nissan has chosen a non-rechargeable hybridization for its new X-Trail, as the manufacturer has equipped the latest Qashqai. This technology, called E-Power, consists of a battery, a turbocharged petrol engine at variable compression rate, a generator, an inverter and an electric motor to deliver a final power of 204 hp. The originality of the system comes from Its power transmitted to the wheels only by the electric motor, itself supplied by the thermal block operating in its optimal diet range.

Controlled consos in town.

Thanks to this 100 % electric traction, the 330 nm of torque is delivered instantly, as on an electric car. The E-Power motorization ensures that the petrol engine runs at a coherent diet compared to the speed of the car, to avoid the feeling of “over-regime” of traditional hybrids during strong accelerations. Nissan promises better pleasure and drier driving. At 40 km/h, for example, The noise in the car is reduced by 8 dB Compared to competing models.

What when the rhythm accelerates ?

But this ingenious system should admit its limits outside of urban and peri-urban development, with Consumption levels tend to fly to road and highway networks, as is generally the case on hybrid models. Auto-Moto will not fail to check it during the upcoming road test of the new X-Trail.

7 places under condition

In terms of regrets, note that This 204 hp two -wheel drive block is unavailable in 7 places. To take advantage of two additional seats, you have to opt for the 4×4 variant (e-4orce) delivering 9 additional CH (213 hp) and 195 nm of more couple, and claiming € 45,900 minimum, when The entry -level (5 places, 2 -wheel drive) is offered at € 42,700. Note that all -wheel drive is also available in 5 places. Elitist prices, in the absence of simple thermal blocks, while the old X-Trail was offered below 35,000 €.

Competitors a notch above

Has similar prices, Hyundai and Kia respectively offer the Santa Fe and Sorento. These relatives, on a technical level, offer a Classic 230 hp hybridization, Three rows of seats and larger chests, compared to that of the new X-Trail which cube 575 l in 5-seater configuration, and 485 l with two more seats. Reverse of the medal, Koreans are more bulky, with a total length approaching 4.80 m on average.
It is already possible to order the new Nissan X-Trail, just revealed, while waiting for the first deliveries planned during the month of October.
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Electrified family crossover

Nissan X -Trail - E -Power - On the road

E-Power technology is distinguished from a traditional hybrid because the vehicle is driven only by the electric motor, and the heat engine only having for the role of feeding it. This motorization offers you a flexible, silent and nearly driving
1,000 km of autonomy⁽¹⁾.

Nissan X-Trail on a mountain road


Electrize your all -terrain driving

E-Power technology brings you immediate and smooth acceleration, while the E-4ORCE all-wheel drive system offers you new control, to easily dominate slippery or irregular surfaces. Go on a family adventure and go further.

The flexible financing offer

Nissan Pass mobility offer without contribution, without obligation

Nissan Pass is a long-term car rental offer (LLD) without obligation and without contribution that allows you to benefit from the unique Nissan e-Power technology without constraints.
See conditions of the offer by clicking on “Discover Nissan Pass”.


Nissan X-Trail Inner View of profile

Interior space

5 or 7 places and the volume to resell

With 7 real places, you are spoiled for choice.
Add to this a large chest, ready to accommodate your generous loading with up to 16 possible storage configurations thanks to the modular chest floor.

Exterior design

A style without compromise

The Nissan X-Trail attracts all eyes with its elegant LED lights and its robust and worked lines. His design is as sophisticated as the technologies that equip him: he will not leave anyone indifferent.

Nissan X-Trail LED Headlights

Nissan X-Trail Rear Headlights

Nissan X-Trail V motion grid

Nissan X-Trail Alloy Wheels

Nissan X-Trail Two Tone Roof

Safety and driving aid

Technology watch over you

Imagine that a co -pilot accompanies you on all your journeys. Assistance that alerts you, helps you park, stay in your queue, and much more. Discover all Nissan⁽²⁾ technologies.

1/2 up to 35 inches of infotainment

All information is within your reach thanks to the 3 on-board screens of the Nissan X-Trail, combining in total an area of ​​more than 35 inches.

Nissan X-Trail Hud seen from the inside

1/2 Propilot Assist with Navi-Link⁽³⁾

This system facilitates your driving by maintaining a predefined distance with the vehicle in front of you and keeping your vehicle in the center of its track. Thanks to Navi-Link, it anticipates turns and adapts to speed limitations.

Nissan X-Trail with propilot assist on road

1/2 Nissan Avm – 360 ° smart vision ⁽²⁾

Gain insurance thanks to a 360 ° view of your vehicle, with the possibility of selecting more precise views. You will also be alerted if moving objects are detected near your vehicle.

Nissan X -Trail AVM - 360 ° intelligent vision


Stay connected to the world around you

With your fingertips or to the sound of your voice, connect to your Nissan X-Trail thanks to NissanConnect Services ⁽⁴⁾ telematic services. Your vehicle remains connected to its environment thanks to NissanConnect navigation and its live traffic functionality.

1/2 NissanConnect navigation

The central screen 12.3 ’’ is your portal to NissanConnect. Easily find your way with this navigation application: the live traffic function will guide you to find the best route.

Nissan X-Trail

1/2 connected remotely

Open the NissanConnect Services application to manage remote locking, analyze your driving history and more.

Nissan X-Trail

1/2 on-board Wi-Fi

In order to make the most of the journey, you can use the Wi-Fi feature up to 7 devices on board or near the vehicle. Wi-Fi is a paid service.

Nissan X-Trail Wi-Fi on board

Nissan X-Trail


Configure your Nissan X-Trail

Configure the Nissan X-Trail that looks like you among a wide choice of finishes and body colors.

Discover the Nissan X-Trail range

Discover all the finishes and prices of the Nissan X-Trail and their standard equipment.


Nissan X -Trail - Packshot Tekna -

Make your selection

Compare the versions of the Nissan X-Trail to discover the one that suits you.


Nissan X -Trail - Lifestyle


Display your style

Only Nissan original accessories are as suitable, reliable and efficient as the equipment of your Nissan X-Trail.

1/2 Reversible chest tank⁽⁵⁾

Padded on one side to accommodate fragile loads, and covered on the other with a more resistant material for dirty or bulky objects.

Nissan X-Trail Reversible trunk tray

1/2 luxury floor mats

Protect your vehicle from mud and earth. They strengthen the high -end aspect and the comfort of the vehicle.

Nissan X-Trail Luxury floor mats

1/2 Protection of trunk threshold

Protects the trunk threshold against scratches during loads and unloads.

Nissan X-Trail Protection of trunk threshold

1/2 Bovettes⁽⁵⁾

Protect your Nissan from unwanted projections. Protect your vehicle’s bodywork and offer it a supplement of elegance.

Nissan X-Trail Garde-Boue

Nissan technology

E-4ORCE: all-wheel drive

The perfect balance between power and control. For more fluid driving under all conditions.


Nissan X-Trail with E-4ORCE technology


Discover at a glance all the offers of the Nissan X-Trail.


Nissan X -Trail - PS Tekna - Profile view

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For short journeys, favor walking or cycling. #Sédéplacemounspolluer

For short journeys, favor walking or cycling. #Sédéplacemounspolluer

For short journeys, favor walking or cycling. #Sédéplacemounspolluer


(1) up to 948 km of autonomy, in combined cycle.

(2) It is the responsibility of the driver to remain vigilant, to drive in complete safety according to the regulations in force and to maintain control of the vehicle surrounded circumstances. Some driving aids may not work under certain conditions. For more information, please contact your dealer or consult our WWW

(3) Propilot Assist is advanced driving assistance technology, available according to version, which does not prevent collisions. The driver must monitor the maneuver area, keep your hands on the steering wheel and use Propilot Assist only on fast tracks with central separator. It is the responsibility of being vigilant, driving safely and retaining control of the vehicle in all circumstances. Navi-Link technology supports recognition of traffic signs, but may not work under certain conditions. It is the case for the driver to monitor the traffic signs and respect the highway code.

(4) The use of NissanConnect telematic services requires a NissanConnect user account and to have registered and connected to NissanConnect with a username and a password. The use of the free NissanConnect application requires a connected mobile phone with an iOS or Android compatible operating system and a SIM card with a cellular data option (Internet) through a contract with a mobile phone supplier. All services depend on the coverage of the mobile network. The use of the Internet on board through NissanConnect is made possible via an integrated wireless connection. Data packages are obtained via external mobile telephony suppliers selected in accordance with their general conditions (depending on availability in your country).

(4) To use this feature, it is necessary to have an Amazon® / Google® account.

(5) The accessories presented are available as standard or optional on certain finishes only. Additional costs may apply.

Equipment available as standard or optional depending on version.

Consumption range of combined cycle (l/100km): 5.8 – 6.7. CO₂ emissions: (g/km): 132-152.

The photos and indications displayed are indicative.
In some cases, the photos do not correspond to vehicles respecting French specifications and do not represent
No specific model, finish or offer.
Equipment available depending on the chosen, standard or optional version (with an additional cost).