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Partner offers

To install a version Office 2013 Or Mac 2011 or to choose another language installation, click on “other installations” and choose the desired options.

Microsoft Word – Software insurance – 1 license

Microsoft Word - Software insurance - 1 license

Following long research and many user observations, features appear within Microsoft Word. These make it possible to facilitate the production of documents, the creation of electronic messages and or even paper documents throughout the planet. Microsoft Word allows users spread over the whole planet to produce documents on conventional paper supports with disconcerting ease. Microsoft Word is today the favorite software for creating documents on paper.

Product capacities

Yield in number of pages
ML capacity
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Partner offers

Thanks to an email account (student or teacher/employee) first name.Name @ Active, you have access to a free installation of the latest office pack offered by Microsoft for your personal use including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Skype Company, etc..

Essential to know

  • Download possible on 5 different positions (PC/Mac/Tablets).
  • License lasting one year from download, renewable each year as long as your first [email protected] is active. This offer is only valid for the population active in Sciences Po.
  • Windows Office Download 2016 or 2013 and Mac 2016 or 2011.
  • Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Skype Entreprise, OneDrive Entreprise.

How to download the Office Pack ?

  1. Have a SciencesPo mail employee or active student
  2. Connect to this page
  3. Enter the email address valid and click on the “Start” button
  4. Choose your profile: student or teacher/employee
  5. A page is displayed indicating that you have a Microsoft account “you have an account with us”. Click on “Connect”
  6. Enter your Sciences Po password (the same as Gmail messaging)
  7. It is possible to inform other people from Sciences Po of Download Free Office. To ignore this step, click on “ignore” at the bottom of the box “invite other people”:

Uncheck the options offered (“Use Bing as a search engine” and “Use MSN as a browser home page”) so as not to change your personal settings and not install other applications outside the Office Pack.

Then click on “Install now” to install 2016 Office in French and follow the steps.

To install a version Office 2013 Or Mac 2011 or to choose another language installation, click on “other installations” and choose the desired options.

Good to know: access to your account

Access your Office account using the drop -down menu appearing thanks to the triangle at the top of the right of your name. Click on “Show the account” to find all the information concerning you and in particular the number of Office downloads already made, in the “Settlement” section

The password on the Microsoft download site synchronizes with the password of your Sciences Po account (if you change your Sciences Po password, it is this new password that you must use on the download site Microsoft).

Can we download a single software from the Office Pack ?
No. You cannot therefore choose Excel or Word, all software from the Office Pack will be installed at the same time.

How long is the license valid ?
The license is valid for a year from download and is renewable each year if the email address first [email protected] is always active.

Can we download other versions than the latest version of the Office Pack? Install in other languages ​​than French ?
Yes. Install Office in an earlier version or in another language by clicking on “Other installations” (see part “how to download the Pack Office ?” above).

My five installations carried out, how to do if I have a new personal position on which I want to use Office in the future ?
The number of installations being limited to five, You will have to choose one of the installations already carried out and deactivate it Before being able to install on the new position. To do this, go to the settings of your Office 365 account in the “Settlement” section.

Install the Suite Office

Use the latest version of Office on your device

  • 5 computers,
  • 5 tablets and
  • 5 smartphones

with your first name [email protected]

Beforehand, check the Microsoft conditions

It has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Professional Onedrive, OneNote. And for the Windows version, there is also access and publisher.

You can also install the collaboration (and Visio) software named Teams to use it with your LECNAM

Download and manage your licenses

Connect to the digital training environment with your @lecnam and your password.

Open the Outlook messaging online. My applications
Settings on your name Click at the top right on your image or on the initials, then on “my account”. Then “Office Applications”
You arrive on a page that looks like it:
Click on “Installation statement“, then on”Set up the Office“(by being connected from a PC or Mac).
For tablets and smartphones, you will do it from your phone store.
My account