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All-New 2025 Mini Cooper SHARP, Offers More Power and Range

The 2025 Cooper retains a fwd setup but gains a more powerful Motor that delivers 215 Horsepower Instatead of 181 HorsePower. Consequently, Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is now achieved in 6.7 Seconds Instead of 7.3 seconds, mini claims.

More power and ranging coming for future Electric Mini

Following the First Non-Camouflagered Shots that surfaced in April, mini this weekend released more details about the next-generation three-door hardtop, specificly the all-Electric variant.

UNLIKE THE OUTGOING MODEL INTRODCED FOR 2020, The New Battery-Powed Mini Will Be Available in Two Different Configurations GlobaLly-COOPER E and COOPER SE. Will Both Land in Canada? That remains to be confirmed.

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The Entry-Level Cooper E is annouded with 135 kw or 181 HorsePower, exactly like the cooper se We Already Know. The New Cooper SE, Meanwhile, Will Get A More Potent Electric Motor Generacting 160 KW or 215 HorsePower. Peak Torque is not specific in eith case.

In Addition to extra output, mini is promising increased ranges, which is great news because that arguably the biggest knock against the car. The lithium-ion Battery will have a capacity of 40.7 kWh in the Cooper E and AS MUCH AS 54.2 kWh in the Cooper SE—UP from 32.6 kWh right now-Range of 300-400 km Based on the WLTP Standard.

Obviously, The Range Estimates in North America Will Be Lower, But Given That the Larger Pack Boasts 66 piercing Greater Capacity, we can Expect the Cooper se to be able to travel up to surround 275 km versus 183 km as it’s currently rated by Natural Resources Canada.

Look for Mini to Officially Introduce Its Next-Generation Hardtop Later in 2023, with Sales in Canada Starting in the First Half of 2024 for the 2025 Model Year. The Electric Variant Will Ride On A Whole New Architecture Resulting from A Collaboration Between BMW Group and China’s Great Wall Motors. Production Will Take Place at a Chinese Plant (Conventionally Powered Hatchbacks Will Still Come from the Oxford Factory in the U U.K.), and a high-performance jcw model will follow at a later date.

What’s more, as we postponed last month, chances are the Gas-Powered Mini 5 Door will be indirectly replaced next year by a production of the aceman concept. In the Meantime, a New Mini Countryman Will Debut, Offering Both Gas and Electric Variants, But this one Will Be Built in Germany Instead.

All-New 2025 Mini Cooper SHARP, Offers More Power and Range

Mini Today Unveiled the Next Generation of the Fully Electric Cooper Se on the Eve of the IAA Mobility Event in Munich. The Car Will Hit the Canadian Market Next Year As A 2025 Model.

The GAS-POWERED 3 Door and 5 Door Variants Will Be introduced at a later date, representing the final non-Electric New Minis Before the Brand Complely Ditches Internal Combustion Engines by the End of the Decade. We can tell you this: they won’t offer a manual transmission.

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Evolutionary Design

We Already Had Seen The Extrior from pictures Released Earlier This Year. It’s not a radical department from the Current Cooper is. The Body Features Cleaner Surfaces With Flush Door Handles and the Elimination of Plastic Cladding Around the Wheel Arches. Up Front, The Grille Surround is slimmer and not unlike the One on the Aceman Concept, While the Body-Coloud Panel in the Middle is Larger.

Mini continues to offer contrasting mirror caps and roof – the letter now incorporating panoramic glass – unique wheel designs. The Black-And-Silver Alloys Seen Make It Look Like The Spokes Are Broken Up. We can only imagine the result icce they start to spin.

The Rear-End Treatment is Totally Different, With Trapezoidal Taillights Connected by A Thick Black Bar where the Model’s Name is found. They are fully integrated to the liftgate, too, and the union jack motif seems to have been revised to look less prominent.

Fun and Modern Cabin

This New Electric Mini Benefits from A Longer Wheelbase that results in a bit more passer room inside, where the layout is much more modern, cleaner and more upscale. You can see it with the selection of Rich and Sustainable Materials, as well as the Elimination of Several Controls. The Main Highlight, of Race, is the Large and Round Center Touchscreen Powered by Mini’s New Infotainment System, Which We Covered Recently. It doubles up as an instrument cluster since there’s no more physical panel in front of the steering wheel, just a head-up display.

This interactive Oled Display Measures 9.5 Ings in Diameter and is much Thinner Than the One It Replaces. IT Incorporate Mini’s 9th-Generation Interface which, According to the Company, Focuses on Emotion in its Interactions With Occupants, With Cutting-Edge Visual and Audio Themes Thatmes that ITS Intuitive Nature, While Drawing Inspiration from the Brand’s Rich Heritage.

Mini Has Equipped its System with a choice of Nine Distinct Display Modes that Transform Not Only The Way in Which Information is arranged on the Screen, but also the general ambience in the Cabin, Thanks to a projector located behind the screen that can take the dashboard In Various Colors Depending on the Selected Mode.

And because this is a major trend in the industry, mini has also creating a new virtual assistant that responds to the command “hey mini”. This can Take the Form of Cute Little Doggo Named Spike, which can recognize and distinguish between the Voices of the Vehicle’s Various Occupants. As with other virtual assistants, Spike can further push interaction with occupants with jokes and other random interventions.

More Power and Range

Two different configurations are available globally include cooper e and cooper. Canadian-Specific Product Information will be released at a later date, but we bet only the letter will be offered here.

The 2025 Cooper retains a fwd setup but gains a more powerful Motor that delivers 215 Horsepower Instatead of 181 HorsePower. Consequently, Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is now achieved in 6.7 Seconds Instead of 7.3 seconds, mini claims.

The Best News Comes from the Battery, which Boasts Increased Capacity – 54.2 kWh vs. 32.6 kWh in the outgoing model – And as much as 402 km of Range Based on the WLTP Standard. Obviously, The Range Estimates in North America will be Lower, But we can Expect the Cooper Se To Be Able to Travel Up to Around 275 km, OR Maybe More, Which WOULD BE A MARKET IMPROVEMENT from the CURRENT NRC-RATED 183 km. Fast Charging with direct current is possible with up to 95 kw, allowing the battery to be charged from 10-80 pierce in just under an estimated 30 minutes.

What else? Well, Mini Says Handling is Even Sharper Thanks to Wider Tires and Recalibrated Steering. We sure are Looking Forward to Getting Our Butts in the Driver’s Seat of this New 2025 Cooper. Keep in Touch for More Canadian-Specific Details.

Mini Cooper is

Mini Cooper is

Configure your mini cooper vehicle or ask for a free trial.

First electric car marketed by the British brand, the Mini Cooper is electric, with its 230 km of autonomy, has made room for premium ‘zero emission’ city markets.

Design of the Electric Mini

Coming from a first concept car presented by the brand in 2017, the mini electric cooper takes up a large part of the on-board elements of mini with thermal engines.

Exclusively offered in three -door version, the small British electric chip thus takes up the characteristic elements of the brand such as the flag union integrated into the rear optics while adding some specific details to the electric version.

The grille is thus almost closed while “E” logos take place at the level of the front wings and the trunk. Specific to the model, the yellow inserts remain optional equipment.

Inside, the presentation is also relatively close to mini thermal people with obviously adding features specific to this electric version at the level of digital screens.

Electric mini engine and performance

Animated by an electric block of 135 kW (184 horsepower), the mini cooper develops up to 270 nm of torque.

In terms of performance, the manufacturer communicates on a 0 to 60 km/h shot in 3.9 seconds and on a 0 to 100 km/h crossed in 7.3 seconds. In top speed, the model is restrained at 150 km/h.

Battery and autonomy of the Mini Cooper electric

Integrated under the floor, the battery pack does not harm the habitability of the vehicle or the loading space at the trunk, displayed at 211 liters.

Total 32.6 kWh of capacity, the lithium-ion battery which feeds this electric mini announces between 225 and 234 kilometers of WLTP cycle with an average consumption of 15.2 to 15.9 kWh/100 km.

Electric mini recharge

To recharge the Mini Cooper SE, two solutions:

  • For home recharging and on public terminals, the electric mini has an 11 kW charger of power for 80 % recharge made in 2:30.
  • For long journeys, a combo connector allows up to 50 kW, or 80 % energy recovered after 35 minutes.

In both cases, the charging hatch is located on the right side and at the rear of the vehicle.

What price for the mini electric cooper ?

Assembly in Oxford, in the United Kingdom, the electric mini is available on the market. Its production started in November 2019, with deliveries in the process.

Two finishes are available. The first classic costs 35.200 euros excluding bonus on the configurator, also offered in a rental formula at 385 euros per month (36 months and 30.000 km). It incorporates adaptive cruise control, auto air conditioning, GPS, heated seats and panoramic roof.

The second “Camden Edition” at 39.€ 900 is limited. Finally, the Yours version is displayed at 41.800 euros. It offers a united painting and 17-inch two-tone rims. It adds to the endowment the headlights with adaptive diodes, Harman Kardon audio system, leather upholstery or even head -up display. It also allows complete personalization on the aesthetic level.