New car of € 40,000 at € 60,000: all premium models up to -30%, used sports: which cars for € 40,000 in 2023?

Used sports: which cars for 40.000 euros in 2023

Less ? The music of the V8, precisely, is surely for something in your attraction to this model. Please note, we can get tired of it, especially in neutral moments, when it comes to riding first in search of a parking space.

All new vehicles between 40,000 € and 60,000 €

New car of 40,000? � 60,000?

From 40,000 euros and up to 60,000 euros, this is the first price ranges for new vehicles to abandon general brands to focus only on premium. Indeed, the ads of cars whose price revolves around 50,000 € (with awarding of the AUTO MANDUTER included) are trusted by high -end manufacturers. Among them, you find the German trio Audi, BMW and Mercedes, then the British or Italian firms such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Alfa Romeo.

These big names in the automotive market give priority to the comfort of the cabin, the richness of the equipment and the number of horses under the hood. With them, it is therefore above all the “pleasure” dimension that prevails and that is why a new car of € 40,000 to € 60,000 often takes the appearance of a convertible or premium coupe. What is more pleasant than rolling aboard a beautiful sportswoman, hair in the bonus ? Passing the 50,000 euros, you can also find a new, more classic but just as prestigious vehicle: the road sedan or the large premium SUV.

Distributed by the same kind of car manufacturer, these models are rather aimed at households with children because you can take the road comfortably at 5 passengers for long periods. If your car budget allows, this kind of premium family car is the ultimate to travel. And if the model you target is out of budget, don’t forget to compare prices for multi -brand dealers or agents on Kidioui ! Indeed, even if the discounts on premium car brands are generally less important, it remains common to obtain -10% at -30% on the catalog price ..

The pleasure car !

Ford Mustang

This price slice is first marked by self -pleasure. These models which put aside the habitability or the volume of trunk but which make each steering wheel a pure happiness. For example, for a price of 40,000 euros to 50,000 euros with discounts, you access a new coupé like the Audi A5 S line, the BMW 4 Luxury Series or the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line.

Available in three, four or five doors (Hatchback), these vehicles distill the best driving sensations. The behavior is dynamic and the petrol or diesel engine (TFSI, TDI…) develops 150hp at 250hp. For a similar price, you also reach a radical sportsman such as the Ford Mustang Fastback and its V8 engine exceeding 400hp.

Unless you prefer quiet walks under the sun aboard a convertible: new 4 -seater convertible and new Audi TT roadster correspond to this price range. Finally, always in this spirit of a pleasure vehicle, you can buy between 40,000 € and 50,000 € a real 4×4, like the Jeep Wrangler. With its permanent 4WD all -wheel drive, this crosseder is ideal for muscular getaways.

Large Premium SUV and Road

Volkswagen Touareg

Then, for a new car beyond € 50,000 rebounded, we reconnect with the family aspect. This price can actually be that of a new premium SUV around 4.70m like the Audi Q5, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the Jaguar F-Pace or the Volkswagen Touareg. Or that of a new 4.90m road sedan like Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF.

These new cars overflow with standard equipment, especially if you approach a price of € 60,000. They embark, among other bi-zone air conditioning, leather & alcantara upholstery, heated seats, bi-xenon or Matrix LED headlights, premium audio system, electrical panoramic sunroof, etc. You will most often see them in block four or six cylinders of at least 200hp, via diesel or petrol or even hybrid engine. Automatic transmission (BVA, S Tronic, Steptronic…) and four -wheel drive (AWD, Quattro, XDRIVE, 4Motion, etc.) are also common.

Without forgetting their Break A6 before, 5 Touring or XF Sportbrake Break version which are even more spacious. Finally, note that when buying a new car from this ilk, even if it costs 45,000 euros or 55,000 euros, leasing remains a possibility. It’s right: rental with purchase option (LOA) is not reserved for lower price slices and indeed exists on these luxury vehicles.

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Used sports: which cars for 40.000 euros in 2023 ?

Porsche Boxster S (2010)

In self -sports tables, the price line often seems excessive to you ? Let’s go see if on the occasion of the occasion, it is possible to make the nique at the Croesus factor. Here is our selection of used sports cars that you can buy on the 2023 market for a budget of 40.Euros.

Happiness and bad luck, we are sensitive to charms of overpriced creatures. Since the car has existed, this is so. The modern era aggravates things with an ecological penalty rising to € 40,000 maximum On new cars.

Maximum ? Yes, but almost all the sportsmen who interest us automatically reach this “ceiling” penalty in 2022. This is a reason to give up new and buy your car used.

The idea is to bypass the obstacle of this haunting penalty, which is killing, in passing, many sports projects among manufacturers.

Instead of saving them, these € 40,000, We will spend them. Without exceeding them. Fortunately, very desirable machines, certainly not given, descend, after a few vintages of use and discount, to more reasonable rails.

We have retained, for our demonstration, a large GT born far above everyone, two less expensive sportsmen but which we approach here for about half of their new value, and finally a recent occasion, the Alfa Giulia 2 liters.

These are only examples, everyone to extrapolate a choice closer to their own tastes. Let’s see if beyond the attractive label, the adventure is playable, and if the effort all the same considerable to pay € 40,000 only offers frustration or can be a source of joy.

Questions, hesitations, assumptions, and finally convictions, let’s go to meet these waking dream cars.

Porsche: average weight in the ring

Let’s go to Porsche, the country where life is more expensive. When purchasing, it’s always a bit difficult, but then this high cost has repercussions and the cars that are adorned with beautiful coat of arms, at least sportswoman, hold the rating remarkably.

Porsche Boxster S (2010)

  • Year: 2010
  • Mileage: send. 70,000 km
  • Engine: flat 6, 24 V, Atmo
  • Displacement: 3,436 cc
  • Maximum power: 310 hp at 6,400 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 37 mkg at 4,400 rpm
  • Transmission: Propulsion, manual 6 -speed gearbox or double clutch
  • Weight: 1,335 kg *
  • V. max. : 274 km/h *
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 5 ”3 *

This roadster in the name of a fighter wanted Porsche attack model. But, the success helping, it has become awarded over the generations in a multitude of versions. Let’s see what € 40,000 allow to acquire.

The boxster for example. That said, there is Boxster and Boxster. First, the long history of the Magic Porsche, which in 1996 saved the brand of monoculture 911 and from an announced bankruptcy, began with an attractive but very imperfect product.

There are well -preserved cars of these first vintages, type 986, available from € 15,000 and why not, but these are cars neither interesting to whip nor very reassuring to travel far away. On the other hand, our € 40,000 offer us a completely mature “2” boxster, type 987 phase 2.

The 3.4 -liter flat 6 is an engine that gladly sings its joie de vivre, its reliability that has become remarkable consolation of mechanical inaccessibility, almost total. And the chassis, according to the home method, finally took advantage of a long development to lead to perfect facility at low speed without sacrificing a very enjoyable precision.

A more demonstrative side is even available on demand, but it is better to discuss with caution the adhesion limits of a central engine car. To know what boxster we have to do, you have to be very attentive, in addition to the vintage, to the options present.

Almost every element of the car is the subject of an option: wheels and garnishments of course, but also manual transmission or PDK (heavier by fifty kilos but faster and fairly wonderful in versatility), brakes, exhaust, ground clearance, “sport” shock absorbers or not, etc., etc.

Another point to decide: Boxster (Roadster) or Cayman (Coupé) ? Tastes, colors and philosophy, we do not discuss. But to weigh in the debate, let us remember that we find for the boxster of second-hand hard-tops between 1,000 and 2,000 €

More ? By proceeding by subtle and continuous changes around a preserved line, Porsche precisely preserves its cars to have a fashion.

Less ? Everything is solid but you must be very attentive and very demanding to maintain the exact degree of sharpening that makes the whole price of the chassis.

Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (2006)

The 911 is not as immune to rating fluctuations as Porsche claims and, after unreasonable flights, the Carrera 3.2 came back down in this price area.

Beautiful cars but we enter the field of the vintage car, no use. A type 997 is also accessible, more powerful, more modern in every way. You can hope for a 2006 car with 120,000 km.

More ? The 911 aura is not usurped. Ease of access and driving in current use are there, and nature, the intrinsically sporting “touch” of each order delight the amateur each kilometer.

Less ? If it is the rear seats of the 911 that attract you, sit first the teens you plan to transport: same open hood, its cumbersome accommodation prohibits them roughly taking place.

Porsche Panamera 4S (2012)

Okay, we move away from pure and hard sport. But Panamera remains a beautiful travel and prestige car, which can be found at this price with a beautiful engine. For example, a 4S equipped with 4.8 liters of 400 hp, aged 8 to 10 and approximately 110,000 km, still promises you long vintages of use.

More ? A cruiser ! Sport Auto rather tests cars on seriously heckled test gallops, but for a long -term trip in very firm comfort, there is little better than a Panamera.

Less ? On the land of excellence of the boxster, passes and virolos, a Panamera will inevitably seem to you, if not Pataude, in any case very bulky.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0 TB Q4 Veloce (2019)

Temptress ! Question style, this giulia, red like gluttony, is not pale at all is among a more assertive sports area. It is true that this ‘modest’ ’2 liters is a clone of the big sister in V6 Ferrari.

We have tried to extend the palette of possibilities that the € 40,000 that we dedicate to the purchase of a new sportswoman. In this colorful color chart, Alfa Giulia brings a reasonable note, a very recent car, and therefore very modern, which we will find most often in the first hand, abandoned at the profile of a Stelvio for example.

Yes, the “sedan” formula is no longer so up to date and the SUV is much more than the Giulia for the brand’s sales curve. But the four doors three volumes, formerly banal, are conquering the status of marginal and pass for lowered within a traffic mounted on stilts.

The Giulia does not go unnoticed and its very powerful big sister, the quadrifloglio of 510 horsepower, hardly accessible to less than € 60,000 for the moment, gives it a little of its aura aura. The engine is sound, for a turbo, and rather vigorous.

Although the manufacturer systematically associates the four -wheel drive on this engine, the Giulia has been designed as a propulsion and the driving is felt pleasantly: there is pleasure in this Alfa.

Arnaud Dorard, sales professional, admits more passionate about this brand than by the others of the former Fiat. It draws our attention to one of the rare weaknesses in its opinion, the GPS screen, whose plastic deteriorates and which the warranty has generally covered.

He reminds us that such a self deserves to be spared, for example by giving it time to heat, all the more if it is stressed severely at other times. But the Alfi Sttes naturally do these kinds of things ..

Among the appreciated equipment, the panoramic sunroof and the Hi-Fi Harman Kardon, coupled with the leather garnishing of the dashboard, or these traditional telephone rims, very beautiful … and very vulnerable.

An interesting point: while the bright colors, like our blue and especially red, generally represent a difficulty on the second -hand market, the Giulia is on the contrary highly requested in these livery, unlike black shades, gray and white.

  • Year: 2019
  • Mileage: send. 25,000 km
  • Engine: 4 cyl. Online, 16 V, Turbo
  • Displacement: 1,995 cc
  • Maximum power: 280 hp at 5,250 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 41 mkg at 2,250 rpm
  • Transmission: integral, 8 -speed automatic gearbox
  • Weight: 1,605 kg
  • V. max. : 240 km/h
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 5 ”0

More ? If the Alfi Stes are addicted to “their” mark, it is not for nothing. Those who have remained faithful despite many years of affected products are rewarded here.

Less ? Too bad anyway that marketing has deprived us of a version associating this engine with transmission with rear wheels. The price of the chassis.

Jaguar XE P250 (2019)

In addition to the F-Type, with a price a price often praised in these pages, Jaguar offers his XE sedan, a 4/5 places of the same size as the Alfa Giulia to the nearest three centimeters.

For € 40,000, The 2.0T R-Sport AWD offers the 4-cylinder turbo 300 hp directly competitor of our Veloce Q4, with two years of age and very few kilometers. Barely move the seniority cursor and here is the 340 hp V6, but it is rare in France.

More ? Jaguar was the champion of infotainment functions, the update of which takes place continuously and remotely, provided that the Pivi, a fortiori Pivi Pro option is.

Less ? The design is surely less seeing than that of the Alfa. It may be a compliment, but we admit to being of those that a little more apparent prestige would have seduced.

Audi S4 Sedan (2010)

In this segment, the brands said formerly “connoisseurs” have become mainstream. An Alfa, formerly best-seller of sportsmen, is today much rarer than an audi !

This brand does not offer exactly equivalent to the Giulia but, with the A4 body (6 cm longer), the V6 offers 333 hp. At the same price, you will have to support a older and more highly mileage car: at least 80,000 km.

More ? The Audi manufacturing quality is appreciated at any time, each time you slap a door or declips a floor mat.

Less ? The price of workforce at Audi is justified when it comes to adjusting a sophisticated multi-cylinder, less for a simple emptying, easily invoiced a week of minimum wage.

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BMW Z4 35IS (2012)

Both cut and convertible, the Z4 of this generation multiplies pleasures and invites you to cruiser, elbow to the door, just like rolling a lot, much stronger. An exciting two -seater machine, with roof or without roof.

  • Year 2012
  • Mileage: send. 50,000 km
  • Engine: 6 cyl. Online, 24 V, Biturbo
  • Displacement: 2,979 cc
  • Maximum power: 340 hp at 5,800 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 51 mkg at 1,300 rpm
  • Transmission: propulsion, 7 -speed gearbox, double clutch
  • Weight: 1,580 kg
  • V. max. : 250 km/h
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 4’’8

The “Z” are the cunning cars of BMW, experimenting with all kinds of formulas around the roadster, doors fading vertically (Z1), neo-retro design (Z8), small first price template (Z3).

The Z4, it was born classic, flanked by a coupe, fierce and more sporty competitor of the Mercedes SLK, but either open or closed. Then, in 2009 appeared this coupé-cabriolet, with softened behavior but still very playful, as long as we unplug the driving aids for a tête-à-tête with the engine.

BMW knows how to do the 6 cylinders online. This one, with its two turbos and its direct injection, is both very full and very lively, already in a 306 horsepower version, a fortiori on this M which in title 340.

The formula of the folding rigid roof convertible, relaunched by Mercedes and Peugeot in the 90s, seemed to be to generalize (at Lexus, Volvo, Cadillac, Nissan, Daihatsu, Renault, Ford, Opel, Volkswagen, Mazda, etc.) But it has now been well grown up.

However, a real cab who knows how to be waterproof at the first downpour or to spend the night outside, the idea remains excellent. The realization of the system by BMW is remarkable, both in terms of style and technique.

On an open car, it is advisable to treat the soundtrack and BMW thought of it. Sitting almost in the middle of the car, behind a hood that could in the stage serve as a tanning beach for a 1.80 meter model (yes, we measured), surrounded by a cabin carved near the Body in excellent materials (which have supported time very well), protected by an immense enveloping windshield, the driver hesitates ..

He feels just as comfortable to admire the landscape by two to give in to the permanent temptation of this elastic engine which only asks to be tense and released. In which case the chassis, well radicalized on this M finish, responds, with a more precise direction than on other BMW.

Very charming ! And some criticisms, for a car sold rather expensive in its time (braking could be more enduring). But at € 40,000, Only the pleasure remains.

More ? At the wheel, you sometimes have the impression of being the wolf of Tex Avery, behind this hood very very long, isn’t it ? Cars to make FI LMS, there are, this one, it is a cartoon.

Less ? Unlike its predecessor, this Z4 is built in Europe. The design is extroverted but the sharp behavior is subtly and prudently blunt, a little too much according to the most demanding.

BMW 440i Cabriolet (2017)

Zigzag in the impressive BMW nomenclature is not easy. Thus “40” means 3 liters and 326 hp. With its folding rigid roof, it is the one who best replaces the Z4, but with a completely different formula: farewell compactness, hello hospitality.

Four real places under the stars, it is not so frequent. For € 40,000, You will find cars of 2017, around 80,000 km.

More ? On occasion, the convertible has an unexpected advantage over his brother coupe: he was often led much less “strong”.

Less ? Logical heiress of the 3 Series and Cabriolets, formerly at the heart of the BMW sports range, the 4 series is less agile than a 1 series, with an equal engine.

BMW M6 Cabriolet (2008)

You have to dare to venture more to harp the white whale, the large M6 cetacean, type E64, without ever losing sight of these levels of weight and power, maintenance and “consumables” budgets change dimension.

However, it offers, always for the price of the penalty € 40,000, its spectacular line and 507 hp. We were able to meet copies of somewhat old convertibles, 2008, with barely 100,000 km.

More ? If it is a question of rolling peaceful, by feasting from time to time with frightening acceleration, three times yes. Additional pleasure, advance to your car, taking advantage of its very present design each time.

Less ? If you print a good cetacean a sustained pace for any occasion, the tire budget alone will explain the difference between a good deal and a financial well.

Maserati Granturismo (2008)

The coat of arms, the style, the technical challenge, the melody, this time, all talks about high prestige. Dare ! And try to best assess the risks and advantages of this beautiful audacity

  • Year: 2008
  • Mileage: send. 90,000 km
  • Engine: V8, 32 V, Atmo
  • Displacement: 4,244 cc
  • Maximum power: 405 hp at 7,100 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 47 mkg at 4,750 rpm
  • Transmission: Propulsion, Auto or robotic 6 -speed gearbox
  • Weight: 1,880 kg
  • V. max. : 285 km/h
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 5’’2

It was in 2007 that Maserati replaced his “GT” by unfolding the name in full. Design is also unfolded ! L’Pininfarina pharmacy dropped with this long silhouette with a face projected forward, mouth open as close to the road.

The warm style interior really welcomes four people and the 4.2 -liter V8 is able to walk them at 285 km/h. This novelty makes noise, to all the senses of the word. On a 4.88 -meter car, the exhaust line has the whole length it takes to stifle the sound, but it takes advantage of it to distill it in a beautiful mechanical canto that marks the spirits.

A sound as rumbling but more noble than in AMG, another tenor of the moment. The alloy of this majestic line and this striking voice make up a frankly remarkable personality.

It remains to judge the behavior, very balanced but not resolutely agile: the template, the long wheelbase, secure driving at high speed but obviously favor the dynamism in short turns.

Michael Hecho, Maserati dealer in Vésinet, recalls that this long car shares with the most pure sports of beautiful suspensions adjustable in all directions. We must profite this characteristic to “refresh” the chassis, in this immediate benefit of driving sensations.

At the automatic transmission, relatively placid, it is possible to prefer the F1 box, with pallets, in fact a robotic mechanical gearbox. She is deemed “with problems”. Solid in itself, its main defect is to use the clutch faster, which can tire from 80,000 km and whose replacement costs € 5,000, or even 6,000 if you also change the flywheel.

It is therefore necessary, before purchase, to make it measure the degree of wear, via the diagnostic socket. As for the rest, the car is without special weakness if we observe the precautions for use and the usual points

More ? Granturismo is undoubted. Sharing some accelerations with friends to the sound of a racing car is a rare pleasure.

Less ? The music of the V8, precisely, is surely for something in your attraction to this model. Please note, we can get tired of it, especially in neutral moments, when it comes to riding first in search of a parking space.

Maserati Ghibli (2015)

More recent design and a more contained size than the quattroporte, this sedan offers a good habitability and high performance with petrol mechanics. € 40,000 allow you to hope for a 2015 car equipped with 330 hp V6 and more up -to -date infotainment.

More ? Little known, little dated (of the order of 300 per year in France, the beautiful years), the Ghibli offers you, in addition to appreciable services, the taste for a certain exclusivity.

Less ? This advantage of rarity can turn against you when it is a question of reselling it, except in the event of recovery on its replacement !

What a conclusion ?

Everything increases ? In the kingdom of the quality car, it is not so sure … The sum selected, on the second -hand sportswoman market, is already suitable for bringing up some wonders.

The four cars that we were given to drive here, and many others met on occasion – this is the case to say – kept most of the approval it would offer in nine, For prices greater from 30 to 200 %.

Here they are accessible at the price of a new family classic, just provided that they understand that their intrinsic value and their cost of use will never be of the same order.

Another drawback is not you who will starve them, nor who define them exactly, colors, options and accessories. But after all, second or third hand, it does not matter if it is between ours that they finally arrive.

Find our file on used sports cars for 40.000 euros in the Sport Auto Special issue n ° 69 “Used Guide” of 12/22/2022, available in bookstores or sponsable on our site.